$100 Sephora Gift Card Giveaway – ends 2/24

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Everything Mommyhood has a great giveaway for you!!!
One winner will receive a $100 Sephora Gift Card!!!


Sephora has something for everyone, even if you’re not a make up lover. They have so much more than that! We are giving you a chance to win a gift card to purchase your own products to test out! Every Girl should feel beautiful. Make up is a great way to express yourself but also a great way to just show off your natural beauty. You do not need layers of make up on your face to be you. Some days all you need is a little blush to bring out those cute dimples you already have. Maybe you just want to feel naked beautiful and just need some moisturizer. Either way you choose to dress up, your already beautiful self, Sephora can help! They also have amazing women and men there to help with all your questions and to help find the right product just for you. So do no feel over whelmed! Go for it girl! Get some glam and show us your natural, wonderful, beautiful self!

You deserve to #treatyourself

This event is blogger sponsored- Hosted by-It’s Peachy Keen and Co-Hosted by- Budget Earth

Giveaway Rules

Open to U.S Residents only. 18 Or older. Giveaway ends Feb- 25 Midnight EST. Winner will get a $100 Gift Card to Sephora and a few products thrown in with the gift card. This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. If you have any questions in regard to this giveaway event- Please email Itspeachykeen@live.com-Winner will be announced on It’s Peachy Keen when it’s over

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  1. ginni carlson says:

    I never buy anything for myself especially an indulgence in a luxury brand, but I hear that sephora is awesome. my best asset, probably my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚ blue/green/gray, they change color

  2. I’ve never shopped at Sephora to have a favorite item from there!

    My favorite asset is my eyes.

  3. I’m a makeup Junkie and would die to get to shop there again.

  4. My favorite asset is my smile

  5. I’ve got a lot of lipsticks already, but I love Sephora’s. My favorite asset is my eyes.

  6. As the years go by it’s getting harder to choose, but my favorite asset is my eyes.

  7. Krysta Nagy says:

    My naked 2 palette!

  8. Favorite item would absolutely have to be diorshow iconic mascara and the dior lash serum. I also love Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz. Favorite asset would have to be eyes.

  9. Johnny Rachel Miller says:

    Hourglass is my favorite at Sephora at the moment, but that could change tomorrow. Lol. My favorite asset is my nails. They are thick and strong.

  10. never shopped there before

  11. I have never shopped at Sephora, so I don’t have a favorite yet. I do love lipstick, though, and would love to find out about their product.

  12. laurie nykaza says:

    Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz is what I would love to try!

  13. anne perry says:

    Smashbox mascara… my eyes!!

  14. I cannot comment on my favorite Sephora product yet, because I have not tried any of their products as of yet. My favorite asset, I think I’ll go with my eyes.

  15. Naked pallets are the best! Eyes are my favorite ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I would luv to try their foundation or eye make-up kit!!

  17. I love mascara!

  18. I’ve never shopped at Sephora for myself but I have gotten gifts there for others. My best asset – I guess I’ll say my eyes.

  19. I don’t have a favorite Sephora YET…since I haven’t shopped there yet although my boyfriend is taking me to one for Valentine’s day ๐Ÿ™‚ My best access, probably my smile (when I’m casual and obvious to it).

  20. I love Stila brand eye make-up!

  21. Eyeliner. Best asset is eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Holly Thomas says:

    From what I hear my best asset are my eyes.

  23. grace Montalvo says:

    I love LAURA MERCIER Secret Brightening Powder ๐Ÿ™‚ my asset are my eyes, they are hazel and change from green to amber.

  24. My eyes are my best asset: blue and clear. I don’t have a favorite item from sephora, i do not shop there much.

  25. I’ve never bought anything at Sephora but I have window shopped there.

  26. lissa crane says:

    My favorite

  27. Laura Lanza says:

    I have not tried Sephora yet. I think I have great thick hair.

  28. lissa crane says:

    My favorite asset would have to be my eyes, because that is the most fun to emphasize and “dress” up or down. My favorite item at Sephora is the Urban Decay Naked Palette !

  29. My smile ! I don’t wear makeup much but my daughter loves to. So I would give the card to her.

  30. I’ve never bought anything for myself at Sephora. I think my best asset is my smile.
    Thank you!

  31. bare minerals.

