Recipe: Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

I had these at a wedding in July, and they were so good…I started craving them recently, so I figured I’d make them. Delilah and I just had this for lunch!

1/2 cup of mayonnaise
Rye bread (or any other hearty bread, pumpernickle, wheat, etc)
8 oz of Cream Cheese
1 pack of dry Italian dressing mix, Good Seasons (I used Kroger brand)

Mix together the cream cheese (soften it in microwave or let sit at room temp for awhile), mayo, and dry Italian dressing mix.
Let this sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours or overnight.
Spread over a piece of bread and top with thin slices of cucumber…and eat!



  1. Jewely Bug says:

    Mmm. Traditionally, when I hear cucumber sandwich I think yuck but these sound and look yummy. 🙂

  2. marissa lee says:

    these are different but i think i am going to try it…thank you for sharing.

  3. Sylvia Zajis says:

    I have never tried these but I am a sucker for any easy entertaining recipes. I love cream cheese and cucumbers so I think this one will be a hit. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. cheryl lister says:

    can these be made ahead of time, or would they get soggy? always looking for make-ahead ideas!

  5. Cassandra Kelton says:

    I love how simple your recipes are. And they sound so good. I have been craving cucumbers lately, perhaps it is time to make some of these!

  6. md kennedy says:

    Love the spread recipe – even good for crudites as a dip! Also, I use the little round pumpernickels at the deli counter for the bread – even easier.

  7. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I love cucumber sandwiches. I have never had them with the Italian dressing mixed in the cream cheese before. Sounds good. Will have try soon. Add a tall glass of fresh brewed iced tea. Yummy

  8. charlene says:

    This is my favorite thing to do with cucumbers. I do it almost the same way except I add cottage cheese instead of mayo. I am going to go raid my moms garden tomorrow for some cucumbers.

  9. Sherry Compton says:

    Easy to do. They always look so cute and elegant. I think of having them at more formal affairs and hadn’t really considered them for a snack to just have. Great to have a recipe to make them whenever you want.

  10. These seem really easy and they are super cute.

  11. Becky Schollian says:

    Delicious. I just love these little yummy sandwiches! they are so easy to prepare & great for get together’s. thanks for sharing!

  12. Vanessa Coker says:

    Love that these seem nice and light for the summer. Cucumbers are my favorite food during the hot summer months! I make cucumber sandwhiches like this one, except I never thought of adding seasoning to it. Must give it a try 🙂

  13. Rebecca Parsons says:

    These sound good other than the mayo I would use light sour cream instead.

  14. Autumn Hudson says:

    Looks and sounds fantastic!! I have been craving cucumbers for a while!! I will be making these for sure!

  15. love the addition of the dressing mix

  16. Deborah D says:

    Sounds delicious and easy to make my kind of recipe!!

  17. We’re going to a picnic tomorrow and I was trying to think of what to take. These cucumber sandwiches sound delicious and refreshing on a hot summer day.

  18. Howell W. says:

    Hey, why not add the formal to everyday life? 🙂

    I’ve never tried cucumber sandwiches, but these make me want to try some! *yum*

  19. Oh how I love this recipe! We will be having our daughters Christening soon and we will be having finger sandwiches like this. Alongside the cucumber sandwiches we will be having a few Cuban sandwiches and some Guava Turkey Swiss sandwiches. Can’t wait!

  20. This looks delicious and easy to make! Especially for a snack on the healthier side when there are lots of kiddos at the house!

  21. Great recipe! Now I have an idea of what to do with all the cucumbers in my garden.

  22. It sounds yummy.

  23. Rebecca Parsons says:

    If you are in a hurry you can’ put in the freezer for a bit. I am making some of these for my daughters baby shower friday. Thanks for the recipe.

  24. I remember when I was little someone had made me a cucumber sandwhich. It was soooo delicious I never got it off my mind. My mother was not sure what to get so we started to experiment after a while my want for it ended because we were unsure what had been on it. Now though this reminds me of it and I want to try this!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  25. Yummy, I am going to have a little tea party for my daughters birthday, these would be great for the adults… for the kids I will probably stick to just cream cheese, white bread and cucumbers 🙂

  26. Being English I love cucumber in sandwiches. My favourite is tuna and cucumber. These look delicious and will definitely be on the menu for our next picnic.

  27. Sherry Compton says:

    I always think of get togethers like afternoon brunch or an afternoon baby shower when I think about cucumber sandwiches. These are smaller and refreshing. They would make a hick, easy, snack that is also refreshing.

