Kindle Fire and Nook HD Giveaway for Two Winners – ends 6/16

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E-readers are the hit item these days, everyone has one, or everyone wants one! There are several options out there, but I think the two best ones are the Kindle Fire and the Nook. Read below for some great news!

KiteReaders has generously offered My Four Littles, Everything Mommyhood and some other fabulous bloggers the chance to win not only a Kindle Fire but a Nook HD! That’s right, TWO lucky readers will be winners! Make sure to check out more about KiteReaders below!

About Our Sponsor

At KiteReaders, we strive to promote literacy around the world and make reading an activity that children will love through our beautiful eBooks. Our 100+ titles written by award winning authors and illustrators include engaging stories, vivid pictures, and interactive activities and questions that encourage children to delve deeper into the stories they are reading. Our books are available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Sony. You can learn more by visiting KiteReaders.

You will also receive a FREE ebook available for instant download when you sign up below!

Use the Giveaway Tool form below for a chance to win!

Free eBook

Giveaway Terms

TWO lucky readers will win!

The first winner will receive the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire

The second winner will receive the Nook HD.

Nook HD

This giveaway is open to the United States ONLY.

This giveaway will begin May 26th at 12:00am EST and end June 16th 11:59pm EST.

All winning entries will be verified before a winner is selected.

Disclosure: This giveaway is not associated with, affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or connected to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platform in any way. Social media outlets are in no way responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment. The sponsor alone is responsible for fulfilling the aforementioned prize. This blog did not receive compensation for posting this giveaway. Your information will not be shared with anyone without your explicit consent. This giveaway event is hosted by Amanda from My Four Littles and Four Littles Media. You can contact Amanda at with any questions, concerns, or to see your company featured on a Four Littles Media event.



  1. It would be for our family. We don’t have a reader but would like to try one out, especially since our library is expanding their lending to ebooks and they have a lot of childrens titles!

  2. This would be for my kids mostly. We do have 1 Kindle that my oldest daughter got for a birthday gift. All 3 of my kids love it. It would be nice to have another, as the other 2 are getting older and reading more now.

  3. Marsha C says:

    This would be for my 13-year old daughter. She had a Pandigital reader but her baby brother dropped it and the glass shattered. 🙁

  4. It would mostly be for me, but I would share with my kids 🙂

  5. Carla D. says:

    It would be for my oldest daughter. 🙂

  6. Emma Rina says:

    I have a tablet but I would like to have a Kindle or Nook because they’re faster and better!

  7. Jill Jacoby says:

    This would be for me. I do not have a tablet but would really love to have one.

  8. I have a tablet now. I would love to give this to my husband

  9. Jessie H says:

    This would be for me. I don’t own a tablet or reader.

  10. trisha kilpatrick says:

    If I won, I would keep it. I do not own a tablet now. My mother owns one, and my little ones love to use it.

  11. Crystal Young says:

    I would be using it most of the time but my Mom would be using it some.

  12. Tammy Clark says:

    This would be for my fourteen year old daughter and myself to share. We don’t have an ereader or a PC. We both share my phone to read ebooks. We’d love to own a reader.

  13. Denise P. says:

    This would be for my mom, who has just finished cancer treatment. I don’t own a tablet yet.

  14. Judith Smith says:

    This would be for my grandson. He spends a lot of time with us and I would prefer this to watching TV.

  15. This would be for me as I don’t have one.

  16. Emily Difino says:

    If we won, we would use the e-reader for our kids. I bought an e-reader for my mother for Mother’s Day this year and she loves it. Would love to have this for the little ones 🙂

  17. Crystal Walker says:


  18. Regina Gilchrist says:

    This would be for me. I do not already own one but really want too.

  19. irma5353 says:


  20. Crystal Gothe says:

    I don’t have a tablet but would love one to read some of my favorite books while sitting at the doctors office Ihave numerous trips there between my youngest son and myself…

  21. Elise G says:

    This would be for myself.

