– Earn CASH & other rewards for your opinion!

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Are you interested in EARNING EXTRA MONEY taking free surveys?

Online surveys are a great way to earn some extra money in your free time. Major companies use surveys to improve products and services that consumers use everyday. Companies need people LIKE YOU to give honest opinions and they will give YOU GREAT REWARDS for taking their surveys.

What rewards can you earn?

Most surveys pay cash or points, which can be redeemed for a check, PayPal payment, gift cards, or a charitable donation. You select how you would like to be rewarded. Surveys typically offer $1-$5, but longer ones pay more. Most survey companies also offer great sweepstakes. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual sweeps range from $100 to $5,000 – and there’s an annual sweepstake for $40,000.

There are many great ways to earn extra money from surveys. You may be offered product tests and get to keep the product. Many survey companies also conduct focus groups – and they typically pay $75-$200.

How can you take surveys?

Taking surveys and earning rewards is easy when you know which surveys to join. provides a list of reputable surveys with great rewards. was created by two professional women who have worked at top market research companies. Using their knowledge of the industry, they provide only the best survey companies.

Visit and select the surveys you would like to join. Complete the registration, click the link in the confirmation email and start earning rewards right away. Join one or join a few to maximize how much you can earn.

What to give it a try? Visit and start earning REWARDS for your opinion today!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a sweet day.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I am glad to know a site that tells me more about survey sites and which to join. Thank you for this information. I hate survey groups that have you start and then after 5 minutes of answering tell you that you are not eligible.

    • Jo-Ann, it definitely is annoying to be screened out after you spend so much time answering questions. There are some surveys that typically allow everyone to answer. These surveys are about a specific topic – for example, we have a survey about sleep and one about jewellery on right now. When you join these surveys, you will typically be able to complete all of the surveys. There are also survey companies that have a system that checks all of their open surveys and finds one that you are more likely to qualify for. Harris is one company we list that does this. Valerie

  3. This sounds like something I’d be interested in. Thanks for the information.

  4. Angie Fiack says:

    I agree with Jo-Ann, I get tired of taking a survey and part way into to it, they say you’re not eligible.

  5. Tamra Phelps says:

    Who knew that any one would want my opinion, lol? Sounds like a good deal!

  6. Dorothy Boucher says:

    this sounds like a great idea, i think if you can make money just by giving your opinion then do it if you have the time, i know for myself i have done so many in the past and always got promises about getting money but never got a dime for all my time i put in.. thanks for share @tisonlyme143

    • Sorry to hear that Dorothy. That’s why we started We believe that people should be rewarded for their opinions and their time. All of the surveys we list, absolutely pay out the rewards they promise. In fact, one of our favourite companies, MySurvey, rewarded its members with more than $16 million last year. We list what the rewards are with each company, so you can see which you prefer.

  7. I like the idea of this, but honestly my days are so full already! I don’t think I would do this without giving up other things to do so. I wish there were either 48 hours in a day or we didn’t have to sleep!

  8. I think this is a great opportunity for someone that needs extra cash. Thank you for the info.

  9. Nice idea for someone with a lot of time at home on the computer. Thanks for sharing the how tos 🙂

  10. This is a good idea. If your going to use the computer, why not take advantage of this?

  11. cassandra says:

    This sounds like a good idea, everyone has their own opinion about everything so with some extra time on their hands they could share

  12. Nicole Bear says:

    I am a member of another site like this, and I am reaping rewards. I like to share my opinion anyway, so why not get something back?

  13. Rebecca Wilson says:

    This can be a good thing for people who need a little extra cash (and who doesn’t). Thank you for the information.

  14. nancyfancypink says:

    thanks for the information! If you can really earn cash for taking surveys, I may be interested.

  15. registered and done some surveys

  16. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    I’m always looking for sites like this to make extra cash doing simple things, I was laid off and haven’t had luck finding a new job yet so every little bit counts!

    • Sorry to hear that Lindsay. I was laid off as well, and haven’t found work yet either. I know how difficult it is. You can definitely earn some extra money taking surveys. You can’t earn a living (unfortunately), but as you said, every little bit counts. Good luck! We hope you find something soon. Valerie & Karen

  17. I might be willing to actually try this survey site which is alot because I think most of them are scams but you made this one sound pretty legit.

