7 Nights of Dinners – Week #3


Hey everyone, I’m a day late getting this posted this time, but just in time for your weekly grocery shopping!!!

1- Chicken Mushroom Alfredo Pasta, green beans, and garlic bread – I just saute onions and mushrooms with garlic and some butter in a pan until they are cooked through, bake chicken in the oven with some garlic and italian seasoning, cut up chicken and add it to the onions and mushrooms, pour in a jar of alfredo sauce (I like Newman’s Own), and some cooked pasta (I like egg noodles in this dish, but feel free to use what you like.)

2- Sweet and Sour Chicken with fried rice – Click on the recipe for my chicken and then make up some fried rice. You can pick up a packet of fried rice seasoning and follow the directions on the packet, it’s pretty easy!

3- Homemade Baked Potato Soup with crusty french bread – I pick up a loaf of crusty bread from the bakery department at our Kroger, it goes so good with this easy to make soup. Click on the link for the recipe!

4- Baked Ziti and salad – I always make extra meat sauce and freeze it for meals like this, it freezes so well. Cook up your ziti, toss it with the sauce, keeping extra sauce to put on the layers of baked ziti. Pour in a 9×13 dish, half of your pasta/sauce mixture. Spoon more sauce on top of the pasta mixture, then sprinkle half a bag of mozzarella on top of that. Pour in the rest of your pasta, spoon more sauce on top, and the rest of your cheese. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

5- Grilled Chicken with vegetables and yellow rice – The day before you make this, place your chicken breasts in a dish or ziploc with Italian dressing to marinate. The next day, grill them..while they are grilling, saute up your favorite veggies. I usually saute mushrooms, green peppers, and onions or you can make roasted vegetables. I put them on top of the grilled chicken, top with some cheese and melt it in the oven for a minute. Serve with a side of yellow rice (or any other rice you prefer.)

6- Pepper Steak with white rice – I use this recipe to a T. It’s soooo good.

7- Basil Beef Bowl with Quinoa Stir Fry – I was never ever a quinoa fan until I made this. This gives it such an amazing flavor and it’s really good. I like to add in extra Sriracha!

Which one of these dishes will you be making? Do you make something similar to these?


  1. md kennedy says:

    What an awesome mix of meals! And great balances of protein and carbs. Thanks!

  2. The chicken pasta alfredo sounds wonderful. You have some great meals set up here. Thank you for sharing

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your 7 Nights of Dinners – Week #3 with all of us! I really like the baked ziti with salad! This is easy to make and tastes great too! Sometimes I’ll make a homemade “beef a roni” dish and the next day or two I’ll take what was leftover and put it into a 9X13 baking dish and add mozzarella cheese to it! That way we get two meals out of one! These days it’s important for me to make a dinner with leftovers because we do not have the money to purchase too much. Tonight my husband made his, what he calls, Goulash. Boy, what a huge pot he made! When we were dating way, way back in the day, I wasn’t too sure about this dish, however, this is something that I’ve grown accustomed to! Thanks again for all of your week’s recipes! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  4. I really like sweet and sour chicken over rice. It’s an easy meal to throw together and a good way to get your vegetables.

  5. i like this great advice and tips

  6. Holly Robinson says:

    I can always use more dinner ideas. My kids are picky abiout eating the same thing twice in a row, lol.

  7. I love your dinner ideas and made the tuna casserole last week which I might add was amazing, and a huge hit with the family!

  8. irinagrishina says:

    Any meal planning will help. This one seems like a good one because of great variety of pecipes.

  9. Nicole Violette says:

    I m horrible at meal planning. Always running out of groceries because i am horrible at remembering to put everything on my list and read recipes thoroughly. So i end up buying a lot of unhealthy frozen dinners. :/

  10. laurie allen says:

    Thanks for sharing! It gets harder and harder to make meals without meal planning. We get so wrapped up in whatever and forget or something else comes up. Nothing worse for you than the grab it kind of meals. Meal planning is the best way to have a healthy diet and organize time. Nice to have a little help. Thanks again!!

  11. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    Great planning and ideas for combinations. Menu planning is one thing I want to get better at. We usually have a few meals on hand but typically its haphazzard as to what gets cooked when.

  12. The grilled chicken sounds good. I would like to try the potato soup. I’ve only tried the canned stuff. It was like paste.

  13. They all sound delicious, I’d like to try the Sweet and Sour Chicken with fried rice and the Baked Ziti and salad. I have never made fried rice before and the only pasta dishes that I’ve made are spaghetti and meat balls and macaroni and cheese. Thank you for sharing this post.

  14. Thanks for sharing! I’m always at a loss for what to make for dinner. This definitely gave me some ideas!

  15. The pasta sounds good. I like foods that reheat well the next day.

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