Guest Post Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Cake

This is a guest post recipe from a blogger friend of mine, Alicia over at Getting Green with Baby!
I found this recipe online awhile ago and accidentally
tweaked it a bit, but that’s ok. It’s still delicious! This cake is good any
time of day, but would be a nice breakfast treat most of all. Enjoy!
cinnamon apple cake

1 ¾ Cup sugar (divided)

1 stick butter or margarine (1/2 Cup)

1 teaspoon vanilla

6 ounces softened cream cheese (about ¾ Cup)

2 large eggs

1 ½ Cups flour

1 ½ teaspoons baking powder

¼ teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons cinnamon

3 Cups of apple (Between 2 and 4, depending on what kind you
get, peeled and cubed. I like to do this ahead of time and set the bowl of
apple cubes in the fridge while I get everything else ready.)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
Beat 1 ½ Cups sugar, butter, vanilla, and cream cheese on
medium setting until well blended. (Original recipe calls for about 4 minutes.)
Add each egg one at a time and beat well after each.
In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and salt.
Using a low speed on your mixers, add this mixture to the cream mixture slowly
until everything is blended together well.
In a small bowl, add ¼ Cup of sugar and cinnamon together.
Take out your bowl of cut apples and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mixture over
them, making sure to coat them well. (I like using my hands, but it’s up to
you. 😉 )
Here’s the part that’s a bit tricky. The original recipe
calls for an 8 inch springform pan. However, I use a 9 inch round cake pan and
it still fluffs well over the top after it’s cooked. This is good, but you have
to take extra care to make sure the inside is done. I might suggest splitting
the batter and putting it in two round cake pans instead of one. Whatever you
decide, be sure to spray your pan(s) before pouring the batter in.
Bake at 350 for 1 hour and 15 minutes or until the cake
pulls away from the side of the pan. (If I remember right, I split mine and
started checking on them around 40 minutes just to be safe.) It’s suggested to
let your cakes completely cool on a wire rack. That’s up to you, of course. I
find it to be a pita to get these out of the pans to cool on the rack without
destroying the cake in the process.


  1. Alicia Owen says:

    I forgot to mention I like to sprinkle some more cinnamon on top right before I put them in the oven. Not necessary, but I LOVE cinnamon! 😉

  2. Denise Weatherly says:

    It just needs something else on top to make it look appealing. I have learned you can’t go according to looks. Maybe powdered sugar or something.

  3. This recipe looks delicious! It sounds perfect for fall!

  4. Maria Iemma says:

    Cinnamon and apples…what a comforting combination. My family would love this. I will keep be making it soon.

  5. natalie nichols says:

    This sounds so amazing. It would be a great first cake to make with those paper baking things i’ve been seeing everywhere.

  6. Looks great and it has cream cheese! Yum! I will be trying this one.

  7. stacey dempsey says:

    I love anything cinnamon so I am going to try this for desert for easter THANKS

  8. i will have to try this. i have made apple cake that used oil, but this would be so much better.

  9. Vicki Hale says:

    I love cinnamon too! I have a bag of apples to use up, maybe I can talk my sister into helping me. Vicki

  10. Christina Howell says:

    I love the idea of cinnamon and apples. However for my family’s diet, i would have to change some of the ingredients to make it healthier. I am kind of a health nut, but great idea!

  11. Judith Martinez says:

    Oh yum! We’re always looking for yummy things to have for breakfast on Sundays. This needs to be added to my list of options. 🙂

  12. the recips sounds delicious

  13. dina elexpuru says:

    oh my, this sounds so delicious! thank you for sharing!! 🙂

  14. I’m not a fan of cinnamon but my husband would love this recipe! I’ll have to attempt it sometime for him!

  15. Sounds delicious! Just wish the top were a bit more pretty!

  16. The picture does not do it justice – it sounds really good and I would like to try it, especially with my 7 year old, thanks!

  17. Brianne Rushing says:

    This looks and sounds amazing!

