Creamy, Rich, and Tasty Nescafe + Coffee-Mate Product Review #nescafecoffeemate

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When people find out that I have four children, there are two things that they always assume I consume oodles of: wine and coffee. Until recently, I didn’t drink either one. I haven’t had coffee since I was a child and my grandmother let me try some of hers. My parents don’t drink it and my husband doesn’t drink it, but all of my friends do. Smiley360 sent me Nescafe with Coffee-Mate and I knew this was the perfect time to start living up to those expectations since after all, I need a little caffeine in my life!

I don’t have the room in my home for a coffee maker if I can avoid it, so this instant coffee sounded like a perfect fit for me. Nescafe + Coffee-Mate is a 2-in-1 coffee and creamer combo in which you add hot water to 2 tablespoons, stir, and enjoy! I received each flavor currently available: Original, Hazelnut, and French Vanilla.

My husband guessed correctly which flavor would end up being my favorite and while I enjoyed all three, the winning taste for me was the French Vanilla. They were all so creamy and smooth, French Vanilla was a good and sweet flavor for someone like me who is transitioning over from drinks like hot cocoa!

The love for coffee by my fellow mom now makes sense to me. Caffeine to help you keep up with the kids and the numerous activities and chores throughout the day, complete with that great taste. Nescafe + Coffee-Mate is the easiest way for me to achieve this since I won’t need a coffee maker or creamers, just a small container of powder and some hot water. I’ve been brought over to the light side of coffee!

Be sure to check out the Nescafe + Coffee-Mate coupon to save 75 cents on your purchase!

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  1. laurie damrose says:

    Those look yummy.

  2. I use the french vanilla and it is just great.

  3. Shannon R. says:

    Wow you got a lot from Smiley360. I got one flavor and 3 coupons. This stuff is amazing!!!!

  4. Thanks for the Great review of the Nescafe Coffee & Creamer. I was not aware that they make it this way until right now! Of course, I am a huge coffee drinker so we have a coffee maker. However, there are times when I would really love to have another cup of coffee and I’m not going to make a pot just for me. These combination instant coffees would be terrific for me! I could have a cup of coffee whenever I feel like it! YAY! That makes me happy! I’ll have to check and see if they sell them in the grocery store along with the coffees. I personally love the French Vanilla as well! Thanks so much for the review and information on the Nescafe Coffee & Creamer all in one! I really Love this idea! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  5. This sounds like a great idea and a quick way to get a good cup of coffee. I am a french vanilla person too. Thank you for sharing

  6. Jennifer Heintz says:

    Thanks for the review. There are sooo many new products out there that it is tough to know whether to try them or not. I drink a lot of coffee, and I like the Nescafe and Creamer as an instant product. And I think my favorite will be French Vanilla as well.

  7. I seldom drink coffee. When I do it must have coffee creamer (flavored) in it. I also like this mixed into a milkshake. They have great flavors. Especially around the holidays.

  8. Nicki Joseph says:

    I would love to try the French Vanilla! yum

  9. Lisa Konieczke says:

    I do love the french vanilla coffee mate, that’s my favorite. I’d much rather have this in my cabinet than the plain instant. I’ll be looking for this my next trip to the store. I’d like to also try the Hazelnut.

  10. I usually drink my coffee black, although I would love to try the french vanilla~

  11. I really love this idea of the coffee and coffee creamer all in one! It’s absolutely terrific! If I’m not using milk, I am using a flavored creamer to my coffee! I also love that this is auto drip because this is the only coffee maker I have! I have to see if my grocery store carries these the next time I go! Thanks again, I truly appreciate it! Michele 🙂

  12. Debbie Welchert says:

    I’m really not one for instant coffee but these sound really nice and worth trying. I would love to try the original flavor one.

  13. Paula Adams says:

    We make a pot of brewed coffee on weekends, but week days are so rushed, we often used instant coffee. And my favorite is Nescafe + Coffeemate! Good to see that they are popular with others!

  14. I was making my coffee this Saturday morning before my 5 out of town guests awoke. They must have smelled the delicious aroma of coffee because they were up in no time asking where the coffee was! I showed them my free sample of the NEW NESCAFÉ® with Coffee-mate® and they were shocked in a good way! They couldn’t believe coffee “in a jar” or “instant coffee” could smell just like regular coffee brewing in a pot! I got them each a coffee cup and helped them make their own. They were loving it! I told them how I got the sample and gave them each a coupon so that they could go out and purchase their own! I love sample sharing and love introducing people to great new products! I also received this product for free from Smiley360 to review and all opinions are 100% my own.

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