White Apple iPad 32GB $599 Value – ends 5/20

Check out this amazing giveaway for a 32GB Apple iPad!!!
Come and join us on this great giveaway.
We are giving away an iPad with Retina display 32GB color white
 value $599.00
If the winner is outside the US, the winner will get an Apple Store Gift Card 
This giveaway will run from:
April 29 to May 20
Winner will have 48hrs to request prize or a new winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  Everything Mommyhood  is not responsible for prize. If you have any questions about this giveaway please send an email to nysavingspecials@gmail.com.  All entries are optional, if you do any of the tasks with the 10 extra entries, even if you do one entry you can get the extra 10 entries, but if you are chosen as the winner and didn’t complete all tasks, a new winner will be chosen.
NYSavingSpecials is responsible for prize.


  1. Teresa B. says:

    Thats a picture of an ipad Mini 🙂

  2. Angeliina lawson says:

    No i don’t have a problem with too many bloggers per giveaway

  3. Sarah p says:

    I didn’t see a spot to leave a comment on that page, so I’ll answer here 🙂 No I don’t have a problem with too many blogger per giveaway. If I don’t feel like doing that many entries I won’t, but If I do then it just increases my chances at a fantastic prize! 😀 Its good to see people working together!

  4. ilaula says:

    No i don’t have a problem with too many bloggers per giveaway 🙂

  5. Emily Wells says:

    I don’t really mind seeing many bloggers for one giveaway. The problem I have is that I’m subscribed to so many blogger/giveaway emails, and most of them are duplicates because they’re all sponsoring the giveaway.

  6. Denise P. says:

    It doesn’t bother me to see lots of bloggers on 1 post because it opens my eyes to all kinds of new blogs!

  7. Shannon Lucas says:

    Most of the time it doesn’t bother me

  8. Shannon Lucas says:

    I would love to see any giveaways related to baby gear!

  9. Most of the time it’s not a bother to see so many bloggers sponsoring the same giveaway.

  10. It does not bother me to see so many bloggers sponsoring a giveaway. I only leave comments on the non-giveaway that I find interesting; even if that means missing out on another chance for an entry; being bored does not work for me.

  11. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    I do not mind it being alot of bloggers at all. The only thing that can be bothersome is having to do multiple things to get an entry. (Like Follow 20 people to get 10 entries) I would rather get 1 entry per person.

  12. Kristin S. says:

    It doesn’t bother me to see many bloggers sponsoring a giveaway. Also, I find the current giveaways to be helpful and interesting. I really like giveaways for organic and earth-friendly items. As far as the length of time for a giveaway, I think 2 weeks is probably long enough.

  13. Danielle D says:

    I don’t mind there being a lot of bloggers on the giveaway because it is nice to have some good giveaways; thank you for asking for feedback!

  14. Danielle D says:

    I think the best giveaways are things like gift cards, cash, and things that most can utilize like the iPad or strollers. Any and all are great though! 🙂

  15. Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans says:

    It doesn’t bother me that there are a lot of bloggers on a giveaway!

  16. Anna Swan says:

    No it doesn’t bother me.

  17. Anna Swan says:

    I like seeing kid stuff, home stuff, electronics, gift cards, etc.

  18. Anna Swan says:

    I think 2 weeks is a good amount of time to enter a giveaway.

  19. joanne gentry says:

    Does it bother you to see too many bloggers on one giveaway? Not at all, I appreciate all those bloggers who work so hard to bring these awesome giveaways !

  20. joanne gentry says:

    What kind of giveaways would you like to see in the future? I like to enter giveaways that offer household appliances, clothing/shoes for men, women and children, tools, and of course purses 🙂

  21. joanne gentry says:

    How long do you think is a reasonable time for a giveaway to end? I think 2 weeks is a reasonable time.

  22. Nope, doesn’t bother me to see too many bloggers on a giveaway.

  23. Love giveaways of electronics and baby/mama/kid stuff

  24. I think a couple of weeks is a reasonable amount of time.

  25. Jessica G says:

    It doesn’t bother me to see too many bloggers on a giveaway.

  26. Jessica G says:

    I would like to see gift cards to restaurants or any type of baby gear.

  27. Jessica G says:

    I think 2 weeks to enter a giveaway is good.

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