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I’m sure you’re asking what the heck is an ELPH Band???

The ELPH Band is a link to your identifying information, such as your address, parent or guardian cell phone numbers and any other information you think is necessary, including medical conditions or drug allergies your child may have. Whether you’re traveling to a theme park, zoo, park, a crowded festival or even the mall, the ELPH Band can help find your child in the event he/she gets separated from you. It only takes one second for a child to disappear out of your site. I know I’ve panicked quite a few times when one of my children have disappeared from my sight for a few seconds.

We recently received the ELPH Band here at Everything Mommyhood for our oldest daughter who is 6. We have two girls, but my youngest is usually in a stroller or baby carrier, so I thought it would be best for my oldest when we visit a crowded area. She tends to stay right beside us at all times, but you can never be too safe.

We chose the child size ELPH Band in Pink. ELPH Bands are available in 3 sizes: Toddler (up to 5.75 inches), Child (up to 6.5 inches), and Adult (up to 7.5 inches). They are also available in two colors, Navy or Pink.

Please note in all of my images I have blurred out my daughter’s number on her ELPH Band for safety reasons.


The ELPH band is a non-toxic, durable, silicone wristband. It provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification with clear instructions directly on the band. It’s easy to use with options to dial in or scan the QR code. ELPH Band does not put personal information, such as the child’s name or phone number where people can see it when it isn’t needed. It’s comfortable for your child to wear, and they LOVE the bright colors.

I taught my 6 year old that when she’s lost, she needs to use the word HELP and that ELPH has the word in it. She is rather shy, so I’m not sure she’d get our mine or my husband’s information out right away for someone to help her find us, that’s why the ELPH Band is so great, she can just tell someone about her bracelet.


What does ELPH stand for? Easy Lookup to Phone Home

If your child get’s separated from you, all your child needs to do is show an adult his/her ELPH band. That adult can then call the 800# or scan the QR code to get in touch with you to reunite your child with you! It’s that simple!


Once the QR code is scanned on a smartphone, a screen similar to the one below will pop up for them to get in touch with you.
Your actual information won’t be there, but names will be as well as any allergy information. It will also state your child’s name so the person who has your child can communicate with them better until you are found.


To set up your ELPH band you will register it on a computer, or by scanning the QR code yourself and setting it up via your smartphone. Just a few simple questions and you will be registered. Once completed, you will get a text and email alert letting you know the account profile is active, and to verify the information has been entered correctly.


We recently used our ELPH Band when we went to the Mississippi State Fair!


You can see it fits my daughter perfect and it looks cute too!

Another great feature that I love about the ELPH band is, as soon as the QR code is scanned it will automatically message you with a GPS location of where your child is, now if that isn’t technology, I don’t know what is!!!

We actually have a few vacations coming up in the next couple months, and I’m so glad my daughter will have her ELPH band. I will be traveling with just my girls, so I will need to keep an eye on both of them, and well, sometimes it’s not that easy.

WE LOVE OUR ELPH BAND! Please don’t think that losing your child won’t happen to you, it can happen to anyone, ANYWHERE. With the ELPH Band you can be prepared.

Not only are ELPH Bands great for toddlers and children, but they are great for adults with special needs too!!! If you know someone who is in the need of a device such as the ELPH Band, make sure you recommend it to them!

Buy it: ELPH Bands are $19.99 each and they come with 1 year of service. You can purchase here. After 1 year of service, you can renew your service with ELPH Band.

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The ELPH Band is a Parent Tested, Parent Approved Winner!!!

PTPA- Elph

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  1. Angela Hendricks says:

    I love this product! As the mother of two children, I think this is a fantastic idea. Also, since most people have a smart phone, the fact that the bracelet has a code that can be scanned to give emergency contact info is a brilliant idea. I am going to look into getting one for each of my children! It’s scary thinking about one of them getting lost from me if we were out in a big crowd, but would be comforting to know they would have one of these bracelets on that could help them be reunited with me.

