PS4 or Xbox One Giveaway – Winner’s Choice – ends 12/21

Ring in the holidays gaming style!

Enter to win your choice of either a new PS4 or XBOX ONE gaming console!

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This is a HOT prize for the Holiday Season, which one would you choose? They are both such a hot item that it’s really a tough choice!ย  I think I’d go with the PS4 myself as I have heard so much more good things about it!

Make your holidays a little brighter with either a new XBOX ONE or PS4 gaming console! Whichever your preference, it can be yours!

XBOX ONE includes:

  • Xbox One Console
  • Wireless Controller
  • Chat Headset
  • HDMI cable
  • Power Supply

PS4 includes:

  • PlayStation 4 Console
  • DualShock 4 Controller
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Wired Mono Headset
  • USB Charging Cable

Enter through the widget below. Giveaway open to US residents 18+. Ends 12/21.

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  1. My son told me he wants a PS4, so that is what I’d pick.

  2. Nina Wilson says:

    I’d go either way, but probably xbox one when it comes to my kiddos.

  3. I’d have to go with the PS4

  4. Diana Vuong says:

    I can’t decide which one I would pick. Probably, the Xbox!

  5. Debra Holloway says:

    This is a hard choice indeed. I think I would go for the PS4. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. James Robert says:

    I’d choose the XBox one if I were the lucky winner

  7. tina carmichael says:

    I would choose the PS4 for our family Iit looks awesome thank you for this giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Brenda Edwards says:

    I would choose the PS4 for my family because they would love it.

  9. I think I’d pick the PS4. Awesome giveaway!

  10. Such an amazing giveaway! Thank you! I would pick the XBOX ONE, as that particular console is the one item my autistic eight year old son REALLY wants for Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  11. I’d pick xbox.

  12. Melissa M says:

    The PS4.

  13. Jennifer Rote says:

    I’d pick the PS4 gaming console.

  14. I would choose the PS4.

  15. AwayGirl100 says:

    If I won I would choose the PlayStation 4. Ty for the chance to win and Merry Christmas!

  16. Jennifer G. says:

    I’d pick the ps4. My son would love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Brittany Lane says:

    I would pick a PS4. My husband would love it!

  18. Julie Durfee says:

    I think I’d pick the ps4.

  19. Allison Roberts says:

    my son would love the playstaion! he has a ps3 now but it is always freezing or his saves get messed up so he would be ecstatic to get an upgrade!

  20. I would pick an Xbox One! I’ve always wanted an Xbox! It’s one of the only systems we don’t have!

  21. Gretchen Duplisea says:

    PS4 is the one my kids chose. Thank you for the chance. Good luck all.

  22. I’d pick the PS4. Thanks!!

  23. I’d probably go with the PS4

  24. I would chose the xbox one!

  25. I would choose either, but my husband would probably like the Playstation ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Lauren Esposito says:

    XBOX 1 for sure!!!! Can’t wait to try out the new call of duty!!! And it has voice activation

  27. We would choose Xbox1

  28. I’d choose the PS4

  29. ps4

  30. debra dubois says:

    HI Happy Holiday s To All… I would choose the PS4 my son is a Corporal in the Marine Corp he is stationed in Oceanside California. This would be a great gift so when he gets down time he can have something fun to do and relax and be free of all the craziness they see everyday.

  31. Lisa Jennings says:

    My husband has been wanting a PS4 so I would pick that one.

  32. Have to go with the PS4

  33. I would choose the xbox one.

  34. I would choose the PS4 because my PS3 needs to be fixed and I miss playing my favorite games.

  35. Tiffany Marston says:

    The Xbox One has more games my kids would enjoy~~

  36. Trisha Burgess says:

    I would love the Xbox one!

  37. Jerrica Evans says:

    I’d have to go with the PS4

  38. Tiffani P. says:

    I would probably choose the XBOX one.

  39. Abedabun Dawn says:

    I think I would choose the xbox1.

  40. I would probably pick a PS4 over a xbox one.

  41. Dawn Monroe says:

    Id let my son choose but I think he would pick the xbox.

  42. I would pick the Playstation 4. It is a great prize, thanks!

  43. Lisa Konieczke says:

    I think I would go with PS4 because Playstation lasts for a long time. I still have one of the 1st editions of PS2, the bigger console. It still works like new and its almost 15 years old. I’d just like to have a newer system to play with the newest tech and be able to watch blue ray video. No bad on xbox, I just never owned one so not sure how they last. So yes, PS4.

  44. We’d chose the PS4

  45. Shelby Terwell says:

    I think the PS4 for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. kresta underwood says:

    I would XBOX One to give to my son for Christmas

  47. Libbie Bailey says:

    I would pick PS4!

