Traveling Tots – 9 Winners – HUGE Giveaway – ends 11/24

Everything Mommyhood has teamed up with Club MomMe in one of their weekly giveaway events for the holidays!! We have a lot of great prizes up for grabs and there will be NINE total winners, one for each prize!

from Club MomMe + Everything MommyhoodFavored.By!

1 Lassig Rolling Bag – Design of your choice!

1 Kids Fly Safe CARES Airplane Safety Harness for Children

1 Safety First BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat

1 Parent Lab journeyBee Tavel Crib – Design of your choice!

1 Prince Lionheart Backseat Organizer

Prince Lionheart Babyview Mirror

Prince Lionheart Stroller Gate Check Bag

1 Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack

1 Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag + Be Quick + Paci Pod + Stroller Clips in the  Design of your choice!

9 Winners – One Winner per item
Winners will be chosen randomly by the entry form, winners will be emailed.
US Residents Only.
Giveaway ends 11/24 at 11:59pm EST

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  1. The prize I would most like to win would be the Safety First BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat!! It would be the most useful for me/my son out of all of the prizes.. but all would be useful & much appreciated!!

  2. Gail Whitaker says:

    This would be nice for when we are on the go Parent Lab journeyBee Tavel Crib.

  3. Shayna gier says:

    I would like the daddy scrubs daddy diaper pack. I think my hubby could really use it, and it’d be good to have. Lots of awesome things in this giveaway though!

  4. Sandy Chiang says:

    I would love to win the Parent Lab journeyBee Tavel Crib so that i can travel and have a safe place for my daughter to sleep.

  5. The Parent lab journeybee travel crib would be perfect for traveling.

  6. I would love to win the Prince Lionheart backseat organizer…my lo definitely knows how to make plenty of a mess with everything I keep in stock to keep him entertained!

  7. Amber Farmer says:

    I would like them all, but I think either the booster seat, or organizer would be the most appreciated.

  8. I would most like to win the travel crib!! We have so many family members out of state several hours away so we go on several road trips every year & this would be so helpful for us!!

  9. I would like to win the safety first booster seat.

  10. Gina Blomgren says:

    Too many choices to pick a favorite!! I would love to win ANY of the prizes.

  11. I would love to win the fly safe harness! We fly a ton as a family and this would be perfect!

  12. JuJuBe diaper bag would be super cool.

  13. Nicole Bear says:

    I would like the fly safe harness. Living on Maui, we have to fly whenever we visit family or friends, so this would be very useful.

  14. Kim Pfeiffer says:

    I love this week of giveaways! It’s honestly very difficult to decide since I would use a lot of these being a military family and needing to travel. Travel crib, diaper bag, safety harness, rolling travel bag, and back seat organizer would all be wonderful items!

  15. Mykael Kurth says:

    I’m a first time mom so I’m not sure what all I really need as far as traveling goes. My husband and I do most of our travel by car so it think the babyview mirror would be ideal for us.

  16. Daddy scrubs diaper pack for my husband since my current diaper bag isnt “manly” enough for him to tote around.

  17. What a great giveaway? Who can really chose the best item. Wish I was lucky enough to win!!

  18. how does one choose……..maybe the 1 Safety First BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat? I like them all

  19. The travel crib or stroller check bag would be great for our move!! And I love the JuJuBe diaper bag! I can’t choose.

  20. Micheal Bergeron says:

    Parent Lab journey Bee Travel Crib would be nice or the Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack

  21. Lots of great prizes!! I would like the Ju Ju Be Diaper bag!

  22. Lilia Kharabora says:

    The Parent Lab journeyBee Tavel Crib – is my fave 🙂 Thank you

  23. All the prizes are AMAZING, but if I had to pick my favorite, it would be the Parent Lab journeyBee Tavel Crib in black/silver. =)

  24. kim burnett says:

    I would most like to win the Lassig Rolling Bag, it would be very helpful with my daughter!

  25. There are a few I’d really like but I think I’d pick the Lassig since we don’t have any suitcase for my youngest.

  26. Rachel E. R. says:

    Safety1st booster seat because we don’t have one yet for me son!

  27. Kari whittredge says:

    i would lovd to win any off the items i got three kids and it would help out a whole lot

  28. the jujube bag!!! we dont have a diaper bag, just an old backpack and this one is just too pretty!

  29. juju be diaper bag!! its beautiful!

  30. The carseat looks great!

  31. Safety First Booster would come in real handy!

  32. Leigh Ann H. says:

    I think I’d like the back seat organizer.

  33. Honestly, I ‘d have a hard time picking one. The booster would be awesome because my son is growing like a weed, the gate check bag because we have relatives all over and we travel often or the u Ju Be Diaper Bag + Be Quick + Paci Pod + Stroller Clips for the same reason. The last time we flew, my son dropped his paci about every five minutes or less and I got sick from “cleaning” it off everytime he dropped it.