  18. Danielle D says:

    Oh yummmm! I’ve never heard of a cinnamon apple cake before; I may be trying this one soon.

  19. My husband loves Cinnamon Apple Cake! I cant wait to try it 🙂

  20. Rachel A. says:

    This looks yummy! Love apple cake!

  21. Mandipants says:

    Sounds good!

  22. Tracy adler says:

    This looks yummy, but I agree I will have to add something on top to give it more appeal to the hubby lol. I think I will add this to my recipe stash!

  23. rebeccabasset says:

    Ohhh this sounds heavenly! Can’t wait to try. I also love Apple Cinnamon Cake, and Muffins.

    Thanks so much for the receipe!

  24. It sound delicious and delicate. With cream cheese in it too , you sold me on that one. Thanks for the info and recipe. I dont have a springform pan either so I can just follow
    with how you did yours. Cant wait to take this cake.

  25. Peggy Greco says:

    This cake looks delicious and a breeze to make,too; thanks for sharing it with us.

  26. Robin Wilson says:

    The recipe looks and sounds delicious. I don’t own a spring pan either, so I really appreciate your tips about using regular cakes pans. Will let you know how it turns out once I make it! Thanks for sharing.

  27. marissa lee says:

    this recipe looks so easy to make and it looks good….i’ll pass it on to my aunt she loves to bake…thank you for sharing.

  28. Kristina Lewis says:

    This sounds good! Warm with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.. yummy!

  29. laurie nykaza says:

    Cinnamon and apples & cream cheese what else could be better together . This looks delicious can’t wait to make it thanks for sharing it with us.

  30. Maria Iemma says:

    I love anything with a cinnamon taste and this recipe looks delicious. I am going to try it this weekend and possibly serve it with vanilla ice cream.

  31. Kathleen says:

    I wouldn’t call this the best looking recipe, but it sounds YUMMY! I will have to try it out myself…. Thank you for posting!

  32. marissa lee says:

    i love this recipe..i am going to be trying it this weekend…thank you for sharing,

  33. I love cinnamon! I will definitely be trying this one.

  34. Lisa Lancaster says:

    Wow that cinnamon apple cake recipe sounds so good I can just taste it reading the recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Kristin Welch says:

    I love apples and I LOVE cinnamon! Definitely have to try this out!

  36. Deborah D says:

    This looks so good & easy to make. I also love anything with cream cheese in it.

  37. Julia Thompson says:

    This looks delicous!! I may just need to try this one out tonight…..make gut will thank me later 🙂

  38. Sarah Hayes says:

    love this! i havent had this kind of cake in so long and now i def need to make this soon. thanks for sharing

  39. Jennifer marohn says:

    That cakes looks and sounds soooo yummy! It could be that I haven’t ate anything today, but I doubt it. That would make me hungry even if I had just ate. LOL I can’t wait to see if I can make i too.


    It looks absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try it. I love how simple the recipe seems to be and hope I can make it. (I am now learning to cook lol)

  41. June S. says:

    I am going to make this for sure, reminds me of the coffee cake my Mother use to make all the time when she was alive. Thanks for the recipe!

  42. Wow… just looking at the cake I can smell it. It looks like something that I could bake in the morning and my husband would actually WANT to get out of bed! 😀

  43. Diana Ward says:

    This recipe is just right for our house, yummy and one that Joshua, age 8, can make for the family with gramma’s oversight. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Danielle Lindquist says:

    This looks amazing, I wonder what it would taste like with a glaze on top, have you tried? Maybe warmed up with some vanilla ice cream or butter on it. Yummy! Thanks for posting the recipe to this!

  45. Cassandra Kelton says:

    Okay I don’t bake cakes. I ruin cakes. But this sounds scrumptious and I may have to give the recipe to my mother to make for me!

  46. cheryl lister says:

    I’ve got some apples to use up soon, this may be the way to do it!

