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Everything Mommyhood has come together with a small group of great bloggers to offer our readers this ever so popular COMPLETE Harry Potter DVD Collection!!!

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These are the eight magical movies included in the collection:

* Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
* Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
* Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
* Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
* Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1
* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

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  1. Ashley Jacoby says:

    I’d have to say when i got to highschool my freshman year and about 3 kids i went to elementary school were at my highschool. Which was significant considering i had moved all around and we were all in a different city than our elementary school.

  2. Elaine Bell says:

    Friday night football games with my friends and me playing in the pep band is my favorite memory.

  3. Christine k says:

    the smell of the autumn leaves and the slight chill in the air in the evenings

  4. Sherry Compton says:

    Right now my favorite memory is hearing my granddaughter tell me about her first day at preschool. She’s five now! 🙂

  5. Krystal Waters says:

    We used to put drops of elmer’s glue in the pencil holders of our metal desks and leave them to dry overnight then peel them up the next morning using our school scissors, and we had fake nails, we would glue them on with the glue also.

  6. I loved the smell of the freshly waxed wooden floors.

  7. Nancy scaggs says:

    New big chief tablet

  8. Jennifer Halstead says:

    I used to love going back to school and seeing if my friends had the same classes. One year all 5 of my best friends and I ended up in the same class and when we walked in and realized it, we all ran to each other and screamed, as little girls will do. The teacher immediately sat us all at different tables!

  9. Pam OLeary says:

    My favorite back to school memory is getting to drive my very own car to school when I started my Junior year of high school.

  10. Meeting up with my friends to see if we shared any classes was my favorite thing about back-to-school 🙂

  11. meet new friends

  12. Starting my last trimester at chiropractic school and knowing I’m only 100 days from being licensed! 🙂

  13. My favorite back to school memory would have to be the week before school, when you got new clothes, new hair style, then finally getting to school and seeing how much people had changed over the summer!

  14. My favorite back to school memory is starting the first year of college with my now husband

  15. Heather M Carter says:

    Ready for this? My first day of 6th grade I met a boy and had a crush on him. He was SO cute!
    And now… I’ve been married to that boy for years and we have 9 kids together 🙂

  16. Kristin Sims says:

    my favorite back to school memory was playing on the huge playground during recess in kindergarten with my friends

  17. maleficent m says:

    seeing all your friends that you didn’t get to see over the summer and finding out what they did with their time off.

  18. My first day of kindergarten. I can still remember how excited I was walking to school for the first ttime.

  19. sabrina polin says:

    I love first day back to school because i got to see all my friends that i couldnt see over the summer n see how much people changed!!:-)

  20. Amanda McGrath says:

    I always remember the joy of getting to wear my new outfit. I loved meeting new teachers and getting my new books total nerd. 😉

  21. Best week ever… my senior year a hurricane hit the town three weeks after school started. School was out for the entire week!

  22. Francine Anchondo says:

    Was my Senior knowing it was my last year of Highschool.

  23. I remember the fun of football games and themed dances as well as Homecoming floats and hallways.

  24. Ali Renee Santell says:

    There are so many favorite things! I loved finding out which of my friends had the same lunch as me, because we would always have so much fun at lunch time!

  25. Erin Ritter says:

    I hated school, the only part I liked was picking out new school supplies lol.

  26. Karen Arnold says:

    My favorite back to school moment or rather moments is when former students make it a point to come back and say hi or give me a hug. It makes me very happy to know they I made a difference in their lives.

  27. Stephanie b says:

    My mom making our clothes!

  28. First day of 6th grade the power went out. We had popsickles because it was so hot.

  29. Geraldine Kennedy says:

    meeting up with friends I didn’t see in the summer

  30. Aubree Faunce says:

    My first day dressed all in Scotty dog

  31. Every year I loved showing off my brand new clothes and meeting up with my friends wh oI hadn’t seen over the summer. Plus a backpack full of new stuff – yes, I was a nerd 🙂

  32. I always loved getting new pencils, pens, backpack, clothes, and notebooks. My mom always made sure we had everything we needed and got us a few extras. 🙂

  33. Neisha Miller says:

    Marching Band. Band camp, competitions, Friday night football half-time shows. Definitely my favorite time of year through high school.

