Moms and Caregivers: Why Bamboo is Best for your Baby and Loved Ones!

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Over the past few years I have been obsessed with bamboo anything for baby/toddler. My toddler even has a bamboo blanket, as well as myself. My favorite hands down so far has been Brooklyn Bamboo Baby products. We’ve been using Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Washcloths and Burpy Bibs for the past few weeks now and I really have nothing bad to say about them.

When the craze of bamboo started, I was a bit confused..because bamboo is hard, like a tree…but it’s a grass right? I also think of the tropics when I think of bamboo, although I know it grows everywhere, but how does bamboo become to be something like a wash cloth, bib, blanket, or even a towel?

Bamboo fiber is made from the pulp of bamboo plants, and then is made into a bamboo yarn. It’s that simple.

So what’s so great about bamboo?

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby products are all made from organic bamboo. They are so soft, softer than anything cotton I’ve ever owned. They’re not scratchy by any means, and they wash well and come out softer than before. They are really absorbent as well as durable. They are even hypo-allergenic so perfect for any one with sensitive skin. I know a lot of babies and even the elderly have really sensitive skin, so it’s very important to use something that is not going to irritate their skin. Brooklyn Bamboo Baby is your answer.

According to Brooklyn Bamboo Baby their washcloths and the bibs are just the beginning of products from Brooklyn Bamboo. There are more bib styles, hooded baby towels, crib sheets, swaddle blankets, socks, baby beany caps, and much much more. That’s such great news as this means you will see more durable, absorbent, softer products coming out soon for all of your needs!

You can’t go wrong with organic, and you can’t go wrong with bamboo. They are good for the environment, unlike cotton or other fibers, bamboo is know as sustainable.

Washcloths – Brooklyn Bamboo Baby washcloths come as a 6-pack. You will receive 2 of each color, bamboo green, light yellow, and off white. These are perfect for any gender and any age. I even wash my face with them at night, so please don’t be confused, they aren’t just for baby!


As a mommy to two girls, we do bath time several times a week, and some times several times a day, depends on how dirty my kids get. It’s important to have a comfortable wash cloth to use on my girls, and unfortunately there’s a lot of wash cloths out there that aren’t soft at all. These are a product I will be using over and over again, and I’ll be recommending them to all my friends with kids.

You can purchase these at Amazon HERE.
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Burpy Bibs- There’s no difference with the Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Burpy Bibs, these are amazingly soft. When I received the Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Burpy Bibs, I first noticed the generous size! They cover up my toddler’s entire shirt! We had a lot of compliments while eating out at a local restaurant. You don’t ever see bibs that really cover everything, so I know that’s why the moms around us noticed when they commented. They loved how soft they were and how they fit too.

You get 3 burpy bibs in a pack, one each of off white, green, and yellow. These would be a great addition to a gift basket for a new Mom.

You can purchase these at Amazon HERE.
Save 20% off with code: 2JWAML53

If you’d like to check out my more in depth review head on over to here – Everything Mommyhood’s Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Review.

We also have a giveaway for $100 in Brooklyn Bamboo Products as well here- $100 Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Giveaway
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  1. I had the same thoughts as you did regarding bamboo! I would’ve never thought that it could be softer than cotton!! The part that also interested me in your review, is the part about ‘the elderly have really sensitive skin, so it’s very important to use something that is not going to irritate their skin. Brooklyn Bamboo Baby is your answer’. That is why I would use it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I never knew so much about bamboo. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Laurie Nykaza says:

    These look wonderful and soft and being eco friendly bamboo is a good source for products it grows fast so I like items made with it.

  4. I have been a bamboo lover for years! I have 2 sets of bamboo sheets that are my absolute favorite because they are so soft. I have fibromyalgia and I can’t wear things that aren’t soft enough against my skin. Cotton feels like sand paper so I look either for bamboo or rayon to make my skin happy. I may just get some of these wash cloths for myself 😉

  5. WOW! Thanks so much for the Fantastic Review on Moms and Caregivers: Why Bamboo is Best for your Baby and Loved Ones! I have not had the opportunity to try anything made of bamboo yet. I’ve heard so much about how soft of a material it is and how it gets even softer after washing! I love that they use bamboo to make all different kinds of things from baby clothes to adults clothes and sheets! I would love to have a pair of bamboo sheets! They sound absolutely wonderful! When they first started talking about how things were being made with bamboo, I was thinking of the bamboo that’s growing down the street and how much they resemble a tree. I just couldn’t grasp the concept of how they actually made things from it! After it’s been around more, I’ve learned an awful lot about how they accomplish this process! I love that it’s all natural and no chemicals added! It sounds like a wonderful product! Thanks so much for sharing the fantastic review, the pictures, and all the personal and professional information on Moms and Caregivers: Why Bamboo is Best for your Baby and Loved Ones with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  6. I have heard a lot of stuff lately about bamboo and all of it was good!! My girlfriend swears by it and after feeling her little ones sheets I can see why! I couldn’t believe how soft it was and I love that it’s all natural and chemical free!!

  7. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Recently I have been seeing so many bamboo made products. They all sound wonderful. I have not tried any of these products yet but I intend to soon. Thank you so much for this great article

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