  47. Brittany N says:

    OMG I love this I really cant wait to make it I love to cook and my kids (and I0 would have fun making it thank you for this recipe its a keeper

  48. I love to make apple cakes , they remind me of my grandpa who used to always make this apple cake that was so good and with cool whip on top you were in heaven. I like baking with fresh apples more than canned apple filling . thanks for the recipe

  49. K-Squared says:

    An Apple within a dessert; who’d know that a mothers / fathers cooking recipe could make fruit taste so good! I hope that everyone continues to have a great day & know that God Blesses Us all with Love, Courage & Guidance!

  50. KELLY MILLS says:

    I love that it incorperates cream cheese. Yum cinnamon is very good for you and I need to find more ways to get its cleansing power into me daily.

  51. Beanybopp says:

    This sounds delicious! I thought it looked like a cookie in the picture and I was like “wow that is one big cookie” lol I don’t have any spring pans either…I wish I did because I know that they would make my life a lot easier lol

  52. Lynda Thomas says:

    Oh man, this sounds delicious! My dad and my husband both love cinnamon. I wish I would’ve found this before Father’s Day! It would have been such a perfect dessert for them! Maybe next year… or just for fun. 🙂 Yum!

  53. Kristin Welch says:

    This sounds absolutely WONDERFUL!! I love cinnamon and I love apple, so this sounds perfect to me!!!

  54. Ruth chu says:

    my oldest loves cinn apples so this cake would be a favorite

  55. md kennedy says:

    I love the sound of this cake – or anything with apples and cinnamon for that matter. A little caramel sauce on this one and it would make for a decadent dessert for sure!

  56. Diane Cooper says:

    My husband would love this cake! Poor guy, he is married to a chocoholic! I think the only cake you should ever make is chocolate. But, because I love him, I am going to make this for him. His birthday is July 15th and this will be his birthday cake! He will be so happy!

  57. Lindsey Doepker says:

    i made this for my family and they all loved it the wonted to no where i bout it so they can buy one they didn’t believe that i made it. love can wate to make it again.

  58. Oh my goodness, that looks absolutely AMAZING!!!!

  59. Omg this sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try it! I have multiple sizes of springform pans so might see how it does in each since I know I’ll definitely be making this more than once!

  60. Sylvia Zajis says:

    This cake sounds yummy. I love that it has cream cheese in the mix, it always helps to keep them super moist. This would be great at a picnic with just some powdered sugar.

  61. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    Yummy! I can almost “smell” the warm sweet cinnamon that fills up your home when baking. Thanks for the delicious recipe share – can’t wait to try it out for my family to enjoy.

  62. Staci B. says:

    I’m wondering if anyone has tried this with rice flour? We’re a gluten-free household. It looks scrumptious!

  63. katharine cookman says:

    sounds easy enough to follow..i love roast and cake

  64. Sandy McFadden says:

    This recipe reminds me of a recipe my Grandma use to make…………I will have to try this one…….thank you so much sharing.

  65. Hannah @Supermommy!...Or Not says:

    That sounds really good! I love anything with apples and cinnamon 🙂

  66. Jennifer Landers says:

    This recipe sounds so good. It’s a great way to eat your fruit and have a little cake with it. Yummm!

  67. Piper Leigh says:

    Apples and cinnamon is a great combination so this cake HAS to be good. Thanks for the recipe, I need to give it a try!

  68. tiffany klimarchuk says:

    i LOVE anything apple-flavored and am always looking for new recipes! Saving this one for the fall to use after apple-picking! Thanks =)

  69. Amanda E. says:

    This looks delicious! My mom used to make apple cake growing up, so I look forward to trying this out! I pinned it to pinterest so I can find it easily later 🙂

  70. Becky Schollian says:

    i love adding new recipes to my Rolodex! This sure looks delicious. YUM!!

  71. I bet my husband would love this. He loves cinnamon-apple anything. 🙂

  72. Ali Swonger says:


  73. JESS KREILING says:

    I love EVERYTHING apple! I will have to try this recipe soon!