  34. Adam Morgan says:

    Freshman year of high school. Not only was going to high school new, but it was the first year my high school was open. So being the oldest in the school every year was unique and being the first class to graduate. It was the start of an awesome adventure.

  35. In high school, it was going on weekend trips with my mom to go school shopping 🙂

  36. Nicole Webb says:

    I loved starting each new year with new pens and notebooks 🙂

  37. My favorite back to school memory was when I started kindergarten. I was so excited and felt like such a big girl.

  38. Shannon Lucas says:

    When thinking of my favorite back to school memories, I always remember how excited I was to wear the new sneakers and backpack my mom bought me at the start of each new school year!

  39. Gina Hiskes says:

    The week before I started 8th grade, I broke my wrist. It got me out of volleyball and band….ah, memories! 😉

  40. Jessica Lodge says:

    My favorite memory is my 8th grade back to school outfit. I had a jean bubble skirt with hot pink and navy blue striped leggings, frosted hot pink lipstick, and my “half” top which in those days meant it met the top of your pants. Hello 1988!

  41. New clothes and finding out if your friends were in any of your classes.

  42. Rebecca Parsons says:

    Getting to see friends that I hadn’t got to see in the summer at all.

  43. Shelley Hammond says:

    Going back to school shopping! I felt so awesome with all my new things lol.

  44. Michelle Frame says:

    My favorite memory was of my daughter’s first day. She was so afraid of getting on the bus but when it came her older brother held her had and sat with her.

  45. Jessica Greenleaf says:

    Setting up weekend sleepovers!

  46. joanne gentry says:

    My favorite back to school memory was traveling out of town each year to do our school clothes shopping. The nearest mal was 150 miles away, so it was an all day trip. The whole family went, shopped, ate fast food which we rarely did with 5 kids in the family) and rarely did we argue because we were so excited for new school clothes!

  47. Kelly Johnson says:

    I loved lunch time during senior year. I loved hanging out with my friends and catching up on homework. But now I am home schooling, so going school shopping is fun for my daughter and me!

  48. Kellsey Galart says:

    My favorite back to school memory would be when I went back after a lot of medical issues the yr before and a random kid came up and said “oh your back, I thought you had died” andthen walked away . Lol wasn’t funny then but it is now looking back

  49. taking a business class that helped me decide to change majors

  50. my favorite memory was getting new clothes to start each school year and picking out that first outfit to wear!

  51. Amy Register says:

    OMGOSH!!!!! ALL I CAN DO IS LEAVE MY MOUTH OPEN IN SHOCK!!!! I have been a Harry Potter fan since grade school. Before the movies came out I had the books. I stood in line for the release every year and never missed an opening for the movie premier!!!! I AM DEDICATED!! I hope I win!!!!

  52. My favorite back to school memory is when my best friend, Rebecca, and I ran through the sprinklers on our way to school. We got in trouble for showing up to school wet but it was still a lot of fun. 🙂

  53. Amy Register says:

    And my fav BTS memory would have to be my mom emptying the jug of the change she saved all year to get us new clothes

  54. Avamarie shonitsky says:

    My favorite school memories were those made when my friends and I would all get to school early to hang out and have breakfast together 😉 we all had different classes and different lunch periods so breakfast was our get together time

  55. Marching Band

  56. My daughter jumping up and down in the hallway so excited for school.

  57. Eliza Skenandore says:

    My favorite memory is getting in the school bus after we moved over the summer to find out it was still the same bus as our old house.

