Guest Post Recipe: Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

Here’s another guest post recipe, this one comes from Denise over at Mommy2 Nanny3 Doggy1 These sound so good, I know I’m going to have to make them…so read on for her recipe, these would be great for the Superbowl!! Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken Wings nothing sounds better than that!

“I kind of love chicken wings a lot. I am always so lazy to cook them though. So What do I do? Take out the crock pot! Set and forget my friends! So here is a super easy one! Sweet and yummy too!


  1. 3 lbs chicken wings.
  2. 2 cups honey
  3. 1 cup soy sauce
  4. 1/2 cup your favorite bottled barbecue sauce
  5. 2 cloves garlic minced



Place wings on broiler pan and broil for 10 minutes on each side OR until brown.

Mix all the ingredients in bowl while waiting for the chicken wings.

When they are done put them in the crock pot and then pour all the sauce over it.

Set on low for 4 hours.

So Yummy! I make these for the kids and I, because the mail man doesn’t eat chicken from the bone.  “

Make sure you check out here other posts at her blog, Mommy2 Nanny3 Doggy1.


  1. This sounds so delicious!!! Plus it is so simple! I know what I’m going to do this weekend!!!

  2. These are the ingredients to make these wings. ive been looking for a garlic chicken recipe and I never thought it could be this easy, great news for me. i have to try this

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  3. That sounds good! I love anything that you can make in a crockpot…. 🙂

  4. these look and sound so yummy my dad and brother love wings I will have to try this out at the next family get together!

  5. This sounds so good!! would love to try at home!!

  6. Wow! Those look really good. I haven’t ever done wings because I find it hard to feed them to my family. So I make chicken tenders. But I could definitely follow the sauce recipe.

  7. these looks so yummy! My husbad loves wings and I like trying out new recipes!

  8. Renee Travis says:

    These look so good. I don’t care for chicken wings, but my husband would love these! I am going to have to try them! Thanks for the great recipe! 🙂

  9. I make this all the time! It’s soooo good!

  10. I think they boys in my house would love these wings! A recipe I need to try

  11. My family loves chicken wings and I am always looking for new recipes. Thanks.

  12. These sound super good and how great it is not to have to get out the deep fryer! My son and husband love wings but every time they make them I end up cleaning up a greasy, nasty kitchen. I am going to make these and show them how to do it right!

  13. Elle Perez says:

    Garlic & honey…. WHAT?? I must try this. My fiance doesn’t like sweets w/ meats, nor does he like chicken on the bone so this will be a hard dinner to try and make. Challenge accepted!

  14. Julie Jones says:

    YUM! Glad I found this. They look so amazing and easy to do too! Thanks Darci!

  15. These look delicious. The combination of honey and garlic is definitely something I’d love. I’ll be trying this next week. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  16. we eat hotwings every sunday…going to have to try. thanks!

  17. Natalie Parvis-Nichols says:

    We love wings in this house. This sounds like a great recipe, thanks for sharing it.

  18. Ashley Nolan says:

    These look so yummy, I’ll make these for the family tonight!

  19. Jeannie Eplion-Holley says:

    These look so yummy and easy to do. I am def putting this recipe to good use. Thanks for sharing:)

  20. Lori Hoffman says:

    Two of my husband’s favorite things (besides me, lol) … chicken wings & garlic – this recipe is a keeper! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Katrina A says:

    I have been wanting to learn how to cook some great wings. These seem delish and it looks easy as 1,2,3!! I will making these very soon!! Thanks for sharing.

  22. it’s lunch time and i’m HUNGRY……and these look so good 🙂 thanx for sharing!!! my kids love wings so i will be trying this recipe out sometime this week!!

  23. michelle oakley warner says:

    mmm, we love wings, i have to try this one out, thanks for the great recipe

  24. Amber Hill says:

    This looks delicious! My husband can’t get enough garlic, and I’ve found some really good local honey recently…. Can’t wait to try these!

  25. Sabrina Dix says:

    This looks so good….I must try this!

  26. Kristen J Huish says:

    This looks delicious! : )

  27. Sarah Shepler says:

    I’ve never tried making wings myself. This looks amazing! I would try to find a good bbq sauce without a lot of additives. Honey and garlic are great for health. This way I’d finally have control over what is on my wings.

  28. Maria Iemma says:

    I have made wings before but never with honey and garlic. This sounds delicious and will be tried the next time I have the guys over the house to watch a game. Wings are a snack of choice.

  29. Holly Uhler says:

    omg lol I literally caught myself trying to sniff that picture! rofl! This sounds so good my mouth began watering just reading it!

  30. Rebecca Vickers says:

    This looks so good… I think I’m going to have to try it!

  31. jacqueline g says:

    This looks very yummy

  32. I only have one recipe for wings currently. I’ll have to try this for something new

  33. Angela Bellamy says:

    I bet my hubby would love these! I’ll have to give them a try.

  34. Danielle D says:

    Sounds so good, we spend way too much on wings! I should use this and just start making my own 🙂

  35. Rachel A. says:

    These sounds yummo! My hubby would love these!

  36. I love a sweeter sauce with my chicken wings. Hot and spicy dont set well in my stomach. This is a good recipe tho,one that I would make for us and for parties too. thanks for the recipe, it is so easy to make.

  37. I love crock pot recipes. I’ll definitely be making this one soon!

  38. md kennedy says:

    My husband has been begging me for chicken wings for the last 2 months – I guess now that I have this great recipe I have no excuse but to make them for him!

  39. How fast and easy! I love crock pot meals, and this one sounds pretty good.

  40. Becky Schollian says:

    Goodness, who doesn’t like chicken wings. I love them. Honey garlic is one of my favorite combinations. My crock pot won’t know what hit it!! He, He….

