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USA Today bestselling Author Jen Frederick loves romance and writing about romance! So much so that she wants to celebrate February, the month of love, by giving away a Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Tablet loaded with her digital books to one of Imperfect Women’s wonderful readers.

unraveled book

Jen’s latest novel is titled, Unraveled. Check out this excerpt:

Twenty-five-year-old Sgt. Gray Phillips is at a crossroads in his life: stay in the Marine Corps or get out and learn to be a civilian? He’s got forty-five days of leave to make up his mind but the people in his life aren’t making the decision any easier. His dad wants him to get out; his grandfather wants him to stay in. And his growing feelings for Sam Anderson are wreaking havoc with his heart…and his mind. He believes relationships get ruined when a Marine goes on deployment. So now he’s got an even harder decision to make: take a chance on Sam or leave love behind and give his all to the Marines.

Twenty-two year old Samantha Anderson lost her husband to an IED in Afghanistan just two months after their vows. Two years later, Sam is full of regrets—that she didn’t move with her husband to Alaska; that she allowed her friends to drift away; that she hasn’t taken many chances in life. Now, she’s met Gray and taking a risk on this Marine could be her one opportunity to feel alive and in love again. But how can she risk her heart on another military man who could share the same tragic fate as her husband?

About the Author:

Bestselling author Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog. She’s been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at


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Kindle Fire DH 8.9″ Tablet Giveaway

One lucky reader will win a Kindle Fire DH 8.9″ Tablet loaded with Jen Frederick’s digital books. RV $269

12 lucky readers will win a digital copy of UNRAVELED

  • One lucky reader will win a Kindle Fire DH 8.9″ Tablet loaded with Jen Frederick’s digital books.
  • 12 lucky readers will win a digital copy of UNRAVELED.
  • Open to US
  • Winners will be chosen at random through Rafflecopter via
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter Rafflecopter.
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  1. allison roberts says:

    my anniversary is February 7th and my oldest sons birthday is the 19th. whats not to love?!

  2. I’m not a Valentine’s Day person, or a Super Bowl fan. But I love February because my oldest daughter’s birthday is also the 19th!

  3. Blessed Assurance says:

    I like the month of february not just because it the month of love, but because my birthday is the next month.

  4. February means winter is half over : )

  5. I love that February is only 28 days (29 in leap years) long which means we are that much closer to spring; spring is my favorite season!

  6. I love February because of the Superbowl and my Husband’s Birthday which is today!

  7. I love February because of my granddaughter’s birthday! She just turned two. We love the Super Bowl, too. I also love Groundhog Day.

  8. I love February for the Olympics and my husbands birthday, he will turning 55 next week and also for February vacation!

  9. The things I love about February are the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and my sisters birthday!

  10. We celebrate my husband’s birthday in February…With him, I learned what unconditional love means (well, besides my mom) and I know that no matter what I do he will always support me even if he doesn’t agree. So I love February cuz of my hubby! 🙂

  11. barbara corbitt says:

    it is usually the coldest month we have and that is just another excuse to curl up with a good book and coffee or hot chocolate and watch it snow. thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  12. I like that it has not started getting hot outside.

  13. February weather is beautiful in Santa Barbara. Its a great month to walk the Dogs on the beach

  14. I love that February means that spring is right around the corner! There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!

  15. Ashley Fryer says:

    I love that it is winter and that it’s a pretty laid back month for us.

  16. The only thing I like about Febuary is V-day. We have snow in Febuary and I dont like that. lol

  17. Catherine Ly says:

    I love the nice weather and the short month 🙂

  18. Susan Broughton says:

    I like February because it was my fathers birthday month. I also love to celebrate love and Valentines Day is in February so it is a really cool month lol

  19. Christina Strapp says:

    February is the month that I got married to my wonderful husband!!

  20. Barbara Mc/Whenihave Time says:

    What I like most about February, is that it is my birth month. So I get to celebrate my BD and Valentine’s Day!

  21. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I love that my sisters and my husbands bday is in february!

  22. I like that the weather starts to feel like spring, here in TX. Cool nights, warm days.

  23. savannah logan says:

    I love when the weather starts to change at the end of February! Starts to be the perfect hoodie weather!

