Tony’s Pizza Review & Giveaway – ends 6/17

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We were recently contacted by Tony’s Pizza to try out some of their pizzas! Tony’s pizzas just introduced new pizzas to their lineup. The new Tony’s pizza is available in 10-inch multi-serve pizzas that come in eight flavors, including: pepperoni, sausage, cheese, sausage and pepperoni, supreme, half pepperoni and half cheese, bacon cheeseburger and Meat-Trio pizza. Also part of the recipe update is the Tony’s Single Serve Pizzeria Style Pizza that comes in a two pack. Flavors for this product line include pepperoni, cheese and Meat-Trio pizza.


I picked up several different ones, and we tried out the pepperoni first. I’ll be honest, I had never purchased Tony’s pizzas prior to this review. I do usually have a few pizzas on hand in the freezer for quick meals or a last minute dinner, as my kids love them.  I was rather impressed with the price point and the taste of Tony’s pizza. It had a crunchy crust, and I liked the taste of the sauce. I’m not a fan of sweet pizza sauce, and Tony’s pizza sauce was just right. It had the right amount too, as I like not too much, but not too little. My kids liked the pizza as well, which is great! There were enough pepperoni for each piece to have some on it. I did have to move them around a bit though. I usually am not a fan of crust on pizza, but I actually ate it with Tony’s and I had no complaints!


All in all, we will be purchasing Tony’s Pizza from now on, you can find it at any local grocery store for a great price, ours were just on sale 2 for $5! That’s a cheap dinner!

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  1. M.Clark says:

    Wow, Tony’s Pizza looks delicious!! It is a brand that I have not heard of before reading about it here, but I would definitely try it. I like the large selection of flavors/toppings. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Maureen says:

    I like plain cheese and I usually add candian bacon.

  3. I love supreme pizza and I love Tony’s and we eat pizza at least once a week.

  4. Dorothy Boucher says:

    cheese 🙂 got to have my cheese pizza

  5. Sally T. says:

    My husband and I eat pizza every Friday night~a ritual from many years ago
    when I worked.Our favorite then was a place called Chef Fresh.Now it is cheese and
    pepperoni thin crust.Trying to find a good one. 🙂

  6. Susan W says:

    My favorite pizza is Papa Johns supreme.

  7. We have pizza every week in my home. I am a simple pizza lover–cheese.

  8. Margaret P. says:

    Our favorite frozen pizza is Red Baron’s Classic Crust Pepperoni. We have pizza at least once a week.

  9. Jan Lee says:

    I like Supreme Pizzas and the most recent I’ve had is Digiorno. I have pizza about once a week 🙂

  10. steve weber says:

    I like the cheese, and then I add pineapple and ham.

  11. Amy Orvin says:

    I love pizza with extra cheese and eat pizza about 3 times a week. I am a pizza buff! 😉

  12. Connie Lee says:

    My favorite pizza is sausage and pepperoni. My husband and I will eat pizza about once a month.

  13. isisthe12th says:

    My favorite pizza is a white pie. We have pizza at least once every two weeks.

  14. Sally T. says:

    I sure hope to win some pizza~who knows Tony’s will be my Fav.

  15. Natalie Brown says:

    Hello! My favorite pizza is Domino’s. For store bought pizza it’s Tombstone. I like pepperoni or sausage on it. These sound good too. Thanks!

  16. My husband makes pizza from scratch once a week. I skip it. I like pizza hut meat lovers pizza, deep dish. Maybe once a year I’ll have a piece. I’m not a big eater.

  17. I like pepperoni pizza,which I eat about two to three times a year.

  18. jenn huey says:

    I have 3 kids that work at Pizza Hut so unfortunately, way too often, but I love a good frozen pizza

  19. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    We have pizza at least once a month, and I love a good supreme pizza!

  20. My favorite is veggie pizza with cheese, bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, and onion.

  21. Jackie Trimble says:

    I like cheese pizza and we have it once a week during cold weather months when it’s nice to turn on the oven.

  22. We eat pizza a ton in this house. My fav is plain with pineapple. OMG! Best! EVER!

  23. My favorite is the Chicken Club Pizza from Pizza Hut but it’s only at select locations. We try to have pizza at least once every other week.

  24. Michelle Salais says:

    I love Tony’s pizza! Good price too.

  25. Emily L says:

    My favorite pizza, when I can splurge, is grilled chicken with tomatoes and spinach, thin crust! But I only get that every few months. I usually just stick to cheese. We eat pizza probably once every two weeks.

  26. Natalie says:

    I eat pizza once every other week and my favorite pizza is chicken with spinach and tomatoes on a thick crust.

  27. Brady Wallace says:

    I eat pizza a few times a month. I have so many toppings on mine I have to use a fork to eat it lol.

  28. I LOVE pizza!! I love just cheese or mushroom or spinach or supreme. Now and then I love a deep dish pizza. We have it at least once a week! Sometimes we have frozen; we like DiGornio.

  29. Sarah Elyce says:

    Depends on where I am getting pizza from. I always love plain cheese. Some brands, I like supreme. Some take out, I like sausage and green peppers. Always extra sauce.

  30. supreme

  31. I my favorite is pepperoni! We have pizza about once a week! The kids….sometimes have it one day for lunch too!

  32. ELIZABETH C. says:

    My favorite pizza has mushrooms & onions. My kids & I usually have pizza every Sunday!

  33. DeeAnn S says:

    I love mushroom & bacon on pizza. We do take-out about once a month, but I always have some frozen pizza on hand for weekends when we get snacky. 😉

  34. Tammy Arnold says:

    My son is a teenager and seems to think that pizza at least once a week is mandatory to his continued health

  35. Cathy Burnett says:

    My favorite pizza is a meat lovers pizza and we eat pizza at least once a week.

  36. John Stachowicz says:

    My favorite one is the pepperoni pizza, my daughter loves the cheese pizza.

  37. Monica Nuss says:

    my favorite pizza is the spinach alfredo from Cici’s. don’t have it enough

  38. Bobbie Smith says:

    My favorite pizza is Pepperoni, I love when they have triple pepperoni

  39. I love my pizza with the works and we have pizza a few times a week

  40. Candie L says:

    We love Hawaiian Pizza. We eat it about once a week. Thank you

  41. Buddy Garrett says:

    My favorite is Pepperoni. I have pizza about once every two weeks.

  42. Lily Kwan says:

    I like Hawaiian pizza. I have once or twice a month.

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