  58. Michelle Nolen says:

    I remember it taking me two hours to do my hair and makeup, & then having to do PE 1st period!

  59. My favorite back to school memory was starting marching band again.

  60. michelle riebeek says:

    New saddle shoes! 1st grade!

  61. Kristen Benzo says:

    One year I thought the alarm had gone off and got up to shower for the first day of school. My mom came in the bathroom and informed me that it was only 12:30. I had dreamed it and was ready to go.

  62. he beginning of my sophomore year of college when I met my husband, soul mate and best friend forever. We married 3 years later and will be celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary in two weeks…we are grands and believe in the phrase ‘grow old along with me…the best is yet to be!’

  63. Going back to school shopping with my mom and sisters

  64. My favorite back to school memory happened when I was working at an elementary school. I worked in the daycare. The best part of starting the school year was seeing my coworkers and the kids who were so excited to be starting a new grade. You can see the attitudes shift starting at 4th grade to 5th grade. They think they’re so much more older and cooler! LOL

  65. joanne darrell says:

    My favrite back to school memory was working as a Crossing guard and getting to see the children every day.

  66. alena svetelska says:

    walking 2 miles to school with my friends and siblings

  67. New school supplies each year was the best part ever!!!

  68. School supply shopping is my favorite back to school memory!!!

  69. I remember crying in kindergarten and getting a lot of attention from my teacher, I was the smallest and the youngest. I will always remember her.
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  70. Going shopping!!

  71. Back in the Early 70’s money went a lot further…Mom would give us all $100 and take us to this awesome Clothing Store in Plainfield NJ. We would come home with enough clothes to fill our closets and then some. We loved it.

  72. Victoria Carlson says:

    My favorite back to school memory is the first day of senior year! It was so exciting and we all wore the same t-shirts!

  73. nap time was the best

  74. The new clothes and seeing friends

  75. Elise Zarate says:

    I always loved shopping for new clothes and shoes with my mom. I ALWAYS wore the new shoes out of the store and put my old shoes in the shoe box!

  76. Jessica Strudthoff says:

    I loved the feeling of using my school supplies for the first time.

  77. Jennifer Hess says:

    My daughter is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and would LOVE this!!

  78. nechama levin says:

    new school supplies!!!!!

  79. Lauren Becker says:

    I was always pretty nervous about starting school but I LOVED shopping for all my stuff – that was always a favorite moment each year.

  80. janell wagner says:

    shopping for new school clothes

  81. I loved all of the back to school shopping.

  82. When I moved to Hawai’i in 5th grade and could then ride my bike to school. So the first day my dad strapped on a big old plastic crate basket so I could take all my supplies. Talk about feeling independent. And later a little nerdy! HAHA

  83. I remember my first day of 11 grade because it was the first time I drove all by myself. Ahh the freedom. LOL!

  84. mine arent in school yet and will be homeschooled… but i always liked going back and learning new things 🙂

  85. My 1st day of junior high and I was so nervous. My dad took me out for breakfast before school.

  86. i love setting up my classroom. i love getting new bulletin boards and setting up the chairs in a new layout for the year!

  87. Picking out my outfit the night before, calling my friends to check their schedules to see who would be in classes with me and barely sleeping a wink with anticipation for that first day. Then after that long day coming home for a nice long nap.

  88. Always loved picking out my first day of school outfit!

  89. Bailey Moomaw says:

    I always loved buying school supplies, organizing my binders, and packing my backpack for the first day. Little OCD, haha. I still buy school supplies for myself each fall and can’t wait to take my daughter back to school shopping for pre-k and kindergarten in the upcoming years.

  90. The shopping!

  91. Definitely the new ‘back to school’ wardrobe 🙂 and getting to see all my friends and my crush again

  92. Nadia Mae Horner says:

    I agree with Jennifer Smith :). One of my favorite memories of school was band camp “05” when I started dating my now Hubby! <3

  93. Charlotte H says:

    Friday night football games and Dairy Queen after!

