Let Your Natural Beauty Shine Through with Victoria Jackson Makeup #Sponsored

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Victoria Jackson® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.


I haven’t always been a big makeup fan, I’d wear a little eyeshadow or mascara here and there, but for the most part I never did anything more than that. As I’ve gotten older, I use makeup more often. I have to cover up my under eye circles that I get from being a mom, you know those endless nights of sleep take a huge toll on your body, and your face. For the past few years I’ve been experimenting with foundations, bronzers, blushes, mascaras, eye liners, and much more. I was excited at the chance to try out a make up brand that I haven’t heard of before, Victoria Jackson®.

Here are the products I received:

Foundation Duo

Here Comes The Sun Bronzing Powder

Perfect Everyday Blush

Lush Mascara


I really like using makeup, but I use it to show my natural beauty, not as a mask to be someone I’m not. Victoria Jackson makeup allows just that, to show your natural beauty and that was the main thing I really loved about this makeup. It was so easy to apply and blend, the colors were great. The blush is highly pigmented, so you don’t need a whole lot. Keep that in mind when applying.

First, you need to start off with a clean face. Next, apply foundation. I used the darker shade in the Foundation Duo, and then used the lighter shade under my eyes and on my nose.

NoMakeUp Foundation
After that I applied a translucent powder to set the foundation.

Bronzer and Blush

Next I applied the bronzer as a sort of contour and then blush above it and then blended them together.


After, I applied eye shadow and Lush Mascara. The mascara was great, I love how it was NOT clumpy and it looked very natural.

Here’s my before and after shot:

Victoria Jackson Before after

Victoria Jackson is a brand of makeup I’d recommend anyone to try. It looks great, it’s easy to apply, and gives you a fabulous natural look. Let your inner beauty shine through!

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Disclosure: I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Victoria Jackson® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Deborah D says:

    looks like great makeup.

  2. I rarely wear makeup. When I do, I prefer a natural look.As women age they often use too much, or bright makeup, trying to look younger. It looks ridiculous.I always try to keep in mind that what I see in the mirror isn’t the way others see me. It’s kind of like the first time you hear your voice on tape and think, do I sound like that? Anyways, yes, a natural look is best.

  3. Sandy Cain says:

    Very pretty! I agree with Lisa who says natural looking is best. After all, you want people to think, “She looks great”, rather than, “Her foundation looks great.”

  4. I would love to give this product a try. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. You have wonderful skin without any makeup at all! I wouldn’t want to wear that much makeup every day, but maybe for a special occasion.

  6. I have always liked her makeup; you look great btw!

  7. laura rubenstein says:

    You look great!! I would love to try this myself!

  8. Kasie Tillman says:

    Wow! That’s an awesome before and after!!!! I love trying new makeup! I think I need to try the duo! That blush is absolutely beautiful as well.

  9. The makeup looks pretty good. I think the blush shade they sent you is a bit too pink. It is the only thing that looks made up.

  10. I don’t wear much makeup myself. Victoria Jackson® cosmetics is a brand that I’m not familiar with but I’d like to try the mascara. Thank you for sharing this review.

  11. i dont wear make-up except on my drag days-but you look stunning and i will pass this on to my grand-daughter

  12. That makeup looks really pretty!

  13. Michelle S says:

    Wow – I was really impressed with the before and after with the foundation. It looked like it provided really good coverage.

  14. I like the way you looked with the Victoria Jackson makeup on. Your pictures demonstrate how good the product is.

  15. On you, Victoria Jackson makeup really does give a pretty look that also looks very natural.

  16. when I wear makeup I keep it simple. Maybe a bit of blush and lip gloss. I would try this brand.

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