  32. Marjorie Whitney says:

    Love Sephora make up brushes, and my eyes;)

  33. Rebecca E. says:

    My favorite asset is my eyes and my favorite thing from Sephora is the Glinda palette I bought. I use it almost daily.

  34. I like Makeup Forever’s foundation, which they sell.

  35. terry maigi says:

    I’ve actually only been in Sephora a handful of times so I don’t have a favorite line. But I do own some of their brushes and I LOVE them!

  36. My favorite asset is my eyes. I love sephora eyeshadows.

  37. I love Josie Maran’s product line and my favorite asset are my eyes/long lashes.

  38. I love their shimmer white eyeshadow. My favorite asset are my green eyes.

  39. I like the Sephora BB cream a lot…my eyelashes are my favorite asset, so I am a huge fan of mascara!

  40. I love everything from Sephora! But my favorite asset are my lips. So I’m big on getting lipsticks!

  41. Heather Poindexter says:

    I rarely go to sephora as it is in the mall. I have no favorite. I like my eyes.

  42. Alison Gibb says:

    My favorite is the Buxom lip gloss. My best assest is my eyes.

  43. Thomas Murphy says:

    My favorite asset is eyes.

  44. Nars blush from Sephora. I like my smile.

  45. I love their lipstick selection! My eyes are my best facial asset.

  46. paula peterson says:

    Iv never shopped there and my favorite is my eyes.

  47. I love getting Philosophy products from Sephora, their body washes are my favorite! My favorite feature is my lips ๐Ÿ™‚


  48. I wear their bare minerals and love the whole line!

  49. I haven’t tried Sephora yet, but I’d love to try their nail polish. My eyes are my best asset, in my opinion.

  50. I love philosophy time in a bottle. My favorite asset are eyes.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  51. diana scholz says:

    Unfortunately I do not get to shop at Sephora much, but they have the skin care line that I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH! I also love love love their nail polish and products!

  52. I haven’t tried any Sephora products before, but would love to!

  53. Kaylee Kuroski says:

    Maybe a few eye shadow palettes here and there but I normally do not shop at Sephora! I love all their different options however, and I’d have to say I looooove lipstick/lipgloss. ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite asset is definitely my lips.

  54. I really like a lot of their different fragrances they have in their store, I have bought some great one’s there in the past.

  55. I love EVERYTHING!

  56. I like their Sephora Collection Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara and my eyes are my favorite.

  57. courtney hennagir says:

    I don’t have a fave Sephora product yet.My eyes are my favorite asset.

  58. I have never tried Sephora because it seems pricey, but I have always wished I could! My eyes are my favorite asset.

  59. I get my brushes and Bare Minerals at Sephora

  60. I love Benifits lip stain because a good red lip always makes me feel put together!

  61. Amy Lumley says:

    My favorite asset is my eyes. Love everything I have tried and am sure my 14 year old daughter would have a blast there!

  62. robyn donnelly says:

    I like all of sephoras makeup items. My best asset is my dark blue eyes. Used to be teeth when I was younger.

  63. fave asset definitely my eyes!

  64. I use to love a certain mascara from there but it has been so long I cant remember its name. My eyes are my best asset.

  65. candice moody says:

    I’ve never shopped Sephora but I’ve been wanting to go in there! My fave asset is definitely my eyes.

  66. Debbie Jackson says:

    I like the naked 2 palatte…….eyes.

  67. I love all the makeup at Sephora. My favorite type of makeup is anything you put on your eyes.

  68. I don’t wear makeup. I do like lip plumpers. My best feature is my eye color. It’s green and depending on what color I wear can look emerald green.

  69. Nicole Bear says:

    I bought some Bare Minerals Volumizing Mascara from there once, and it is the only mascara that hasn’t clumped or bothered my sensitive eyes. I love it!

  70. Michelle H. says:

    My favorite item from Sephora has been Urban Decay Eye Primer. My favorite asset is my eyes.

  71. kortney Picker says:

    I love buying Clinique Eye shadow from Sephora! I really love trying out new colors and new styles!

