Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia: Halloween, American Heritage Chocolate, and more! #ChocolateHistory


Last week I went on my first sponsored blog trip and I have to tell you I had so much fun and it was so educational. I just moved to Virginia 9 months ago, so I haven’t really been able to experience a lot of the history that Virginia has to offer. Because of this trip, I plan on taking my family back during the upcoming holiday season. There’s so much to experience and the best part is, you can pretty much walk around everywhere!

We only live about an hour from Williamsburg, VA, so I drove down last Thursday. I left a little early to get some shopping in at the outlets before I checked into the fabulous Williamsburg Lodge, which is a must stay if you head to Williamsburg!


It was so cozy, homey, and of course it gave that colonial feel. All of the staff were amazing and very accommodating. I would definitely stay here again and again. It was within walking distance of everywhere we went, and you could also hop on the bus to take you to the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor’s Center and other stops around the area.

I wasn’t the only blogger on this fabulous trip, I was also joined by 4 other awesome bloggers!

BloggersYou may notice some of them (and of course me, I’m the tallest one), left from right is Hip Mama’s Place, Katheats Real Food, Clever Housewife, Everything Mommyhood, and Homegrown and Healthy. Make sure you head over and check out their blogs by clicking on their links. They are all fabulous writers with great content!

That evening we all went out to dinner to the King’s Arms Tavern to get to know one another and just enjoy a nice dinner. I must admit their food is quite good and while it won’t leave you hungry, you will still be wanting more. I ordered the very delicious “Chop of Shoat” which was a maple and whiskey brined pork chop with a grainy mustard glaze, caramelized cabbage with a bacon flavor, cheddar onion polenta, and sauteed squash. It was so delicious and I ate every bite.


Next up we ordered dessert and I had an amazing chocolate tart with a cherry sauce on top, it is made with American Heritage Chocolate, which you can find some amazing recipes on their site. It was so good, and almost like fudge on a plate.

The next morning we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast buffet at Traditions, located inside the Williamsburg Lodge. Then we headed to the bus stop outside the lodge to head on over to the Visitor’s Center.

Once we reached the Visitor’s Center, we walked down to Great Hopes Plantation, which I think was my favorite part of the trip.


Almost everything on the plantation is still done just like it was back in the 18th century. From oxen pulling wood around the plantation, to women cooking in the kitchen,  and tending the garden. They told us all of this was not done for show, this is what they do every day. Meals are cooked right there over an open fire with whole food ingredients. I thought it was just amazing all of the work that was done on the plantation without the technology that we have today.

This is the one place I want to bring my husband and children back to. I want to show them how life was back in the 18th century compared to now. It’s just so different! I want my children to learn the history of it and see if for themselves. If you head to Williamsburg, I definitely would check out Great Hopes Plantation.

Next we headed off to the Governor’s Palace Kitchen, which is a British kitchen located right here in Virginia. We were informed about how everything operated, and how chocolate was only for adults, as they made it into a drink, which had the same properties as espresso. They tour guide explained to us that the cacao pod was split in half and dried then fermented and then how they turned that into chocolate. It was so interesting to see because in my mind cocoa beans were just on a tree or a plant and fell off when ready, but that was not the case at all.


After that we headed off to the James Anderson Public Armoury and Blacksmith shop and then next door to the tin shop. I loved both of these places as well. The blacksmith shop was so interesting as they showed us how they made tools out of iron with hot fire. In the tin shop we were informed that they make a ton of pieces for the military, which I thought was neat.


When we got done there we headed to the BRAND NEW open air Market House where you can shop. They had souvenirs a plenty, produce, t-shirts, of course they also had American Heritage Chocolate for sale, and so much more. I loved the open air concept, and it was just so enjoyable to be shopping outside.


Next we headed down to the R. Charlton Coffeehouse where the historians (males) back in the day used to get together and talk about politics and we had an amazing American Heritage Chocolate Drink which was just one part water and one part melted American Heritage Chocolate….it was an explosion on my tastebuds, so much so that when I got home from my trip I had to make it for my husband too. It’s a very rich drink, so drinking a little less than a half a cup is just enough.

Charlton Coffeehouse

After our decadent chocolate drink we headed to Taste Studio which is right next to Williamsburg Lodge, for a LIVE cooking show and sampling. This was so much fun, and if you knew me personally, you’d know that I’m absolutely OBSESSED with cooking shows, so this was right up my alley for sure. The food we tasted was amazing as well.This time we had some American Heritage Hot Chocolate, which was made with milk and sugar, so a bit different than the decadent chocolate drink we previously had at the coffeehouse.

Taste Cooking Show
The chefs made us some pretty amazing food, pictured in the middle above was SO good. It was pumpernickel bread with an American Heritage Chocolate aioli, roasted pork, and a cherry merlot reduction. It sounds different, and it was a spin on “Black Forest Cake.” It was so good and if I wasn’t already full, I would have asked for more! The pastry chef then made us the same chocolate tart that I had already had the night before when we ate at King’s Arms Tavern, and of course it was amazing too, I was glad to be able to have more!

Then we headed back up to the Williamsburg Lodge to freshen up and get ready for the Halloween festivities for the evening, which is something I look forward to bringing my family to next year. If you get the chance to check it out, I highly recommend it. I apologize in advance, but I went a little bit selfie crazy with the festive decorations!