  22. Jessica says:

    This would be for the whole family, but our 15yr. old and 11yr. old would probably use it the most. I own an original Kindle and our daughter owns a Nook, but we’d love to upgrade. The Nook isn’t what we expected when we bought it for her for Christmas. She’d like to play games on it as well as read books, but it doesn’t seem like she can put games on it.

  23. Marcia G says:

    Thank you for the Kindle/Nook HD giveaway. I have a Kindle fire, but my 35 year old daughter has said that everyone in her family, including her 4 year old daughter has some gadget for reading except her. I would love to surprise her with either the Nook or Kindle.

  24. darlene carbajal says:

    yes I own a tablet, but if I win, this would be for my Uncle. 🙂

  25. barry fliegelman says:

    I did everything to win it very nice

  26. Catrinia Chapman says:

    If I win it will be for my personal use. My daughter has a tablet, but I do not.

  27. June S. says:

    I would keep this for myself because I do not own one yet.

  28. Malea Cooper says:

    have an IPad Mini that I won on another site–I was glad to get it, because my Kindle Fire had died. But I would love for my daughter to have her own to encourage her reading.

  29. Hannah @Supermommy!...Or Not says:

    It would be for my mostly and for my kids when we take our 12 hour roundtrip visits several times a year to visit family.

  30. It would be for me and my husband. We have a tablet that I got him for Christmas a couple years ago, it would be great to have another so we can each have our own.

  31. Jane Ritz says:

    This would be for my 78 year old aunt. She want a reader very bad. I’d love to be able to win one for her. She’s been like a second Mother to me since my Mom died. Thanks so very much for this chance.

  32. Jane Ritz says:

    I have a Kindle . I forgot to leave it in the above comment. THANKS!!!

  33. laurel reynolds says:

    I would LOVE to win this! I do have a tablet but it really is mostly my husbands… 😛

  34. Lena N. says:

    I’d love to win this for my husband!!!! We do not own a tablet, yet 😉

  35. Ashley G says:

    I would give this to my daughter as soon as she is old enough. We do not have another tablet right now, it would be a great addition!

  36. This would be for my kids, and yes I currently own a Kindle Fire

  37. sarah banes says:

    If I won I would give this to my son…he has been asking for these things

  38. Kristy Franks says:

    This would be for my family I would use this and also my two boys they are 12 and 8 we had a kindle but it got took from us but things happen for a reason we really loved it we enjoy reading books together as a family and learning as a family the games are a great way for the boys to learn too and they teach me things on it and that is fun to watch them get excited to show me something they learned or the little one to read to me and his brother thank you so much for this chance

  39. Amanda W. says:

    This would be for my husband, he told me he wanted one!

  40. Jennifer Duhon says:

    This would be for me, because I do not have one yet! 🙂

  41. gail ward says:


  42. Amber Dyer says:

    if i won i would share with my family.

  43. barry fliegelman says:


  44. Kim Reid says:

    This would be for daughter – she would love to have an ereader, thanks!

  45. lisa lo says:

    For me :o) My son has his own Kindle.

  46. If I won, I would keep it to read to my daughter. We have a Nook.

  47. Tammy Shanks says:

    I would give the nook to my daughter

  48. Hilary O says:

    I don’t own a tablet…when my gramma isn’t looking, I borrow her iPad. The Nook/Kindle would be great for my new internship, which requires me to be connected practically 24/7!

  49. margaret peg m says:

    i do not own a tablet or smartphone, but it would help tremendously with schooling. thank you much.

  50. This would be for me. I don’t own a tablet.

  51. Susan Fishel says:

    It would be for me and to use with my grandson who has Autism.

  52. Serena Adkins says:

    If I won this prize would be for myself.

  53. Lily S. says:

    I own a basic Kindle, so if I won one of these I would give it to my husband!

  54. Jillian Leigh DeMarco says:

    i’d probably give it to my hubby!

  55. Pammy Lowman says:

    Either prize us awesome! The whole family could enjoy. I love to read, hubby loves to read too! Now our 8 yr old daughter getting into reading 🙂 But so far our 8 month old chews books.