  72. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    I love like everything from Sephora! Especially the eyeshadows and their fragrances

  73. I love the Tarte cosmetics they sell at Sephora.

  74. my favorite asset is my eyes and my favorite makeup is bb cream.

  75. the naked pallets are my fav

  76. My favorite item is Philosophy. My skin.

  77. I love Philosophy products but have to be honest…I’ve never shopped at Sephora. Ever. I know, I know.

  78. I love getting my Bare Minerals makeup there! My favorite asset is my eyes =)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. Shanna Beam says:

    I haven’t been lucky enough to go to or order from Sephora yet, so I honestly don’t know! ๐Ÿ™

  80. My favorite product by sephora is the glamglow! And my favorite assets would be lips.

  81. Michelle L. says:

    I do not have a Sephora favorite yet, I have never shopped there.

  82. I think my favorite thing is the bare minerals. They have everything there and they are not just kits. My asset I would say is my lips. I don’t see it but apparently every man I’ve dated said they love my lips.

  83. Martha Kennedy says:

    I love the freebies I receive on my Birthday from Sephora. That small gift makes me go back each time I need makeup. If you haven’t joined yet, do so….happy makeup!

  84. Bare minerals and Tart mascara!

  85. I’m a big fan of bare minerals make up.

  86. I havent been to sephora yet. But I would love to try one of the mascaras. Its my go to make up item when Im in a hurry.

  87. Meridith B says:

    URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion is awesome! I’d say my green eyes are my best feature.

  88. Love Philosophy! Microdelivery Exfoliating wash

  89. Ole Henriksens skin care line, and sephoras waterproof eyeliner

  90. NARS has a great tinted moisturizer that I love!

  91. I like the naked 2 palette and eyeliner.

  92. I love their nail polish!!

  93. Christine L. says:

    I love their makeup brushes, and I like my eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  94. My favorite makeup item is from the SEPHORA COLLECTION, the
    8 HR Mattifying Compact Foundation.

  95. My best asset is my eyes. I have never bought from Sephora and I am very excited over having the opportunity to give them a try for free!

  96. Tammy Markham says:

    i just wanted to let you know that my name is Tammy Markham, but i use my middle name (Sherry) for my contests. (markhamsherry). thank you.

  97. All of the Sephora nail polishes. My eyes.

  98. Jessica Fortner says:

    I haven’t shoped at Sephora yet, but I love to play up my eyes the most.

  99. Lancome eyelash

  100. I like benefit cosmetics so they would have to be my fave! I would say my eyes are my best feature, I’m lucky to have long lashes

  101. Can you please leave clickable links on the entry form. Two of the pinterest entries are blank. Yours cant be clicked on. I don’t know how to paste. It’s frustrating not knowing who’s site your asking us to do each task. Thanks.

  102. I love the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Best asset has to be my high cheek bones.

  103. I love the Benefit line of cosmetics! My smile is my best asset.

  104. Kaleena Cabanag says:

    I have never used Sephora but have always wanted to! My lips are my best asset

  105. Tara Liebing says:

    I haven’t bought makeup at Sephora but my must have is for my eyes- shadow and mascara.

  106. tina reynolds says:

    my favorite asset is my eyes

  107. md Kennedy says:

    My favorite Sephora item is the Benefit porefection – makes my skin look so smooth and less spotty. I think my eyebrows are best.

  108. Cassandra French says:

    I would like to try the Urban Decay makeup palettes and some of the Benefit brand cosmetics. My favorite asset is my eyes.

  109. I’ve never shopped there. My best assets are my eyes.

  110. curiouskit10 says:

    My fave are the primers!

  111. Danielle P says:

    I don’t have a favorite product from Sephora but Id love to try their eye liner and makeup! My favorite asset is my eyes

  112. I like to play up my lips! I like Fresh Lip treatment at Sephora!

  113. gigi borden says:

    i love their eyelashes, they have a great selection from natural to dramatic!

  114. Usually I shop at Sephora for gifts for others. As for my favorite asset, my eyes.

  115. I like the Urban Decay product line. & my favorite asset are my eyes

  116. Limari Colon says:

    I love Sephora especially their collections. My favorite asset are my eyes

  117. Amy stonger says:

    I love mineral makeup!

