Evenflo ProComfort Symphony™ DLX Car Seat Review #EvenfloPlatinum

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network and Evenflo. Everything Mommyhood received monetary compensation as well as the product mentioned below to facilitate our review. All opinions are those of our own and were not influenced in any way.

If you’re a follower of my blog or my Facebook page you know that we are huge advocates for car seat safety and doing the maximum to keep our children safe. When I was given the opportunity to review the Evenflo ProComfort Symphony™ DLX I was pretty excited because I actually hadn’t reviewed a seat from Evenflo yet, even though we already owned two other Evenflo seats. Evenflo is taking safety and comfort to the next level with the introduction of Gel Matrix™ Technology. This engineered material dials up the level of comfort, keeping your child content so you can focus on the road. This engineered material reduces pressure point build-up, enhancing your child’s comfort so they maintain a proper seating position. This helps to ensure a safer, more peaceful ride for both mom and child and help prevent an accident from ever happening.

A distracted driver is a risk on the road, and nothing can be more distracting to a mom driving than a crying baby or toddler. According to a study conducted by American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide, new moms are 300% more likely to get into an accident than other drivers, in part due to tending to an upset baby. With the Evenflo ProComfort Symphony™ DLX your child will be so comfortable! My almost 3 year old falls asleep in the car more often now, than she ever has before in any other seat.


Upon taking our Evenflo ProComfort Symphony™ DLX out of the box I noticed right away how well built this car seat is. It was very sturdy and firm and weighed in at just 21lbs. Right away I tried out a doll, my almost 3 year old, and my almost 6 year old in it to see how the seat would fit each of them. They all fit well and the harness was super easy to loosen and tighten as needed. I had all 3 in the seat and properly restrained in under a 30 seconds. This All-In-One seat accommodates children ranging from 5 – 110 lbs, making it the only car seat you will ever need, from newborn rear facing up to your preschooler or school age child in a booster.

EvenfloCollageHere is what you need to remember to properly restrain your child every single time, no matter what seat they are in:
– Harness Straps should never be twisted.
– Harness Straps should be completely snug as a hug with no slack at all.
– Chest Clip should ALWAYS be at armpit level, no lower and no higher.
– For Rear-Facing- Harness Straps should be AT or BELOW their shoulders.
– For Forward-Facing- Harness Straps should be AT or ABOVE their shoulders.
– DO NOT use any aftermarket car seat products OR heavy winter coats/jackets under straps or behind child.

infiniteslideWith the Evenflo ProComfort Symphony™ DLX, adjusting straps has never been easier. The Infinite Slide™ Harness provides an easy, safe, accurate fit and eliminates any need for harness re-threading as your child grows. You simply just pull on the red tabs at the same time to move them up and to slide them down as well. This is a great feature because you don’t have to uninstall the car seat to move the straps up. The Upfront Harness Adjustment, allows you to easily adjust the 5-point harness from the front of the car seat, making it easier to get your child in and out. This makes it super easy to loosen, tighten, and make the harness height taller or shorter depending on the child occupying the seat. This is a great feature for a growing child (as well all know they are) or even if you are using the seat for more than one child and need to adjust the seat quickly and easily.

procomfortOne of the newest features that is new to me in this seat is the Gel Matrix™, which is designed to keep your child content; dialing up the level of comfort with the introduction of Gel Matrix Technology. This engineered material reduces pressure point build-up, alleviating child’s discomfort for a safer, more peaceful ride. It’s super comfortable and both of my children have told me how comfortable the seat is for them.

BucklePocketAnother great feature of the seat are the new Buckle Pockets. You can neatly and smartly tuck the buckle tongues away—making it easier and safer to get a child in and out of the seat. No more digging around for lost buckles or hot buckle tongues during warm weather that can burn your child. This is a fabulous feature, especially living in the South my car gets VERY hot. We have heat indexes in the 100s all throughout the Summer so you can only imagine how hot those buckles will get if they are in the sunlight. This should be a feature that is required by all car seats. The buckles are easy to find and you don’t have to worry about burning your child.


