$25 Sunoco Gift Card Giveaway – ends 9/30

Sunoco Giveaway

We have teamed up with Sunoco to bring to you this fabulous giveaway!

We all need gas to get around, so this is the perfect giveaway for everyone! The Sunoco Gift Card is always a good option. It can be used for everything from getting your car repaired, to filling up your tank, to filling up your coffee cup. Now that school has started up again, I feel like I’m always filling up my tank, luckily for me we have a Sunoco right around the corner from our house, so that’s always my go to station to fill up. I’ve recently been thinking about getting a Sunoco credit card. I like to be able to keep track of my purchases, and with the Sunoco Credit Card, I could keep track of how much I’m spending on gas each month!

Did you know that Sunoco has a Sunoco Credit Card? The Sunoco Rewards Credit Card not only offers gas rewards, but this fuel credit card will also instantly roll back your gas prices 5¢ on every gallon! That’s some great savings! This is something that could really do great for our budget!

Now for the giveaway!
One lucky reader will win a $25 Sunoco Gift Card!
Giveaway is open to US residents.
18 and up only.
Void where prohibited.
Winner will be chosen randomly via the Giveaway Tools entry form and will be emailed.
Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize before a new winner is chosen.
Giveaway ends 9/30/15 at 11:59pm Eastern.

Disclosure: Everything Mommyhood received a gift card in exchange for hosting this giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are those of our own. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and any other social media are not affiliated with this posting. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. If you have any questions about this event or would like to see your event hosted by Everything Mommyhood, please email EverythingMommyhood@gmail.com.


  1. I would use the gift card to buy gas to visit family.

  2. steve weber says:

    I would use to buy gas for my next road trip.

  3. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would use it for gas.

  4. I would use it for gas to get to work.

  5. Id use it for gas

  6. Dawn Monroe says:

    I would use it for a weekend road trip. We need one.

  7. Mary rutter says:

    I would get some gas with the gift card

  8. I would give this to my husband for gas money and thank you for the chance to win.

  9. I would use it for my regular fill ups

  10. Emily Smith says:

    I would hold on to it for my next road trip.

  11. I would use it immediately! We’re planning to visit realitives and need gas money.

  12. I would use it for gas on our next trip.

  13. Fill it up!

  14. We don’t have a Sunoco here, but I would save it for next summer’s family vacation. We travel on a tight budget!

  15. I’d use it as the start off for our next vacation. I usually try to gather up dining gift cards, gas cards/discounts and save all of our change. By the time we go on vacation, I usually have a good portion of our expenses covered

  16. i would use it for gas & road trip snacks.

  17. use ti on gas

  18. I would buy gas

  19. melissa resnick says:

    I would give it to my daughter for gas

  20. cynthia dawson says:

    I would use it for gas for my husband to get to work.

  21. I would use it for gas when traveling.

  22. I’d fill up our tractor.

  23. I would use it for gas when we go to visit my daughter in another state.

  24. I would use it for gas money when we travel.

  25. Margaret Smith says:

    I’d use the gift card to fill up my tank

  26. stacey grantham says:

    My son is a junior at UF, but lives at home. He drives an hour each way 5 days a week. I would give it to him.

  27. If I won, I would use the card to buy gas when we visit my brother in NH

  28. I would use the gift card to buy gas.

  29. I would definitely quickly deposit this giftcard into my gas tank!

  30. Jillian Too says:

    I’d love to use it to buy gas for a Fall Foliage road trip.

  31. use to buy gas for work

  32. I would use it to get gas for those long trips we have to take for my daughter’s softball tournaments. Thank you!

  33. I will use it on my next vacation!!

  34. Tari Lawson says:

    I would use it for an oil change.

  35. I would use it to fill my tank with gas.

  36. I would use it when we take one of our day trips

  37. I would use it for gas.

  38. amy guillaume linderman says:

    would be great for gassing up my car to go visit my parents

  39. I would use it for gas for our anniversary trip in Octobe!

  40. would gas up for errands

  41. I would get gasoline, of course. If there is a local station.

  42. Jennifer corrado says:

    I would buy gas for hubby’s work car.

  43. I’d use it for some gas!

  44. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would use this to buy gas for my upcoming Smoky Mountains trip.

  45. Brittney House says:

    I would put gas in my tank.

  46. My intent is the card to be for Dear Ann she can do as she pleases with it which would come in very handy to her.

  47. beth shepherd says:

    I would use it for gas to visit family in KY. Thank you

  48. I would use it on Gas. I have a long work commute.

  49. Robin Abrams says:

    I would fill the car with gas to visit my son

  50. I’d buy cigars and brown liquor from the Sunoco convenience store.

    Just kidding. I’d buy gas like everyone else. I mean, it’s a gas station…

  51. Jessica Padilla says:

    I would use it for gas to go to work.

  52. kim keithline says:

    I would use it for gas for my roadtrip to see my son graduate from basic training

  53. Nataile Brown says:

    I would buy gas for all the parks and beaches my boxer boy and I ride around to. So fun!!

  54. I would put it towards gas!

  55. Jessica Lodge says:

    I would give it to my Mom to use toward the gas she uses driving my kids around all summer.

  56. Tonya Dreese says:

    I would totally use it for gas.

  57. My daughter just got her driver’s license and we are stretching our budget with the extra gas she is using so this would be used for gas.

  58. We travel for a living… pretty self explanatory.

  59. I would use it for gas.

  60. i will fill up my tank and with prices today i could probably get a coca cola as well

  61. tina reynolds says:

    I woulduseit for gas to visit family

  62. To drive me north to finish the Appalachian Trail.

  63. jennifer corrado says:

    Gas in my car for taking my child to and from school!

  64. Belinda Shaw says:

    I would use the gas for our lawn mower

  65. I’d use the gas to take a trip to the beach for the weekend.

  66. I think I would probably use it to get gas. 😉

  67. To get gas, naturally. 🙂

  68. Miles Imhoff says:

    I don’t know… I do like gas station beef jerky…

    God bless,

  69. I would probably purchase some gas If I won!

  70. I would definitely use it for gas.
    Laurie Emerson

  71. Miranda Ward says:

    I would use this for my next road trip. You can never have too much gas money!!


  72. Carolyn Daley says:

    I would use the Sunoco gift card to fuel up my car this October on my way to Orlando.

  73. julie murphy says:

    for gas to go to work

  74. Road trip. gas. We want to take a rv trip to all the states someday. yes it is on my bucket list.

  75. I’d use it on gas.

  76. I would use it in gas.

  77. It would go towards everyday travel to and from work!

  78. I would use the gift card for gas.

  79. I’d give it to my husband so he could get gas on his way home from work.

  80. We would use it on our yearly crazy summer vacations. Thank you

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