  94. georgia beckman says:

    ahhhh, my favorite back to school memory is sitting on the end of the couch, doing homework, while mom was cooking dinner. The evenings would be chillier in the fall so all the windows would steam up. One of my favorite memories to recall.

  95. Well, my favorite back to school memory was actually the day before school started. It was Labor Day, I was 10 and going into 5th grade, and my 19 year old aunt (who was my favorite person in the world) spent the entire day with me. We went to the beach, hung out all day, listened to music, went out to lunch… it was amazing 🙂 One of my favorite memories ever, actually. I didn’t even mind going to school the next day because I was still on cloud nine from the day before!

  96. Bethany Saldana says:

    I remember every year smelling fall and being so happy it was time to go back to school… that smell is the best thing ever!

  97. My favorite back to school memory is doing spelling bees in elementary school. I would always kick but at knowing all the words. It was so much fun,too!

  98. Erika Messer says:

    I always loved having my picture taken with my dog Annie who passed away in 1995 – she was always there to wish me luck!

  99. Writing my name on all my new notebooks and waiting for the bus with the kids my mom would babysit.

  100. I loved going through all my new school supplies and arranging them in my backpack. I also loved covering my textbooks with brown paper bags and decorating them!

  101. My favorite back to school memory when I was in elementary school was going to the mall to the department store with my grandmother who would buy my sister and I our first day of school outfits!

  102. Freshmen year a friend and I walked to her house and Swam in her pool every day on lunch break until it got too cold. Everyone was so jealous because the school didn’t have ac and our hair was wet.

  103. Christina Graham says:

    I loved having new notebooks and pencils, etc…such a nerd!

  104. Compete geek here…but I loved the musicals and choir. The people were so much fun and it was definitely the high light of high school for me.

  105. School shopping, seeing friends I didn’t see over the summer.

  106. the kids being excited about buying their school supplies

  107. christine jessamine says:

    My favorite was my sophmore year of highschool, A new high school was just built, but I loved seeing most of my friends transfered in with me

  108. Hailie Jordan says:

    I loved getting a new locker and going to my classes for the first time (: I really like change and trying new things.

  109. Jennifer Pittman says:

    I always liked the back to school shopping , just getting prepared for school was exciting. Clothes, new school supplys, and wondering who was going to be in my classes.

  110. When I was in HS I was on the volleyball team and made and have kept many friends…it was the time of my life!

  111. Stephanie Nelson says:

    My favorite memory is getting my Uncle’s old pick up truck to drive to and from school! It was the best ting ever! Could give my friend who lived close by a ride too. We had soo much fun! MIss those days

  112. Rebecca Rose says:

    I was working at a Montessori school while I was pregnant, On the first day of school, several of the preschool kids, seeing me for the first time in months, made comments like, “Ms. Rebecca, you got so fat!” The elementary students, knowing of my condition, all tried to convince me to name my baby after themselves.

  113. Shannon Taylor says:

    Back to school always meant reconnecting with friends that had gone on vacation over the summer. It was a time where we could all get together and talk about our summer lives.

  114. My favorite back to school memory… there are a few, but one of them is being a teenager and seeing the guy I had a crush on for first time since school let out… and then finding out the seating assignment put me right next to him in class. 😉

  115. Velvet Hubler says:

    My daughter coming home and telling me she told her teacher her name was Belle from Beauty and the Beast

  116. Catherine Ly says:

    Getting new clothes for school

  117. Elizabeth JoAnn Parker says:

    Back to school, on the first day, in JROTC, if you had a Summer birthday, as I do, you had to do your birthday push-ups in front of the entire class, including LE-1s. I loved that class…

  118. Karey Smith says:

    I always loved shopping for back to school supplies.

  119. My favorite back to school memory was my senior year of high school. It was the beginning of what turned out to be an awesome year that I will never forget.

