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We love Charlie Banana and Soft Bums Cloth Diapers here at Everything Mommyhood, I have some of both and love them just the same!! Make sure you enter to win this great giveaway.

Check out the Charlie Banana Review and the SoftBums Review on My Four Littles.

One lucky reader will win

1 SoftBums One Size Echo Shell and Pods


1 Charlie Banana One Size Pocket Diaper (RV$50).

This giveaway is open to the United States only.

This giveaway will begin 12:00am EST May 2 and end 11:59pm EST May 8.

All entries will be verified.

Good luck and thank you for entering!


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  1. I do cloth diaper… I would like to wait a week to choose colors, though – that’s when I find out if my twins are boys or girls ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Trisha W. says:

    I’d like the green CB and chocolate SB diapers and yes, we CD.

  3. We have been CDing my 1 year old since he was a few weeks old and will be CDing our new baby! Idk if I could pick just one color but anything boyish or gender neutral would make me beyoooooooond happy!

  4. I like anything pink and girly! I do currently CD, but was late to the game..I started when my youngest was 6 months old. I would keep these for myself, of course!

  5. Katie Uebner says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering my 2 month old for 2 weeks now! I have all pale and orchid pink type diapers. I’d like some gender neutral colors (blue, green, yellow, etc). ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Paige Hanson says:

    I cloth diaper and would get green.

  7. Catherine Ly says:

    I currently do not use cloth diapers, my cousin is, so this would be for her. I will pick eithe green or brown

  8. I will be cloth diapering our baby due July 4th and I would choose the CB in aqua and the Soft
    Bums print. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. Krystal Medina says:

    I do cloth diaper, so I would keep them. I’m not sure which colors I would choose. My choices would be different, depending on if the choice is only from the colors pictured here or from all the available colors on their websites.

  10. Renee F says:

    I like any thing in green ,brown, or blue for my son that i cloth diaper =) !

  11. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I do cloth diaper! I would love to add more to our stash, so if we won I would keep them to use for our daughter and baby #2! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would choose the Softbums Ocean with snaps and the Charlie Banana Robot Blue if that was one of the options! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. barnolds barnes says:

    I cloth diaper. I’d probably choose the yellow Charlie Banana and the light blue Softbums and use them on my son.

  13. Reesa L says:

    I don’t! But I am looking to get some reusable training & swim pants for my 2 yr old!

  14. nicole says:

    I do!

  15. Catherine BW says:

    I have cloth diapered, and plan to with our baby arriving soon. Not sure what colors I would pick, have to see how I feel when I win ๐Ÿ™‚ I would keep the diapers for our new baby.

  16. Danielle says:

    I haven’t used cloth diapers because my child hasn’t been born yet, but I’m very excited and determined to use them. I would choose the light blue SoftBums and the green Charlie Banana.

  17. Jennifer Jones says:

    I haven’t started CDing yet but am nervously planning to once the super poopy newborn stage eases up a bit. I’d pick baby boy blues for both and would keep them for myself.

  18. Dawn Monroe says:

    I use to use cloth diapers for my twins but it didnt last long. They were the old kind you had to pin up…hated them! They sure have come a long way. My daughter is due at the end of May and she said she wanted to try the new ones. I like the simple colored ones…yellow and pink.

  19. tara r says:

    i don’t currently use cloth diapers as i don’t have any babies in diapers, but i do have one on the way and plan on cloth diapering. i am in the process of stockin up so am ready when she arrives! i would choose pink or any other girl colors/prints!

  20. I am currently researching to get my LO in cloth diapers, so I would keep them! Charlie Banana i would get the under constructions- and the softbums I would get any of the Omni colors.

  21. i am expecting in september and will be cloth diapering then. I would choose and unisex colors for baby.

  22. Kayla P says:

    I like the green colors for both! I would use these for my daughter.

  23. nikki c says:

    I do cloth diaper and I would choose the cutie charlie banana diaper and the sprout soft bums diaper.

