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Bedwetting is a common issue that children struggle with, and most of the time it’s uncontrollable. As a parent we know it can be tiring having to wash sheets, clothes, and bathe our children every night it happens. Not only that, it’s embarrassing for the child too. Now available at Walmart are Huggies® GoodNites® *Tru-Fit* for comfortable nights for your little one. Pick up a pack of GoodNites® *Tru-Fit* for your little guy or gal and start taking back control of your family’s nights.

Huggies® GoodNites® have a line of products called GoodNites® *Tru-Fit*. GoodNites® *Tru-Fit* underwear looks and feels like big kid underwear but has absorbent Inserts. It’s soft fabric underwear that works with disposable protection to keep sheets and PJs dry all night. You can protect your kids from accidents while protecting them from embarrassment. This is good news for your children, and good news for us as parents. I love a product that gives a good peace of mind without stressing out, or stressing my child out.

I personally have a 5 year old daughter, and things like bedwetting can be very very emotional for both of us. Knowing that GoodNites® *Tru-Fit* are soft fabric underwear, makes my daughter feel secure, and not like she’s wearing a diaper like her baby sister does. They fit super comfortable under her pajamas, and you wouldn’t even know they are there. They keep her dry, and her sheets dry which is a plus in both of our books!

GoodNites® *Tru-Fit* are machine washable and come in colors & patterns for boys and girls! Purchase a starter kit with 2 pairs of GoodNites® *Tru-Fit* which also includes 5 absorbent inserts. You can also by a refill pack of additional inserts.

If your child has an issue with bedwetting, I highly recommend checking out the new GoodNites® *Tru-Fit* by Huggies® at your local Walmart. You won’t be disappointed. Make sure to head over to HERE to grab a $3 off coupon!

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  1. I have not ever seen these before. Thanks so much for the information and coupon on them. These would be perfect for my grand kids at night time

  2. Sherrie C. says:

    My granddaughter is four years old and spends the night at my home often so I keep a package of the Huggies Goodnites just in case she has an accident. Glad to know they are making a brand for older children that look more like underwear than diapers so kids don’t get upset when they have to wear them at bedtime.

  3. Terri S says:

    I’ve never heard of these before. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Angela Bauer says:

    My two older daughters (now 16 and 14) had no toilet training problems. My now 11 year-old daughter was not ready for toilet training at 3. She was then found to have a small over-active bladder. She just managed enough day control to enter Kindergarten but has never really been dry at night. My now almost 5 year-old daughter is day dry but always wets her bed. Our first supply of GoodNites Tru-Fit arrived from Wal-Mart on-line 3 weeks ago. They make all the difference with my younger girls. They still wet but do not leak. They can take responsibility for putting on and taking off their Tru-Fit. Last night the 11 year-old woke up, lowered her Tru-Fit and used the toilet all by herself. Count me very impressed!

  5. Melinda says:

    We use these but two things are terrible on them. Firstly, they sometimes leak when they move and secondly the insert takes too long to put in.

    • Angela Bauer says:

      As I shared in my own comment, both my 11 and 5 year-old daughters wet every night. They have been wearing GoodNites Tru-Fit for 5 weeks without any leaks. So are the children who leak wearing the appropriate size? The S/M is rated to 65 pounds and the L/XL starts at 60 pounds. In reality the S/M fill fit some girls much heavier than 70 pounds. The idea is the undies should fit snugly.

      Even before I showed my girls how to insert the pads, the older one had watched a video review in which a mom demonstrated. My 11 yo had absolutely no trouble inserting the liner. The second night she had no trouble teaching her little sister to insert the liner.

      Is it possible boys will have more leakage problems in bed than girls?

  6. Zoie Hayes says:

    I tried goodnites tru- fit for my 10 year old daughter Hope and I found out that they are much much smaller than the original pull up. She wears a l- xl size. I was very sad since she got made fun of. I thought this was the answer. Well it wasn’t. The night she tried it she said they were tight but I let it go. I was so mad at my self because when she woke up we took it off and she had tomato red marks on her waist. The next day we had the original goodnites and there was no marks. I recommend the original and not tru- fit

    • Angela Bauer says:

      All I can say is that Tru-Fit L/XL fits my 11 year-old daughter very well. The commenter does not say the height, weight or hip size of her 10 year-old daughter. Tru-Fit work because they are stretchy. Chances are a girl approaching the 100 pound limit for L/XL would find a brand-new pair tight, and that tightness could leave marks.

      Chances are this is a reason although the limit for ordinary GoodNites is 125 pounds it is 100 pounds for Tru-Fit.

  7. Trisha McAlister says:

    I have a 3 1/2 year old that is having difficulties potty training and I told her that her diapers/pull ups are going in the garbage so I bought these and she calls them “night panties”. Tonight is the first night we will be trying them. Should I still put a soaker pad under her in case it leaks because she travels a lot at night?!

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