  118. My favorite item is Nars dolce vita lipstick. I like my lips and eyes.

  119. I’m actually allergic to most lipstick so I tend to play up my eyes. The Stila liquid eyeliner is my FAVORITE and I’m dying to get a naked pallette.

  120. Alina Moiseyev says:

    I don’t have anything from this company, I don’t wear make up anyways but would love to try it out..

  121. I have not tried them yet but I would love to.

  122. I absolutely love the Sephora Rouge Cream lipsticks! Not only are the pigments gorgeous but they stay on for a long time and go on super smoothly! My favorite is Peachy Pink. ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. I am crazy for Buxom gloss. Sephora has every color in stock, although my go to is “Dolly.” I use it to dress up my best asset-lips

  124. joanna garcia says:

    Favorite asset is my eyes and love the josie moran line!

  125. Teresa Honores says:

    Love the tarte line and my favorite asset is my eyes and hair!

  126. I love Bare Minerals….I guess my fave asset would be my eyes

  127. My favorite thing there is actually a perfume and I haven’t gotten a new bottle forever because it’s expensive ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I could if I win!! My favorite asset is probably my eyes.

  128. Smashbox mascara! And my favorite asset is my smile!

  129. Lauren engbrock says:

    no but I would like to try it thanks

  130. Naked eyeshadows

  131. rayray cartucci says:

    I love too faced products! I guess my eyes are my best facial asset..or my dimples.

  132. I’ve yet to try it, but have wanted to. I think my smile is my best facial asset.

  133. I have heard that they have a glow mask that is fantastic.

  134. Nikki Elkins says:

    I love all kinds of make up. favorite feature is eyes

  135. Megan Vinson says:

    I love their mineral make up. My favorite asset is my eyes.

  136. I love Sephora makeup brushes and their holiday kits ( great gifts ). My assets are eyes and flawless skin.

  137. Angelica Almaguer says:

    My favorite item from Sephora has been Smashbox foundation. My favorite asset is my eyes.

  138. Stephanie Colvin says:

    I love the Naked Foundation and I really want an eyeshadow pallette. My best asset is my smile, no make up needed!

  139. I’ve been wanting the Urban Decay Nude Palette for years!

  140. I have never tried them before, but I have heard amazing things!

  141. I want to SMELL good! I love all the Philosophy Amazing line.

  142. I’ve never shopped at Sephora. My freckles are my best feature!

  143. I always buy carol’s hair products from Sephora.

  144. Urban Decay products are my weakness

  145. Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eye Palette is my absolute favorite, followed by Smashbox’s gel liners!

  146. Huri Kouzouyan says:

    I like my eyes and smile…:D

  147. Pin a recipe from which site? There are no links. There are no links to follow on pinterest either. It’s blank.

  148. Dr Brandt BB cream

  149. ive wanted to try out Sephora but its always so pricy that a gift card would really help

  150. my favorite product is nail polish and my best feature is my delicate hands

  151. My daughter loves the naked palettes
    My best feature is my eyes

  152. My Eyes And favorite is lip balm

  153. Jessica Burrelli says:

    My favorite makeup product ever from Sephora is my Sephora Sundisk. Hugh bronzer, perfect color for my skin tone, can use it all over, I love that damn thing! My favorite asset is my hair, because its so bright and noticeable! Bright red, long, and naturally wavy.

  154. Christie R. says:

    My favorite asset is eyes!

  155. Stephanie M says:

    I love sephora’s jumbo eye pencil! i use it for shadow because my eyes are my best asset ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. i went to sephora yesterday and couldn’t get myself to buy my favorite powder (benefit flawless). other than that, i like to play up my eyes.

  157. Love bare minerals, and my green eyes. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  158. lyndsey claire says:

    I love bronzer. Like to play up my eyes!

  159. Love benefits cosmetics

  160. awesome.. I hope I win, could totally use an upgrade…

  161. I love trying new mascara… for my favorite feature, my eyes!

  162. As a grad student, Sephora is out of my price range. But I used to go there to smell all the perfumes and figure out which one I might want to buy.

  163. Sarah Hayes says:

    id love to have some new brushes and new mascara!