  2. Denise A. says:

    This is a great idea. The child is just wearing a neat fun bracelet, but if you get separated it would be invaluable! I like that you can either dial or scan and that it sends alert messages in addition to the call.

  3. When you complete your registration you have the option of what information will show up on the smart phone/device after it is scanned. A non-toxic, durable, silicone wristband. It provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification with clear instructions directly on the band. I really like that!

  4. I like that the Elph band does not put personal info, such as name & phone Number, directly on the band. I also like that once it is scanned the GPS can tell when and where and the time upon scanning.

  5. Allyson Bossie says:

    I learned that as little as a phone number and email is required to activate your band which lasts for a whole year. They keep your information safe, and if you want you can add any additional information you want to show up if someone scans your child’s band! It’s very easy to update the info, and if someone doesn’t have internet they can call the 800 number!

  6. i learned that with all information on the band each kid can be safely found .that u can update it easy and the scan to the phone with a alert about your child..

  7. Deb Charte says:

    I learned that the bracelet has all the info to help bring a child back to safety if lost. I think this should be offered at the gates of every theme park.

  8. Sarah Matos says:

    I learned that when the barcode is scanned in addition to informing the emergency contact it porvides a GPS location which is wonderful.

  9. Visited the site and I learned they are a non-toxic, durable, silicone wristband. They provide immediate, highly visible form of identification with clear instructions directly on the band. I love that idea because my worst fear is losing my children. It is great that the ELPH Band does not put personal information, such as the child’s name or phone number where people can see it when it isn’t needed.

  10. I like that you have the option of what information will show up on the smart phone/device after it is scanned. and that you can choose additional information to be displayed. And that you can scan with your phone to get information about how to contact the child’s parents.

  11. Danielle D says:

    It can help kids be located!

  12. Thomas Murphy says:

    I learned ELPH is A non-toxic, durable, silicone wristband. It provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification with clear instructions directly on the band.

  13. I love this concept. I have 5 kids from 4 to 12 and this would be something they could and would all use. I like that you don’t have to have the information visable and that you don’t need full information to register.

  14. I learned that the Elph Band provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification with clear instructions directly on the band. It’s easy to use! ELPH Band does not put personal information, such as the child’s name or phone number where people can see it when it isn’t needed. I love this idea!

  15. This is a great idea. This would be great for field trips at schools

  16. David Fultner says:

    i like that the bands can help find kids.It also can be updated easly.

  17. Kimmy Ripley says:

    Elph bands are non-toxic, durable, and made of silicone.
    ELPH Band does not put personal information, such as the child’s name or phone number where people can see it when it isn’t needed.

  18. I really enjoyed reading your review on Elph Bands! I know how frustrating it can be when your child wonders off, even for a minute! These bands are Very Bright and can be spotted easily! I don’t have a cell phone or an iPhone, so I won’t be able to get the app. for this, however, if you just put your name & phone number on it, they can contact someone who is at home. I think this is a wonderful Thing! I can’t believe how far they’ve come with all of this electronic stuff! My kids know their phone number and all so I’m sure if they got really lost, they would find the office (I tell them all the time that if they get lost, to go to a police officer or mall guard or office and have them call home or their grandparents (they know her # as well)). Thanks for the terrific review and all the information on the Elph Band! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  19. I like that this product can be used as a safety feature if your child gets lost. There’s a toll free number on that band that will connect to the emergency contact for that child after you enter the band code. It also have a barcode for mobile phones that makes it easy to scan. It also sends a GPS location.

  20. I love that it ensures a child’s safety. I’ll definitely have to get one!

  21. Maria Iemma says:

    It looks like such a cute bracelet but it is such a safe way to connect.

  22. I like that ELPH band does not put information(personal) on your child. I also like it is easy, setup and it does not have nontoxic material in the bracelet.

  23. I think this is a really neat concept- I do wonder if an abductor knows about these and scans the code and finds out all the child’s info though.. BUT I do like how it’s discreet and safe for kids.

  24. The elph band is a very good idea, another way to ensure that children stay safe. Thank you for sharing this post.

  25. Kristi Krawec says:

    Great idea!!!

