Recipe: Italian Breaded Porkchops with Onion Mushroom Gravy

I’ve always breaded my porkchops with egg and then italian breadcrumbs before, but tonight I decided to make some gravy. I’ve never really made gravy before, so I was kinda nervous, but I just went with it. I didn’t follow a recipe or anything I just made my own, and man, it was so good. My husband said it was his new favorite meal. We had the Italian breaded porkchops, with gravy, Rice A Roni Rice Pilaf, and Broccoli w/carrots and herbs.

Boneless Center Cut Porkchops (I cooked 5)
1 egg
Vigo Italian Breadcrumbs
Oil (I used vegetable, but I’ve used olive in the past)

1 Medium Onion
1 can of Beef Broth
1 can of Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup

Dry your porkchops off, and batter in egg and then the breadcrumbs. In a skillet over medium heat, put enough oil to cook the porkchops, 4 tablespoons or so, I add oil as they cook if I need more.
Heat the oil until you can tell it’s hot enough, cook the porkchops about 4-6 minutes on each side.
Set aside on a plate and cover with foil to keep warm.
In the same skillet you should only have a few drippings from cooking the pork, cut up the onion to your liking and saute in the pan until they start getting soft, add in the beef broth as you’re cooking them so they don’t burn, I used about half a can while cooking the onions,
Season with Salt and Pepper while cooking.
Once onions are soft (or to your preference) add in the can of mushroom soup, and whisk in the rest of the beef broth.
Cook for a few minutes longer until boiling.

Serve gravy over top of pork chops and rice. It was so good that we barely had any leftover, and I will definitely be making it again. It didn’t taste anything like the plain Cream of Mushroom soup, the pan drippings, beef broth and onions really flavored it very well.


  1. Sherry Compton says:

    I love baking pork cops with cream of mushroom soup covering hem. This is a new nventive twist on that. Sounds warm and comforting. A good home cooking meal.

  2. cheryl lister says:

    I’m not a big fan of mushrooms, but I could probably substitute cream of chicken soup. Love pork chops with a nice sauce.

  3. never had a breaded pork chop…this sounds yummy.

  4. My mother used to make baked porkchops with cream of mushroom soup. This reminds of it so much. I will be trying this in the near future.

  5. I used to make port chops like this many years ago, and I haven’t had pork chops at all in sooo long, and now I’m missing them so much. This sounds tasty and I’d like to try it, need to be on the look out for when they go on sale!!!

  6. I just bought pork chops today. I am making this for dinner tonight.

  7. Thank you for shairng this simple recipe.

  8. This sounds delicious, this would make a great dinner for the whole family. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  9. I often will fry them and then cover with the cream off mushroom and let it simmer. This sounds so good, you can cook!

  10. These look delicious! Thank you for sharing this recipe! I cannot wait to share it with my family and friends!

  11. Deborah D says:

    Boy, I am getting hungry just looking at these pork chops.

  12. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This recipe is great. My family just loves it. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  13. The breaded pork chops are good. I would pass on the gravy. When I have breaded food I like it to be crispy. I love the boxed Rice-A- Roni mixes. They’re full of flavor and easy to make.

  14. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds so good. It is a dish my family will love. I will be making this soon. Thank you so much for sharing

  15. Breaded pork chops are the easiest thing to make. I don’t often eat pork but when I do I like them made this way.

  16. Love this new take on pork chops. I know my husband would love this recipe. Sounds delicious.

  17. This is an easy recipe to make. A bit heavy though. I can’t eat fried foods.

  18. These sound so good. I am always looking for new and easy ways to make pork chops. I will be giving these a try soon. Thank you so much for sharing

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