  56. Domanique Armstead says:

    It would be for my daughter. No I dont own one.

  57. it would be for me!

  58. Mrs Deborah Kay Reed says:

    it would be for myself don’t have one

  59. mackenzie h says:

    It would be for me, i do not own a tablet

  60. Anna Swan says:

    We don’t have a tablet now….but this is what I’ve asked my husband for for an anniversary gift…for me!

  61. This would actually be for me! i don’t have a tablet and have been wanting one for a while now!

  62. Sheryl Pescor says:

    I do not have a tablet so I would use it the majority of the time.

  63. Shari lynn says:

    This would be for my daughter w aspergers as my son w autism has a ipad already

  64. It would be for my kids. I have a ipad.

  65. Sandy McFadden says:

    It Would be for me and my fiance if I won.

  66. Holli S. says:

    Well, I would say this will be mainly for me since my son & hubby have all kinds of gadgets. But, honestly, my son would end up using it as much as I do. 🙂

  67. Dawn AanderudCosby says:

    Definitely for the whole family. Everyone here LOVES to read and this would be a nice way to bring along a variety of books for all the kids. No, right now we don’t own one, so there are a ahem…few books brought along where ever we go.

  68. Krystal says:

    If I won it would be for my husband and my son 🙂 I already have one and they both steal mine all the time on me! I’m ready for them to have their own, lol. I love my NOOK!

  69. william saylor says:

    I would keep ot for myself my daughter already has one.

  70. Cherilyn Lee says:

    We own 2 Kindles. We’d keep a new one for the kids.

  71. Sarah Brooks says:

    I would love to get a kindle just for my kids.

  72. Vanessa Montoya says:

    I would love to win this for myself, but I know I will probably be using it to read to my little ones!

  73. Teresa Chapman says:

    I would give 1 to my husband, and I to my boys to share.

  74. leon hunt says:

    It would be for my she doesn`t have one

  75. Clare Gilmore says:

    It would be for my daughter, so I could get back my ipad.

  76. This would be for my 13 year old son…
    He wanted one for his b-day but I couldn’t afford that much…
    He loves that they come w/ classics loaded already!

  77. Ruth chu says:

    my husband and children who need something to help with speech

  78. Carmela Jones says:

    I would love to win this for my god child to assist him in his learning. Thanks.

  79. Tiffany darling says:

    It would be for my husband and I to share.

  80. melissa teears says:

    If I won it would be for me but, I would share it with my son. He is going into kindergarten. Many educational app and e-books available for him. We do not own a tablet.

  81. Brooke Bumgardner says:

    If I won, this would be for my daughter’s birthday. She has been wanting one!

  82. Krista Hachey says:

    If I won, it would be for me and my son. He absolutely loves for me to read to him! Most of the time he would much rather have me read him a book than play with any of his toys, so this would give me the opportunity to provide a lot more variety! We don’t have a tablet now, so this would be fantastic! 🙂

  83. Adrienne Sydnor says:

    my son with autism tablet broke and this would help a lot

  84. Katrina M says:

    This would be for me. I love to read but hate the clutter of books.

  85. Amy Hart says:

    I would give this to my mom!

  86. Angela Cash says:

    If I won I would keep this for myself. I have been wanting an e-reader for a long time!

  87. Miricle says:

    This would be for me. I don’t own a tablet but I really, really want one

  88. kayla martinez says:

    If i won this would be for my family. My kids would benefit greatly using one of these. It would help my 5 yr old read really well. Plus i could take it on trips & watch movies.

  89. Shakeeta W says:

    If I won, this would be for my daughter so she can use all the different educational apps 🙂

  90. Denise Taylor-Dennis says:

    I have the iPad 1 I would like to have this for myself.

  91. It would be for my Dad for Father’s Day

  92. Toni Porter says:

    It’d go to my mom. I have a desktop that covers most of my needs, but my mom has no computer at all.

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