  26. Nicole Bear says:

    This is awesome! I like that it doesn’t have any personal information actually ON the bracelet, to prevent creeps from using it in a wrongful manner.

  27. angella richards says:

    this is an amazing idea and so decorative that children will actually want to wear it….i wish they gave them to all children once they entered amusement parks though i know it would be pricey maybe we could rent them for the day…i know i would rent it in a heartbeat if i dont buy it first 🙂 thx for blogging about it i had no idea this existed!

  28. I think your review is outstanding because you have an interest in it. Having our daughter wearing it helps you see first hand how it works. If your daughter wanders off then you should be easy to find her by the ELPH band.
    On another note, I just wish they would’ve made a little bigger band for those of us who have big wrist.

  29. ELPH Band DOES NOT put personal information, such as child’s name/phone number where people can see it when it isn’t needed. Easy to put on.

  30. Amy Pratt says:

    I love the idea of ELPH. It’s like micro-chipping your kids.

  31. Cynthia C says:

    I like the idea that parents can control what information is included. It would give parents some peace of mind.

  32. What a great idea! I love that it has information about food allergies. Kids of all ages should have these.

  33. This is awesome! I never liked the tattoos or other wrist bands that you would have to put all your information on the band including your child’s name…that is as bad has having them wear a shirt with their name on it!! I love how when the bar code is scanned, in addition to the direct call, it will also send alert messages that tell the emergency contacts when the ID was scanned and provides a current GPS location. The GPS location is great!! It’s kinda like have a GPS on your kids phone but is great for kids that are too young for a phone.

  34. Maria Iemma says:

    This would be such an awesome win, with Christmas around the corner and having a new brand new grand baby on the way I could really use this.

  35. I love the safety features this offers and the security!

  36. What a great product! This would really be great for people who suffer from dementia and tend to wonder off, just as well as for small children. It would give some peace of mind to their caregivers.

  37. Tracy Robertson says:

    I think it’s a really great idea and I love how they are also in a fashion that kids would love to wear!

  38. Brandy White Buneta says:

    I think this is a great idea for little ones to stay safe. I like the idea of not compromising their personal info & it can be scanned to reach someone.

  39. This is really a great idea. They never had this when I was raising our kids. Thank you for the information.

  40. Lynda Thomas says:

    I abosolutely LOVE that you can’t just see the information on the bracelet unless it’s actually needed. I also love the GPS factor. This is such a great idea!

  41. The bracelet has an ID code on each with an 800 # for safety. It also has a code to scan with the childs info when you need itr fast and the nchild doesn’t know his or her info. This is a quick way to locate a lost child with good info for their safety.

  42. julie murphy says:

    I learned that it is good for a year at a time. Good idea for kids that aren’t old enough to know this information.

  43. I learned that the ELPH band is very reasonably priced, especially for something so important to have. This will make the band more accessible to everyone, and I think that is wonderful.
    Thank you for the great review and for getting the word out about this awesome product.

  44. I learned that elph bands are non-toxic, durable, silicone wristbands. they are great for identifying lost children.

  45. Marian Boll says:

    Being able to keep track of my granddaughters when on vacation would be the best yet!!

  46. christie lopanec says:

    What a great idea and a wonderful way to help keep your babies safe in this crazy world.

  47. Lisa Veazie says:

    Wow this is the first time I have ever heard of this. What an amazing idea. I love the phone app that lets you scan the bar code and will contact emergency contacts and give the gps location. I love that it is non toxic and a silicone wrist band (which you see a lot of kids wearing different ones). Good idea to have any medical conditions on the wrist band. Excellent idea. Thank you for this wrist band. wow.

  48. Cindy Kuykendall says:

    This is such an awesome idea. I love how you can scan the bar code and get all info you need in an emergencies. The bright colors will appeal to children and make them fun to wear. Great way to help keep your children safe and all parents should get these for their children.