  74. Valarie Ireland says:

    OMG! Does this look yummy or what?! I love everything in this. What a great way to cook with apples. I am definitely going to be sharing this with my friends and family and can’t wait to make this for myself. YUM 🙂

  75. Delicious! I do love cinnamon, so this sounds like perfection. Thanks for the baking tip as well; it’s frustrating when a recipe doesn’t fit in the directed pan as I always wonder if I did something wrong.

  76. Yummy! I love apple cake! If I had some apples, I’d probably make some right now! I’m shocked that this recipe rises so much! I bet it’s lighter than the cake I make!

  77. Becky Schollian says:

    Oh thank you! This was a big hit with my family!! They absolutely loved it! I can’t thank you enough. We now have a new favorite!

  78. I love apple cakes. My grandpa made a good one too. This recipe is different in the fact that it has cream cheese in it which sounds yummy as I like cream cheese. I am anxious to try this one. thanks for the recipe

  79. Makenzie Hay says:

    This recipe sounds delicious! We love apple crumbles and cobblers, so we’ll definitely be trying this recipe! Thanks for posting, even though its from a guest!

  80. This looks so good. My son would love this. He loves apples.

  81. Sherry Compton says:

    Thanks for the added advice and tips. I don’t hav a springform pan and often don’t even attempt hose recipes. With our help, I think my family could enjoy this.

  82. Victoria Cortinas says:

    Looks delicious, I might make this tonight instead of my banana cake I was planning. I’ll save that for next week. Thanks!

  83. This sounds like a great weekend breakfast idea.

  84. Sophia Carr says:

    This looks DELICIOUS! Cinnamon and apple is easily one of my favorite combinations.. yesterday I just made homemade apple butter! Yum!

  85. Kristine Laird says:

    I’m obsessed with cinnamon apple everything! This looks so good! I’m going to have to try this soon!

  86. Sherry Compton says:

    Sometimes the best recipes are the ones you tweak a little to make ork for you. I don’t have a springform pan either so it’s good to have another way of baking it.

  87. Shannon Taylor says:

    Oh my gosh! This looks divine! I must give this recipe to my hubby to make. I can’t bake to save my life! LOL

  88. There is nothing that goes together better than apples and cinnamon. This sounds simply delicious!!

  89. This sounds delicious! Anything with cream cheese is good in my book!

  90. Michelle Lee says:

    Looks yummy! I’d probably do two 8 inch round pans and put some frosting between the layers and on top. I usually put the pan on a wire rack to cool and then invert onto a plate when I need to remove it.

  91. Michelle F. says:

    love apples great recipe

  92. Mary Schuh says:

    I just pinned this to Pinterest! This looks so yummy and definitely not difficult at all!

  93. My boyfriend loves cinnamon, so maybe I can make this for him sometime.

  94. Julie Wood says:

    This is a homey recipe to have on a day that I am staying home and make this and the smell goes all through the house from this Cinnamon Apple Cake. I like this recipe a lot and want to make it soon.

  95. Sherry Compton says:

    Warm, comforting, and cozy..these will be great in h fall with fresh apples. I like to sprinkle cinnamon on apples. They make a good flavor combination and I think cream cheese would just add to hat.

  96. I love cake like this. It must be so moist and creamy with the cream cheese in it

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  97. Thanks for the info about the springform pan and the recipe. Sounds really good for a party dessert . We love apple cakes and apples . Great when their in season too

  98. Courtney T says:

    Yum! i tried to make cinnamon apple cupcakes a little while ago. they weren’t terrible, but they came out way too moist. i used canned apples, to, though, not fresh. (that’s what the recipe called for) i think in the future i’d try to use a recipe like this that calls for fresh apples. probably won’t be as soggy

  99. lyndsay chae Deurmier says:

    Looks delicious!
    I would love to try this and maybe even drizzle some cream cheese frosting across the top.

