$1500 Baby Shower Extravaganza Giveaway – ends 3/22

Everything Mommyhood has teamed up with Amy from This Mamas Life as she is expecting a little bundle of joy!
What a better way to celebrate than to offer a great Baby Shower Prize Package to our readers!
There are tons of fabulous prizes in this giveaway for ONE lucky winner, you can’t win without entering, so enter below and GOOD LUCK!!!Baby-Shower-button

Hosted By: This Mamas Life & Anderson’s Angels
Co Hosted By: Mama on A Green Mission, More is Merrier, Howling Horns, Budget Earth, and Mama Pure.


Value: Over $1500.00 in Prizes! (We are still adding prizes)
Lullaby Earth Mattress – $199 Value
Super Baby Food Book – $19 Value
Pretty Pushers – Labor & Delivery Gown, Postpartum Undies & Nursing Pads – $90 Value
Glow Bugs Diapers – 1 Diaper Boy/Girl/Neutral – $12.50 Value
AuraWeavers – Swaddle Blanket – $20 Value
Buttons Diapers – 5 Covers, 5 Liners and Large Wet Bag – $90 Value
Aveeno Gift Set – $ 29 Value
Fair Haven Health – Doppler & DreamBelly Butter & Cream – $61 Value
Bada Boum – Sleep Sack – $47 Value
Tommee Tippee -3 Pack of Bottles – $20 Value
Project Pomona – Your choice of Item upto a $34 Value
Itty bitty BabyBundle – $30 Value
The Children’s Place – Gift Card – $50 Value
MAM Feed and Soothe Gift Set – $25 Value
Pediped Shoes – $30 Value
Tortle – $20 Value
Kushies – Layette Set – $15 Value
Svan Totseat – $35 Value
Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump – $204 Value
Glamourmom Nursing Bra Nightgown – $69 Value
Joovy Nook Highchair – $149 Value
Crane Humidifier – Either the Drop or Adorable Animal Style – $45 Value
Ubbi Diaper Pail – Diaper Pail in your choice of color – $80 Value
Wink Shapeware – $54 Value
Miracle Blanket – $30 Value
Baby Breeza – Original Processor – $99 Value
**More Sponsors May Be Added **

*One Lucky Reader will receive the items shown above ( $1500.00 Value)
*Giveaway starts March 1, 2014 at Noon est.
*Giveaway will end at 11:59pm est on March 22, 2014
*Giveaway is open to US only
* You must be 18 or over to enter
* Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter
* Winners will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be
* The lucky winner will be notified by email at the end of the Giveaway.
* MI Savings Mama and the other participating blogs are not responsible for prize shipment or fulfillment

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: MI Savings Mama received the items above in exchange for review. This blog did not receive financial compensation or product in exchange for this giveaway. Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest are in no way associated with this giveaway. Prize fulfillment and shipping will be handled by the Sponsors.


  1. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I would be most excited about the Glow Bug diapers!!

  2. I am excited about the Children’s Place Gift Card 🙂

  3. I am most excited about the Joovy Nook High Chair.

  4. Shannon says:

    This is a really nice giveaway for parents and caregivers, good luck everyone.

  5. Misty Fergason says:

    I would love the breast pump.

  6. Jenn McCarthy says:

    Honestly I cant choose its all awesome!

  7. Gina Hiskes says:

    The $50 Children’s Place gift card! That would be perfect for summer clothes shopping.

  8. Jessica saxsma says:

    I would love the gift card!!!!

  9. This is such a great deal. I wish all the moms good luck!

  10. Cynthia P says:

    I am most excited about the $50. gift card, as selfish as it sounds.

  11. Amy Hart says:

    I can’t decide between the cloth diapers and pediped shoes!

  12. I’m most excited about the Totseat! 🙂

  13. Lauren Newsome says:

    I’m excited about the mattress!

  14. Amanda Boerst says:

    I’m excited about all of it! The diapers, highchair, breast pump, children’s place gift card… all of it! 🙂

  15. Heather Poindexter says:

    I think the diaper buttons, but there is so much I like/need.