  49. chelsea M says:

    I love that the ELPH band keeps all your child’s information easy to access without leaving out for just anyone to see. I think its a great way to keep important information about your child close and to give me as a parent piece of mind.

  50. Jennifer R. says:

    I am so excited about the Elph band. My boys have been rambunctious and rowdy and wondered off from me in a store and it completely freaked me out. I have been afraid to take them to an amusement park because of being scared they would wonder off. This help ease my mind a little. I think it is awesome that if the code is scanned then all of the emergency contacts are alerted. Bless those that made this possible!

  51. I really like that they are made of non toxic silicone. That’s really important to me. This is a really great idea!

  52. Alicia Morris says:

    This is a great idea I like that it can be scand with the smart phone or it has a 1800# to it will help find them faster and be easy for them to let some one have the info to get Mom to let her no where the child is if Thay are lost in a big crowd

  53. This is my second post…not for the contest, but to tell you how much I love this concept. I have told everyone with little one’s about this. One woman was so excited, she had tears in her eyes…she has two autistic children and has been looking for a way to give her a little more peace of mind…and this fit the bill! Thanks so much for a great review and a great product that will certainly be beneficial to children.

  54. This is a good idea. Especially for younger children. I love that no personal info is printed on the band.

  55. I learned that it is really simple to set up. Also the band has two options for contacting the parents. It is also sponsored by nurse.com

  56. karen byassee says:

    I like that you can put medical or allergy info on it. It is sooo easy to lose a kid in crowded places, especially if you have a few.

  57. LYN WILLIAMS says:

    love the idea

  58. you can put enuf info on there to find ur kid! this is such a great thing! i am always so nervous about getting lost

  59. I learned that this can also be used for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. This is such an excellent idea and I will definitely look into getting these for several family members, both children and seniors.

  60. I like that they have an 800 number for landline users to call with the bracelet’s code.. A lot of people only have landlines and don’t have smartphones with apps to scan in the QR code, so it’s very helpful that they’re able to use their landline with thisl.

  61. Marcie M. says:

    I like that if no internet is available, the person can contact a toll free number with info from the band in order to help the lost child! This way we don’t have to always rely on the QR code!

  62. KatieandAaron says:

    We fly once a year and this would give me a piece of mind.

  63. The ELPH band provides extra security for parents, children, and special-needs individuals of any age – especially in crowded public places where it’s easy to get lost or become separated from others you are with. I love that the band is made from non-toxic and durable silicone, and that it provides easy access to the information necessary in an emergency – without putting that information on display to the public the rest of the time.

  64. Jennifer G. says:

    I love how you can scan a qr choice to know exactly where your child is immediately. The colors are fun. My daughter loves wearing bracelets like this she she would leave it on. All the info you need is right there!!

  65. Megan Filzen says:

    I love the colors! Bracelets are a great way to tell the world about something! They cover everything!

  66. gina blades says:

    A non-toxic, durable, silicone wristband. It provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification with clear instructions directly on the band. It’s easy to use with options to dial in or scan the QR code. ELPH Band does not put personal information, such as the child’s name or phone number where people can see it when it isn’t needed.

  67. Kristal W. says:

    Wow. What an incredible idea. The thought of losing one of my boys, even for a moment, makes my stomach just TURN. I absolutely love the ELPH band. The GPS feature is invalueable!

  68. Jessica Bacon says:

    I love this idea!!! My children know our names but not our phone numbers and we are currently learning our address. While it is great for them to know all of that information I this product takes the guessing out of the situation.

  69. Ruby Knight says:

    What a great idea. I have two girls and I always worried if they get lost in crowded areas. This is brilliant, I will be sharing this with all my friends.

  70. Erin Schled says:

    I learned that once it is scanned the GPS can tell when and where and the time upon scanning. This is a great feature in my mind – it gives me peace of mind knowing that if someone scans my child’s bracelet, I would have this information, so it is a helpful tool if my child was ever separated from me all while giving me peace of mind that some “crazy” can’t just scan it & gain personal information or remain hidden.

