Adorable Owl Valentine’s Box From a Laundry Pods Container Craft!


I’m so proud of myself for this craft, I think it’s unbelievably cute and it was completely my own idea! Since we started buying laundry detergent pods (which we love, by the way), I’ve saved the containers. They’re this tough plastic and I just knew that they would serve a good purpose, even though at the time I had no specific idea at all. As I was going to put another container into my stash, I realized that one side looks like a little owl! You may not see it yet but after we paint along these spaces, you’ll see what I mean!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Something to remove the label (I used dish soap, water, and a putty knife)


Paint in any colors you like

Laundry pods container (Tide, Gain, etc.)


1. First, you’ll need to remove the labels. My way was really time consuming because I used what I had on hand, but it worked. I soaked the container in a dish soap and water mixture for a long time, then peeled the labels off with a putty knife. (Feel free to suggest other ways in the comments!) Wipe it clean and be sure it’s dry.


2. To make him into a mailbox, cut a rectangle into the top. Your owl container can serve so many purposes, though! It can hold your child’s smaller toys, pencils and erasers, or even snacks!


3. Turn the container to the back, where it has little handle ridges. Paint inside where the label was, following along the line. This is the owl’s tummy! Stop about two or three inches from the top to leave space for his eye circles. My daughter insisted that I also put glitter on it while the paint was wet.

4. Paint little almost-U shapes for owl feathers on his tummy. Darker colors will stand out better, I think.


5. Inside the ridges of the handles, just do one curved line on each side for the owl’s wings.

6. I used a different color to paint two large circles for her eyes. Then I painted two white circles inside, for the whites of her eyes. Since this is a Valentine’s mailbox for us, I painted two big hearts for her actual eyes.

7. In between and at the bottom of the eye circles, paint an upside-down triangle in yellow or orange.


8. At the bottom of your owl’s belly, draw three little circles on each side for feet! Or, you can do three little triangles. My owl is probably not anatomically correct, she’s more like clipart. 😉

9. For the back, I painted the label space one color and let my daughter sign her name and write “Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Tiffany is the married stay-at-home mother of four beautiful babes and blogger at The Crunchy Mom Next Door. She loves DIY, crafting, and blogging about her favorite products and topics!


  1. Sandy Cain says:

    You have good reason to be proud! Who ever would have thought os this adorable owl (or anything else for that matter). We’ve just been tossing the containers away – stupid me! Not only is this great for valentines, but it can used for almost any other occasion – Christmas, Easter, etc. Or a nice coin bank! Thank you, you’ve given us wonderful ideas! Pinned and planned!

  2. laura rubenstein says:

    OMG that is such a great idea!! I never would have thought to use that for Valentines!!

  3. Robin Lambesis Rix says:

    So cute!! Goo Gone will take the sticker residue off with no effort.

  4. barbara langley says:

    Very creative idea. Thank you for the great idea.

  5. Goo Gone is what I was going to suggest. Someone beat me to it. I used to soak my empty Rx bottles to remove the label before throwing out. The Goo gone is easy and quick.

  6. This is a super idea. you are very crafty. So cute. I will have to try something like this myself. Thank you for sharing

  7. Karen Jaras says:

    Very cute and clever idea, but not sure how to reuse after VD is over.

    • I included a few suggestions in step two! 🙂 It can hold your child’s smaller toys, pencils and erasers, or even snacks! It’s really just a small, cute storage bin!

  8. Thanks for sharing your own DIY Adorable Owl Valentine Box! It’s very imaginative and cute! It’s great that you came up with this on your own and that your daughter thought that it was a good idea! Thanks so much for the pictures and instructions on how to make your own owl out of the Tide Pod containers! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

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  10. This is a cute idea, re-purposing a Laundry pods container to make an Owl Valentine’s Box, nice. Thank you for sharing this craft post.

  11. laurie damrose says:

    That would make a cute bank.

  12. I don’t use Tide but this would be perfect for my sister who LOVES owls!!

  13. This is really cute and such a great ideal! My daughter would love to do this.

  14. you can re use and reclye for next year tkae the owl off and put some thing else for bd party or summer partys

  15. I try to recycle as much as possible. So much so that I recycle more that I throw away.

  16. That’s a good idea. You can find all kinds of uses for everyday items if your crafty.

  17. This is such a clever idea! It would make a nice coin bank as well. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Deborah D says:

    so cute!!!!!!!!!

  19. Deborah Henderson says:

    If you fill the container with really hot water and let sit for a few minutes the label will peel right off. Such a cute idea.

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