Peepods Review and Giveaway – ends 7/19

peepodslogoPeepods was first started by a wonderful woman who wanted to serve her family with a healthy living lifestyle and that included no chemicals. Peepods was then created for menstrual cycles, they are functional yet beautiful. Peepods also has products for Incontinence, Post Partum, as well as for your menstrual cycle. Peepods is an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable products. Just wear and wash them!

I was always skeptical of using cloth, on myself and on my babies as it was out of the norm for me. I started using cloth diapers with my kids and I really enjoyed it knowing that I wasn’t disposing of so much trash that would just end in a landfill somewhere, so why not do it for myself too. That’s when I came across Peepods. These are very well made, great quality, absorbent, and they are beautiful. They are SOOO very comfortable too.

peepodslinerWhen I received these I wasn’t really sure how much they would absorb, how often I’d need to change them, etc. Let me tell you, these are crazy absorbent! I could probably wear them for 8 hours or so, I do change them more often than that, but I’m sure they’d last that long. The dark color of the pad is a great idea in case they do stain. I love the wings too, easy to use, they don’t come undone while wearing them. I would recommend these 110%. One of my new favorite products for sure.

Here’s something else about Peepods that is even more of a reason for you to purchase from them:

In an effort to live out our promise to help women everywhere dress with dignity, Peepods offers a pod for pod promise.  For every set of pods we sell we will donate a set to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital.  This Hospital is a place where women suffering from obstetric fistulas are finding dignity with a surgery to repair a life altering condition.   We encourage you to learn more about this great organization and watch the video “A Walk to Beautiful.”  You will quickly discover why Peepods is committed to helping these women on their walk to hope and healing.

Isn’t this company amazing?!?

The Deluxe Set includes three panty liners, two day pads, and two night pads as well as a Planet Wise wet/travel bag! It comes in 2 colors, either Espresso (as pictured) or Cranberry.


You can purchase any of these products by going here to Peepods. If you use coupon code MYPEEPODS you can get 10% off your order!

One lucky winner will receive a Deluxe Set of 7 period pads as shown above. This also includes a Planet Wise wet bag. This is valued at $78!
US Resident, 18 and up
All winning entries will be verified
Giveaway ends 7/19/2013 at 11:59pm CST




  1. anne conover says:

    I learned a lot from the FAQ page and the Testimonials. Mostly, about how to launder them which was a concern of mine. Seems like they are easy to take care of and they come with a nice waterproof bag for storage until you wash them.

  2. Natalie T says:

    I learned pea pods donates a set for every set bought to Hamlin Fistula Hospital. sounds like a great company.

  3. I learned how easy they are to take care of… that was one thing that worried me

  4. There are incontinence, post-partum and menstrual pads.

  5. nicole barr says:

    I like how easy they are to care and they are not just for your period

  6. Brittney Minor says:

    I learned that they have a pad set for postpartum and incontinence.

  7. I learned that they also have Incontinence Pads and Postpartum Pads.

  8. alena svetelska says:

    i have learned that Peepods will match our donation and pay the shipping

  9. Maria Lord says:

    I learned that they have a postpartum set! That is so cool and so what I need!

  10. Rebecca Peters says:

    I learned that they sent donations to ethiopion women and you can buy them a set yourself. I LOVE these. Sooo pretty! And Love it comes with a pouch. 🙂

  11. I learned about how and why the company’s founder started making the pads for incontinence, menstruation, and postpartum needs. I liked the story about her taking care of her grandmother in the “About” tab.

  12. Rhonda Martin says:

    Peepods will match your donation and pay the shipping for women in Ethiopia. You pay for one set they send to plus pay the shipping,

  13. JAmie Iriving says:

    These are so awesome.. I really hope I win.. Could really use them right now!! High five to the inventor!!

  14. Laurel Reynolds says:

    I love the post partum set! If I don’t win this I will have to make some! I love the sweatpea brand and how the donate to charity but cant afford to buy any right now.

  15. claudia alvarez says:

    I learn about their charity donation. It is such an amazing thing. Obstetric fistula is really a horrific thing. Being a healthcare provider I have seen it first hand. I am really happy to see a company caring about the less fortunate.

  16. Christa G says:

    Darci you are awesome for talking about these. I love that “mama cloth” is becoming more mainstream! I find these are easier to care for than my cloth diapers oddly enough. PeePods is a new company to my ears though. Tons of great cloth pad companies out there. I love that this one gives back!

  17. Would love 2 try this. My oldest daughter has started her cycle & I don’t feel comfortable letting her use tampons & she goes through so many pads cause she’s worried about them leaking. These would b great 4 her self-esteem. Teenage year’s can b tough. We just can’t afford them, being a family of six with no income cause my husband just lost his job. Due 2 medical discharge from the military.

  18. Hannah Bannister says:

    I learned that peapods has a postpartum set which is awesome! I would love to use a product like this; I’m trying to be more eco friendly.

  19. Diane Cooper says:

    I learned they have Incontinence Pads, which I think is wonderful! I know so many women who suffer with mild incontinence, who would benefit greatly from this product.

  20. I learned that the owner was unable to find any other washable pads for women with incontinence!

  21. JoBeth Butcher says:

    Hamlin Fistula Hospital will get one set of pods donated for every set they sell

  22. Lauren Heimann says:

    I learned that they are made from hemp and PUL–just like my favorite diapers! No wonder they’re so absorbant and don’t leak!

  23. Jamie Aust says:

    I learned (and Love) that they donate a set for every set purchased! 🙂

  24. I love how they send donations to Ethiopian women!

  25. Shawndra Befort says:

    I learned about how much they donate when others buy from them. I love when companys donate.

  26. Robin Quick says:

    I learned that Peepods are designed for use with mild incontinence !

  27. Kimberly says:

    I learned that they have snaps! that’s one thing that irritates me about disposable ones is the wings don’t always stay in place!

  28. Rebecca F says:

    I learned that they are easy to take care of and that there are incontinence, post-partum and menstrual pads.

  29. Mollie T says:

    Wow – I like their pod for pod promise to send pads to women in need! Great idea!

  30. Carissa Joslyn says:

    That for every one that is bought they donate some to woman in need! 😀

  31. Denise Moser says:

    I learned that they don’t have inserts (which was one of the things I was worried about when I switch over)

  32. Jennifer marohn says:

    I always thought that they would be really hard to care for. It’s nice to know that if I finally decide to try them, they wouldn’t be hard to wash.

  33. Ashley Weber says:

    I learned they started their business with incontinence pads to help a woman that was dealing with it. 🙂

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