They had two different times you could attend depending on the age of your child, that you could purchase tickets for.
There’s a more tame, trick or treat for the younger crowd – A Pirate’s Life For Me – 5-7:30 pm which included contests, characters and activities, and of course trick or treating!!!

Then of course there’s a “scarier” crowd that ran from 8pm-10pm – Under Blackbeard’s Flag – older kids 13+ can get spooked with trials, tours and a grand finale zombie procession…I know quite a few zombies ran into me and it was just like the real thing…or well what you’d imagine they’d be like!

All in all, I really enjoyed my trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA (and meeting new blogger friends) and I plan to head back again in a few months for some of their upcoming Christmas festivities too!

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Make sure to keep an eye out on the blog as I will have a yummy chocolate recipe for you NEXT week featuring the lovely American Heritage Chocolate and you won’t want to miss it!!!

What was your favorite part of my trip? Have you been to Williamsburg, VA before? I’d love to hear about it below in the comments!

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  1. Gladys Aguilar says:

    Wow this looks pretty awesome. And you are KILLING me with that chocolate tart!

  2. I love all the photos! And yes, it was truly a one-of-a-kind experience! So great meeting all of you at this awesome trip! 🙂

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    i am so thankful for this information. My son and I plan on taking the grandchildren during the fourth of July. I will be checking on all your suggestions. Thank you so much and God Bless

  4. How do you like Virgina so far? I don’t know where you moved from, but the summers here are hot and humid. That chocolate dessert looked pretty good. We visited that area several years ago. It’s a pretty area.

  5. Molli vandehey says:

    i used to go to colonial williambsurg with my famiyl as a kid. its cetainly come a long wayy!

  6. Sweta Sonulkar says:

    Love to go on such trip

  7. Sandy Cain says:

    Wow, what a time you had! I’ve been to Colonial Williamsburg and loved it, but it was so long ago! I am dying to try that American Heritage Chocolate drink. I love chocolate, and would love to drink some that is so rich, you only need half a cup!

  8. Emma Rogers says:

    What an amazing trip and experience! I have always wanted to travel to Williamsburg. I will definitely keep your experiences in mind when I have the opportunity to travel there. The plantation experience sounds like it would be my favorite.

  9. Amanda Brown says:

    That looks like a lot of fun. I wonder how far I am from there!! I’d love to make a trip out there with the family. Your phone looks delicious too.

  10. Amber Ludwig says:

    So awesome!! What a great trip!! Im loving your chocolate filled day. that’s pretty much heaven for me lol!!

  11. My family and I took a big trip to Williamsburg and DC a few years ago (we’re from the west coast) and now that I have a little one I cant wait to take him on this big trip too.

  12. Oh wow. I am actually from Virginia and I need to go back there. I usually go to Busch Gardens if I am near Williamsburg but I do remember school trips there.

  13. Deborah D says:

    I always wanted to visit colonial Williamsburg. Now this is extra incentive for me to go.

  14. Looks like you had a fun time. Been a while since I visited there.

  15. Jodi Hunter says:

    I am always looking for new places to go, thanks for such a great review.

  16. Welcome to Virginia! Lots of history in Virginia.

  17. mary gallardo says:

    These pictures are great! I’ve always wanted to visit Colonial Williamsburg! I have always heard so many good things.

  18. It sounds like you girls had a great trip! That’s so nice you got to meet other bloggers from The VA Bloggers Club. I hope I get to meet you all sometime too 🙂 And I love your selfie with the skeleton, haha.

  19. Edna Williams says:

    Wow! I am pretty grateful for such a great review! Great incentive for visiting! Thank you for sharing!

  20. It’s funny how when you live in a state, you may not appreciate all of the places there are to visit. After the first year here I became sick of the beach. I wonder why anybody would want to visit on vacation.

  21. I have never been to been to Williamsburg, VA before. My favorite part of your trip was of course the food, especially the American Heritage Chocolate. Thank you for sharing this post.

  22. Looks like you had a blast! Food, food, and more food. That’s what makes a trip go from good to great.

  23. Jodi Hunter says:

    This looks like so a great place to visit.

  24. anaiminghighwife says:

    That looks so much fun! I definitely will add it to my list of places to vista.

  25. Dorothy Boucher says:

    WOW! what a place to go visit, so much fun, love all the food and items to check out and places and people to meet,, I love the atmosphere there, looks lovely .

  26. Edna Williams says:

    I am certainly looking to visit thanks to your post!

  27. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This article came at a great time. My son and I have been talking about taking my grandchildren there this summer. All of this information is so useful for our planning. Thank you so much for sharing

  28. I can take it or leave it. I’m not crazy about the state of Va.

  29. I remember going to Colonial Williamsburg when I was a child so it has been years since I have been there. I love the State of Virginia. I love your pictures, looks like you had a very good time.

  30. Armando Rincon says:

    beautiful places from beautiful city, love the old chocolate making

  31. weeziestoy says:

    Reading this made me remember Colonial Williamsburg, I have not been there in years, I am going to put this on my list for this year

  32. Jessi Housel says:

    This looks like fun! I wonder is 2018 is the year for a family Colonial Williamsburg.

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