UPS #WishesDelivered Campaign This Holiday Season #Sponsored

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I’m sure you’re sick already of seeing holiday post after holiday post, but I promise this is a good one and a must read!

There are so many children out there across our nation who have nothing, and while I try to instill this into my very own children, they don’t seem to quite understand that concept yet. With UPS and their Wishes Delivered Campaign on their #WishesDelivered site. I have wished that every child will each receive a toy or something they need this holiday season. While it may be a long shot, it’s definitely a wish of mine.


My family is always trying to give back to the community and help those out in need, and I hope one day, really really hope, that UPS could deliver a toy or something in need to every child that has gone without.


How can you give back?
The UPS Wishes Delivered Campaign is donating $1 to one of their charity partners for every wish submitted (up to $100K total donations). I’m going to be submitting my wish directly on their site, and you can too.

How to Submit a Wish:
Post your wish to Twitter or Instagram with the campaign hashtag #WishesDelivered and it will automatically be submitted. You also have another option to go directly to the #WishesDelivered site and you can then manually submit there.

Things to remember when submitting your wish:
It needs to be a sincere wish, not a superficial one (no wishes for a million dollars!)
The wish needs to be for someone else, not yourself (the holiday season is all about giving after all)
You must also include the hashtag #wishesdelivered with your wish (on twitter or instagram)

What is your wish for #WishesDelivered? I’d love to hear about it below, or leave me a link to it!

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  1. laurie damrose says:

    What a wonderful thing to do for the holidays,I love UPS.

  2. This is a great idea. You are right. There are so many children out there with nothing. My grandkids are a little young to understand too but I am going to continue to instill this in them. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. laura rubenstein says:

    I wish companies were more giving all year round not just for the holidays. Thank you UPS for your contributions. And thank you 🙂

  4. Every company should do this. I am submitting my wish right now.

  5. As my daughter grew up I always told her to be grateful for what she got because there was children that woke up and nothing under their tree. It’s sad, I have thought for years I wished there was a Santa so that all the children could get something for Christmas. We are so blessed and my daughter is 40 now and appreciates everything she gets. Have a 20 month old great granddaughter and she will have a good Christmas. Thanks for this article.

  6. Thank you for making aware of the wishes delivered campaign. I am twittering when I leave here. Kudos to UPS for this campaign, and I am sure it will be successful. All children deserve a happy holiday.

  7. I’m so grateful to UPS for this wonderful and charitable campaign. Let’s hope every needy child will get a great gift for the holidays this year!

  8. Maria Iemma says:

    It is always rewarding to think of others before ourselves and making a wish for a deserving individual or family would give wings to your soul.

  9. Jennifer Alford says:

    oooo how amazing is this way to go UPS im so happy to be apart of this and i hope a lot of kids benifit from this.

  10. It is so good to see the care of people towards others withou wanting a reward in return.I hold UPS I the highest regards now,so nice what there doing.I just wish other companies would do so as well,maybe this will be the beginning of lead by example.No child should go without and not by means of just toys but by everthing,food shelter,love etc….So Wanna send a Big Shout Out to UPS and all those helping.Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all!!

  11. Go ups! What a great program

  12. Sherry Martindale says:

    I had no idea UPS was doing this campaign. They really should make it more visible so that more people know about it. I am on sociasocial media everyday and I had no clue this was going on. This is a phenomenal thing that they are doing. I wish that every child in our country would get their wish this Christmas.

  13. I too have never heard of UPS doing such a wonderful act of charity!! Christmas is for ALL children!! My wish is that they have a meal & a place to lay down their precious little heads everyday!!

  14. I didn’t know about this until now. Thanks for posting about it.

  15. That is a good program. Is there any other way to get involved? I dont use instagram or twitter.

  16. I wish all the sick kids at Laurie children’s hospital get a toy for christmas

  17. Maria Iemma says:

    As a family we realize that we have more than what we need and it is so rewarding to give to someone in need. Great program.

  18. I think the UPS Wishes Delivered Campaign is a wonderful opportunity to take part in something amazing, not just for UPS but for everyone who goes to their website and makes a wish. Thank you for sharing this post.

  19. What a wonderful campaign. I never knew about this. Thanks for doing the post. It’s so important to remember there are so many children doing without. I’m going to check it out. Hurray for UPS.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  20. Melissa George says:

    i love UPS as a freight company and this program is amazing where it can be of great help. its an amazing program and i love the fact that the company thinks of the needy and makes such generous programs to help the needy.

  21. Amber Ludwig says:

    I love it when places that make a bunch of money are willing to GIVE it to the world! So many companies and corporations are capable of this and most do not! Thank you to UPS for stepping up and making the world a better place!

  22. Joanne Gregory says:

    I have always respected UPS and what they do for the communities they work in. If we all try to make this a better world, eventually the good will overpower the bad.

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