Recipe: Banana Split Bread – Not Your Average Banana Bread

bananabread1Banana Split Bread – let me tell you, this is one of the BEST banana breads I have EVER had. This is a recipe from my husband’s grandma, that she has made for years. When I first had a taste of this bread, I KNEW I had to have this recipe. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure it’s my husband’s favorite thing to eat. It quickly became mine too. We have told people about this epic banana bread for years, and I finally had the courage to share this recipe with the world. It’s been a secret, and I didn’t want anyone else to enjoy this yummy goodness, but it’s Christmas time, so that means it’s time to share and be giving, right?

bananabread_ingredientsNot pictured: Baking soda and eggs

Ingredients for one batch:
3 overripe bananas (or 4 of they are small), mashed up
1 cup of sugar
1 stick of room temperature butter, unsalted
2 cups of flour
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of baking soda (I didn’t have any so I substituted for 3 teaspoons of baking powder, I promise it works fine!)
1/4 cup of chopped walnuts
1/4 cup (or more) of semi sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup of chopped maraschino cherries

I like to get everything chopped and ready to go, so I can just add in the mixer as needed.


Cream butter in mixer.
Add in Sugar.
Add in Eggs, and then bananas.
Next add baking soda and flour (I do 1 cup at a time).
After all that has come together mix in the walnuts, chocolate chips, and cherries.
Mix JUST until it all comes together.

Turn into a loaf pan and it will make 1 large loaf or 8 mini loaves. ( I did a double batch and made one loaf and 8 mini loaves)
Bake at 350° for 70-85 minutes for loaf pan or 45 minutes for 8 mini loaves, since oven temps differentiate, make sure you insert something in the middle  to make sure it’s done. I usually use a straw in the loaf pan to make sure the bread is done.


Please feel free to share and pin on pinterest, but you MUST give Everything Mommyhood credit.
Thank you and enjoy!


  1. boy what i would give for some of this–guess i will have to go buy all the stuff to fix it..thanks for sharing

  2. cheryl lister says:

    I love banana bread, but the addition of chocolate chips and cherries sounds really good. I need to buy some bananas and let them sit on the counter till they turn black!

  3. That sounds good. All except for the cherries. I’m not crazy about them. Besides that I’m going to try this. Thanks.

  4. I was just thinking that I didn’t see many recipies on here that I would be able to make or that the family would want to eat. But then I saw this! I definitely will be making this sometime soon! I love regular banana bread/muffins etc. So added with the choc chips and cherries- OMG! Thnks for an aweseome idea and recipe!

  5. Christina Kelbel says:

    This sounds and looks so yummy. I love banana bread, never made it though. I might have to try this one.

  6. This looks like a yummy treat to try. I’m not a huge fan of banana bread but maybe with different fruits added to the mix it’ll be delicious. My husband will eat anything so maybe I will add this to his list of treats to bake when he redeploys 🙂 super excited!

  7. It would sure be better than fruit cake to give as gifts. Looks great.

  8. This sounds and looks awesome! Pinning, thank you 🙂

  9. Samantha Powell says:

    This looks amazing! I have had crazy cravings for bananas lately! Yum!!

  10. The cherries are a nice touch, now you just drizzle some chocolate and whipped cream on top.

  11. Gale McCarron says:

    This just looks delicious. I’m a big fan of breads but never recall having any like this one. Can ‘t wait to try. Thank you!

  12. Deborah Mireles says:

    this looks so yummy I am definetely going to make this!

  13. I have to try this, it has everything in it I love! Yummy!!!!

  14. Ever since I read about this recipe the other day, I can’t stop thinking about it. and it’s perfect bc I have a few bananas on top of the counter right now that would be perfect for this… I told my hunny about it and he even said he wants to try it. thanks for a quick and easy idea that will save a lot of bananas from being trashed at our house…

  15. This recipe sounds heavenly!! I am definitely going to make this!!!!!! I am pinning this as well!

  16. Oh my gosh! This looks delicious! I want to try!

  17. marissa lee says:

    i love banana bread,this is different then the one my aunt makes..i’m going to share this recipe with her..thank you for sharing.

  18. It reminds me of a fruitcake, but much better. More people would like it as gifts.

  19. We normally do banana chocolate chip, but I think I’m going to try this. I’m sharing it to my fiance’s wall to see what he thinks of it. Interesting & ingenious!

  20. Maria Iemma says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe – old family recipes are the best tried and true and have tested the passing of time. This is definitely going to be one of my baking projects this weekend!

  21. This is a wonderful thought to have bread like this complete with cherries and chocolate. I would think it also would make a cake great idea. Thank you, Jerri Davis

  22. Dianna Thomas says:

    Gosh this looks rich and yummy. So it looks like 1 less spoon of the baking powder worked out just a well. I have done the banana bread before with semiisweet chocolate chips and its really good. So you took it one step further with the cherries. Great idea. I was just going to make the traditional banana bread for our neighbors for Christmas, but this added touch will make it a little more festive..Thanks for sharing

  23. I would have never thought about banana split bread. I love banana nut bread so I bet this is to die for. I’m printing this off and making for Christmas. I know it’ll be a huge hit with my family. Thanks for sharing with us.