  71. marisa Caminiti says:

    Interesting to learn about, especially since I have never heard about it before! I have a extremely curious toddler on my hands so it always worries me

  72. I really like the feature that once the band is scanned the emergency contact will receive a text notification with a GPS location as well. I think that is super important so that you can react immediately and not stand by and wait for a call. I also love the toddler size option! Really thinking about getting one of these for my son. I love that it’s affordable, however you really can’t put a price tag on ensuring your child’s safety and wellbeing at all times. 🙂

  73. Sarah Bowe says:

    I love how you can scan it with a smartphone. I love that our doesn’t give personal information to anyone.

  74. Rachael Petty says:

    As soon as your registered you receive a txt with your childs GPS location which is awesome!

  75. I like how you Can add Emergency contact information as well as medical and allergic information if the child has any. It also seems so simple to set up and use if you ever need it.

  76. This started as the company they worked for had a contest and they discovered that there was a huge need for a product for individuals with Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other medical conditions. Thus ELPH, Easy Lookup to Phone Home, was born, and, out of some 30 teams who submitted ideas in the Innovation contest, ELPH tied for first place and was awarded funding by Gannett to build and launch the product.

  77. Melissa Henderson says:

    I have four boys and would love to have these for them. I love that these are cute styles and that the info is on the band there for helping finding when the littles don’t know all their info.

  78. This would be so handy for children as well as adults who have severe health problems that needs to be known in case of an accident.

  79. Laura Wilson says:

    These are such a good idea! I love the fact that it doesn’t put any of the child’s information on the band, but uses a code. This seems so much safer since no one can see the info if it is not needed, and multiple people and numbers can be listed as contacts.

  80. i learned that it easy setup and quick registration.
    A simple interface is provided to input emergency contact name, email and phone numbers. Additional comments can be entered at the time of data entry to allow the HELPER/Good Samaritan to be alerted to any special conditions of the dependent, such as medical conditions, allergies or other requirements. The child’s information is not displayed but the contact infor is.

  81. I learned there are two ways to enter your info, through qr code or website. Also love that your info isn’t right on the band for everyone to see, and with a quick call or scan parents are notified. This product is awesome!

  82. Joy Glasco says:

    Great ideA

  83. Ashley Busse says:

    I am IN LOVE with this product! I love how easy it is to locate your child, if god-forbid, something were to happen! I really like the QR code for smart phones- the child can be located INSTANTLY with that!! What I wouldn’t give to own FOUR of these- one for all of my babies!!

  84. Melissa S says:

    I was surprised t learn that it is only $19.99 for a band and 1 year of service.

  85. I like that you can get GPS location.

  86. sheri anderson says:

    This would be perfect for my grandsons and plan to let my daughter know about this as it’s an awesome safety tool. I learned that it uses GPS and set up is easy and there is a toddler option, thanks for the giveaway!!

  87. I really want this for my kids when we travel especially. I learned that the Elph Band provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification with clear instructions directly on the band.

  88. The fact that it is nontoxic is important. My daughter tends to chew on things. The other thing is that the price is reasonable for the item.

  89. As a parent my biggest fear is one of my children getting lost or snatched. I think it’s amazing that when someone scans the bar code it will send me an alert message that it’s been scanned AND a GPS location. That’s seriously going the extra mile in my opinion. The price is so affordable too only 19.99 for the band plus one year? Incredible!

  90. alicia szemon says:

    I think its a good idea that the word HELP is written on it because this is mostly for children and sometimes they do not know what to say in a dangerous situation so writing a number and the word can really help in those situations where they do not know what to do.

  91. Stephanie Murphy says:

    There are so many amazing things about this band…first it’s non-toxic. Second, it’s easy to use via dial in or scanning the QR code. Third, it doesn’t share the child’s personal information in easy to see areas for predators. It’s AMAZING!

  92. It’s great that these bands are non toxic because if your putting it on a baby, young child or toddler they tend to chew and suck on everything they can put in their mouths. It’s better to prevent a potential risk and make these bands completely safe in case they do somehow get in the child’s mouth.

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