Subscription Box Review: Le Parcel

I’ve really been into reviewing subscription boxes lately, so when I had the chance to review Le Parcel I was pretty excited.
Le Parcel is a “that time of the month” monthly subscription box.
For $15 you can choose what you would like with all tampons or a combination of pads/tampons, panty liners. You also choose what flow you want.
While that is a good idea, I’d much rather choose what I want in one unopened box. I personally, would like to be the first person to touch any product like that since they are so personal.
The Le Parcel box is very pretty and discreet, I like how it slides open and is feminine looking. It was of high quality. I love how I can just put this in the bedroom or wherever and not worry about someone knowing what’s inside.
In my Le Parcel box I received 10 regular tampons, 5 lite tampons, 5 super tampons, 5 pads, 5 panty liners, 1 Lindor chocolate truffle, 1 cake pop, and 1 Gnarly Whale Champagne lip balm.
In my opinion  I really needed more than 1 chocolate truffle. We all know chocolate is pretty crucial to women, and especially around that time of the month. I was hoping for more chocolate!
The cake pop was pretty good and I absolutely LOVE the lip balm. The champagne flavor of the lip balm is yummy! The feminine products worked great, I had no issues with them.
All in all the value of the box is probably a little less than the actual subscription, but I guess it’s worth it if you don’t want to drive to the store to purchase your monthly items. If you add in gas money, well, then you’re saving money.


  1. It actually seems like a good idea, especially if you can’t seem to get out to go to the store or its the middle of flu season and you only need feminine hygiene products. It actually makes a lot of sense, when it’s that time of the month not all of us want to be out and about!!!

  2. Good idea, but this particular box looks pretty bad.

  3. Julie Durfee says:

    Interesting idea for a subscription box. Were the products good?

  4. Julie Jones says:

    I agree. They should throw in more chocolate but glad they sent great quality chocolate! The lip balm sounds interesting. I would love to try it too. These boxes are so neat!

  5. *Definitely* needs to be more chocolate in there lol!!! 🙂

  6. i suppose this service would be good for shut ins but i am with you on the part i would like to open my own box.. i dunno just seems kinda strange

  7. Anonymous says:

    I tried Le Parcel – horrible! They charged me for 2 months and the box arrived 2 weeks after I requested.. And it only arrived because I contacted customer service and they said it was because I used an unauthorized promo code.

    The box was the same one you reviewed here. When I opened it – there were bits of cake pop and sprinkles everywhere and worst of all, all over the unwrapped pantiliners in the box. Needless to say, I had to throw those away, I don’t think cake and sprinkles all over your feminine products is very sanitary. Also, even without cake, I think the idea of unwrapped pantiliners a little gross. Individually wrapped pads and tampons – OK, unwrapped- not OK.

    I just signed up for Juniper box and their customer service has already been amazing so I hope this experience turns out better. I’m almost even…excited for my period. That’s a strange feeling.

  8. Wishing they could just send $15 worth of cake pops and chocolate instead! I can buy my own tampons!

  9. Worthless… The first month, my order came on time, had everything I asked for, 3 chocolates and a big, gawky pair of earrings that looks like a nautical ship wheel… I had them take the payment on the 5th of the month and they would have my package here by the 10th… The second month, I got my package was almost a month late (after I emailed 3 times about not receiving it) and only had 3/4 of what I asked for, no chocolate and a bunch of confetti… After receiving that box, I sent another email opting out of the service and telling them that I didn’t want them to withdrawl anymore out of my account… On the 5th of June, they took $20 from my account and I emailed them telling them that I opted out and didn’t want the service and wanted my money back into my account… No response… I email 2 more times after that, no response… I contacted PayPal and now have an open claim with them to get reimbursed… I personally would not recommend this service to anyone…

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