  164. I would like new brushes. and my favorite asset are my blue eyes

  165. I love the tarte cheek stain! It’s great!

  166. I have never shopped there but would love to. My Best asset are my eyed

  167. All the things I can buy with that $100 <3

  168. Kristin Heggen says:

    Makeup brushes

  169. Brittanie Lanier says:

    My eyes. I love bare minerals and Mario Badescu skincare.

  170. Eyes for sure! I want one of their brush sets!

  171. I love the TooFaced products Sephora carries!

  172. makeup forever foundation

  173. i love love there compact make up powder!!! Ive tried so many and this one is the only one that truly seems to work with my skin. love it!!!

  174. Sherry Compton says:

    I always like blush…give my cheeks some color.

  175. Judy Gregory says:

    I’d love some of their scrubs. I have really good skin because I exfoliate and stay out of the sun.

  176. My smile! Love all makeup!

  177. Melissa Jeffery says:

    I am in desperate need of new makeup and skincare products! Oh and I happen to love Sephora.

  178. My favorite thing at Sephora is Fresh Sugar- it is the best lip treatment EVER!!!! My favorite asset though are my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

  179. Mallory Eberle says:

    I love, breathe, and sleep Sephora! 90% of my makeup collection is Sephora, I think the Kat Von D foundation is the best (Along with the lipsticks, they are amazing!). My favorite asset would definitely be eyes, they say those are the gateway to the soul! (:

  180. Rachel Duerr says:

    I love Tarte makeup from Sephora! I’m totally hooked on it even though it’s pricey. My favorite asset is my growing baby belly ๐Ÿ™‚

  181. I love mac blushes from sephora!

  182. Do you have a favorite make up item from Sephora? Yes, they’re real mascara

    What is your favorite asset! Smiles, Eyes, etc! eyes

  183. I’ve never tried, but would very much like to. I’ve heard great things about Sephora

  184. I love Sephora! The liquid eyeliner is amazing! My eyes are my favorite asset.

  185. Maria Ramirez says:

    I’d love to win this. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought make up.

  186. Nicole Saavedra says:

    Eye shadow palletes!!!

  187. I love They’re Real! Mascara from Benefit! Eyes are definitely my favorite feature to play up.

  188. Brenda Abeyta says:

    I love their eyeshadow!!! Eyes!!!!

  189. Right now its mascara. I hope one day I can find a concealer there. Heavy duty stuff like face Spackle. My eyes are ok.

  190. I love urban decay line for eyes and argan oil from Josie maran

  191. Haven’t bought from them. My best asset is my smile.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  192. Love the naked eyeshadow. and my fave asset is my green eyes.

  193. Gabrielle Dean says:

    I love their selection of Philosophy scents. My favorite attribute is my eyes. Love their smashbox mascara

  194. I love lip gloss and nail polish! and i love my eyes.

  195. samantha von says:

    I haven’t ever shopped there before so no favorite yet. And I like my eyes the best

  196. Brittany Cornejo says:

    Don’t really know their products. But I love eyes!

  197. Kate Allen says:

    I love their bronzer! And I love eyes and a smile!

  198. Tina Truex says:

    My favorite asset is my smile with my dimples.

  199. I always go to Sephora to buy the Bare Minerals foundation and bronzer! I love trying different eyeshadows to bring out my blue eyes

  200. I love to purchase Bare Minerals Original Powder, Sephora Lipgloss, and Sephora OPI version nail polishes – Good stuff!

  201. I do not wear makeup but I do like to win it for my sister because she loves it!!

  202. Some shimmer eye shadow!!

  203. Jessica Rodenbaugh says:

    Haven’t tried any of their stuff before. Could use some new eye makeup

  204. My favorite is their nail polishes. love them <3

  205. Elizabeth Crabtree says:

    I’ve never tried their makeup, so I don’t have a favorite. My husband says my smile is my best asset, but I secretly wish he would’ve said my eyes. To be honest, when it said, “asset” I thought it was talking about a makeup accessory…

  206. Billiejo.hayes says:

    Oh my, where do I begin… I love to go in or just on their website. Could spend hours. They have an awesome selection and the sales people are incredibly helpful. Some of my fav products are Urban Decay eye pallets, Benefit (everything), but especially They’re Real mascara, Lancรดme lash primer… And of course, it’s always so much fun to try new products!

