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Check out this great review and giveaway from my blog assistant, Reesa!
Welcome to the Zeenie Dollz
Sponsored by:  Zeenie Dollz
As a mom of a little girl, I find that it is really important to show her good role models in this world.  Yes, she is only 2 years old, but I just find that I always have to watch my language use to make sure I am not using any words that my cast negativity in her little mind.  The Zeenie Dollz are a doll that I felt tied right in with my beliefs, so I was happy to have my daughter review it!
The Zeenie Dollz concept began when the daughter of a toy industry mogul showed her mother a sketch of a beautiful girl she believed to be Mother Nature.  The story began there and now there are five Zeenie Dollz that are Eco-Warriors sent by Mother Nature to protect our Earth.
Sini – Protector of Animals & Pets in her Green Farm Animal Rescue Environment
Lina – Loves nature, trees, and the Rainforest in her Rainforest Preservation Environment.
Evee – Loves a clean air environment!
Yana – is the protector of the ocean & marine life animals!
Kazumi – Protects the Polar Regions environments and loves to go skiing and playing in the snow!
My daughter loves animals, so Sini was the perfect doll for her.  The five different dolls all show qualities that any little girl can identify with.
The Zeenie Dollz seem to be very high-quality and thought out.  All of the limbs move and are moveable.  She comes with socks, shoes, bracelets & earrings and a cute little dog.  We had to pull her beautiful pink hair back into a pony tail, because keeping a doll’s hair nice and neat just isn’t something my 2  year old is able to do just yet.
The Zeenie Dollz website has lots of great information for children and their parents.  You can play games, puzzles, get free stuff and also find information on how YOU can help save the planet.
Zeenie Dollz would like to give one lucky reader their own Zeenie Doll of their choice! Valued at $49.99. To enter, follow the steps in the Rafflecopter below.  Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ and will end 8/15 at midnight EST.
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  1. tia albright says:

    my daughter would like these 🙂

  2. Zennia – Mother Earth

  3. chrissy groff says:

    I would love any, but I like Sini the best! My girls love dogs and cats too!

  4. Sherry Compton says:

    Yana would be great with the dolphin and marine life.

  5. cheryla lister says:

    Alexa loves animals so I think she’d like Sini.

  6. Maria B says:

    Evee Eco-Warrior my little sister wants her. It looks just like her.

  7. Donna Pyszk says:

    She would love the Sini doll.

  8. Addison Kat says:

    My daughter would like Yana

  9. Evee Zeenie is so cute.

  10. Linda Bradshaw says:

    My nieces would like all of them! I would choose Yana for her.

  11. kathleen says:


  12. joanne gentry says:

    My granddaughter would love Kazumi!

  13. Michelle Frame says:

    My daughters would love the Evee doll

  14. I am sure these kids would love them all but I think the girls would like Sini the best.

  15. Tiffany P says:

    Kazumi – how adorable!

  16. Jennifer Aldridge says:

    This is hilarious! Every time my daughter tries to come up with names for her dolls, she always uses “Lina Tina”. I have no idea where she got the name, but she’s been doing it forever. The Fact that they offer a “Lina” doll, I KNOW she’d want that one based on the name alone.

  17. Geraldine Kennedy says:

    i think my granddaughter who loves animals would like the Sini doll

  18. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    My niece would like Evee!

  19. Yana, Evee, and Lina

  20. my niece would love Lina

  21. She would love Sini since she’s a protector of animals 🙂

  22. I think my girls would love Evee

  23. Jacqui Odell says:

    Evee please

  24. samantha s says:

    I think my niece would love Evee the most.

  25. Emelyn Trevino says:

    My little sister would love Evee Eco-Warrior

  26. mommasbacon says:

    Lina or Sini!

  27. Tisha Harrison says:

    We love Sini!

  28. I think my baby sister would like Sini the best.

  29. Danielle Papsis says:

    I would pick Sini.

  30. Karen Propes says:

    Love them all, like Sini the best.
    Love that they all stand for different enviromental/animal rights areas, you’re right they are great role models.

  31. Stephanie Brown Eversole says:

    Sini, probably, because she loves animals!

  32. My granddaughter would like Yana.

  33. Toni Porter says:

    My cousin’s girl would probably love Sini, but I think she’d also like Yana quite a bit.

  34. Margaret P. says:

    I think Yana would be our favorite!

  35. christine jessamine says:

    my daughter would love lina, she loves animals

  36. Lina!

  37. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I would choose the Sini doll because she is a lot like me. I love animals and have 6 rescues now.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  38. Kacee Nunez says:

    I think my daughter would pick Kazumi !

  39. Cool dolls.
    My girls love Zennia Mother Earth, shes awesome! 🙂

  40. Abby would like all of them but especially Kazumi I think.

  41. Michelle F. says:

    my daughter would love Yana

  42. kelly falcone says:

    My daughter would like Kazumi

  43. My daughter would love Sini, because she loves animals too!

  44. tina reynolds says:

    I really think my daughter Carly would most love the Evee

  45. Amy Otrosinka says:


  46. Mary Diehl says:

    My girls would love Sini because they love the animals. thank you

  47. Gale McCarron says:

    My Granddaughter is such an animal lover, so it would have to be Sini 🙂

  48. Michelle S says:

    I think my daughter would like Kazumi because she has dark hair just like my daughter.

  49. My niece would love all of them but if I have to choose one, Evee

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  50. Tracy Heyer says:


  51. wendy morrill says:

    My granddaughter would love Sini.

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