  120. My favorite back to school memory would have to be walking into grade 4 and meeting my all time favorite teacher Mrs. Sharp. She was a great teacher and she ended up becoming a great friend! I loved story time. She would always do voices for all the different characters in the books she read!

  121. Carolyn Pennington says:

    I love the smell of the morning when waiting for the school bus…

  122. Anne Conover says:

    I’d have to say school supplies. I loved it when everything was brand new, especially the sharp colored pencils! I also loved it when the teacher handed out paper right off the mimeograph machine. Most of you won’t know what that means, but I’m old…and the smell and ‘wet’ feel of that fresh paper was priceless!

  123. Haha I remember going to a new school. The school had already started and it was a small school. How small? There were only two classes k-4th and 5-8th and I was in the upper classes. I remember walking in and the teacher telling me to sit down where my name tag was. I went to where he pointed but printed on the tag was a different name. There were no other seats open but that was not me. So I refused to sit. I just stared at the teacher. I remember he came over and said “It is ok, you can sit. This is your seat. See your name is right there.” He pointed at it. Remember I am in the upper class I am thinking do you not know I can read??? I looked at the name again it was not even close to my name. I mean I can understand if someone spelled it differently I get that all the time but this was so far from me. I finally sat down and he said thank you adding the name to the end. I got back up and started for the door. I was actually scared to be in a place that did not know who I was. I started to think maybe i should not be there. He saw me and asked me again to sit down using the name that was not mine. I finally got enough courage to say. ” I am so sorry, but I think you have the wrong person. I think I need to leave. I am not who you say I am and I am beginning to think this is a mistake.” I think he now was confused thinking maybe I had fright he said it would be ok and that it is ok to be someone else. Hahaha But I did not want to be someone else… well maybe at that moment. I was so embarrassed. The whole class thought I did not know my own name!!!! Finally I worked enough nerve to tell him my name was something else. He went through the paper work and realized he had mixed up names and apologized. That was one of the most interesting years I can say for sure. I love school though. I love meeting new friends and such, however, to this day I am so nervous on the first day when they do roll call because I am afraid they will not call my name but call someone else thinking it is me haha!

  124. The smells of new supplies and old books.

  125. Walking to school with friends

  126. I honestly hated back to school. Everyone expecting you to look your best, the pressure of review tests, the gossip, the cliques, etc. It was just too much for me. I guess my favorite part was meeting the teachers and getting school supplies.

  127. My favorite memory is back to school shopping. new school supplies were exciting!

  128. My favorite back to school memory is the how on the first day the teachers are just trying to get to know who is in their class, and most people are as put together (matching little sweat-suits, new hairbands) as they were ever going to be. None of the rivalries had set in, and everything was full of possibility.

  129. Jenna Nieves says:

    The smell of new books!

  130. Sarah Trout says:

    It’s not a favorite memory, but more memorable… I was getting ready for Back To Schol night in my classroom and was placing newly sharpened pencils each desk so the parents could filll out important papers for me. One of the pencils started to roll off the desk onto the floor, so I pushed my leg forward to “catch” the pencil and it turned at the last minute. It stabbed me through my pants and when I pulled my leg back the pencil was sticking straight out of my leg! I immediately pulled it out and still have a mark from the lead of the pencil on my leg. I call it my tattoo! Ha! I did cry, and had to explain to many of the parents why I looked so upset… I didn’t want them thinking I wasn’t happy about school starting! Ha!

  131. friederike graedener says:

    I really liked school and almost everything about it. My favorite was getting the new books on day one of school. I would go through the books, get excited to take notes in new pristine notebooks…

  132. My favorite memory is my son’s first day in first grade! Now there’s just two at home during the day, yay! 😉 No fighting!

  133. Lara Harrison says:

    shopping for new clothes

  134. It would have to be seeing all my friends and showing off new clothes

  135. I loved organizing all of my new school supplies!

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