Five Suggestions for Saving on Your Next Big Move

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As a lot of you know, we just made a huge move, 1000 miles to be exact, from Mississippi to Virginia. I can tell you this Momma was so stressed out, so I wanted to share with you some tips on saving for your next big move!

Whether it’s for a new promotion, more space, or a change of environment, the process of moving is often very stressful. It’s times like these we wish we were the “super heroes” our children make us out to be. Then it’d be no problem to move all of our belongings from one location to the next.

Unfortunately, we don’t have those supernatural powers, and thus we must figure out how to complete the move on our own. One of the biggest stressors I’ve found in moving is affording it. You’ve already invested a lot of money into purchasing your new home (or deposit on your rental), and now you have to scrounge up the funds to transport your things from the old home to the new one…

Since we aren’t fortunate enough to be able to toss everything we own and start over with new things, the next best solution is to find a way to get the cost of moving down to a minimum. Here are a few tips I thought might come in handy:

Shop Around for a Good Price (and Quality Services)

Many people just assume that all companies will charge around the same price for equal services. However, this is not a safe assumption. Though prices might be close, they are not always the same. Not to mention that not all services are created equally either.

For example, one moving company could charge cheap rates, but they may have a reputation for showing up late, damaging property, and overcharging on the final bill. Whereas another company may charge a little more for their services, but have an outstanding rapport with customers and may even include complimentary add-ons such as free moving boxes, discounts on insurance, etc. Therefore, shopping around allows you to see which company will give you quality services at the most affordable rate. When shopping around you’ll want to consider the following:

  • The Company’s Reputation – Before deciding to do business with any moving company, you should first check their reputation. What do other customers think about their quality of service? To find out, you can check reputable sources such as the Better Business Bureau, or consumer review sites. Get a feel for what others have experienced in working with a particular company before considering doing business with them.
  • Services Offered – When it comes to moving, you need all the help you can get. A quality moving company will have various services that can assist you in your move. Review the various services they offer and select a company based on your personal needs.
  • Prices – While price is an important factor, you don’t want this to be the sole reason you select a company. After checking the company’s reputation and the various services they offer, you can then select a moving company based on the prices. Generally get a moving quote online within a few minutes. While the quote will not be the final price, it can give you a general idea of how much it will cost. It is ideal to compare at least two to three quotes to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Choose the Right Time to Move

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is a moving season. During the summer months is when the most moving occurs. Why? Well because most families feel this is the best time to move. You don’t have to deal with the unpredictable weather of the winter, and for families with children, moving in the middle of the school year is not ideal. Therefore, most people wait until the summer months to make their move. As such, try to plan around that time so that you can get a better price. Another tidbit about timing your move is that the busiest time of month is the first half of the month (1st thru 15th). So if you can book a moving date in the spring time in the middle of the month, you’re in luck.

Purge, Purge, Purge Your Belongings

There are several factors that will determine the exact cost of your move: what services you need, the distance in which you’re moving, and how long it takes for the move (man hours). In order to trim down the costs you want to trim down how much needs to be moved. The fewer things you have to be packed and moved to your new home, the more money you can save. While I’m not advocating that you throw away things that you care about, I am saying that if you really don’t need it, don’t take it to your new home with you. Sort through your belongings accordingly. Items in good condition can be donated to a local shelter or second hand store, or you could sell them at a yard sale and pocket the cash. Anything else should be thrown away.

Note to Parents: It is best to purge your kid’s belongings when they’re not home. Trying to sort through old toys with your kids around is nearly impossible. My daughter cried once because I gave away her rattle (mind you she’s 8 years old). Trust me it will prevent several gray hairs from growing in.

Find Free Moving Supplies

Instead of purchasing moving supplies from the store or your chosen moving company, you should look around for some free supplies. There are plenty of places you can check for free supplies including the grocery stores, liquor stores, and even in your office (empty copy paper boxes). The more supplies you can find for free, the fewer supplies you’ll need to purchase.

Package and Label Accurately

The last bit of advice to save money on your move is to accurately package and label everything. As I told you before, the longer it takes for the movers to successfully load and unload the moving truck, the more it’s going to cost you. By clearly labeling and packaging everything, the movers will have a much simpler time in placing things where you want them in the new home.

