Combi High Chair Review and Giveaway – ends 7/12

Welcome to the brand new, Combi High Chair Giveaway!

Wed, Feb 13, 2013 1:39:46 PM

Sponsored by: Combi USA
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Combi USA provides juvenile products for nearly every setting of a child’s life. They have strollers, high chairs, car seats, bouncers, walkers, and more!

When I received this high chair I was so excited to get it put together. It was SO easy, which is a plus. It took maybe 10 minutes to get everything put together. My 19 month old loves it.


The Combi High Chair is a brand new item from Combi and has a lot of great features!

  • Five-position height adjustment
  • Three-position seat recline
  • Five-point harness with shoulder pads
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable tray insert
  • Compact fold

I love the height adjustment on this as my 19 month old is obsessed with climbing right now, so I can lower it, all the way to the floor and I don’t have to worry about her climbing and falling. It’s so easy to adjust the height too, no effort. This is great if you have a table of a different height or even if you want to sit on the floor to feed baby.


This seat reclines too, which is wonderful when you’re just starting to feed your little one!


I love the shoulder pads so the straps don’t dig into my baby’s neck. It seems very comfortable for her.

The tray slides on easily with an under tray button, I love the tray insert too, easy to clean and it’s easy to put in the dishwasher, which is a plus in my book.

Folding this high chair for storage or to take with you when you leave home is easy too. LOVE that it’s compact!


The Combi High Chair isn’t available for sale at Amazon until July 14th, but you can pre-order now at Amazon for $179.99! You can purchase this high chair at Walmart!

One lucky winner will receive a Combi High Chair in the color of their choice!
US Residents 18 and up only
All winning entries will be verified
Giveaway ends 7/12/2013 at 11:59pm CST.




  1. Danielle Lindquist says:

    I really like the Kobuk Air-Thru for when my 11 month old gets older and grows out of his comfortable seat. I like it because the seat cover is vented allowing air to flow so they don’t get all sweaty and it has a head support system.

  2. Karey Smith says:

    I like the chop-stick training set. I like this because it’s a really smart idea and I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

  3. Joanna R. says:

    I like the feeding products, like the baby mug, because they are attractive and BPA-free!

  4. Lena N. says:

    I like the Catalyst stroller because of its 3-in-1 modular design for customized travel as a travel system, bassinet stroller* or toddler stroller

  5. I would love to try the Coccoro car seat. The colors are so fun and cute. And the seat looks so comfortable and safe for the little one!

  6. I love the Combi Pod Bouncer. It’s cute as a button, but it has a lot of features that make it perfect for keeping baby comfortable and busy. Built-in MP3–how cool is that?!

  7. Liz Bushen says:

    I would love the Combi Coccoro carseat in Keylime, because I love the unique look and color and this I’m sure would be daddies mustang approved!

  8. Tiffany R says:

    I like the Catalyst stroller. i love that it has a larger basket on the bottom….Good for those shopping trips to the mall!

  9. Tracy adler says:

    I love the all in one activity walker because it has height adjustments on it. How neat is that? It grows with the bubby!

  10. I like the Rock N Roll Walker because it looks like it would be so much fun for my baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Jessica Lodge says:

    I like the twin savvy because it’s more compact than other double strollers.

  12. Valerie Carpenter says:

    I like that this highchair is easy to put together, clean, and store. Also, the height adjustments make it easier to feed baby where ever you happen to be. Sounds like Combi has a winner with this highchair.

  13. If I saw this high chair in a store, I’d probably walk right by because it looks so unusual. But after reading your review, I’d definitely consider it. Thanks.

  14. I would like a highchair really since my lil’ guy is just starting solids and the reclining chair would be perfect! But…..that Rock and Roll Walker is too, too cute and I know he would love that too! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Jacinda says:

    Baby #4 is on her way! Our youngest is 9 and our oldest is 13!!! We’re starting over from scratch! I love the high chair because it folds up and can be put out of the way seeming how we already don’t have enough room in our house. Let alone when baby #4 arrives.

  16. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    Everything about this chair is so easy. Definitely what a busy mommy needs!

  17. Colleen O says:

    The Catalyst stroller with its 3 in 1 design is wonderful – it looks as though it is a stroller that truly grows with the baby – great for me – (Grammie) since little ones come in all different ages and sizes!