  100. Leigh Ann says:

    This looks awesome! Anything with cinnamon and apple has to be delicious!

  101. My mom used to make an apple cake with cheese, and was sooo good, this recipe reminds me of her and happy times! Apples are coming into their bounty, I’d love to make this recipe, it’s a great change from pie, and yet still get your fill of real apples! – no half-cup of applesauce kind of apple cake here! this is the real thing!

  102. Oh I’m definitely going to make this, seems so simple and who doesn’t love apples and cinnamon.

  103. this looks so darn good!! anything apple cinnamon is best any time of the day! I wish i had apples then i’d be making these right now

  104. Gina Hiskes says:

    YUM! I have to make the treats for our first PTA meeting this month and was thinking fall, this sounds perfect!

  105. I am a sucker for anything with apples! This looks wonderful and yummy for fall weather!

  106. Brittany F. says:

    That cake sounds so good. Maybe i’ll try this one.

  107. My mouth is watering! This sounds so delicious. Would make a great dessert with Sunday Dinners.

  108. Dasha Binderova says:

    I will be making this on the weekend!

  109. Sherry Compton says:

    It’s coming up on fall, and this is a perfect recipe for the season. Apples will be bountiful and cinnamon is a scent that I want to fill the air. I’m ready for some cooler weather to try this.

  110. Apple season is here in New York and Cinnamon and apples together are a match made in heaven – sounds so yummy! I cannot wait to try and put on my bakery board on Pinterest so I could get to it even quicker lol!

  111. With fall just around the corner, I might just have to make this cake. Sounds perfect for the season.

  112. Bethany Saldana says:

    Oh my goodness. I love cinnamon and apples. I just put both in my oatmeal this morning… and I bought a whole bag of apples yesterday, so this is perfect! Thanks for the additional tip about the springform pan… I don’t have one, either.

  113. you have no idea how badly i want this.. buttt… What is a good substitute for cream cheese?! its in soo many yummy recipes and i am currently lactose intolerant! :'( before this pregnancy i ate cream cheese PLAIN and drank milk like it was going out of style… i NEED this recipe in my life LOL!!

  114. tiffany dover says:

    This sounds so good. I am starving now after reading this. AND hubby wouldn’t like the cinnamon so it would be ALL mine! Hahahhahaha!

  115. Sandy Chiang says:

    Love the recipe just tried it today and it came out yummy!

  116. Jessica Parks Wiese says:

    This looks delicious! I love anything with cinnamon, and now that the weather is getting cooler, this would be a perfect breakfast dish for us.

  117. Yum!! I feel like I can smell this already. A perfect recipe for fall. I love cinnamon!!

  118. This sounds perfect for fall. I bet when its baking it makes the whole house smell so delicious! I can’t wait to give it a try! I love cake, and cinnamon so you can’t go wrong with cinnamon apple cake!

  119. I can’t wait to make this cake this fall!

  120. The recipe and photo actually remind me of coffee cake. Def in the mood for some of this cake now.

  121. My husband LOVES anything with apples and cinnamon and he loves cake. This cake sounds heavenly. I will do the same as you and divid the cake into two separate cake pans i have the same problem all the time with my cake getting overdone on the outside and raw dough on the inside. Thanks for the recipe! Looks awesome.

  122. This looks amazing so am going to try this I love trying new recipes

  123. I love apples and cinnamon, and baking anything with cream cheese, can’t wait to try this one out!

  124. Michelle S says:

    I simply adore apple cake! This one sounds yummy. My Mom makes one but this one looks like a must try! Thanks for reminding us to add more cinnamon on the top.

  125. That looks super yummy! I have never actually made an apple cake, but there is a bakery around the corner that has AMAZING apple muffins. With how easy this recipe is to make, I may actually be able to make them myself!

  126. Cortney Tackett (Callen's Closet) says:

    This sounds so good and looks amazing too! I love anything apple! I am definitely going to make this soon!

