5 Easy and Fun Room Mother Tips for the Busy Mommy

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5 Easy and Fun Room Mother Tips for the Busy Mommy
One of the coveted and fun roles a mother can have is that of Room Mother. As a matter of fact some classrooms even have a waiting list these days. Whether you are the sole classroom volunteer selected, or you are fortunate enough to have a team of moms, you will need to know a few easy and fun room mother tips. Baby’s Own Room would like to tell you that even the very busy mommy can do a great job being an effective room mother by using these ideas.
Children with teacher at school.
Room mother 101 would begin by sharing the basic duties of a room mom. But, we’re pretty sure that you will remember from your own school days, the room mom gets to do the following:
·        Chaperone Class Field Trips
·        Plan and Coordinate Classroom Parties
·        Assist the Teacher in the Classroom
·        And Much More…
Sounds like a whole lot, right? Especially if you are already busy being all things to all people! Well the good news is you will gain your room mommy wings by being the hero who stepped up to the plate to volunteer. Even better news is this–the bragging rights are good for years! After you do it once, be sure to tell everyone who’ll listen, you paid your dues and deserve the praise. Plus other mommies that have paved the way, will be saying “better you then me.”  So…have fun with it and make it a great year.
Let’s get on with my favorite ideas that made it to our Top 5 Easy and Fun Room Mother Tips for the Busy Mommy!
1. Become the best list maker ever. Whether you use a smart phone, old fashioned notepad to-do list, or family calendar, get organized. Schedule your room mother duties as you would any other team practice, dentist appointment, soccer game, or birthday party. There are also tons of free apps and websites that help you manage the chaos of family life, school, and work.
2. Plan ahead. While in back to school mode, factor in being a room mother along with school supply shopping and your quest to find the best lunch ideas ever imagined. You may want to check out, Starting Pre School: 5 Great Tips to Get Your Little One Ready For The Big Day ; for some great ways to transition from a fun summer to a fun school year with ease. If you start your room mom strategy early on, while getting the kids prepared, it will make the experience all the more fun and easy. You should consider gathering all the information you can. Get a file together and fill it up with game ideas, alternatives to the cupcake, and the school website information. You’ll also need to become acquainted with the P.T.A. president, matter of fact she/he will become your new BFF! Your child’s teacher will eventually become your bestie too, but really learn to lean on the P.T.A. as they have likely already earned their room mommy wings.
3. Keep classroom parties simple. I mean it; simple, simple, simple. No more than 2 snacks, if preparing one snack is part of the activities you can make it your only snack. Plus the kids really have fun learning how to make something fun and easy to eat. Here is a great Pinterest pin to keep on hand. You’ll find lots of fun school approved, store bought, classroom party snacks. Decorations can also be kept at a minimum while still being festive. You will become great at delegating. Remember that waiting list of eager mom’s right? Well, try to rally up the other moms to help with committees. One can handle the refreshments, one the decorations, games, and another can be in charge of the goodie bags. Remember simple = FUN!
4. Always plan fun activities. Kids want to move about at a party. Make it interactive. Pull out that folder and find 1 game that will keep the children busy, but, will keep them laughing too. Whatever you do, make sure that you get the kids out of their desks and on their feet. A huge favorite is the classic game of musical chairs. But know that there are tons of original and fun games out there just waiting to be played! Eraser Racer is another active one. Think about having activity stations so that the kids can rotate and keep things moving. The time will fly by, but it will be fun for the kids, the teacher, and you too.
5. Sign your permission slip and experience classroom field trips. Besides party planning, a fun perk of being room mother is chaperoning field trips. The good news is some schools cover the expenses for tickets into some great places. Food and transportation are often covered as well. Even if you can’t seem to find help for class parties, you will always find moms to volunteer for the task of field trip day. There are 3 important things to remember. (1) You are the grown up. (2) Do have fun. (3) Don’t lose the kids! Tip: Don’t be in charge of more children than you can handle. The best ratio is 3-4 kids per chaperone. For younger kids, a safer ratio may be 1 per hand so you’ll be responsible for no more than 2 kids. Here are a few other tips to make sure the trip is fun. (1) Carry an empty backpack, you just may end up carrying a few items for the kids. (2) Think about what you will do should you need to take a child of the opposite sex to the bathroom. (3) Watch the time! Wear a watch, and I don’t mean checking the time on your cell phone. Some trips are to museums or facilities that do not allow cellular telephones.
With prior planning and some genuine excitement about your new role, even the busiest of mommies can be a very effective room mother. Go ahead, jump in there, volunteer. If you are selected, have fun with it. Oh and take a couple of Tylenol and smile. 🙂
Anymore tips that I may have left out? Please share in a comment for another mom, she’ll love you for it and so will we.

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post, it’s just a guest post with information for my readers as I like to share topics I know they’d be interested in.

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