50 Non-Candy Ideas for Easter Baskets


Easter is coming up soon! I don’t know about you, but my kids get crazy if they have a lot of candy. They are allowed some, but definitely not a whole basket full. If they had a whole basket full, this Mommy would be a basketcase! I have asked some friends and polled some facebook groups for ideas for Easter baskets that aren’t candy. I know I’m always drawing a blank when it comes to this, so I figured it may help out some of you!

1- Bubbles
2- Crayons
3- Coloring Books
4- Bathing Suit
5- Sand/Beach Toys
6- Floaty device for the pool
7- Outfit
8- Jump Rope
9- Sidewalk Chalk
10- Barbie/doll
11- Glow Sticks
12- Tickets for movies, mini-golf, etc.
13- Water Gun
14- Toy Car
15- Money
16- Book
17- Silly Putty/Play-Doh
18- Costume Jewelry
19- Craft
20- Flip flops/sandals
21- Cards
22- DVD
23- Stickers
24- Plates/Cups
25- Stuffed Animal
26- Truck
27- Shirt
28- Sunglasses
29- Travel Games
30- Cards (Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy 8s)
31- Puzzles
32- Goggles
33- Gift Cards
34- Blanket
35- Drawing Pad
36- Lip Balm/Chapstick
37- Sun Hat
38- Watering Can
39- Gloves for gardening
40- Little People
41- Purse
42- Socks
43- Figurine
44- Superhero play toys
45- Toothbrush
46- Hair Bows
47- Educational Workbooks
48- Etch a sketch
49- Magnadoodle
50- Snacks – Goldfish, Fruit Snacks, Puffs, Crackers, Cookies, etc.

Feel free to leave more ideas for Easter Baskets below in a comment if you have any! I’m sure they will help out someone reading this post!!!

Have a Happy Easter!!!


  1. That’s so much better than candy. The holidays are close enough together to where they’ve probably had plenty of sweets anyways.

  2. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These are some great ideas. I know they need some candy but I would prefer some other fun things. Thank you for sharing

  3. M.Clark says:

    These are great ideas for non-candy Easter baskets. Some other options are dried fruit, nuts, and trail mix.

  4. Thanks so much for the Information on 50 Non-Candy Ideas for Easter Baskets! They are some really great suggestions! I know that I never liked my children to have a full basket of candy! I would put DVD’s that they wanted or CD’s that they wanted in their baskets. I’d also give them fruit snacks, cookies, and things of that sort. Of course, it is Easter, so they have to have some candy but I always watched how much they got! I remember putting stuff from way back when like Polly Pocket, or the Littlest Pet shop, or even Stuffed Animals (generally a bunny or a lamb or chick) in with their basket! A good place to find suggestions would be the Dollar General or the Dollar Tree! They have all kind of neat things to put in the kids baskets! Like curly straws, small puzzles, Easter pencils or Pens with fancy eraser tops on them! The list goes on and on! I always had fun finding different little things to stuff into their baskets! They are older now so it’s not that easy anymore! I mean the DVD’s and CD’s are still fine, however, you just can’t get all the little fun stuff that you can for a younger child! Thanks for sharing your 50 Non-Candy Ideas For Easter Baskets with all of us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  5. Very creative ideas for the Holiday

  6. Anna Pry says:

    when hubby buys the basket stuff he always focuses on the candy but i try to choose non sugary items

  7. I emailed this list to myself and it really helped me. And I did all my shopping at our dollar store. I was able to buy two baskets and fill them to overflowing for less than $40. Not bad considering some of those sparsely filled baskets in the stores are $15-20 each! Thanks for the help!

  8. Thank you for the ideas. We get our grandkids a little something for Easter

  9. Great ideas. Thanks.

  10. Stephanie H. says:

    I see some great ideas for my child on your list. Thanks for the hints!

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