  24. That it only has 28 days!!!! That spring is right around the corner.

  25. I love that February is the shortest month! Seriously, there’s not anything I can think about liking about February. And especially not all the snow this year! Oh wait…I like that February’s birthstone is the amethyst…that’s my favorite gemstone!

  26. Both mom and mil bday in February! Love it!

  27. Nikki Elkins says:

    What I love about this Feb is my new grandson will be born in a week!!!

  28. What I like about February is that the days start getting longer & I feel like I’m getting closer to spring

  29. I like having my granddaughter to spend time with on Valentine’s Day

  30. The only reason I like February is my niece’s birthday. I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day at all.

  31. I love February because it’s when I know Spring is around corner. Meaning vacations! And warmth. No more snow this year please!

  32. Heather Poindexter says:

    I love February for two reasons, one my youngest brothers birthday is the 14th and its closer to spring and warm weather. I really do not like cold.

  33. Jessica Parent says:

    Can’t say there is very much at all that I love about February…but I guess my Favorite part is clearance Valentines candy 🙂 Not a huge fan of the cold (up here in NY its VERY cold this month) and never been a huge fan of Valentines Day (but must admit the kids make it more joyful-seeing their joy with it)

  34. kimberly bhatti says:

    I love February because the weather is getting warmer

  35. I love February because I have a sweet little niece who’s birthday is the 5th. Also, enjoy Valentines with my husband.

  36. Laura Eckard says:

    I love that it is the shortest month of the year!

  37. Karina Lee says:

    i really love Valentine’s Day and my nephew’s birthday

  38. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love that winter is getting closer to being over and spring is near!

  39. I love February because it’s the last full month of winter. Then spring comes and then summer. What can be better!

  40. I like February because it is a winddown of the holidays, the super bowl and the start of spring is just around the corner!

  41. I love that my birthday, my daughter’s birthday, my wedding anniversary, and Valentine’s Day all fall within the month of February! It’s like a month long party and I love it although I’m sure my husband’s wallet doesn’t:)

  42. Michelle Salais says:

    I love most about February is Valentines Day, of course! Oh, and the color red everywhere! My favorite color. 🙂

  43. Allyson Tice says:

    I love February because it is 1 month closer to summertime in NY! I also love Valentines Day becuase of the flowers and candy.. yum! February is a nice month to enjoy time off with the kiddos as they have school break. its just a great family month!

  44. Rachel Duerr says:

    My favorite part of February is my anniversary with my sweet husband.

  45. i love the brisk air

  46. Melissa Greenfield says:

    Best part about February is that spring is just around the corner! Thanks for all your giveaways.

  47. It’s a short month, usually with a day off. It also means that spring is getting closer!!!

  48. Billiejo.hayes says:

    Valentines day! I’m not a winter fan, so I’m glad to see Feb pass. Means warmer weather is almost here.

  49. What I love about February is that it’s not June 🙂 Also, Mardi Gras is usually in Feb.

  50. Megan Bailly says:

    Definitely Valentine’s Day! Also, all the craziness from Thanksgiving, Christmas and my daughter’s birthday are finally over!

  51. I love that Valentines Day is half way in the month and that there are only 28 days for the month.

  52. I love Valentine’s Day and the other holidays in February!

  53. Janette Polivka says:

    this year, valentines day

  54. lucy france says:

    The thing i love about february is that it is not the start of the year but its not the end so you can just chill out.

  55. Lorayne Gothard says:

    February in Houston in nice because you don’t have the real bad humidity like summer, and you get some cool weather!!

  56. Dawn Monzu says:

    I love February because in Omaha, NE it just begins to get a little warmer. Some days it is nice enough to actually go outside without a jacket, but of course the next day we have a snow storm! haha I’m not very “into” Valentine’s Day anymore though, because I am recently divorced after being married 19 years! That is a whole other story though! Anyway, I also like Feb. because it is getting me close to my birthday in March! God bless!

  57. Megan Prater-Sanders says:

    I love February because it is the Month of Love, my son’s Birthday month and because spring is just around the corner!

  58. My first borns birthday is in Feb.

  59. Marcia Lee says:

    One of the only things I like about February is that I was born in February and I get to celebrate my birthday.

  60. Christina Finney says:

    I like February because if I get on the ball, I can have our tax refund before the end of the month.

  61. when will we know who won

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