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Avokiddo Emotions App

Avokiddo has recently released their newest app called Emotions. This is a playful learning app for kids of all ages! You can read the full Avokiddo Emotions App Review over at the Review Wire. This app allows kids to pull a lever for multiple items to fall to be able to create different scenes and interact with the animals to make them express different emotions.

About The Avokiddo Emotions App:

  • Give your children a serious case of the giggles when you introduce them to a zany zebra, shy sheep and jolly giraffe. Discover these emotions and more by dressing up, feeding, sharing toys and interacting with them using over 100 uniquely themed props in this endless play funhouse.

Pick A Prize


  • • unlimited combinations of hats, glasses and clothing to try on the animals make for hours of repeat play
  • • a wide variety of toys, musical instruments, food and slurp-worthy drinks
  • • dozens of richly nuanced reactions and complex emotions expressed through body language
  • • lively music and authentic sound effects
  • • special accessories trigger themed backgrounds and laugh out loud movements
  • • language neutral interface without need for verbal or written directions


One reader will receive a $150 Gift Card if their choice to either Target, Walmart or Amazon. See form for Entry Details. Open WORLDWIDE. You must be 18 years old to enter to win. Ends 9.30.13 11:59pm

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  1. I like the Avokiddo Emotions video.

  2. Geraldine Kennedy says:

    I like that my 6 year old grandson can play but also his 3 year old brother can also…love the animals, they had me smiling & laughing.

  3. funny emotions games

  4. i love that the Avokiddo Emotions app helps children learn about emotions/feelings.

  5. What a great giveaway! Just stopping by to welcome you to the Social Fabric Community!

  6. Brittany Buess says:

    I watched the AvoKiddo Emotions video…I thought it was cute! It made me giggle and I could picture my daughter playing it and loving it!

  7. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I learned they have educational games for toddlers and preschoolers

  8. amybelle2001 says:

    I like their one of their creeds that the device is the medium, not an end in itself. I think the more and more connected we are to technology, the inevitable result is that our kids will do a lot of learning on technology mediums. So I think it’s great to get them started early.

  9. Michelle Frame says:

    I learned that they earned the TOP PICK – Fun Educational Apps

  10. I think my son will love their emotional videos will be downloading today!

  11. I learned that the emoticons are interactive. The kids can dress them, feed them, and share toys with them as well!

  12. The games help kiddos learn about their emotions and feeling in a fun way.

  13. I learned their games are available both for Apple and Android devices.

  14. Cintia Scanlan says:

    I really like that they offer games that are educational and that can help our children. There are so many bad apps out there, that this is great program!

  15. I learned the games have gotten 3 awards.

  16. Jennifer Aldridge says:

    I like their philosophy that education should provide a challenging and stimulating environment where children obtain knowledge through active exploration and interaction.

  17. Tiffany Walker says:

    I love how hands on it seems and fun it looks.
    Its not one of those typical learning apps that will disinterest my nephew after a few frustrating minutes of trying to figure something out.
    I think it will most certainly hold his attention if not from the visuals alone but from its simplicity.

  18. I learned about what looks to be a totally cool new app for the iPad and iPhone. I really need to check them out! The site is very appealing and colorful. The apps look like they will be very entertaining and educational for the kids. Thank you very much for sharing!

  19. Krystal Waters says:

    I watched both videos. Children will learn emotions, dressing up, feeding and sharing. I think Beck and Bo adventures game would be a little bit more challenging than the Emotions game. I learned that the Beck and Bo game has achieved A 2013 Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner.

  20. Ashley Glaze-Lyle says:

    I think these games look fun for a growing child they looked exciting and interesting. I know my child would love to play these games but I would never get my phone back.

  21. Renee Smith says:

    I’ve never heard of this site before. I love educational games for my kiddos, Gonna try them out!

  22. Francine Anchondo says:

    I like that Avokiddo Emotions is a fun educational game

  23. Terra Agueda says:

    I like that they have educational games for all different ages.

  24. Lindsey Doepker says:

    that it is for apple products

  25. Jessica Lodge says:

    I like that children can build their own scenes. I also like the graphics.

  26. I like that they can dress them up, feed them , share toys,and interact with their new digital friends!

  27. I love the cute animals.

  28. melissa nicole says:

    I like how its for a range of ages, can be used on ipad and android system and offers education.

  29. I liked that they understand that a child learns from their imagination and active curiosity. Not just math and reading and doing all the “normal” learning is great great kids developing minds!

  30. I love that they want to teach more than math and reading. they want kids to use their imaginations

  31. Hi ~ They have great educational games for children that are iPhone, iPad and Droid friendly! Great share.


  32. I like the silliness of the Avokiddo animals. I think my son would get a kick out of a zebra with red curly hair.

  33. Would love to win!

  34. Jennifer Pittman says:

    I like that these are educational games, but look really fun, cute, and kids with feel happy to play with.

  35. Cynthia Brooks says:

    There is a zebra, a zany one , and a shy sheep, and a giraffe who is jolly. Kids can play dress up with these digital animal friends. This app will give them a case of the giggles.

  36. I learned that they are an educational game.

  37. The creators actually BECOME the characters of the games they create. They strive to see things from the perspective of a child.