  18. Colleen O says:

    Love that this Highchair reclines for new feeders and folds flat to put out of the way when not in use – our house is overcrowded already! lol

  19. Marietta H says:

    I love the adjustable heights on the Combi High hair

  20. Stephanie L. says:

    I would really love the Combi Catylist because I’ve never had a high-quality stroller like that one that will grow with our family.

  21. This is a beautiful high chair! I hope that I am lucky and get one of my own! Great review on this product!

  22. I love the Catalyst because it is really all you would ever need as baby grows! It is so nice to see such a great chic convertible stroller!

  23. Kristin Welch says:

    Love the way the highchair looks! Love that it reclines and that it folds up, because we don’t have a lot of extra space!

  24. Dani Osenbaugh says:

    I’d love this chair! With my kids only being 18 months apart, I’ll need 2 highchairs & this one looks so much better than the Graco one I have!

  25. Crystal Rose says:

    I like the Chopsticks Training Set.

  26. Shawndra Befort says:

    I really like that it has a five-position height adjustment and a three-position seat recline. The high chair looks nice and works well.

  27. Yolanda Kay Robinson says:

    I am in love with the Combi High Chair . It’s really well made and have such wonderful features. This is much needed.

  28. Rebecca Peters says:

    Pretty! Looks pretty modern too. Need a high chair as we are always eating dinner at the grandparents house and its hard trying to hold her and eat too! Especially when she tries grabbing all the dishware and knocking over glasses….

  29. jessica z says:

    The highchair because it looks easy to clean and like it is good quality

  30. Diana Ward says:

    That thing is amazing! Mother’s these days are so lucky to have all these cool tools! But us Grammas can use them too, I’d love to win one.

  31. Gina Demaree McKee says:

    I love the 3-in-1 Rock N Roll walker. It looks like it would keep little ones entertained for a long while! I also love that it’s not just a walker, it has different functions, like being stationary.

  32. Gina Demaree McKee says:

    This highchair looks like something I need! We currently don’t have one, and I am worried about my three-year old climbing onto the highchairs and tipping them! I really like that this one is so easily adjusted and will fold all the way to the floor when I’m not using it.

  33. laurie nykaza says:

    the Combi High Chair is really nice would love to get it for my niece who is expecting great chair

  34. KELLY MILLS says:

    I really like the look of this seat. We have a chair already and it looks so old fashioned compared to this awesome modern style.

  35. KELLY MILLS says:

    I like the corocco car seat because it is light and compact. I have a little peanut girl and a small car, and I am small so her carseat would need to accomodate that

  36. Nikki Elkins says:

    blue all in one activity walker

  37. Jessie H says:

    The height adjustment looks like a fantastic feature!

  38. Cassandra Kelton says:

    The height adjustment feature is awesome and I love any high chair that folds flat since my house is tiny and I need things out of the way when not in use!

  39. Jan Lee says:

    I like that this chair is so “flexible” lol… like when you said you can lower it so the child can climb into it from the floor and that you can sit on the floor and feed the child. I also like that it has the five point harness system for safety ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the review!

  40. Jennifer Kreisler says:

    How nice not to have animals and rainbow colors on the hugh chair in a dining room! Whew!

  41. Baby Mug – Step 1 and Training Mug – Step 2 because both help with drinking development with both coming into play at different stages.

  42. Ruth chu says:

    Catalystยฎ because it can convert into a bassinet

  43. Missy Marie says:

    Combi is top of the line! Loved them when my kids were little. My sister is expecting,would love to gift this to her:)

  44. Angela Rhodes says:

    I love that this is adjustable and made with such attention to detail. This looks to be a wonderful quality chair.

  45. katie ab says:

    This seems like a great sturdy high chair. I’d love it for my son.

  46. Marissa M says:

    I love the All-in-One Activity Walker because it comes in such cute colors and has so many fun features ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I absolutely love this high chair! I am currently pregnant so it would be great to have my son be able to get in his chair himself!

  48. I love the combi highchair … because it folds to take up less space when not in use!

  49. I like that the seat folds back to different positions

  50. What a great high chair. I love not only how it looks, but how it also grows with the child. We have never been disappointed with Combi products.

  51. Karen B. says:

    I love this high chair. I like that it has so many adjustment available for height and recline position. This would be fantastic for the different ages of foster children I care for.

  52. I love this high chair, of course, and I also love the Combi pod bouncer. I love the colors and that there is a two position seat recline.

  53. Thank you for this review. I love that there are so many options with this high chair. I love the height adjustments, the fact that it folds down to be so compact, and that it looks easy to clean.