    • In my last job, I used to come across sites that made promises of earning huge amounts of cash taking surveys. This just isn’t true. Some of these sites used to charge people $30 to join their site. I made sure that I never worked with any of these sites. We started to provide people with accurate expectations of what they can earn. We’ve heard of members earning $50 a month – not a huge amount, but a nice little extra bonus.

  18. I don’t know, I’ve started a few surveys then end up quitting them–it seems that within the first few questions they are asking some very uncomfortable and personal questions, like how much money we make, etc. Even if they asked those same questions later, I’d be just as uncomfortable sharing such personal information about me or my household, what do they do with all of the information we submit to them I wonder.

    • Hi Artizzanne, We completely understand about the personal questions. Pretty much every legitimate survey company will ask you about your household income, region, gender, and age. These are pretty important questions for them to have. The answers are used for three main reasons – (1) they want to be sure that they have enough responses from a representative sample. They need to ensure that their respondents match the population. So if 15% of the population is 35-44, they need to ensure that 15% of the respondents from their surveys are 35-44 as well. Otherwise, their results may not be accurate. (2) Your answers will be combined with everyone else that responded to the survey. This information helps clients to further describe the results. For example, they may say that women are more likely to like a brand than men are. (3) this information will be used to select members to participate in surveys. If a survey is looking for people with a certain household income level, they will use this information to select only those who do. This reduces the number of people who try to take a survey, but are ineligible.

      Although there may be surveys that ask you which bank you bank with, or what types of banking accounts you have, you will never be asked for your account number, credit card number, etc. Legitimate companies would never ask you for this.

      Sorry for the long response 🙂 If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. Valerie

  19. Melissa S says:

    I think I may give this a try, I do some surveys for cash, but only on recommendations from sites I trust.

  20. Big thank you to everyone that has visited We hope you have a great experience taking the surveys. Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!

    Have a great day,
    Valerie & Karen

  21. Something to check out for sure

  22. Paula Morgan says:

    Now, from what I’m reading, this sounds like a wonderful site for taking surveys!! I love doing survey’s, but I really get upset when they ask for your income level, and if you don’t make enough money, then you apparently aren’t entitled to an opinion!! Yes, I live on a fixed income. So what? I am still a consumer!

  23. This sounds great for those who have the patience for taking surveys. I for one, don’t at this time in my life. It’s too time consuming and intrusive. Maybe some day when life slows down. The rewards look great though.

  24. Thanks for finding and posting this. Have you tried it? I haven’t yet.

  25. Thanks for posting!

  26. M.Clark says:

    This looks like an interesting opportunity. There are actually a lot of websites out there just like this one, that offer rewards for taking surveys and doing other things on their site. Thank you for sharing this post.

  27. I want to leave a special thank you to Valerie for being so responsive. The extra information you provided was really helpful – especially about companies that check to see if we qualify for a survey.(like Harris) as time is such a valuable commodity. Also, for clarifying about why the questions seem so personal. Of course, a big thank you to Everything Mommyhood for giving us a heads up on the site 🙂

  28. Thanks for sharing! I am definitely checking this out for sure!

  29. this is a great idea i love giving my ideas and get rewarded

  30. Our favourites are MySurvey, Toluna, HarrisPoll and VIP Voice. Rest assured, if you join, you can unsubscribe whenever you wish. But once you start receiving rewards, you may not want to. We hope you enjoy the experience. 🙂

  31. rebeka deleon says:

    I like that you can make money by doing surveys or enter sweeps for prizes. I do it sometimes when I feel like it. They get sent to my email everyday. I have never tried this site before though.

  32. gianna borden says:

    this seems pretty cool but i have done things like this before so i don’t know how easily you’d make money off of it, but savyseekers seems pretty legit!

  33. I’ve been a member of a few of these sites in the past and you have to work for it, but you can earn prizes. Definitely won’t be giving up your day job for it, though!

  34. This is the 1st time hearing about this and it seems like all the other ones. The only one I use is Swagbucks but I may look into this one too. Can’t have to many giftcards!!! LOL

  35. Terri S says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have never heard about this before.

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