Kush Sack King Kush and Stool – ends 5/5

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Have you ever seen a new version of a classic products, and it makes you feel nostalgic? It brings back all the good and happy memories you have from that time and almost makes you feel like you were right back in that place and time.

Sometimes though, do you ever look at the new version and think, “Man, this is a rip off. The old ones were way better”. I have done that time and again. It’s really sad to see how the quality of an “improved” version can be so much lower than the original.

That is pretty much the antithesis of the feeling you will have when you try a Kush Sack.

I just got a 6ft King Kush and a matching Kush Stool(Chocolate Brown Micro Velvet), and let me tell you, it is HEAVEN.

This is definitely not like those old school Bean bags of the past. In fact, although the Kush Sack is kindred to the Bean Bag, it is very much superior.

Not only does the massive size play a huge role in outweighing(pun intended), the old school bean bags that used to be so desirable, but he fact that it contains no actual “beans” or little pellets of anything is certainly a factor.

It is stuffed with tons of super soft and supportive shredded memory foam. It is like sitting(or laying) on a cloud. You feel completely relaxed and weightless. It is like floating on air, only you know you are also being supported with just the right amount of firmness. It amazing.

I adore the King Kush, and that Kush stool just really puts it over the top and sets it apart from some other large bag companies.

Another thing that sets Kush Sack apart from competitors is their unbelievable prices. I cannot believe how low they are and that the product price also includes FREE shipping. Plus your sack is guaranteed to be delivered(not just shipped) within 10 days. That is pretty impressive. I have items take over a week to even be shipped.

The customer service is super friendly and helpful. Everything about Kush Sack is superior. I would recommend Kush sack to anyone. And with mother’s Day and (especially) Father’s Day upcoming, Kush Sack would make a phenomenal gift.

 In fact you should get one even for no specific reason, and, if you have the space, you should get one for the whole family. That is what I plan to do.

To get your collection started, Kush Sack and I are giving you all the chance to win your choice of a King Kush or a Cuddle Queen in your choice of covers AND matching Kush Stool. RV of $285-$335!

There will only be one winner, but it has to be someone, why not you? Enter below for your chance. Good luck! Giveaway ends 5/5 at 11:59pm EST

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Disclosure: Everything Mommyhood was not compensated in any way for the promotion of this giveaway. My opinions may differ from those of your own.


  1. jeanette sheets says:

    i love their low prices and free shipping ,and thats its delivered not shipped within 10 days

  2. I love that it looks so comfortable and cool.

  3. nicole krutz says:

    I love that they look so chic! 🙂

  4. Lisa Chapman says:

    I love how comfortable they are!!!

  5. Kristin S says:

    I love that they look very comfy!!

    Really wish there were more options than Twitter for those of us who don’t have accounts. :\

  6. Georgia Beckman says:

    What I love most is the SIZE! Beanbags aren’t just for kids! I have arthritis & cannot get down on the hardwood floors with my grandkids but this would allow me to get down on their level with them & not be in pain!

  7. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I like that it is made out of shredded memory foam!! Sounds comfy!

  8. Peggy Greco says:

    I like their good price on fine, comfy products. It would be so nice to have one.

  9. Melissa Hartley says:

    It looks comfy & my 18 yr old son would love it for his bedroom 🙂

  10. Alison Stolz says:

    they look so comfortable!

  11. Nadene Adams says:

    I love that it is stuffed with memory foam. It looks so comfortable.

  12. i like that it is soft

  13. Kelly R. says:

    I love that they look really comfortable.

  14. ronnette gideon says:

    memory foam I love that making it super comfy

  15. Catherine Ly says:

    the size

  16. it looks more compact and comfortable

  17. Carolyn K says:

    I love the size! Looks soooo comfy!

  18. Looks like it’s a well-made product and super comfortable.

  19. Jennifer Pittman says:

    It looks comfy, and my daughter would Love it!

  20. its huge! i think we could all fit on it! (plus we dont have a couch and this would be a totally awesome alternative)

  21. They look very nice compared to normal bean bag chairs and seem reasonably priced!

  22. alena svetelska says:

    i love their low prices plus they look very comfy

  23. i like the comfort…

  24. I love how comfortable they look!

  25. Adrienne McElwain says:

    They look super comfortable but I also love the automons that’s a huge thing for me!

  26. Charlotte says:

    I love the size of it.

  27. Dana West says:

    I love the size and how comfortable it looks!

  28. Nicole P says:

    I love how full it is, compared to a normal bean bag!

  29. I love that it’s so soft and would conform to my body.

  30. Krystal Medina says:

    I like that they’re filled with memory foam, not pellets. They look super comfy!

  31. Dawn Monroe says:

    I like that its different…not just a boring chair or loveseat. It looks pretty comfortable also.

  32. crystalestroud says:

    I love that it is portable and comfy looking

  33. Danielle Carlson says:

    it contains no actual “beans” or little pellets of anything and it looks very comfy!

  34. That looks awesome!

  35. I love that it’s filled with shredded memory foam! That sounds so comfortable!

  36. Jacqui Odell says:

    that it has memory foam

  37. Andrea says:

    It looks super comfy =)

  38. Heidi Daily says:

    I love that it is filled with memory foam and not beans

  39. Jane (EJ ) says:

    Perfect snuggle reading comfort

  40. Kat Riley says:

    It just looks so comfortable.

  41. Debbie Durham says:

    It looks like it’s saying “Take a load off”. So comfy 🙂

  42. Kayla P says:

    I love how big it is, you can sink in and relax.

  43. they look very comfortable and kushy 🙂

  44. nikki c says:

    I love how comfortable they look!!!

  45. Tracy M says:

    It looks amazingly comfortable.

  46. Christina Howell says:

    I love how nice they look. Plus, they look super comfortable.

  47. Lisa R says:

    It looks so big and comfortable and would match my furniture in my family room

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  48. Vanessa says:

    I love that there are no actual beans to escape!

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