Georgie Porgie Rainbow Portions Plate Review & Giveaway ends 7/9

This is a great review and giveaway from my blog assistant, Heather at Fun With Four!

Georgie Porgie ReviewGeorgie Porgie offers children’s products which allow your child to take an active role in meal time. You’ll love how Georgie Porgie products can help make meal time much more of an enjoyable experience for your youngsters!

Georgie Porgie 2Upon receiving Georgie Porgie’s Rainbow Portion Plate and Eat A Rainbow Placemat, which is apart of their Nutrition Collection, Amaya could not wait for dinner time. I love that she was so eager to help set up her spot at the dinner table all by herself like a big girl.

I explained to Amaya how the Georgie Porgie placemat and plate worked . I explained to her that on her plate it shows what kinds of foods go where. She was excited to begin filling her plate up with the correct amount of foods in the correct spots. Since the nutrition line incorporates up to date dietary guidelines, I know she is having fun choosing healthy foods and healthy portions. It really makes getting her to eat a balanced diet a breeze. It even serves as a wonderful reminder to my other children, and myself, what our portions should really look like.

GP3I love how colorful the placemat and plate are. They are enough to make anyone cheery! Plus the vintage design is so classic; it never goes out of style. I love how they’ve incorporated the reminders of eating a rainbow a day and correct portions in a way that isn’t offensive or invasive to young children. Georgie Porgie’s Nutrition Collection has surely helped my child make better food choices and I know it will help yours too!

Fun Fact: When you buy a Rainbow Portion Plate, Georgie Porgie will donate 3% of the purchase price to Action for Healthy Kids!

One lucky reader will win a Georgie Porgie Rainbow Portions Plate!
Must be 18+ to enter. Open to US only.
Giveaway ends 7/9/13 at 11:59pm CST.




  1. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    My kids eat very healthy! Their favorite snacks are Ant’s on a log. Celery with peanut butter and raisins. yummy

  2. Sherry Compton says:

    My grand kids eat very healthy. They love yogurt and fruit. Cheese sticks are another thing they snack on.

  3. Dorothy Teel says:

    My grandchildren do okay one set eat very healthy they have problems with gluten and other food allergies, the others set likes to eat and gets full on junk then does not want what was cooked.. Oh well at least they are all healthy and learning what to deat

  4. Debbie Welchert says:

    My grandson eats healthy. He loves any kind of fruit. He love apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes, black berries, etc…

  5. Linda Bradshaw says:

    My kids eat healthy from our garden. They love veggies and fruits. My mom says my kids are strange because they don’t like candy. She said she has never known any kids that would turn down candy and snacks for a nice salad!

  6. Heidi Daily says:

    For the most part my daughter eats healthy, she loves salad and just about all vegetables, and usually will choose vegetable over anything else, except at Granny’s house.

  7. cheryl lister says:

    my grand daughter loves to eat carrot sticks and spinach leaves

  8. We eat fairly healthy, although some of my kids don’t like beets or spinach (except on pizza, then it’s all right).

  9. Our son is a work in progress in the eating department:) His favorites right now are carrots and hummus, also cucumbers peeled and sliced:)

  10. he loves eating whatever we eat, really, so the challenge is to make sure we have plenty of fresh fruits & veggies around and are always making yummy healthy snacks for ourselves & to share! 🙂 my son loves peaches & grapes.

  11. Catherine Ly says:

    My son eats broccoli, loves all fruit

  12. Marissa M says:

    Yes they love eating fresh fruit!!

  13. Delci K. says:

    My son eats somewhat healthy. His favorite snack is apples!

  14. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    My kids love fruit. Also raisins are a go to snack!

  15. My niece loves broccoli and melon (not together though)

  16. claudia alvarez says:

    My daughter eats very healthy, very old fashion. She loves brown rice, raw broccoli, cucumbers, raw onions (yuck!), watermelon is a must everyday. She is not a big meat eater but loves all kind of beans.

  17. Maria Lord says:

    This is so cute for little toddlers

  18. charlene says:

    My son is very picky but my daughter loves vegetables her favorite food is broccoli

  19. laurie nykaza says:

    kids eat very healthy fruits and veggies is what they love the most with a little pasta

  20. Ruth chu says:

    i think do half and half they eat healthy during day but have dessert after dinner

  21. Paol Trenny says:

    my kids are healthy eaters and they love broccoli, carrots, beets, and soy products

  22. Jennifer Keeton says:

    My kids are really healthy eaters. They love crunching on broccoli and raw pecans.

  23. Brittany says:

    Would be so great to get my godson to eat great!

  24. Elise Stephens says:

    We are big fruit and veggie eaters, my son is perfectly happy with raw fruits and veggies for any meal

  25. Heather Manu says:

    My daughter loves fruits and veggies and her favorite is tomatoes

  26. shana vaughn says:

    My kids favorite snacks are peanut butter and celery!

  27. Ashley F says:

    My daughter eats quite healthy. She loves veggies and fish!

  28. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    My little one eats fairly healthy! She loves to eat fruit and a number of veggies! Her favorite food is blueberries! 🙂

  29. Victoria C says:

    My daughter is a pretty bad eater but she does really like fresh fruit and raisins

  30. joanne gentry says:

    My granddaughter loves yogurt,grapes, bananas, and pickles, just to name a few. She does try new things, so that is a plus. I think as new foods are introduced, she will like even more healthy foods.

  31. All 3 of my children (7y,3y,18m) LOVE eating fruits and they all like their own veggies, but corn on the cob is their favorite. They definitely like healthy food, but they also like to eat junk.

  32. jessica z says:

    bananas and yogurt melts

  33. Gayle S says:

    My grandchildren’s favorite snack is sliced apples with peanut butter on the side. They also seem to really like nibbling away on green pepper.

  34. terry maigi says:

    her favorite snack is apples with peanut butter!

  35. tiffany klimarchuk says:

    My daughter eats very healthy! Her favorite healthy foods are chicken, wheat toast, and banana’s!!! (not together of course!)

  36. Alyssa P says:

    We eat healthy…or at least attempt to! Our favorite healthy snacks include grapes and applesauce 🙂

  37. Teresa Thompson says:

    She loves broccoli, carrots and green beans.

  38. georgia beckman says:

    We have 14 grandchildren. Twelve of them are very, very good eaters. Two of them are picky, picky, picky. One likes meat, the other like fresh fruit & vegetables, lol. Hard to plan a meal around the 2 of them. The ones that are good eaters will eat absolutely anything. Nan Nan & Papa ALWAYS have to have strawberries on hand!

  39. Amber G says:

    Yes my little on LOVES Broccoli

  40. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    I like that the whole set comes together and you don’t have to buy seperately.

  41. elizabeth miller says:

    my daughter loves to walk around eating carrots and grape tomato’s..At dinner she loves eating black beans

  42. Jessamine D. says:

    My 2 year old does. She eats vegetables, fruits, fish, seafoods, probably everything. 🙂 My 4 year old is the picky one. 🙂

  43. Stephanie Brown Eversole says:

    All she likes to eat is fresh fruit! She wants to eat TOO much fruit… I have trouble getting her to eat anything else, lol.

  44. Amy Otrosinka says:

    My daughter loves apples, strawberries, and cucumbers

  45. my kids all eat so so. my grandson doesnt eat enough good food. He does like some fruit and veggies tho

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