Buddy Fruits for The Smurfs 2 Review and Giveaway – ends 8/5

buddysmurfsBuddy Fruits contacted me a few weeks ago so I could help promote their product and The Smurfs 2 that comes out in theaters on July 31st! I received a gift basket for review, in exchange for my honest opinion and promotion of the sweepstakes mentioned in this post!

Here’s my adorable gift basket I received packed full of awesome stuff:
buddyfruitbasketI received  Two 4 packs of Buddy Fruits, three single packs, Smurfette, stickers, and a money saving coupon! (Please note the giveaway basket may differ from mine)

My kids LOVE pureed fruits in these packets, I tend to usually make my own, but I love the convenience of having these to grab and go. My kids both loved all of the flavors.
BuddyCollageRecently, Buddy Fruits partnered with The Smurfs 2 Movie and have launched a sweepstakes on Facebook that all members of the family can participate in.  As part of the promotion, which runs from June 15th through September 2nd, consumers will have a chance to:

·      Win one of two family vacations for 4 to Paris

·      Smurf-ify themselves through a photo application on Facebook

·      Download wallpapers, coloring sets, and win product prizes

Click Buddy Fruits and The Smurfs 2 Sweepstakes to Enter!

Now for my giveaway!
One lucky US resident, 18 and up, will win a random Buddy Fruit/The Smurfs 2 Gift Basket!
All winning entries will be verified.
Giveaway ends 8/5/2013 at 11:59pm CST



  1. Elizabeth JoAnn Parker says:

    My oldest likes to eat them as a snack, especially on long car trips or when we are out and about. Our youngest loves them anytime. 🙂

  2. jennifer b. says:

    My son loves them anytime!

  3. Sherry Compton says:

    This summer my grandson loved them as a mid morning snack.

  4. Jenn McClearn says:

    my kids love to eat buddy fruits in the car, they are very convenient and healthy for on the go 🙂

  5. I think it makes a great after school snack because even if you are on the go to different activities, it is easy to pack

  6. Colleen O says:

    I have not yet tried but I bet it would be great frozen over nite and eaten as a slush the next day on a trip to the park or zoo! yummy, refreshing, and cooling during this heat!

  7. Sherry Compton says:

    My grand kids love fruit, and this is a great way to take fruit on the go. Plus, it’s less messy then having them eat strawberries and healthy.

  8. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    We’ve had them for breakfast, with lunch, on the go, but never frozen. Have to try that!

  9. Katie Fulford says:

    My kids love these! They usually eat them in the car in between meals. But my 17 month old loves them and requests them every hour!

  10. Sherry Compton says:

    My grand kids like them as a quick snack between meals.

  11. Jessica Lodge says:

    My son likes to eat them anytime. Their nice for taking to the park.

  12. nicole seekell says:

    My kiddos eat them as a snack!

  13. Jennifer Aldridge says:

    We like them as a frozen snack since it’s so hot here in AZ right now!

  14. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    Snack time!

  15. cheryl lister says:

    Haven’t tried these yet, but would enjoy as snacks when my grand daughter comes to visit.

  16. Amy Otrosinka says:

    We haven’t tried them but I think that they would be great as a snack anytime.

  17. Sherry Compton says:

    My grand kids love them at the zoo.

  18. cheryl lister says:

    Frozen Buddy Snacks would be good anytime this summer!

  19. Jamie Brigham says:

    We’ve never had them and didn’t even know they existed. Next time I am shopping I’ll be looking for some.

  20. Gina H. says:

    After school.

  21. Laura Cook says:

    They like them for an Afternoon Snack!

  22. Sherry Compton says:

    When school starts back, these will be great to send in their lunches.

  23. cheryl lister says:

    My grand daughter and i eat snacks whenever she is in the mood for one!

  24. While running errands.

  25. My kids usually eat them as a snack when we’re out running errands – I love that they are so portable!

  26. cheryl lister says:

    We eat snacks after playtime.

  27. Sherry Compton says:

    They enjoy them on the go.

  28. Sherry Compton says:

    My grand kids love their Buddy Fruits as a mid-morning snack.

  29. Angela Warren says:

    My son eats them as a snack and when we are on -the-go.

  30. cheryl lister says:

    Buddy Snacks are for after playtime when we need a bit more energy.

  31. nicole seekell says:

    After school!

  32. lisa gonzalez says:

    They’re perfect for car rides long or short.

  33. When we are at the store this is the snack my kids always get as we shop.

  34. Sherry Compton says:

    They can take them in the car with them.

  35. cheryl lister says:

    We’d have some frozen treats after playing in the pool for the afternoon.

  36. Jessica Lodge says:

    On the go, the way most snacks are eaten in my house.

  37. Shelby Cress says:

    These are great for long trips in the car or as a snack at the park because they are so convenient and mess free

  38. Stephanie O. says:

    In her lunch box. Easy to open!

  39. cheryl lister says:

    These would make a quick and convenient breakfast.

  40. Sherry Compton says:

    They eat them right out of the container. I hadn’t thought about frozen; will have to try.

  41. cheryl lister says:

    Buddy snacks are great for us to eat on the go, when it’s close to meal time but we aren’t quite done with all the errands.

  42. Sherry Compton says:

    Great for going to the park or zoo.

  43. cheryl lister says:

    We’d eat Buddy Snacks for a quick breakfast when time in the morning was short.

  44. nicole seekell says:

    We eat them in the car!

  45. These would be great for after school snacks.

  46. Sarah Hoffman says:

    My daughter eats these when we are on the go. They are great for snacks or to supplement a little at meal time (if we go someplace that doesn’t serve fruit). This helps her get a well balanced meal and not just live on junk!

  47. During snack time at home because their like fruit.

  48. Tiffany P says:

    Afternoon snack when we’re on the go since they’re simple to take and simple to open.

  49. Sherry Compton says:

    My grandkids love buddy fruits as a snack between breakfast and lunch.

  50. cheryl lister says:

    After a day at the park, we’d eat some Buddy Snacks for some continuing energy.

  51. Frozen Snacks after we get home in the evening.

  52. The best time to eat Buddy Snacks is on the go!

  53. Sherry Compton says:

    Sometimes we mix a couple flavors together.

  54. cheryl lister says:

    Great to have in my purse when we go out to dinner in case a little one gets hungry before the food arrives.

  55. In the car to keep everyone happy!

  56. Terrie Swanson says:

    Our favorite way to eat the Buddy Snacks is on car trips whether long distance or as a quick snack while out running errands. The kids become wrapped up in eating their snacks and forget about being tired and fussy. I have never tried to freeze them but I will definitely do that soon.

  57. Crystal Bess says:

    Late afternoon snack.

  58. My son eats his buddy fruits as a snack between meals and when we get Chick-fil-a he gets buddy fruits as his side instead of french fries, because its a healthier option. Also, the cap makes it to seal and put up for later.

  59. nicole seekell says:

    My kiddos eat them for breakfast!

  60. cheryl lister says:

    Eat Buddy Snacks while playing games.

  61. Emelyn Trevino says:

    Usually after school was when I had one

  62. Sherry Compton says:

    My grandson loves Buddy Fruits as a snack in between meals. Great flavors and delicious!

  63. jennifer dunkelmann-hon says:

    forzen and because it doesnt make a mess on the go,

  64. My son loves them as a snack when he’s playing an running around.

  65. Debbie Corbin says:

    after nap snack time

  66. Terrie Swanson says:

    We tried them frozen and loved them.

  67. Amanda B says:

    Love the idea of trying them frozen. We usually eat them for breakfast on the go.

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