  48. My son really wants a PS4 so I would choose that one!

  49. Kelley Gaudette says:

    Both would be amazing but I think I’ll go with the PS4.

  50. I would choose the Xbox! It would be a great gift for my nephews, who have been wanting one!

  51. X box one

  52. Ann Drury says:


  53. I would pick the PS4 but would be thrilled with either one ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. the ps4 for my son

  55. Xbox One ๐Ÿ™‚ My fiance & kids would freak out if I won one lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. I would pick the ps4 for my brother.

  57. Sheila Owen says:

    I would choose the Xbox one.

  58. My favorite item from the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide is the Keurig K550 2.0 Brewer.

  59. It would be a difficult choice, but I think that I’d pick the PS4. I’d want to ask my husband for his opinion, though.

  60. Robin Abrams says:

    I would pick the PS4

  61. I think Iโ€™d go with the PS4

  62. Shirley Smith says:

    I would love to choose the PS4 if I would win. My Son and his friends would so love it.

  63. Deborah D says:

    tough decision i am not sure.Probably XboxOne

  64. lonnie hutchinson says:

    xbox 1 my son would love it

  65. Honestly either one would be awesome. But PS4 would be my top choice.

  66. I would pick the PS4 as we have the Xbox One already!

  67. Nicole colletti says:

    I would love to win this for my son he’s been begging me for an Xbox one for so long and I just can’t afford it I have entered sooooo many contests trying to win one and I just can’t seem to get it. This would really really make my sons year if I could win this for him it really would!! Good luck everyone!!

  68. Dawn Stovall says:

    I’d probably have to go with the PS4. My husband and I have been Xbox fans for a long time but they changed their family friendliness towards Xbox live gold accounts and now we can’t afford to play online. You used to be able to get 4 gold accounts for a year for $100 with a family bundle. They did away with those when putting the One out and now it’s $60 per year per person no matter what. Too much money!

  69. I would like the PS4. My kids don’t care which one really. Either is fine.

  70. I’d definitely choose the PS4 if I win this giveaway. We have a PS2 so the newer version would be absolutely amazing to win! I have been wanting it, but just not able to afford it at the moment. But either is really fine to win, because I have heard great things about both the PS4 and the XBOX One systems.

  71. Aimee Buck says:

    XBOX One

  72. I would like a PS4

  73. Joey Simmonds says:

    My wife has informed me that we would choose a play station 4. It would be for the grandchildren while they are here. I wouldn’t know the difference.

  74. jessamine41 says:

    I’d choose the PS4. ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. XBOX ONE

  76. Joy McFalls says:


  77. Xbox one for my husband and kids!

  78. Thanks for the mini Review before the Giveaway! It looks as if both of these game systems are excellent! I’m not familiar with either one of them, so I don’t really know which one would be a better choice. It seems as though you are partial to the PS4 game more so than the Xbox One. I have heard about both of these before and I know that my Daughter has a Play Station but I do not know which one. Thanks again for the terrific review and information on the products! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Dani Osenbaugh says:

    I’d pick Xbox One! My husbands been wanting one since they came out!

  80. Karen Ulbright says:

    Ps4! I try to avoid Microsoft when I can..

  81. I would pick the Xbox One.

  82. lissa crane says:

    I would love to have the XBox One for my family! that would be the ultimate Christmas gift for my whole family!

  83. Nadine Drake says:

    I would choose the XBOX ONE, because I know my son wants one, but is afraid to ask for it since it’s so expensive

  84. Xbox One! My brother is moving out, and so now I won’t have any consoles. I have always just played his 360. And now I don’t have anything. Please pick me! My family doesn’t have much money
    Nor am I getting much for Christmas.

  85. I’d choose the PS4!!!

  86. I would choose the PS4.

  87. katklaw777 says:

    PS4 for sure…we had a PS1 a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago and would luv to have new one….thanks!

  88. Gladymar Rodriguez says:

    Playstation 4 for sure hehe

  89. Darren Duque says:

    An Xbox One would be amazing

  90. Ps4

  91. xbox one

  92. Xbox

  93. Ashley Dionne says:

    Id pick the ps4

  94. I’d go with the Xbox

  95. I might choose the Xbox… it’s such a tough decision!

  96. The xbox one

  97. I would go with the PS4 as that is the one that my partner hsa been asking for.

  98. A PS4 is what my grandkids are asking for…

  99. My husband says a PS4 is better so I would choose that. (I’m a Wii girl myself)

  100. My husband wants the ps4 my kids want the Xbox so they might have to flip a coin on that one

  101. I’d pick the ps4 because I’ve been trying to win one for over a year now

  102. I’d pick the PS4

  103. Shay Batty says:

    I would absolutely love the PS4, it would go perfectly with my Ps Vita!

  104. Michelle Plummer says:

    We are an XBOX household so the XBOX One it is!