For Use Rear-Facing Child Must Meet All These Requirements

  • Weight: 5 – 40 lbs (2.3 -18 kg).
  • Height: 19 – 37 inches (48 -94 cm).
  • AND top of child’s head is at least 1 inch (25 mm) below the top of the child restraint seat back.

For Use Forward-Facing Child Must Meet All These Requirements

  • Weight: 22 – 65 lbs (10 – 29.4 kg).
  • Height: 28 – 50 inches (71 – 127 cm).
  • AND the tops of their ears are below the top of the child restraint headrest.
  • Age: At least one year of age. (Pediatricians and APA Recommends at LEAST age 2)

For Booster Use Child Must Meet All These Requirements

  • Weight: 40 – 110 lbs (18 – 49.8 kg).
  • Height: 43.3 – 57 inches (110 – 145 cm).
  • AND the tops of their ears are below the top of the child restraint headrest.
  • Age: At least four years of age

Now for installing the car seat there are important tips you need to remember.
– DO NOT EVER, install in a front seat with an airbag.
– Do not use LATCH and a seatbelt, choose just one.
– Do not use LATCH if your child weighs more than 40lbs, install with a seat belt.
– When the car seat is installed, it should not move more than 1 inch side to side or front to back. It needs to have a tight install.
– The Tether Strap MUST be used if forward-facing or as a booster, otherwise it needs to be tightly rolled and banded to keep away from baby/child.


To Install using LATCH Quick Connectors, first you need to make sure the LATCH is in the correct position on the seat for Rear Facing Installation or Forward Facing Installation as there are 2 different paths to follow underneath the seat padding.
QuickConnectorOnce you have the LATCH following the correct path, connect to your LATCH connectors and firmly push down on the seat with your weight. You will hear the LATCH Quick connectors tighten and the seat installation will be a tight install.

To Install using Seat Belt, you need to first make sure the LATCH Quick connectors are stowed away and connected to the D-rings on the side of the seat, and in the forward-facing LATCH path so they do not interfere with the seat belt installation. Pull the seat belt all the way out and thread through the seat belt path. Buckle seat belt, then remove all slack from the seat belt. Using your full weight, push the child restraint firmly onto the vehicle seat while tightening the vehicle seat belt to remove excess slack. Remember it should not move more than 1 inch side to side or front to back. It needs to have a tight install to properly protect your child.

On all installations make sure the level line is level with ground.  You may place a towel/small blanket rolled up and placed beneath the front edge of the base, only if necessary. If Rear-Facing make sure the seat is fully reclined to Position #1. If Forward-Facing the seat needs to be in Recline Position #2 or #3 ONLY.

You should then have your Evenflo ProComfort Symphony™ DLX properly. Now put your child in and make sure he/she is properly secure. We love this seat and have our almost 3 year old rear-facing as of now, which is 500% safer than forward-facing. Once she outgrows the limits for rear-facing, she will be moved to forward-facing.

All in all, I believe the Evenflo ProComfort Symphony™ DLX is definitely the one and only seat you need as it is for children 5-110lbs. The price point is great and the colors are great too. I highly recommend this and have already recommended it to several friends and some of my readers too.

Buy it: The ProComfort Series can be found at Target stores or at Target.com for $239.99-$249.99. It’s available in two prints, Cambridge (the one we have pictured above), or Alexandria.

Disclosure: I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.Everything Mommyhood was monetarily compensated for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are those of our own and were not influenced in any way. This posting is not associated or affiliated with any social media outlets. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. If you would like to see your product reviewed/featured, please email EverythingMommyhood@gmail.com.


  1. This car seat looks very comfortable, it’s definitely the one that I would purchase. Thank you for sharing this review.

  2. pumpkinsfan76 says:

    This is a really nice child seat. Thank you for your review.

  3. Thanks for the review. I love the idea of one car seat from birth until they are ready to not use a car seat. The seat I have is very heavy and there is no good way to carry it when we travel. What do you think about traveling with this seat?

  4. This seat looks so comfortable! We used an infant seat and then a convertible seat, but I think next time we will just start with a seat like this.

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