  54. Christy Colln says:

    I love the activity walker because of the height adjustments as well. I bet they work awesome!

  55. claudia alvarez says:

    I like the coccoro car seat. I love how comfy it looks and that it can accommodate older children forward facing.

  56. I would like the Cocorro car seat because I need a convertible.

  57. Haley Bradley says:

    I really like the pod bouncer. The main reason is the 2 different reclines. That way the baby can be comfortable.

  58. Ashley Blanchard says:

    I love that this folds up compact! I’ve been looking for a nice high chair that doesn’t take up as much storage space!

  59. Robert Shank says:

    My two year old niece is obsessed with climbing right now and the it has so many adjustment features to help prevent this.

  60. Funkyfauna says:

    What a great highchair. Love that it folds for easy storage or travel.

  61. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I love how compact this is.

  62. Marcia Goss says:

    I really like this high chair. I love the way it folds up when you’re not using it. I will be looking for one in about 6 months for my new grandson.

  63. Victoria C says:

    We need a high chair and would love to have this one! I like how it can fold and the height adjustment

  64. courtney b says:

    I love the lime color, it looks very functional- and it looks like it would last a long time

  65. Karine Traverse says:

    The Catalyst looks so nice. I love strollers than grow with your baby and have multiple different seats and positions

  66. md kennedy says:

    What a beautiful high chair! I love that it looks more like a piece of furniture than a “classic” high chair – it won’t stand out so much like a sore thumb in my dining room.

  67. Destanie Mazurek says:

    Love the highchair and it would be great in our smaller dining room!

  68. courtney b says:

    I love this car seat because it looks safe and plushy and my daughter needs a new front car seat…

  69. Sue Shelley says:

    I love the 3 in one stroller. Who wouldn’t as it is three items in one!!

  70. cheryl lister says:

    I like their cups. Good design and I like that they are BPA-free. Also like the chopsticks training set cuz it’s just so cute!

  71. cheryl lister says:

    This seems like a great chair. Love that it was so quick and easy to assemble! Also like the adjustable height and the fact that it folds for easy storage.

  72. Sherrie C. says:

    This is such a nice high chair! I love that it compact folds so it can be put away and the five-position height adjustment is a major plus. I’ve never even heard of a high chair with any recline much less a three-position seat recline.

  73. Jessica Lodge says:

    I Iove that it is compact too. Living in NYC space is limited to say the least!

  74. Samantha says:

    Thanks for the great review on the high chair. Love that it reclines and folds up!

  75. Shannon Lucas says:

    I would love to have the Combi Coccoro car seat-we are not crazy about the car seat we have, particularly due to the size and bulkiness of it. I like how the Coccoro is designed to fit in smaller cars!

  76. Amanda E. says:

    I love that the tray is removable and dish washer safe. Anything to make my life a little easier!

  77. Angela Crimmins says:

    I love that the Combi high chair folds up and that it can grow with a child.

  78. Carol St. Lawrence says:

    I never thought about lowering it to the floor when they start climbing. That’s a good idea. I really like this chair.

  79. This is a really nice looking chair. I’d love to win it to use at my MIL’s house because the one she has at her house My poor baby is practically lying down and there’s no way to fix the seat so she can sit up other than propping a towel behind her. I love high chairs that can adjust in height and this one looks like it’s very adjustable. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  80. Chelsea d says:

    I like the the catalyst stroller because its all in one its the only thing you would need.

  81. alexandra c. says:

    I love the chopsticks training set because I eat a lot of sushi and my son is starting to show interest! =)

  82. Amy Otrosinka says:

    I like the Kobuk Air-Thru car seat. I like that it has a cup holder and that it can support up to 125 lbs

  83. Carrie Davis says:

    Combi Catalyst!!! Holy cow that thing does everything!! I could totally use that in my daily life, I especially love how it converts to a bassinet for babies and then an actual stroller as they get older!

  84. Carrie Davis says:

    Great Review!! I love how the tabletop is able to go in the dishwasher… The one I have now for my son isn’t able to do that so that would be awesome to have! ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Lilia Kharabora says:

    This looks like a great product. I really need a high chair so Im really hoping! Love that it reclines. Cool.

  86. Michelle Lee says:

    I’d love the Cocorro car seat because it would fit so well in my compact car.

