Spring Cleaning Event with Clean Ones & Giveaway – ends 5/6

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Spring Cleaning. Two words I have a love hate relationship with. I love Spring and getting my house clean and in order, but at the same time I despise cleaning. Let’s face it, it’s part of life though right? Clean Ones sent me a package of their fabulous gloves to help me with my Spring Cleaning and I couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing worse than getting your nails all gross from cleaning, or your hands dry from cleaning supplies and scrubbing. Cleaners can be very harsh on your skin, whether you’re using natural cleaners or not.


My favorite pair to clean with is by far the Pure Comfort Latex Free Cleaning Gloves. These are essential to my cleaning now. Whether I’m scrubbing the bathtubs, cleaning around the toilet, cleaning the shower, or the baseboards, these are my go to gloves. Not only do they keep my hands protected, they’re comfortable, plus they have a foldable edge to keep chemicals and water from running down your arm.


Pure Comfort Latex Free Cleaning Gloves are contoured and fit your hand well, they also come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. You can feel good about using these too as they are 100% free of BPA and Phthalates, DEHP and DOP. They are safe to use with children and the gloves are 35% thicker than standard household gloves, which is great because I’m not a fan of the standard household gloves. These are great!


You can use these Pure Comfort Latex Free Cleaning Gloves to provide extra layers of protection from harsh chemicals, skin irritants, unsanitary surfaces and environmentally damaging elements.  While using them I noticed they have a no slip grip too, which is great while cleaning! The inside is comfortable and an absorbent lining. You can’t go wrong using these gloves from Clean Ones while cleaning! In fact, once you use them, you will make sure you have them every time!


Clean Ones has a couple other great products I recommend trying out as well! Not only did I receive the Pure Comfort Latex Free Gloves, but I also received the Disposable Essentials Nitrile Gloves and Disposable Essentials Food Handling Gloves.


The Disposable Essentials Nitrile Gloves are great when doing dirty jobs like spackling and painting, working on your car, refinishing that dresser in your garage that you bought for a Pinterest project, or anything you don’t want to mess up your hands/nails. They’re very durable, puncture resistant, and of course 100% latex free! These are disposable too, so wear them while you complete your project or job and throw them in the trash.


The Disposable Essentials Food Handling Gloves are a MUST for me. When I go to my local warehouse club for groceries, I buy meat in bulk which means when I come home I have to separate it out into family sized portions. The one thing I absolutely hate is touching meat and this makes this process much more enjoyable and quicker. Touching raw meat gives me the creeps (for lack of a better term) and wearing these takes away that feeling. I can get the job done quicker! They are latex free too, as well as loose fitting, comfortable, and disposable. Wear them once to complete a task and throw them away!

I recommend checking out all of the wonderful products by Clean Ones. They’re sure to have something you’re looking for. I highly recommend the Pure Comfort Latex Free Cleaning Gloves!

Buy it: Clean Ones Pure Comfort Latex Free Gloves

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Now for the giveaway!
One lucky reader will win a 50 Count Box of Disposable Vinyl Gloves, A Pair of Pure Comfort Latex Free Gloves, A Pair of Everyday Cleaning Natural Latex Gloves, and a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card!
Open to US only, 18 and up.
Void where prohibited.
One entrant per household/IP Address.
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Winner will be emailed and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
Giveaway ends 5/6/2015 at 11:59pm EST

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  1. Janet W. says:

    I use gloves when I clean to keep the chemicals from drying out my skin.

  2. Julie Wood says:

    I have a cleaning schedule that involves cleaning the house areas on different days, and I have to use gloves when I clean because my hands will get very dry and sore from the chemicals.

  3. laura rubenstein says:

    I just go with it! lol I do use gloves sometimes like for the bathroom or the dishes.

  4. I try to set aside a certain amount of time each day to clean. Sometimes, it becomes a bigger job than I had planned on. I do wear gloves. My skin’s sensitive. I’m glad I do because the cleansers that I used to use burned a hole through my gloves.

  5. I do not have a spring cleaning schedule. I kind of go by my moods and desires. luckily we have a maid.

  6. steve weber says:

    I only use gloves if I’m cleaning the bathroom.. there are a lot of bacteria and germs and I’m trying to avoid- gloves help this majorly.

  7. Wendy Caddy says:

    I have a cleaning routine that I do daily, and then things I do weekly. I wear gloves when I use cleaning solutions to protect my hands.

  8. I always use gloves because I am somewhat of a germaphobe. I don’t really have a normal cleaning routine. I clean when it needs it.

  9. Bobby Ding says:

    Hope to win for the wife.

  10. I do have a cleaning schedule. I have a specific chore that I do in each room every day. While I do some chores, I wear gloves…especially when dusting and washing dishes. I wear them because I have very sensitive skin.

  11. I don’t have a cleaning schedule , i just go with the flow. sometimes I put playing with my toddler in priority since I’m pregnant with 2nd child and due in a couple of months, i want to give him as much time as i can before his little brother comes but I do set aside about 15 mins a day for cleaning up & on weekends I do a little more.