  16. Julie Wood says:

    My sister could use a lot of these amazing items for my nephew! I like the Earth Mattress! The Children’s Place Gift Card is always nice to get to buy clothes!

  17. Lilia Kharabora says:

    All are such a blessing and amazing but I don’t own a highchair for my baby. So the Joovy Nook high chair please 😉

  18. I am most excited about the Lullabye Mattress.

  19. I’m excited about the Joovy Nook Highchair.

  20. Hard to choose but I think the highchair -we’re on the market for one! Also children’s place…

  21. the breast pump 😀

  22. I’m excited most about the Pediped Shoes & Children’s Place gift cards!

  23. Keke Fairfax says:

    The breast pump.

  24. Nicole U says:

    The Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump and the cloth diapers! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  25. I’m excited for the high chair and breast pump.

  26. Amanda Aspling says:

    Several things — the high chair, the breast pump, and I love Children’s place so the gift card 🙂

  27. Lori Thomas says:

    I`m excited about a few of them!! gift card, totseat and mattress

  28. I am most excited about the crane humidifier!

  29. spring ross says:

    I really like the cloth diapers, and I really appreciate the giveaway!

  30. I am most excited about the high chair.

  31. Sara Gardon says:

    The lullaby earth matress sounds great! This would be a wonderful way to welcome my first baby!

  32. The breast pump!

  33. Kari Barone says:

    I am most excited about the Lulla by Earth Mattress that is toxin free! Yippee for little baby!

  34. this has everything one needs for a baby. wish I could win

  35. The Children’s Place – Gift Card

  36. There are some awesome gifts…. Fingers crossed. Some of these would be great to try.

  37. I’m most excited about the Lullaby Earth mattress but winning any one of these prizes would be pretty exciting to me!

  38. curiouskit10 says:

    I’m most excited for the Crane humidifier! But they’re all excellent.

  39. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    Pretty pushers and the Crane humidifier!

  40. terry maigi says:

    I am most excited about the Childrens Place Gift Card!

  41. The breast pump!

  42. Jennifer Rote says:

    The Children’s Place Gift Card.

  43. Amanda Heck says:

    Avent Double Breast Pump

  44. The children Place card would be great to have or the Pediped shoes!

  45. Amanda N. says:

    I think I’m most excited about the Pediped shoes.

  46. Callie Pinz says:

    I would love to win the breast pump! Someone gave mine away =/

  47. The lullaby earth mattress!

  48. Any of them would be nice

  49. Stephanie M says:

    Super Baby Food book

  50. Miracle blanket

  51. kelly richardson says:

    Lullaby earth mattress

  52. Awesome prizes! Good luck!

  53. Claudia Rodriguez says:

    I want them all! But the pediped shoes are great

  54. The breast pump by Avent!

  55. I am most excited about The Children’s Place gift card

  56. Kristine says:

    I’d be excited about all the prizes!!

  57. corie holbrook says:

    I would be excited about all the prizes!

  58. Most excited about the diaper covers!!

  59. Jenny Gustafson says:

    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think I am probably most excited about the Buttons cloth diapers package. 🙂

  60. Sarah M says:

    I am excited about all of these but most excited about the Button Diapers!

  61. The mattress! Sounds perfect

  62. Joanna R. says:

    I would be most excited to win the mattress!

  63. Lullaby Earth Mattress

  64. Sarah VM says:

    I’m most excited for the Lullaby Earth Mattress. Thanks!

  65. rebecca b. says:

    I love Tommee tippee!

  66. I would be most excited to win the Lullaby Earth Mattress.

  67. I am most excited about the Avent breast pump. I have one already but have to lug it back and forth to work each day. I would love to have one for each location!

  68. i’d love the Ubbi diaper pail.