  87. Carissa Joslyn says:

    I really like the Catalyst Stroller! Mostly because it looks really expensive (well, actually it is) I am a single mom with no income ATM so i’d love to own something that wasn’t pre loved before us! Not that I mind my pre loved stuff!

  88. Carissa Joslyn says:

    I really like all your reviews. you are very in depth and truthful. I also like all the pictures that describe each thing as well! This high chair looks like it’d be a great high chair and the look looks great for a kitchen. My current high chair is a pre loved Fisher Price Rain forest one, its SO bright that it doesn’t really go well with anything. so it stays in the closet when not in use!

  89. Christina Strapp says:

    I like the Catalyst because you can position which ever way works for you and baby.

  90. I like the chair…especially b/c of it being possible to change positions

  91. Ross Olson says:

    I would like the Catalyst Stroller because it looks stylish and has a nice, large basket. The basket is important for my diaper bag and for shopping bags.

  92. sarah bowe says:

    The Pod Bouncer….I like that you can use an MP3 input to put music with the vibrations.

  93. Sherry S. says:

    Pod Bouncer would be really handy when your cleaning. The vibrations sound pretty relaxing.

  94. Terrie Swanson says:

    I like the Combi Rock and Roll Walker and would love to have to use in my family home daycare. I love that it adjusts to three different products and that it has a horn and a traffic signal along with buttons for the kid’s curiousity.

  95. Terrie Swanson says:

    This high chair has more features than I have ever experienced. I would love to be able to try this with my children. The different height positions would be perfect for the different aged children.

  96. megan d. says:

    Great review. Looks like the high chair would be a good buy.

  97. Christina Strapp says:

    I like this high chair and I like how it can fold flat.

  98. Michael Lambert says:

    I like the Catalyst because we need another stroller and I like all the different seat options.

  99. Michael Lambert says:

    This looks like a great high chair and easy to clean and fold.

  100. Rhonda Martin says:

    I really love the Combi All-In-One classic car-themed entertainment center & walker. I think they are such a cute style walker. Who wouldn’t like a walker that looked like a car ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. Rhonda Martin says:

    I really like two of the features this Combi High Chair offers. One is the Five-position height adjustment and the other is the Three-position seat recline because with these options I can remove the tray and use it at the actual table which is important because I like us to all sit comfortably around the table to eat together, including the baby.

  102. Addison Kat says:

    I like the Combi Coccoro because it’s compact to fit in smaller vehicles

  103. Melissa R says:

    This highchair looks amazing! I love how easy to clean it is… Very useful for a messy toddler ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Bethanie H says:

    This high chair seems like it would be perfect for us! I may have to talk DH into buying one even if we don’t win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. Diana Cote says:

    This highchair sounds like it would be perfect for our home. our daughter is such a messy eater! i love all of the features, thanks for the review.

  106. K. Finn says:

    This chair sounds great! Love the height adjustment, that you can adjust the angle of the back, and the fact that it can be put together in 10 minutes.

  107. Maria Lord says:

    I would love to get the combi high chair for our little one who is on the way!!

  108. Maria Lord says:

    I love their bouncer!! It’s so cute and stylish. I love how it’s cute, safe, and entertaining all at once ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. Richard Hicks says:

    Nice review. Like how easy it is to adjust. Nicely engineered!

  110. Laura Redmond says:

    I really like all of the features on the highchair.

  111. joanne gentry says:

    I love the height adjustments the most , my granddaughter is a climber too so this would work so well for her. This is a beautiful high chair and Combi has such good products. Thanks!

  112. kathy pease says:

    This is an awesome high chair and would make a wonderful gift for someone special..I wish I had had one of these when my kids were little it would have lasted through all of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. alena svetelska says:

    i really like all the great futures on this highchair,need one for my daughter.

  114. Hannah Bannister says:

    I love the combi cosmo stroller. It can fit infants or big kids and says it folds up quick with a carrying strap which sounds so easy to use and carry around!

  115. Megan Fisher says:

    Thanks SO much for the great review! I love how you put the pictures there to show us how to adjust it! That was very helpful. Also, I agree with you about loving the height adjustment feature! My 19 month old (same age as yours!) is also into climbing right now! He’s VERY brave!! The fact that you can lower it all the way to the floor makes me really really want this! The simplicity yet functionality of this highchair is what I find intriguing about it! I would love to own one! Thanks again for the informative review!

  116. Lindsay hamilton says:

    I think the extreme range of height adjustment is awesome!

  117. Rachel Carroll says:

    I love all the different features of this high chair

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