Baby Alive Sips ‘n Cuddles Review #PlayLikeHasbro

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Everything Mommyhood was chosen as a #PlayLikeHasbro Community blogger so we will be bringing you reviews throughout the year of Hasbro toys. Our first product we have received is the Hasbro – Baby Alive Sips ‘N Cuddles Doll.

Baby Alive Sips ‘n Cuddles came with the dressed doll, fill able sippy cup, 1 diaper, and stickers. She is recommended for ages 3+ which I think younger children can play with her too as long as you take the stickers away. You can decorate the sippy cup with the stickers. The dress on baby is removable as well. My 3 year old LOVES to dress and undress her babies!

When you feed Baby Alive with her sippy (obviously you fill with water) she actually wets her diaper as well, which is SO cute. While my 3 year old LOVES this, the doll only has one diaper and they are not reusable, but you can buy more at a retailer near you! She is a great size to hold for my daughter and she’s easy to feed. My 3 year old plays with her daily and has to take her out of the house almost every where we go. We even go for walks with her in my little one’s stroller. She also sleeps with my 3 year old at night too.

Baby Alive Collage
One of my favorite features about Baby Alive Sips ‘N Cuddles is that she doesn’t have real hair. I’m not a fan of baby dolls who have hair that gets all knotted and a mess, I like simple toys that my kids can easily play with that I don’t have to maintain. It’s easy to give a quick wipe down. Makes my life easier!

Baby Alive Sips ‘n Cuddles baby doll drinks and wets. She also comes with a sticker sheet so your little girl can get creative!

Baby Alive Sips ‘n Cuddles baby doll loves to drink from her sippy cup while snuggled in mommy’s arms. Once her baby’s tummy is full, your little girl can change her diaper. (Includes 1 diaper. Refills sold separately.) Now that she’s warm and dry, Sips ‘n Cuddles baby is ready for a nap. She’s counting on your little girl to soothe her to sleep.

Baby Alive Sips ‘n Cuddles is very reasonably priced too!

Buy it: Baby Alive Sips ‘n Cuddles is available online at or at for $14.99, you can find it at your local retailers as well.

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Disclosure: Everything Mommyhood received the above mentioned product in exchange for our honest review as a part of the PlayLikeHasbro Ambassador program. All opinions are those of our own and were not influenced in any way. If you’d like to see your product or service featured on Everything Mommyhood please contact us at


  1. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Baby Alive Sips ‘n Cuddles Review #PlayLikeHasbro! This doll (or a form of this doll) has been around for a long time! It’s nice, like you mentioned, that this baby has no hair! It’s horrible when their hair gets all knotted up and you have to fix it all the time! It’s terrific that this doll drinks and then gets wet. With only 1 extra diaper, you should purchase extras or a re-useable one because you just know that she’s going to need a diaper all the time! She is definitely cute and I know that my Little Miss Scarlett will love one! Thanks for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Baby Alive Sips ‘n Cuddles Review #PlayLikeHasbro with all of us! You know that I most definitely do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  2. SaraAB87 says:

    I love baby alive. She is cute.

  3. What a freaky looking doll. I’m going to keep this family friendly and rated g. That’s all.

  4. M.Clark says:

    Yeah the doll is kind of freaky looking., but I’m sure a lot of little girls would still love to have her. Thank you for sharing this review.

  5. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    My granddaughter would love this doll. She enjoys playing with her babies and being either mommy or a teacher. Thank you for sharing

  6. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This doll is adorable. My granddaughter would love feeding her and playing mommy. Thank you so much for sharing

  7. Just a little hint. The diaper refills are pricey, so go to your local grocer and buy a pack of pampers for preemies. They’re much cheaper and absorb more water too. Basically the same size as well.

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