  127. Sherry Compton says:

    A friend was just telling me how many bushels of apples they had. They’ve been canning, applesauce, cinnamon apples…She didn’t want apple pie, but this is a nice different recipes. I will have to pass it on. A perfect recipe for fall.

  128. Julie Wood says:

    I really like this cake recipe, it is easy to make and I love Cinnamon and apples in a cake. I will have to make this for my family. This is a good cake to have on a Sunday when the family comes to visit.

  129. cheryl lister says:

    For some reason, I tend to stay away from springform pans. Nice to know it works well in a regular cake pan. Nivce cake for autumn.

  130. That looks yummy and easy! My picky son would love it.

  131. Jessilee Raub says:

    This looks moist and delicious, love cinnimon, will have to try this Thanks

  132. This looks wonderful. My family doesn’t really like sweets, so this would be wonderful for them.

  133. This sounds amazing. I really love the way my house smells whenever apples and cinnamon are cooking:)

  134. I love apple deserts! Apple crisp is one of my favorite. This recipe looks delicious, and I love your idea of making a treat in the morning for breakfast! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  135. David Smith says:

    This looks really good. Apples, cream cheese and cinnamon together sound excellent. We’re going to have to try this one. Thanks for the recipe

  136. Gina Blomgren says:

    Wow, this looks amazing! I am always in search of anything apple and cake/dessert recipes because my family just LOVES apples. I feel like we buy so many. We are going to have to try this when we get a working oven 🙂

  137. amber broussard says:

    This looks amazing.I will have to try this one.we used to bake with ny grandmother all the time when we were little think ill bring her this recipe and we can geet close like we used to be thank you for the great recipes

  138. This recipe looks delicious! I can’t help but imagine it with a bit of warm maple syrup drizzled over top and finished with a scoop of ice cream as a dessert.

  139. OMG! This looks awesome!

  140. I love cinnamon apple cake! Especially with some hot spiced cider!

  141. That’s a simple cake recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

  142. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This cake recipe combines 3 of my favorite ingredients:cinnamon , apples and cream cheese. I would probably add lemon rind, lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to my version of this recipe.

  143. Natasha A. says:

    Oh my! Definitely three of my fav things… all mixed into one! Eek! I will have to give this a go…. though I wonder how it would turn out with GF flour…. hmmmmm… Will definitely give a go though! My whole family LOVES apples! 😀

  144. This sounds so good, thank you for sharing this recipe with us.

  145. This looks delicious, I cannot wait to try this. A slice of cinnamon apple cake with a cup of tea or coffee sounds wonderful. It would also make a nice Easter dessert, thank you for sharing this recipe.

  146. I had an apple cake recipe I just loved and now cannot find it. Time to try and make again so I can start here.

  147. This sounds so good, thank you for sharing.

  148. Darlene says:

    The Cinnamon Apple Cake looks delicious. Would be great with some tea!

  149. M.Clark says:

    I am a big fan if apple pie, now I’m a fan of cinnamon apple cake as well. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  150. M.Clark says:

    I would love to try this recipe as cupcakes, I think they would be delicious. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  151. This recipe looks delicious, ty for sharing.

  152. Sounds awesome! I love apples!

  153. Kelly Faber says:

    Mmm! I love all kinds of cake, especially apple! We have tons of apples in the fridge that need to be used up, so this recipe would be perfect! I better check if I have the proper pan for this! I can’t wait to try it! I love finding new recipes-thank you for sharing! 🙂

  154. This cinnamon apple cake sounds delicious. I just love cinnamon apples. I am going to have to try this recipe. We are having much cooler days and for some reason when it is cool outside I love to bake. Thank you for sharing

  155. This looks really delicious! My family love anything with apples in it. This will be a great breakfast treat to fix for them sometime. Thanks!

  156. This looks and sounds so good. I love cinnamon and apples so if I got busy and made this, I know I would love it. Thank you for sharing

  157. This recipe is so good. My family loves it. It is a great snack for any time of the day. Thank you again.

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