While I’d like to say this advice would make your move stress free…it won’t. But it should certainly help to eliminate one of the stressors – the expense. Hopefully, you’ll find this bit of advice informative and helpful during your next move. With all the money you’ll save from these tips, you can invest the money back into your new home by decorating your kid’s rooms or purchasing some furniture to make your house feel more like a home.


  1. That is quite a ways to move. Welcome to Va. Moving is stressful. Our last move, we did everything ourselves. I was sore for a week. Hopefully, if we ever move again, we’ll hire a company.

  2. nicole dziedzic says:

    Awesome tips here, the last time I helped a friend move it was pretty chaotic, and a lot of boxes didn’t get marked so it made unpacking so unorganized, and they also choose the wrong time to move, so I think that is a great tip overall.

  3. Anna Pry says:

    we did major purging before moving from PA to NC because everything had to fit on the trailer we borrowed from family

  4. Great ideas…I hope I won’t need them as we “plan” on staying in this house.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. We are moving in May. I’m excited, nervous, and dreading it all at the same time. These tips will come in handy.

  6. Kim Hampton says:

    Great suggestions! Especially the “purge” one!

  7. We moved halfway across the country less than a year ago too! It was a move from hell, as usual, lol. We didn’t pay for a moving company to move our belongings for us. After reading the reviews on several moving companies, we just didn’t find a single one whose ratings were consistently good. We ended up renting our own moving truck and that was a headache too, but only because Home Depot gave us a 16-foot truck instead of the 26-foot truck that we ordered!!

  8. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These are some very good tips for moving. Especially for the long move you had with your family. I pray all is going well for all of you with the adjustment. Thank you so much for sharing

  9. Charlene says:

    After moving 7 times I know how expensive it is to move. You give some really good tips.

  10. M.Clark says:

    I did not know that there is a moving season. These are great tips, they will help us in our move, thank you for sharing this post.

  11. WOW! Thanks so very much for the Terrific Suggestions on Five Suggestions for Saving on Your Next Big Move! My hubby and I have been talking about moving. I want to move out of the state of PA and I know it’s going to be a huge move if we decide to do this! We have so much stuff and we are planning a yard sale when the weather gets nicer around here! The reason that I want to move out of PA is due to family situations (my side of the family) that I found out will just not work out not matter what I do or say! I honestly feel like I have no family here in PA and would just love to start over with my life somewhere far away from my family! It may sound like I’m running away and that’s ok. I’m just so fed up with trying to resolve certain issues that doesn’t want to be resolved! A large part is my sisters and I was told by my little sister that her life has been so much better since she wrote me out of her life and she will never ever be my sister again! she said for me not to even try anymore because there is nothing I can do or say that will change her mind! Plus the middle sister, always sides with the youngest and my parents won’t even speak to my little sister about this for me! She put my parents through so much while she was growing up and since her and her husband can not have children, the both have focused on their careers and make very good money! That money trickles down to my parents for every occasion that comes around and she puts it into an account for a vacation fund for my parents! So, needless to say, they don’t want to ruin that! God Forbid! So, This is why I just need to get away! Every single holiday I’m depressed and crying because of my family! I’m stressed, tired, and give up. I think that your suggestions on a move are excellent! I know that you have got to shop around for the correct movers and not just settle because the price is good! I saw what happened to my daughter when the Army had their movers initially move her and her husband to Kentucky! They broke or ruined so many different things! I know through her that you just can’t settle! I really appreciate your sharing these tips with all of us! They are terrific! Thanks so much! I totally appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  12. Joanne Gregory says:

    Great suggestions. Moving is a very stressful life change for everyone in the familly.

  13. Karen Jaras says:

    Moving is so stressful and the moving companies have pilfered many of my collectables and broken items with no recourse and the “insurance” I purchased was bogus. Such a headache.

  14. I have not moved in 20 years but we are currently looking for a bigger house because our family of 5 has outgrown our 1008 square foot house. Love all the suggestions, especially to purge! After 20 years and 3 children, I have plenty to purge!

  15. After apartment living I badly wanted a house. We have our own home, paid in full. Now I want to go back to an apt. The older I get, the everyday up keep get’s more difficult. So besides money issues, you may want to consider a rental home instead of buying right away.

  16. Edna Williams says:

    That is a very good post! Wow!

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