  24. Jocelyn says:

    I have been cloth diapering for 5 years now and currently have 3 kids in cloth including a special needs kid who with probably be in cloth for many more years.

    I would pick Red Petit Coeur on hot pink and the adorable panda one!

  25. Jennifer Bell says:

    Oh yes I cloth diaper! I would pick the red CB and brown SB

  26. T Lumpkin says:

    yes, cloth diaper my twelve week old for two months….had to wait till he fit into our diapers. I love blue so any shade of blue! and would keep for myself and my ds

  27. i didn’t but I want to with #2. i would say green and white

  28. I would use these diapers for my daughter. We are just starting to cloth diaper and I’d probably go with gender neutral colors so we can continue to use them for the next baby!

  29. Rachel says:

    I’m not cloth diapering yet, but I plan to! I’d get green or something else gender neutral from charlie banana (site is currently being blocked by Chrome) and a cowies softbums diaper!

  30. Anna B says:

    We have been cloth-diapering our 4 month old son since he was born. Love the green color for both – gender neutral in case the next one is a girl! We would love to use these ourselves.

  31. Rebecca E says:

    We do cloth diaper! ๐Ÿ™‚ and we would get green ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Allison Powell says:

    I do cloth diaper already. I won these I’d choose the greens and give them to my Brother and his wife for their soon-to-be new baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Ellen L says:

    Looking to make the change to CD! Would love the Bubblegum and Lavender Colors.

  34. Maegan S. says:

    Im cloth diapering my 6 week old. Id choose the pink and we would keep them to use ourselves. My little girl doesnt have too many cloth diapers yet so it would be nice not to have to wash everyday!

  35. I love the pink and the green. Yes we use cloth diapers. I would give them to my daughter in law.
    I am really excited about this giveaway!

  36. Ginger M. says:

    I cloth diaper right now, and would love a blue diaper for my little man. I would also consider passing it along to a friend if they were interested in CDing

  37. Amanda c says:

    I havent started cloth diapering. Mostly because of start up cost. Would love this for us to get started. We love pink around here ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Vicki R says:

    We do CD! Would love some yellows & blues to go w my little girl’s outfits

  39. Emily Myers says:

    I am expecting, due June 25th, so I don’t cloth diaper yet. We are planning to cloth diaper when our son arrives, so I would pick different shades of blue and green and boyish patterns. I would keep for my son.

  40. Jess P says:

    I cloth diaper and I would chose green or blue! Gender neutral in case I have a girl in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. diana s says:

    Yes! We would use them in our stash !! I like the SB Echo – Black Tie Safari and the CB OS Robot Boy !!

  42. Raquel Beaty says:

    I use cloth diapers and I love them! I would choose a Midnight Owls Softbums and a Under Construction Charlie Banana!

  43. Elizabeth Wisniewski says:

    I do cloth diaper, and I’d pick red for the CB, and the panda bum, or chocolate for the soft bums.

  44. Mollie says:

    I do cloth diaper and would get yellow. I would either use them myself or give them to my mom’s neighbor who I am trying to convert to cloth diapering!

  45. Charlotte R says:

    I am planning to cloth diaper, but got a few more months before my first gets here. I love dark blue and brown, so would choose that or something similar.

  46. I would use them for my boy, I would iEcho โ€“ Black Tie Safari and the CB OS Robot Boy.

  47. Maggie Wielinski says:

    I do not cloth diaper yet, but my son should be here any day now. I would keep them for myself. I like the green diapers from each. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Samantha Lippard says:

    I cloth diaper my son and if I win I will pick green for both diapers ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Nicki K says:

    I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first, so not cloth diapering just yet, but working on building my stash. I would not give the diapers away to anybody, I need as many as I can get! I am quickly getting addicted to them, and not even halfway through my pregnancy!

  50. I cloth diaper my daughter and if I won I would pick pink and purple and would use them myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Lauren Dias says:

    I do not currently cloth diaper but plan to when my baby is born in October.

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