Huggies® Little Movers with Double Grip Strips

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies® Little Movers. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been a mom now for almost 6 years and Huggies® has always been my go to diaper. Even in those short 6 years I have noticed how much they have improved their diapers too. Not that they have needed improving at all, but they are always trying to come up with something. I recently had the chance to try out Huggies Little Movers for the first time on my 2 year old. I LOVE the NEW Double Grip Strips! Even more, my 2 year old LOVES the Mickey and Minnie characters on them!

Here’s the front and back of the Huggies Little Movers showing the fun characters and their SnugFit waistband!

The double grip strips are soft Velcro strips on the sides of the front diaper panel for an all-around comfy fit that lasts. They hold my toddlers diaper on with no problems while she’s moving and grooving all over the place.

Trusted protection of Huggies LeakLockTM system gives you a peace of mind knowing your little one doesn’t have a chance of leaks. Let’s face it, our babies and toddlers are Little Movers, they don’t stop moving, ever, unless they’re sleeping. Having a diaper like Huggies Little Movers is a must have.

Huggies are a no brainer when it comes to diapers for my little tot who is always on the go. No leaks, no blowouts, and they allow her to move comfortably no matter what she’s doing.

I headed on over to Huggies where you can Share your Moving Moment of your baby/toddler! You can upload a photo or video and grab a Huggies coupon for $2.00 and the chance to be featured on the Huggies Facebook Page! Huggies and celebrity fitness instructor and mom, Nikki Glor, designed exclusive movements and activities to celebrate baby’s moving moments and get parents moving, too.

Next time you’re out and picking up some diapers for your little one, make sure to check out Huggies Little Movers with the new Double Grip Strips. You won’t be disappointed in your choice!

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  1. Kelly Faber says:

    What a great new feature! Makes for a sturdy diaper! I currently don’t use this brand of diapers, but I have been thinking of making the switch! I love the fun prints too!! 🙂

  2. Kasie Tillman says:

    I started off using Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers, but as my daughter got a little older we switched over to Huggies. That elastic waistband just seems to fit better. They just keep making them better and better.

  3. I currently use pampers. But I think I may make a switch!


  5. WOW! These diapers sound fantastic! They are always coming out with something new & improved in today’s world. It seems like once you purchase something, a few weeks later, a “better” version comes out! I’ve still be using the regular diapers on my toddler, however, since you highly recommend these Huggies Littie Movers, I am definitely going to give them a whirl! Thanks for the information and review! As always, very helpful and informative! Thanks, Michele 🙂

  6. Renee Smith says:

    I already use these diapers for my toddler. I’ve had really good luck with them-no leaks or messes. Love them!

  7. I just learned that my daughter is expecting a baby! all of a sudden I am very interested in diaper reviews. I am so excited!

  8. My 16 month olds new thing is taking her diaper off…not cool…we usually buy pampers but she just pulls the tab and runs and it falls off…maybe if we try these it will be a little harder for her to get them off… I’ve been putting a snap onesie on her but she still manages.

  9. Great review!! I used huggies when my son was in diapers and loved them..

  10. These diapers look very nice and durable. Cute designs. Thank you for sharing

  11. Christina Strapp Lambert says:

    I love these Huggie diapers. I really like the new feature they added. I really like the choice of characters since my daughter loves Minnie and Mickey.

  12. These are great! Huggies diapers really do work well and I’m sure the double grip stripes make them even better.

  13. I always bought Huggies when my Children were little. I wish they would have had the double grip strip back then!!! I had a hard time at one point with them tearing the tape and getting it off!! Drove me nuts!!! Duck tape couldn’t even fix it…lol It would have saved my paitence and a little money on having to throw them away because they wouldn’t stick.

  14. these are very nice diapers, when your little starts to grow they move around so much running ,jumping , playing every where so you really need to know that the diaper on them is comfy but also protects them.. great review and thanks for share

  15. The purple velcro in the front is NOT worth the extra hassle of it sticking to every last thing while you’re trying to change a diaper (especially to the old soiled diaper you’re trying to remove). I’d rather the white velcro just stick better.

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