  28. Amy Tolley says:

    these sound yummy thanks

  29. Ok. These look to die for. Wish I had the ingredients on hand now! Looks like I’ll be running to the store in the morning.

  30. Kristen Coronado says:

    I am salivating! I will be making these for our next family get together. They looks so yummy and are so easy. Can’t wait to taste them!

  31. My LO loves cucumbers so I’m always looking for new ways to fix them. I will pack a few in his lunch next week. Thanks

  32. I used to eat these as a young girl with my grandmother. I always wondered what the base was that was spread on the bread. Thanks for sharing.

  33. liberty thompson says:

    I loved eating cucumber sandwiches in the summer but I never thought to put it on rye bread. I am going to try that soon!

  34. Ashleigh S says:

    These are my favorite Sandwiches! My mom used to make them with butter instead of mayo. 🙂

  35. These would make nice appetizers to give people a choice of something a tad lighter. I’d like to make this into a full-blown sandwich and pile on the cucumber slices and top with another slice of bread! That would be a fun sandwich!

  36. Elizabeth Hitchcock says:

    These are different from any other cucumber sandwiches I’ve tried, but they look yummy!

  37. Cucumber and Cream Cheese go really well together, and this is such an easy and delicious recipe for me to try. I will have to make this over the Holidays!

  38. gigi n jimmy borden says:

    i am british so i love cucumber sandwiches although we make them with just white bread, butter and cucumber! but i really would love to try this with the cream cheese, sounds delish, thanks for sharing!!

  39. Marcia Lee says:

    I never would have guessed that dry Italian salad dressing would be in a cream cheese & cucumber sandwich. I’m going to have to give this a try.

  40. Wow this sounds really good but I never would have never thought to eat this on a sandwich. I think this would be great during the summer when I come in from working in the garden, almost makes me wish it was summer again.

  41. I dont have much for snacks in the house today so I think this is going to be our snack. I have these ingredients and.. well thats about it until I get to the store. Cant wait to try them!

  42. I made these sandwiches for my daughters baby shower. they were a very big hit. we now make them for all our summer parties thanks so much for all your great recipes, we enjoy trying them out.

  43. I haven’t tried these yet. They sound pretty good and easy to make.

  44. Christina Kelbel says:

    I have never tried cucumber sandwiches but have always wanted to. I may have to give these a try.

  45. krystal rivera says:

    a bit heavy but i think it would be a yummy recipe for bookclub

  46. I like these sandwiches. They are simple. Yet, they do taste good. I’ve made a version of these kind of sanwiches before.

  47. I think I could actually make this recipe for my kids, and they might try cucumber! I love rye 🙂

  48. Lisa Kerr says:

    I have never tried these sandwiches before, but they look really good and they are so cute! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  49. This would be great for a party to pick on. I have heard about them lots of times but never knew what all was in them. Thanks for the recipe

  50. The things that people mix together. Sometimes the strangest sounding combos are the best.

  51. This sounds really yummy! I bet they would be good on a hot summer day with some iced tea or lemonade! Might try these soon!

  52. Jessica Parent says:

    I havent tried these yet but I am excited to-I love cucumbers (and cream cheese) Might try these for our annual New years family game night party

  53. These are the kind of sandwiches that make you feel special. I’d like to make them up for appetizers – I noticed some very crisp small pickles at the store the other day, the kind ppl use to make pickles – and I love cream cheese – oh boy! They look so yummy, too!

  54. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    These are so easy to make and when your are eating them it feels like you took a long time to prepare them. They are perfect for appetizers . You could also cut the bread into interesting shapes befor applying the spread and cucumbers.

  55. I have never tried cucumber sandwiches. Thank you for sharing.

  56. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I haven’t eaten cucumber sandwiches in years. This is easy to prepare and I love recipes with cream cheese. You can put this on pumpernickel bread or even crackers.

  57. M.Clark says:

    This looks delicious, reminds me of the sandwiches my aunt used to make when I was younger, she used to make watercress sandwiches, yum. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  58. I would like this, I love to just cream cucumbers with onion and they are so good.We all love things like this one here so next time we will try this recipe of yours. I’ve always said it if has cream cheese, it’s for me

  59. nancyfancypink says:

    These seem so easy, yet elegant! I bet they are great for bridal showers, tea parties and other girly events,

  60. M.Clark says:

    Cucumber Tea Sandwiches are always nice for a fast and easy snack. They’re perfect for me because I drink tea every day, you don’t have to drink tea to eat these sandwiches, but they’re great with tea. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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