  38. Aubree Faunce says:

    I love the graphics, it almost looks 3d and is great for the kids to get better perspective on how items and objects actually are placed and where they go.

  39. Sparkle Mellott says:

    I like how their apps are for a wide age-range of children.

  40. I love that they said “Our greatest partners, supporters and consultants are own our kids!”

  41. I like that the characters are goofy and keep kids amused, while helping them learn/understand their emotions better than I could probably explain it.

  42. richelle leffler says:

    i liked that there is over 100 themed props in the fun and educational fun house lots of fun learning for toddlers.

  43. I learned the designers (based on their bios and names) are most likely from Greece and have some really unique names (maybe not in Greece) but I’ve never heard of them here in the US. That’s interesting information and cool.

  44. I learned that they have won awards and are games geared for kids on the iphone and android

  45. I like the silly animals – my kids were immediately drawn to them 🙂 Sometimes they just don’t enjoy the educational games because the characters don’t initially catch their attention. And my son could really use something like this as he is struggling to make sense of his emotions. We try to sit and talk about how he is feeling but it’s all very confusing and frustrating to him.

  46. Carolyn pennington says:

    They have received many awards for their games.

  47. I learned that there are no rules which allows children to explore a full range of social interactions.

  48. I like that the games are developed by parents for kids!

  49. I like that the games teach kids to be creative.

  50. I like that the games encourage creativity.

  51. Catherine Ly says:

    I like that I can download educational games on my ipad

  52. Love the emotions app.

  53. i like that everything is educational and fun for the kids

  54. they have games there that encourage creativity

  55. Donna Pyszk says:

    I like the Avokiddo Emotions

  56. I learned the apps were made by parents who thought of their own kids and what they would like. The zebra and giraffes with the emotions reminds me of the same animals in Madagascar. 🙂

  57. I like that the games are developed by parents for kids and that they place themselves in kids’ shoes to see how to make games fun and educational in an interactive way.

  58. I really like the drag and drop idea to create the various scenes. My kids would love it!

  59. Nadia Mae Horner says:

    I learned that Avokiddo Emotions is an award winning educational game that can be found in the App Store. It Allows children to interact with fun characters and says that it teaches social skills. However, I think that social skills is a skill that should be learned through human interaction. It is a cute game though.

  60. I am really impressed with Avokiddo’s educational games! One thing I’ve learned over the years with my daughter is that if it’s not fun, then it is almost impossible to get her to learn. With Avokiddo, they have combined fun with learning using electronics (iPad, tablet, etc). It would be awesome if they develop games for older children as well!

  61. I like that the animation is so sophisticated. It’s much nicer than the soft pastels of most apps for kids.

  62. I learned that the creators of the website believe that learning is accomplished by having fun. Thus, they teach children interactively the various animals and other important lessons.

  63. Jill Daniel says:

    I visited the AvoKiddo site and I learned that AvoKiddo has already won several awards, including the Gold award from Beste Kinder Apps. I really liked the look and ease of navigation on their site and my daughter, age 3, was looking over my shoulder and seemed very interested in the apps.

  64. Denise Lloyd says:

    I really love how interactive your games are & how kids are learning so much while having fun.

  65. I really liked that one of the games helps small children learn about emotions. My personal opinion is that many “tantrums” are because kids don’t know how to express or even understand the emotions they are feeling so they simply melt down.

  66. I really love their graphics! They’re so funky and unique, love stuff like this! Looks like a really great app. My son would have a ball with this!

    Awesome app, awesome giveaway! Thanks for hosting!


  67. The website (especially the emoticons) look really cute and fun, but unfortunately I don’t have a smart phone or tablet! If only someone would make it so that apple and android apps were useable on a regular old computer!

  68. I learned that they earned a top pick award for educational apps.

  69. I love how the game looks, they seem so fun and hey…they won 3 awards so that says something

  70. I like that they help small children with their emotions

  71. Beck and Bo looks fun! My sons would love it.

  72. Venessa Cochrane says:

    Avokiddo designs video games designed for younger children. It helps them identify emotions and objects.

  73. My son liked looking at the website with me and he loved the Avokiddo Emotions.

  74. I like the app that helps teach kids about feelings/emotions!

  75. I liked the design of the apps/characters so cute! I think my son (age 5) would get a kick out of the Emotions. He likes funny things and likes to laugh.

  76. Julie Simpson says:

    With my grandson being only 4 he often has a hard time distinguishing sad from mad or scared so these items would be helpful

  77. Stacy Anders says:

    The Avokiddo Emotions game looks like a lot of fun. I think that is the first one I’d like to try with my son. He’s only 17 months, but I think he’d enjoy it with help. I do love the video demonstrations of the games. They were very well done.

  78. sheri anderson says:

    I love the silly animals, they are so cute and fun and the emotions apps look awesome! Thanks!

  79. I learned that they have fun looking kid apps for iPhones – getting a trial version for my daughter to try.

  80. Toni Porter says:

    I like the design of the characters, and that the apps are for a wide age-range. While I don’t have kiddos myself, I know my friends kids are the perfect age for these apps.

  81. Lauren Spears says:

    They seem to have fun games kids would really enjoy.

  82. Avokiddo offers educational games such as Beck and Bo that engage children in an imaginative, fun and creative way.

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