  34. Would love the lassig rolling bag!

  35. Terra Agueda says:

    would like the travel crib.

  36. Rebecca Peters says:

    THE JU JU BE!!!! I so wanna win that! I love all their stuff!

  37. nicole heinen says:

    1 Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack omg my hubby would love it on christmas

  38. JUJUBE all the way!!!!

  39. I would like to win the JuJuBe diaper bag because the one I’m using now is getting old and doesn’t hold a lot!

  40. Id like to win the diaper bag or the travel crib

  41. Backseat organizer wil be the one I like the best!!

  42. I would love the jujube diaper bag! I wish I could afford it so it would be amazing to win it!

  43. All the prizes are wonderful but I really like the diaper bag and the Safety First booster seat!

  44. Danielle Fish says:

    The Parent Lab journeyBee Tavel Crib

  45. The Safety 1st booster seat would be great to win

  46. Megan Voight-Sellers says:

    The jujube diaper bag would be a great gift for a friend who is having her rainbow baby.

  47. Samantha Powell says:

    I love the backpack organizer. I am constantly trying to keep 800 bags organized with my own stuff, my daughters stuff and occasionally what my husband needs.

  48. Samantha Powell says:

    Backseat… I meant backseat! So we have everything in the car on long car rides and I am not pulling a bunch of stuff out of bags.

  49. Danita Fennewald says:

    All the prizes are great and I would be Thankful to win any of them!

  50. Amanda Heck says:

    Anyone of these prizes my husband and I would be truly grateful to WIN! 🙂

  51. victoriamayweathers says:

    I would love to win cause I’m due soon & would love to have these beautiful gifts I’m entering for the parent lab or the diaper bag

  52. Erin Knack says:

    The Parent Lab Travel Crib so that we can go visit family and the kids would have a place to sleep that is safe and secure!

  53. Danielle Fish says:

    the parent lab travel crib to make traveling a little easier on us all :/

  54. The booster car seat! Would be wonderful and seems much safer than the booster I currently have.

  55. Claudia Rodriguez says:

    Iwould love the travel crib

  56. The Booster seat

  57. laurie nykaza says:

    Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag is so cute love to use it

  58. Safety First BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat for my big boy!

  59. I want to win the booster seat for my cousin who is having her first!

  60. Missy Piper says:

    Honestly I love them all! If I had to choose I guess it would be the Safety First,or Parent Love. But like I said any of them would be great prizes.

  61. I would love to win the Ju Ju Be diaper bag, paci pod, and stroller clips. The travel crib would be super useful too!

  62. Micheal Bergeron says:

    Another one is pack and play!!!

  63. Shelley Beachy says:

    I would love the Prince Lionheart Backseat Organizer to help keep my son’s toys and snacks handy and in one place in the car

  64. I’d love the Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat


  65. Rachel Daniels says:

    I would like the JuJuBe bag most to put all 3 of my kid’s things in.

  66. Kyla Stevenson says:

    This is a wonderful giveaway. I would be happy to win any prize. Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. Tara Cross says:

    I want the jujubee diaper bag!

  68. would love to win thw Prince Lionheart backseat organizer

  69. tammy magner says:

    any fo them for my daughte

  70. Parent Lab journeyBee Tavel Crib because when we go to grandma’s house, we can have a crib for my daughter. Or anywhere we travel.

  71. Jessica Parent says:

    Daddy Scrubs Diaper Pack-cuz than any of my big boys and my hubby can carry the diaper bag without complaining its too girly 😉

  72. I’d love the Parent Lab journeybee travel crib! Love the design.

  73. Would love the parent lab journeybee tavel crib!!!!!

  74. Its so modern and beautiful!

  75. The diaper bag. I have a 1 year old and due with our second in Feb. I really need a new one, the one I have is not in great shape anymore. I love those bags and have been wanting one for a while. I also think the daddy scrubs would be cute for my husband to wear in Feb.

  76. Would love the Parent Lab to use for our 3 month old grandson

  77. cindy samms says:

    travel crib would be great for our trip to Disney in Febuary; hope 2 win!

  78. I love all of these! Especially daddy scrubs diaper bag…husband would like that.

  79. love the ju ju be diaper bag!

  80. I would most like to win the Lassig Rolling Bag because it looks very useful!

  81. iiisindyiii says:

    I would like to win the Parent Lab journeyBee Tavel Crib!

  82. Leah Golland says:

    they are all great, but I love the roller bag !

  83. Nancy Rodriguez says:

    I would love to win the Ju Ju Be diaper bag!

  84. lisa gonzalez says:

    The jujube diaper bag!!

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