  24. This is good. I made it without the cherries and loved it. Thanks for the recipe.

  25. Jessica Parent says:

    My husband likes banana bread but he is gonna LOVE This!!!

  26. That banana bread looks good. The cherries must give it an extra kick!

  27. Sheri Ferguson says:

    This looks yummy! I think I’ll be trying this out this weekend, since I have some very ripe bananas. While not a fan of eating fresh bananas, I do love a good banana bread!

  28. I make banana bread all the time. My husband eats green-tipped bananas for lunch every day, and buys extras for us to eat. Sometimes we don’t get to them, and they turn brown. For banana bread, browner is better! The soft bananas lend moisture and flavor to the bread. I think that it is even good if they are souring a bit. Think about recipes that use alcohol for flavoring. I am going to try these additions next time. Thank you for the recipe!

    A petty item: ‘oven temperatures DIFFER.’ Differentiate means to discern.

  29. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    Banana Bread is already out weakness – I know I make it at least two a month (can’t let those extra ripe bananas go to waste – in warmer weather we use more of them in Smoothies.)

    This recipe looks yummy – and beautiful! I HAVE put chocolate chips in BB many times (Honey/Hubby prefers Hersey’s DARK Chocolate Chips!) – but the addition of the maraschino cherries – just enough to add the beautiful splashes of color (and in this case the sweetness of the cherries will offset the need I sometimes have to add a little extra sugar with the DARK chocolate for those who prefer a sweeter bread.

    Thank’s. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe soon – and I already pinned it for good measure:

  30. lynn buttedal says:

    I am going to try this recipe! Anything from grandma is good!!! I don’t like walnuts so am going to leave them out! But the cherries sound really good! Thank you!

  31. Shelly Johnson says:

    Wow!! Talk about awesome! I am not normally a fan of banana nut bread. I prefer just plain nut bread. This looks amazing though. My kids (and hubby) LOVE banana splits. I have made banana split crepes before and they were a huge hit! I bet this would be great. I would serve it warm in the morning with some oatmeal or cream of wheat! mmmmmmm

  32. Thanks so much for this Recipe! It sounds absolutely wonderful, and I love Banana Bread. I will definitely keep this Recipe to make!

  33. Michael Lambert says:

    This looks good and something my daughter would eat.

  34. if only i had a good mixer–i would try this for looks so good –could u make me some -hehe

  35. This looks delicious. Want to make these for my mom as she love banana bread. Everytime we go to the mall I buy her some from Starbucks. I love spending time with my mom. Love her very much. She is my world.

  36. OMG!!! YUM!! This is like banana bread kicked up 100 notches. I’ve pinned this to my recipe board and will definitely be trying it in the very near future. Thanks!

  37. Jennifer Hiles says:

    Even the “dough” looks awesome. What a fun recipe. I love how colorful it is. I bet it’s very yummy.

  38. This looks so delicious. I’d love to try it!

  39. David Smith says:

    I love banana bread, chocolate chips and maraschino cherries. Having them all in one sound like a good idea to me. I will have to try this since we always have ripe bananas and chocolate chips in the house.

  40. This looks really good. I love banana bread and chocolate. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  41. melissa aberl says:

    This really looks amazing! and how awesome that you were able to get your hubbys familys recipe to make at your home.

  42. amanda lebeck says:

    OMgoodness this looks so delicious I would love to make it!! Thanks for the great recipes, I am always looking to make new things with my daughter 🙂

  43. I have a feeling my brother would like this. He likes banana bread and maraschino cherries! Interesting combo.

  44. It is a very simple recipe to make. Banana bread is always good and it smells great baking too.

  45. This will be perfect for Christmas morning breakfast bread everybody will love it especially the little ones, i love the aroma of fresh baking bread yum:)

  46. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Thank you for sharing the recipe . I might just make this to have Christmas morning, and could add some green cherries to make it even more festive.

  47. What a way to jazz up banana bread – it is so pretty, too. I took one look at this and I’m now sooo hungry. This is easy to make – I want to make a few of these for hostess gifts. Yea!

  48. Lorayne Gothard says:

    This really looks so great and very tasty!! My husband makes banana bread all the time, but this would be a great addition. I am going to send him the recipe now!! Thank you

  49. This recipe looks so good that I’ve just written “maraschino cherries” on my shopping list! Thanks!

  50. Might as well keep on cooking .I do that the best anyway .I love bananas and its so good for me too th I cannot wait to try this one and thinks for the secret .:)

  51. Dominique A. Balsoma says:

    This looks so good!

  52. so yummy

  53. Susan Broughton says:

    Now this is a bread! It should be called everything but the kitchen sink recipe haha. It sure does sound delicious! I have pinned it and I plan on making it the next time we are in the mood for some kind of sweet bread. Thanks for the recipe.