  69. Stephanie M says:

    The joovy nook highchair

  70. The Lullaby Earth Mattress!

  71. I have been wanting to try glow bug diapers so I am excited about that as well as the ubbi diaper pail 🙂

  72. Olivia laine says:

    The joovy nook high chair

  73. The Joovy Highchair would be wonderful!

  74. Jamie Russell says:

    The breast pump, the mattress, and the highchair would be amazing!! I would love to try all of the other stuff too =)

  75. Button diapers!

  76. The earth mattress would be awesome, thank you!

  77. The mattress would b good for the baby’s spinal cord support

  78. crystal z says:


  79. Ubbi Diaper Pail

  80. Lullaby Earth Mattress will really come in handy!

  81. Denise G. says:

    I’ve hear a lot about the Baby Breeza and plan to make my little guy’s food in a few months.
    So I’d be very excited to win that.

  82. The advent breast pump!

  83. Kelly D. says:

    Everything looks great, but I am most excited about the gift certificate from The Children’s Place.

  84. sarah bowe says:

    the legwarmers

  85. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I’m excited for the Children’s place gift card!

  86. seriously how can i pick???

  87. I would be most excited about the Ubbi diaper pail.

  88. Allison Davis says:

    It all looks great, I’m most excited about the joint high chair!

  89. I would like to try the Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump – $204 Value. It has a high value and my step daughter would like to have it.

  90. jodi Coleman says:

    There is some seriously amazing stuff I wont be able to afford. Baby boy due July 1st. First pregnancy for us, couldn’t be more excited! Fingers crossed for me to win 🙂

  91. gianna borden says:

    the mam feed and soothe gift set!!!

  92. Veronica Valdez says:

    Baby backups

  93. The diaper pail and the diapers!

  94. I like the nursing bra nightgown

  95. Any one of these but the mattress would be great!

  96. candice moody says:

    Honestly, I am happy for any of the items. How exciting!!

  97. Tanaya S. says:

    Most excited for the lullaby earth mattress.

  98. I would love the diaper pail, the baby brezza or the tommy tippee bottles! Anything is really fantastic!

  99. Melissa Trierweiler says:

    The breast pump and mattress!

  100. pam shepherd says:

    childrens place $50.00 gift card & breast pump

  101. julie moore says:

    The lullabye earth mattress

  102. Anything!

  103. Emily Roemer says:

    Joovy high chair.

  104. Def. the Joovy Nook high chair!!!!

  105. shelley hammond says:

    Either the joovy high chair or the buttons diapers. I have just recently started with clothing diapering, and the ones I have now are much too bulky.

  106. lbrown1513 says:

    Most excited about the breast pump!

  107. Danielle says:

    the humidifier

  108. Buttons Diapers – 5 Covers, 5 Liners and Large Wet Bag

  109. Lindsay H says:

    Love pediped!!

  110. Kymn Ligi says:

    Avent double breast pump! Much needed!

  111. Amber Carroll says:

    I am most excited about the cloth diapers and the Children’s Place gift card.

  112. Bethanie says:

    Project Pomona

  113. Kerri-Ann Parks says:

    Joovy Nook Highchair

  114. That is hard to choose. I think I ‘m most excited for the Joovy Nook Highchair.

  115. chelsea d says:

    I’m excited for the svan totseat….

  116. Mikaela R. says:

    I am most excited for the Joovy Nook Highchair!

  117. All of them?! Too many to choose! I would love the Breeza though!

  118. Angela W says:

    Svan Totseat

  119. Stephanie DeArco says:

    AuraWeavers – Swaddle Blanket

  120. Christina Strapp says:

    So hard to pick, but I like the breast pump.

  121. mayra jakaitis says:

    The diaper pail

  122. The Buttons Diapers. Would love to give them a try!

  123. The Joovy highchair and the Pediped shoes!

  124. The Winks shapewear!

  125. Stephanie Colvin says:

    I can honestly say I am excited about all the prizes. I thought I was done having babies, so I sold all my baby stuff and have seen this giveaway and decided not to enter it. Well, today I found out that I am pregnant so I am excited about it all!

  126. I’d be happy with any of it, but the CP GC would be nice to get my son some new clothes.

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