Extreme Couponing are Hoarders

I really like watching this show simply because I use coupons every time I grocery shop, I’m always keeping my eye out for coupons in the store that I can save for a sale, or for an item I can get for a few cents. The thing is, I do not buy products I will never use, even if they’re free. I’ve seen people on this show by 63 bottles of mustard. WTF are you going to do with that many bottles of mustard before it expires? I understand a lot of these people donate food, and that is great, if that’s what you’re doing with it. I can understand “hoarding” some items, for example, I have about 20 bottles of laundry detergent, 10 bottles of dish soap, 20 boxes of pasta…but that’s about the limit for me on those. Anymore and that’s just getting out of hand, and becomes a real obsession/hoarding problem.

On another note, one episode I watched someone spent 6 hours in the grocery store line doing a number of transactions. There is NO store around that would allow you to spend 6 hours in line, doing a million transactions, it’s just not going to happen. These stores are doing this for publicity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had something said to me about using coupons, and a lot of them, when I’m doing it correctly, not cheating the system etc…and I’m nowhere near being as extreme as these people on this show.

I’ve noticed since this show has started that stores have released new coupon policies, and couponing has even been tighter, if you know what I mean. The worst is when you get treated like a criminal, when all your doing is trying to save a buck. On this show, these people save ridiculous amounts of money, and yes they are doing it right…but just to have a stockpile of 63 bottles of mustard, 480 razors, 100 bottles of body wash, etc is just plain ridiculous.


  1. You are very right. I don’t understand that either. I saw pics of someone’s pantry (and places they had actually built on) with things piled to the ceiling when I first started getting samples, using coupons, etc. and quickly figured out why there aren’t enough samples and things to go around for the rest of us a lot of times. For instance, I was trying to get a free razor for hubby to try and never did. This person had hundreds of them. Samples. I mean, come on. They weren’t donating that stuff. They were keeping it. And I don’t guess they felt bad about taking things that other people could use when they never will use it all. It’s crazy. I’m all for free and cheap and saving money but these folks have gone off the deep end.


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