Guide to Choosing Children’s Socks

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Guide to Choosing Children’s Socks

If you have kids, you probably have an abundance of children’s socks: socks on the floor, socks in the laundry, and maybe even a few socks in their drawers.  You probably also have more than a few socks with holes, socks with no matches, and socks that seemed to have disappeared.  Yet, somehow, when you are in a hurry and you need to put a pair of socks on your children’s feet fast, you never seem to be able to find a pair anywhere.  If it’s time to invest in a few (maybe even a few hundred) new pairs of socks for your kids, follow this guide to ensure that you find the best socks for your children’s feet.

Why Socks?

Wouldn’t it be simpler for everyone to just forget socks altogether?  While sandals or flip-flops may work year round in some climates, most people need different types of footwear during much of the year.  Even if you are lucky enough to live in a tropical climate, sandals aren’t always the best choice of footwear for every occasion.  In addition, socks absorb sweat which help to keep odors from taking over their shoes, help to prevent blisters, and may even help to prevent athlete’s foot.

What to Look For

When purchasing socks for kids, one of the first things to look for is the material the socks are made of.  The fabric will make a huge difference in both the comfort and the durability of the sock.  While cotton is the most common fabric used for socks, it may not be the best option.  Several studies have shown that nylon actually outlasts cotton in durability, retains it shape better, and is better for preventing blisters.  One study performed by students at the University of Missouri in Columbia found that wearing nylon socks is especially important for athletes or people who are very active; something most children tend to be.

Have Fun

Once you have found good quality nylon socks in the right sizes for your children, don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with the colors.  Sure, white socks match with almost everything but they sure can be a little boring.  Most kids love socks in a variety of colors and patterns; whether they match what they are wearing or not.  An additional bonus of buying colorful socks is that they can actually be easier to match up in the laundry.  Finding the right match for a hundred different kinds of white socks can be maddening, to say the least.

Buy in Bulk

It really is true that you never can have too many children’s socks.  Kids are notorious for wearing through, misplacing, or ruining socks; sometimes in a manner of days.  While good quality nylon socks will wear better, no sock will last forever.  Never find yourself scrambling for socks in your rush to get your kids ready for school by keeping a stockpile of extra socks handy.  Ordering socks in bulk can also ensure that you won’t run out of socks the day before laundry day and may even help you save a few dollars along the way.

Once you’ve purchased the right material, style, and quality of socks for your children, you can feel good about knowing your kid’s feet will be warm, stylish, and protected.  Now if you could just find that other shoe!


  1. Dorothy Teel says:

    Socks go on trips in my washer and dryer and then they disappear, lol, I have tried pairing them with pins and sock holders and they just increase tangles, I am glad to know that nylon socks are okay because at times do not want cotton socks, Now days a lot of kids are wearing one of on sock and one of another and mismatching them I would of loved that when my boys were little, cause I gave up pairing socks and just bought each boy white socks with a colored ring and the colored ring blue, green, red etc belonged to a different boy and they got their pairs form the basket

  2. I love this info..I usually just go and buy what’s on sale and they rip and tear and unravel so yes, this is great so thanks for this post! I’m going to start checking the material and buy in bulks because if not the kids it’s the dryer that eats my socks. lol

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