  207. I love the Sephora mineral powder – I’m almost out of mine!

  208. I have not shopped at sephora

  209. Elissa Mahler says:

    I am loving the BB creams!

  210. I rarely spend money on myself but I appreciate nice makeup and hair products. Especially base!

  211. Allison Wilczek says:

    Love love love this store!! Like many others, rarely spend money on myself. Would love to win this!

  212. Amanda Mahan says:

    I love Kat Von D’s fragrances and Urban Decay’s eyeliners. I think my best asset are my lips, perfect cupids bow.

  213. Rachel Salinas says:

    I love Mally makeup! And my best asset I think is my smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  214. I love the smashbox luninizing cream. I like my eyes.

  215. I don’t have a favorite item. My eyes are my favorite asset ๐Ÿ™‚

  216. Ashley Smith says:

    i do not have a favorite item from sephora…yet. My favorite asset on me is my eyes!

  217. Probably my favorite product at sephora is the Laura mercier silky creme foundation. That stuff is amazing! And I think my best features are my eye lashes…I always get compliments on them when I gets makeup done!

  218. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream Moisturizer at Sephora

  219. Michelle S says:

    I have never shopped at Sephora before. Most likely this GC would be a gift for a friend.

  220. Ashley Irby says:

    I’m obsessed with the eye liner!

  221. Ive actually never shopped there before, but would love to! I love my eyes. Its what I’m always complemented on

  222. I am in love with all make up- Thank you so much for the chance- if you would love to doll up on jewels as well- check me out- http://www.littlebitsoflove.net
    Thank you so much,
    Morgan Spencer

  223. Sophie Kather says:

    Anything urban decay

  224. Mandy Rousch says:

    Urban Decay! Love their eyeliner and eyeshadow primer potion. Love eyes and hair.

  225. Megan Lind says:

    Love Benefit and Urban Decay products

  226. Susan Smith says:

    Iโ€™ve never shopped at Sephora, I think my eyes are my best feature.

  227. I never had the chance to own something by Sephora, but always wanted to! My best feature is my eyes (altho a lot say my lips too..idk).

  228. Dani Osenbaugh says:

    I don’t have a favorite item….I’ve never really shopped there.

  229. Christina Strapp says:

    I have never shopped at Sephora which is sad to say. My favorite Asset is my eyes.

  230. Michael Lambert says:

    This is a gift for my wife so I don’t have a favorite product.

  231. Brittanie Tomasic says:

    I don’t have a favorite product. My favorite asset is my lips.

  232. Allyson Tice says:

    I am obsessed with MAC anything from Sephora! My favorite asset is my lips!!

  233. I love their tweezers!!! I love my lips and eyes!

  234. Cassandra S says:

    I have never bought anything from there before, BUT I would love to try some MAC make ups! And I love my eyes.

  235. Jessica Saxsma says:

    Never bought anything here before but I would love to give it a try!

  236. Misty Fergason says:

    I’ve never bought anything from Sephora, but I live lipstick and perfume.

  237. Kris Garvey says:

    I never bought anything from Sephora sadly! My favorite asset to play up is my eyes!

  238. laura mercier

  239. Sephora makes the absolute best hair ties! I’m not kidding they are my favorite thing in that place.

  240. I have never shopped there before

  241. Teresa Thompson says:

    I have never shopped at Sephora. I like my eyes and play them up.

  242. Jessica Irizarry says:

    I love the Sephora brand for a lot of the stuff I buy there.

  243. my favorite asset is my smile and my eyes

  244. I always buy my BareMinerals foundation from Sephora.

  245. I love Sephora and get most of my BareMinerals makeup from there. I like my lips and like trying different lip glosses.

  246. Janette Polivka says:

    Honestly, I have never been able to afford it. But wish I could! I have been told that my eyes are my best feature..

  247. Mascara for my favorite asset – my eyes

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This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Rubbermaidยฎ. All thoughts and opinions are those of my own. All of you who have followed my blog for awhile now, know that I was a stay at home mom. I recently started working outside the home in the past few weeks. I was separated and divorced last year while living in Georgia and I recently relocated to South Carolina for a fresh start with my kids. Along with that I knew I had to get a job. Which means … [Read More...]

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