  12. Judy Schechter says:

    I don’t have a cleaning schedule, I just try to do a little every day. I absolutely do use gloves, especially for cleaning the bathroom! And I’m participating in the #SpringDejunkChallenge right now!

  13. I use gloves all the time because I think it’s safer I clean my house on Fridays but keep it picked up during the week too

  14. I’ve never worn cleaning gloves as I’ve never found a good pair to use. I NEED a weekly cleaning schedule as my house would look better! LOL

  15. jalapenomamamn says:

    I do not have a cleaning schedule anymore.
    Yes I use gloves for washing dishes and scrubbing floors.
    Using gloves to kinder to my hands and nails.
    form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  16. Margaret Smith says:

    No set schedule. I just clean as it needs to be done. Yes I wear gloves at times.

  17. I use gloves sometimes and try to more often. They make my hands sweat.

  18. I don’t have a schedule. I just do it when it needs it and don’t wear gloves

  19. PuffyBiggler says:

    I have a cleaning schedule, but I don’t stick to it very well. I do not use gloves because I don’t have any. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Cynthia C says:

    I don’t have a cleaning schedule. I just do what’s needed at the time. I try to use gloves when I have them.

  21. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I don’t have a cleaning schedule. I clean when needed. I don’t usually use gloves.

  22. I try to stick to a cleaning schedule but it doesn’t always work out the way I would like. I use gloves when cleaning our bath/shower

  23. Jan Lee says:

    I have a cleaner who comes in every month. She doesn’t use gloves as she said she wants to be able to feel the areas she cleans. I do use gloves when I do some of the lite housework. 🙂

  24. Melissa S says:

    I don’t really have a schedule, but I think I could benefit from putting one together. I use gloves sometimes but could definitely use them more to save my hands.

  25. Elsa Barrientos says:

    Yes, I have a schedule, when my baby sleep I do all the housework that I can, and I’not such a fan to de dishwasher so I use gloves all the time to protect my hands because the water and the soap make my skin really dry

  26. Crystal F says:

    I don’t have a cleaning schedule. I just go with the flow and clean what needs to be cleaned. Thank you!

  27. Dave L says:

    I don’t have a cleaning schedule. I really should as I am a master procrastinator and I can almost always find something else that needs doing. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  28. Jennifer Zahradnik says:

    Generally I don’t have a cleaning schedule, except when new seasons come and then I’ll do things like dust the heaters (winter) or clean the AC (summer). I usually clean when things look like they need it! I don’t use gloves but I think I should change that.

  29. amweeks says:

    I don’t really have a schedule…I just clean as I notice it needs it. I usually don’t wear gloves…just for the really icky stuff!

  30. EMMA L HORTON says:


  31. I just clean whenever I see something dirty or if I know I have guests coming over. I do not wear gloves that often, only if I am cleaning up a Kitty Mess or if I am deep cleaning something which isnt that often.

  32. We don’t really have a cleaning schedule, I just clean whatever is dirty when I see it. I use gloves sometimes, depending on what’s being cleaned. Some things you just don’t want to touch, eww lol.

  33. I have somewhat of a cleaning schedule in that I have certain cleaning/housekeeping tasks that I perform on a daily basis pretty much at the same time. I clean the litter box, do the dishes, and clean off the tables every day. The rest of it is pretty much whenever I feel like it or when it gets to really needing it. I don’t wear gloves because they make my hands sweaty.

  34. Susan Smith says:

    I don’t have a cleaning schedule. I just clean what needs to be cleaned. I don’t usually use gloves when I clean.

  35. I have a cleaning schedule that I am pretty good at following. Each day I do a different room with a complete clean. If there is a special clean-up for a room then I just add it to the day it happens. I use gloves as I have sensitive skin that breaks out with almost any cleaner.

  36. No, I don’t really have a cleaning schedule, except I try to tidy up before bed at night! I don’t use gloves, I find them annoying!

    -Hannah Avery
    hannahavery85@yahoo.com or havery@kmbc.edu

  37. I have a cleaning schedule that I follow each week. I don’t typically use gloves, unless I’m doing something really nasty, like pulling out hair from the bathtub drain or something like that.

  38. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Spring Cleaning Event with Clean Ones! I hate to wear gloves while I’m cleaning! I feel like I can’t get the job done right whenever I wear gloves. I’ve tried to wear them and they all just feel weird on me. I do, however, like the gloves to deal with meat! I hate separating meat and even when I’m working with it! I have to wash my hands constantly if I stop for some reason and have to do something else! It drives me crazy! I would wear these gloves! When making a meatloaf or filled cabbage and my hands are in the ground meat mixing all the spices and ingredients in just feels horrible! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Spring Cleaning Event with Clean Ones with all of us! You know that I truly enjoy your reviews! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  39. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These gloves sound so nice. There have been so many times I could have used a pair of these. Thank you so much for sharing. They could really save the hands. Mine get so dry any way because I wash them so much

  40. I always use gloves for cleaning and washing at home. The one you have on the picture looks very good, and I will try to find and buy them for sure! I also love the spring cleaning time. All the home smells clean and fresh.

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