  41. Marcia G says:

    What a great recipe for Honey Garlic Chicken Wings. I love the fact that they are broiled for a short time & then they & the sauce go into the crock pot for 4 hours. Nothing could be easier.

  42. Brittany F. says:

    We haven’t eaten chicken wings in a rally long time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  43. Garlic and chicken wings, two of my favorite things. I love the combo but of course Hubby won’t eat chicken wings, he “only likes white meat chicken” whatever!! He just doesn’t know what he is missing!

  44. Sounds really good. Always looking for new chicken recipes!

  45. Amanda W. says:

    This looks so good! I am not very good a cooking but this looks super simple and I love that it has a short list of ingredients. Many times I see a recipe and all the required ingredients make it not worth it cost-wise. DH would be sure to love me if I made him this :).

  46. Michelle F. says:

    love that you cook them in the crockpot!

  47. Sandy Cain says:

    Oh, do these sound great! (The mailman doesn’t eat chicken on the bone? LOL!) I like that it’s really only 10 minutes of work, and the crock pot does the rest! My kind of recipe.

  48. Lyndsey W. says:

    I wouldn’t have thought to make chicken wings in the crock pot. I guess I like to make things difficult for myself! This sounds delicious and gives me ideas for other flavors!

  49. lyndsay chae Deurmier says:

    this is a great idea! I would of never thought of putting chicken wings in a crock pot. I wonder if garlic and butter would be just as good as bbq sauce? Have you tried that?

  50. Stephanie F. says:

    Perfect recipe for the NFL season that just started!

  51. Gina Hiskes says:

    Wings in the crock pot you say?! This is genius. I always overcook or undercook them in my oven, and always feel like I’m watching them constantly to prevent one or the other. This I can do! Thanks!

  52. this recipe sounds dangerously good! so good I must make it asap! Finally, a recipe that is a little different, but not wierd, and has all the ingredients we love! super!

  53. Dying and going to heaven……. this sounds unreal. The combination of those ingredients is probably so good.

  54. tiffany dover says:

    my hubby loves wings! And this recipe sounds so delish I’m sure he’ll like it! Plus it sounds super easy!

  55. marissa lee says:

    omg this looks and sounds amazing…it’s so simple…thank you for sharing.

  56. These look so good! And, like most of your recipes, it seems pretty easy to make. I will definitely make these for a party!

  57. Sherry Compton says:

    Well, it’s not Superbowl season but football is about to start. Broiling then simmering in marinade would make These really juicy and flavorful.

  58. Abigail Thomson says:

    Oh my goodness my mouth is watering! This is so simple and sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing this!

  59. My husband will LOVE this recipe! He likes to go out for wings and try all the different flavors and Honey Garlic is one of his favorites. I can’t wait to try to make them at home!

  60. YAY! I love a good crock pot recipe and these sound yummy!

  61. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I love chicken wings and this recipe sounds so good right now.

  62. I love chicken wings! This recipe looks so good and I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing this!

  63. I think I am going to make them this coming weekend for football Saturday!

  64. These look delicious! We love chicken wings in this household. I love easy crockpot recipes.

  65. Yummy! These look so tasty and easy!

  66. Now THESE look amazingly delicious!

  67. Going to make these next weekend!

  68. This sounds lip-smackin’ good! I adore honey in chicken recipes so guess what I’m going to be making asap!!! This is excellent! I haven’t seen a recipe like this before.

  69. Jessilee Raub says:

    I love garlic , and the combo with hunnie sounds really good.

  70. cheryl lister says:

    I like wings but never found an easy way to prepare a big batch. Your idea of broiling first is great! Get a nice brown, then slow cook in delicious sauce.

  71. Melissa Decroteau says:

    Just the title of this made my mouth water! They seem very easy to make whic I love! Not too many ingredients

  72. I really love how they are made in the crock pot, anything that is made in a crock pot is a plus for me. My hubby loves chicken wings.

  73. Maria Iemma says:

    These look delicious and will make a great addition to my Super Bowl party. Who does not like chicken wings???

  74. These look AMAZING, not to mention easy and with hardly any ingredients. Score! The next time I make chicken wings (which I do pretty often) I’m making these scrumptious looking ones for SURE!

  75. cheryl lister says:

    This could make a nice savory appetizer for Christmas munchies. Although it might be a little messy as finger food!

  76. These sound so delicious!!! I am going to definitely try these. So easy to make.

  77. Those wings look nice and delicious. Thanks for sharing them recipe.

  78. These sound delicious, thank you for sharing.

  79. These chicken wings look delicious, I cannot wait to try this. I would never have thought to add honey to a sauce for chicken wings. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  80. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    These chicken wings look so yummy. I love the recipe and using honey instead of sugar. I might add a little ginger to it too. I also like using the broiler rather than a grill.

  81. Fast, easy and the recipe sounds so good. We love cooking with garlic adds so much flavor to anything. These really do sound great

  82. This sounds like something my husband would love.

  83. These look delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  84. My husband would love these! Can be made gluten free too! I love it!

  85. This sounds so good. We eat alot of chicken and this is something different to do with it

  86. Can’t wait to make these! I lovve wings!

  87. These look and sound so good. The recipe looks pretty simple. I will be giving these a try soon. Thank you for sharing

  88. christine says:

    Does the chicken need to be completely covered with the sauce

  89. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These are so good. My family really enjoyed them. We are a wing family. Thank you for sharing

  90. Skip the garlic and use this on boneless, skinless breast. That might be okay. I never understood how anyone could eat a chicken wing. They have very little meat and are fatty.

  91. Jodi Hunter says:

    This looks amazing, I hope it’s as good as it looks.

  92. I will make these

  93. This is such a great recipe. My family loves it. we make this often. Thank you for sharing

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