  54. This looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe with us…

  55. This looks really good! Thanks for sharing!

  56. Yumm-o! I cannot wait to try and make this! I remember growing up when my grandma would make banana bread and the house smelled delicious so I am looking forward to being able to make this for my little ones! Thanks SO much for sharing. 🙂

  57. This looks delicious; does it taste like a banana split ice cream sundae? I am definitely going to have to make this for my granddaughters to try!

  58. This is such a good idea. I never would have thought to translate the classic dessert into bread form! I can’t wait to try it out.

  59. This is so good. It also holds up well. Much better than cake does.

  60. No doubt, I would make a double batch too! The maraschinos are an interesting addition, I’m curious to try it.

  61. jennifer aikens says:

    Believe it or not this is the first banana bread recipe I have found that is a banana split flavor! I really love the sound of it! I have tried banana bread with strawberry butter (which was great) but I really want to try this! I am going to add this to my freezer meals

  62. ive been thinking about this since it was posted, and im pretty sure ive figured out how to make it paleo for my family! ill be sure to let you know how it goes! it looks so yummy i cant wait!

  63. Banana bread is always a good comfort food. It’s filling and easy to make.

  64. Erin Knack says:

    I love banana bread. But with the addition of the cherries and walnuts…oh my! To die for! I would love to try it.

  65. This sounds yummy. I will have to try it today.

  66. Sarah Elyce says:

    I love this twist on a classic recipe!

  67. Tanya Holland says:

    I would definitely make this banana bread. We love banana bread/muffins in my house minus the nuts.(nut -free house)

  68. Christina Strapp says:

    This looks so good. Pinning to Pinterest so I can try it sometime. This looks like something my whole family would love.

  69. joanna garcia says:

    i love banana bread! this has cherries and nuts in it even better! love it!

  70. Wow. I’ve never heard of Banana Split Bread, but it looks delicious! This would make a wonderful dessert 🙂

  71. This looks so yummy, there’s no way I can’t try it and I’m loving the name. Any type of bread that has fruit in it, is something I just have to try.

  72. Yum!!, I bet this will go great with ice cream. Just one thing, I would use strawberries in place of the maraschino cherries. I can’t wait to try this, thank you for sharing this recipe.

  73. Brianna Thompson says:

    This look tasty! My kids love banana bread and this is a fun twist!! I also like that I can easily tweak it for my oldest son’s food allergies.

  74. I love Banana Bread and this recipe is such a great recipe to make. I like all the ingredients, the walnuts and cherries really give it a great look and taste. I will have to make this recipe.

  75. Alison Gibb says:

    It looks sooo moist! I’m gonna try it!

  76. I really need a kitchen aid for all these great recipes, the thing that caught my eye about this recipe is the chopped maraschino cherries,i wonder if I could add in pistachios with the walnuts, that would be awesome!

  77. Just looking at the pics makes me want to just take a bite. It looks so moist and good. I just pinned and will be trying this one. It really does sound delicious

  78. This looks yummy! Hubby loves banana splits, I love banana bread and chocolate, and DS loves bananas in any form.

  79. nancyfancypink says:

    I was honestly looking for a new banana bread recipe- we always have too many bananas in our house. Thanks for the recipe!

  80. My husband would so love this since it has the cherries added. Thank you for sharing.

  81. Delicious! This would make a great gift. A great take on the traditional banana bread.

  82. Banana bread is always a fave. What a great recipe!

  83. Terri S says:

    This looks so good. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us,

  84. M.Clark says:

    The little pieces of cherry in the bread make it look like fruit cake. I’d like to try this without the cherry, I think without the cherry it can still be a banana split bread. Thank you for sharing this recipe

  85. Annette Cruz says:

    This looks like a nice spin on the traditional banana bread. I’m saving this one and will make it for my husband to take to work. They’ll love it!

  86. This bread looks delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  87. Katie H says:

    Great Idea! I love it!

  88. jenn huey says:

    I have enjoyed perusing your recipes, you have so many wonderful and easy ones that I cant wait to make. This one also makes the list, I love the added cherries

  89. Kelly Faber says:

    I want some right now!! This looks so yummy! I just love all your recipes! Banana bread is my favorite….but this looks so much tastier than any normal recipe I have made! Who would have thought to add cherries!? 🙂

  90. This sounds so good. I know my family would love this. Thank you so much. This will be on my christmas menu to try

  91. This sounds so good. I love that it has chocolate chips and cherries in it. I will have to give this a try

  92. Bananas, cherries, chocolate chips, and walnuts all together! That sounds fantastic! Banana bread is always a favorite among my family, so I’m sure they’ll love this.

  93. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This bread is so good. My family loves it Thank you so much for sharing this

  94. This sounds so darn delicious. I wish I had more time and wanna to be baking.

  95. I love banana bread. I’d skip the cherries though. It reminds me too much of fruit cake.

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