  105. Xbox One Console

  106. Rebbekka Howard says:

    I would pick the PS4! I’m not a gamer but that is definitely one of the ones hubs really likes.

  107. I would choose the Xbox One.

  108. I would choose the PS4.

  109. I would pick the PS4 – my husband had to sell his in order to buy our child a needed (EXPENSIVE) medication and we haven’t been able to replace it yet. He deserves something nice for all the hard work he puts in.

  110. Ps4 if we keep it, Xbox one of I give it to my family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. Eric jensen says:

    Xbox one

  112. I would pick the Xbox One. Both my kids and my husband would love it. lol

  113. PS4!

  114. I would choose the Xbox One!

  115. Beverly Maye says:

    Would Love to give to my nephews

  116. i would pick the xbox one.
    I’m dying for the new grand thedt auto!

  117. sarah ann dela cruz says:

    I’d choose the playstation. I love Sony products

  118. Ashley Nygard says:


  119. I would choose the Xbox ONE. My husband would love it!

  120. I’d probably go with the Playstation. I really don’t know anything about the xbox whereas I have played on a PS before

  121. Melia Small says:

    PS4 ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. I’m not sure! It would be for my husband so whichever he would choose! I used to have a PS2 back in the day so I’m more family with that brand, but I think my husband wants an xbox LOL

  123. Brandy White Buneta says:

    Im really not sure which we would pick so I’m goin with PS4

  124. PS4

  125. It’s like Lays potato chips – can’t have just one! I’d probably choose the PS4.

  126. Cindy Kong says:


  127. ReneeGriffin says:

    I would like the PS4

  128. I would get the PS4 gaming console. Thanks and happy holidays!

  129. I would pick the PS4! My brother really wants one.

  130. Susan S., TN says:

    I would choose the X-Box One for my youngest son. Then my boys would not have to share & stop fighting..

  131. I would choose a PS4

  132. Dawn Keenan says:

    I’m not quite sure. My son would make the final decision, but I’m guessing the PS4.

  133. Michael R. says:

    Either one. When my wife was pregnant, I was considering purchasing one for myself, and my Father in Law came and said to me, “Son, I think you should save that money for the baby…” and so I didn’t end up buying one. Would be happy to win one!!!

  134. I would choose the Xbox One.

  135. PlayStation!

  136. PS4

  137. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I’d choose the PS4 for my husband.

  138. The x-one. My girls would love that

  139. Karen Beckett says:

    I would choose the PS4 because that is the one my son likes.

  140. Joyce Harrell says:

    I would love the Xbox

  141. I would like the Xbox for my daughter’s house.

  142. I would chose the Xbox One.Thanks

  143. Joanne Gregory says:

    I would choose the Xbox One. Would love to replace my old one!

  144. We don’t have an Xbox, but my husband may prefer the PS4. I would have to pick his brain for the answer.

  145. Xbox one

  146. Kayla Bergstrom says:


  147. I would pick the XBOX one for my husband ๐Ÿ™‚ What a great thing to try and won for a SAHM to surprise their hubby with

  148. I would choose the Xbox!

  149. I would choose the PlayStation 4. My husband likes to play his friends on the PlayStation Network.

  150. Ellie Wright says:

    I would choose the Xbox One.

  151. I’ve always liked Sony so a PS4

  152. I’d pick the XBOX ONE.

  153. Stephanie Chase says:

    Not sure which one my boys would pick……probably the PS4!!!

  154. Probably choose the Xbox for the hubby!

  155. The Xbox One is what I’d pick. I prefer the PS4, but my husband really wants the Xbox.

  156. Whichever my husband wanted! Probably the X-box since my 8 month old tried to eat his :/

  157. Christina Strapp Lambert says:

    I would pick the PS4 since my husband has been wanting one.

  158. I would pick the PS4. Thanks for having this super giveaway!

  159. My husband would love either!

  160. Katherine Riley says:

    Xbox One for me!!!

  161. Jazzmn Jones says:

    I have twin brothers and would love to help out my mother to get them a great gift !! I would choose the Xbox one just because they loved the Xbox 360!!

  162. Kianna Burgin says:

    I would pick the PS4 for my children.

  163. id pick ps4

  164. I would pick the Xbox One for my 4 kids. It would be a great way to get them all together. Ages range from 4.5 year twins, 14 & 20.

  165. Andrea Troutman says:

    I would pick the Xbox One for my kids. Great prize! Thanks.

  166. I think I would choose PS4!

  167. Melody Arredondo says:

    I would choose the PS4

  168. PS4 would be my pick.

  169. Definitely PS3

  170. PS4 for my hubby ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. Erica Scott says:

    We had the PS4 on Santa’s list until my husband was laid off on Friday. Thanks for the chance!!

  172. I would choose a PlayStation 4 console.

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