Poise Microliner Review – Now Available at Walmart! #ad

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Poise at Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a mom we all know that sometimes we have issues with light bladder leakage, also known as LBL. Let’s face it, things get weaker down there and whether you want to or not, sometimes if you cough, sneeze, or even laugh too hard, you may have an issue with LBL. Poise has came out with a new product, Poise Microliners. You may remember my post last month about them, which you can find here.

I recently picked up some Poise at Walmart, the new Microliners that protect aganst LBL. They were an everyday low price, and a good size box with 54 inside. I picked up the regular length, lightest absorbency Poise Microliners. Upon taking them out of the package, I was completely surprised by how THIN these were. I didn’t understand how they would be able to hold any amount of LBL with how incredibly thin they were. I was excited to try them out. Poise Microliners are made with SAM, also known has Super Absorbant Material that you won’t find anywhere else. They are designed to be discreet with just enough absorbency to handle an occasional leak.

The first time I wore them, I was surprised that you couldn’t even tell you were wearing them. They were so incredibly thin that you didn’t even notice the Poise Microliner was there. They are simple to put on, and you can keep the wrapper to discard it later. They are individually wrapped which is great, it makes it easy to just throw a few in your purse for on the go. They are designed to move with your body and they stay in place all day long, which makes them comfortable to wear. When you have LBL, it quickly locks away any wetness and odor, which is great! No embarassing odors or leak throughs. I recommend purchasing these and giving them a try yourself!

Head in to purchase Poise at Walmart and make sure you get this Poise Coupon to save on your purchase, you can save $1, under the liners tab at the top of the page. Walmart carries this new product from Poise, at an everyday low price that is sure to fit any budget!

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  1. I happen to use these, I don’t have what other women have every month ( mestation) but from time to time like maybe 2 or 3 months or something I will flow, but not crazy.. so I like these because of the length and support..

  2. These sound great for people that have this problem. Thank you for your review.

  3. Lara Clinton says:

    This sounds like a great thing for pregnant ladies to use when there’s a lot of pressure down there!

  4. I have to use these every once in awhile. Thank you for your review!

  5. M.Clark says:

    I do not suffer from LBL, but it’s nice to know what product I should use if the need should ever arise. These Poise Microliners are amazingly thin, thank you for sharing this review.

  6. I have not tried these, don’t need them (yay!) ~ but they sound like something that work great for their size. I like that the wrapper is reusable.

  7. Terri S says:

    Thank you for sharing. I will pass this info on to my Mom.

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