Control Rosacea Symptoms with Prosacea® Medicated Gel and a Giveaway – ends 3/14

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For the past 10 years or so, my own mother has suffered from rosacea. Unfortunately it is a cause for low self-esteem for her, so I hate when I see her down because of skin symptoms issues that can simply be controlled with this fabulous product Prosacea Medicated Rosacea Gel. She gets anxiety when she’s out in public just because her face is all red, which is why I’ve highly recommended this great product to her that she can use to control rosacea symptoms, which includes facial redness, bumps, and irritation. Heal, don’t conceal!

This is my mom with her rosacea at it’s worst (and my youngest daughter.) I’m sure you feel the pain for her, just by seeing how red her face is. This is exactly the reason why I’ve introduced her to Prosacea® and is why I’m telling you about this product as well!

The great thing about Prosacea is it can be used alone, under moisturizer, or under makeup to help treat and heal your redness so you don’t need to cover it up anymore. Prosacea Medicated Rosacea Gel is dermatologist recommended. Heal, Don’t Conceal with this topical medicated gel so you can start feeling confident again.

I personally like how it has a light, water-based formulation that goes on easily, absorbs quickly, and provides a flawless finish under makeup. Aloe also helps soothe dry, reddened skin as well.

Like with everything in your medicine cabinet, please make sure to read and follow all label instructions before using Prosacea. Prosacea is the #1 over-the-counter rosacea treatment with a 90% satisfaction among users because it works! I highly recommend trying out the product for yourself. If you are like many other Prosacea users, you will see visible results in just days.

You can find Prosacea in the First Aid aisle at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and many retailers nationwide. The full list is located on the website you can also find a $3.00 coupon for you to download and print at home when you visit their website.

Now for the giveaway!
Open to residents of the US, age 18+.
One entry per person
Void where prohibited.
Winner will be chosen randomly on 3/15/16 and we will contact you!
Giveaway ends 3/14/16 at 11:59pm EST.

If you’d like to be entered to win a Prosacea care package for yourself, share a personal tip in a comment below on how you face rosacea and any tips you may have to help your rosacea.
Make sure you leave your email so we can contact you!

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  1. Trisha W. says:

    I haven’t used any medication for years because it was expensive and didn’t seem to help much. I’d love to try this.

  2. Well, it’s not me, it’s my mother in law. It makes he so unhappy. We don’t have any tips. She’s tried a lot of different medications. maybe this would be the one.

  3. Selina Zagor says:

    I am dying to try this product!! I have rosocea very bad and its embarrassing to me!I don’t have any great tips but I use lots of light colored concealer and blend it in to hide the red marks….

  4. Deborah D says:

    My dad suffers from this. This would help him tremendously. I wish everyone luck who has this skin ailment.

  5. clojo9372 says:

    a close relative of mine has this problem. it’s made her shy and introverted. maybe something like this could help her.

  6. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I am so glad I do not have Rosacea. I know some people that have it and it is miserable. Thank you for sharing this great product

  7. Mary Rutter says:

    I don’t have Rosacea,but I know someone that does. This would be great for Her.


    I wonder if this is available in Ireland? A friend of mine really suffers from rosacea, particularly in the winter.

  9. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I have no big tips I avoid harsh products on my face, and use concealer

  10. Arik Issan says:

    Avoid any cleansers that contain salicylic acid. It is I some items geared toward acne issues. But it often causes redness.

  11. Sonya Sanderson says:

    I haven’t found anything that helps, maybe this will.

  12. Sunnymay says:

    I’ve tried Prosacea and it does help diminish the redness. I also use sunscreen, because those with rosacea are more sensitive to getting sunburned

  13. I don’t have it but do suffer from red blotches on my face from eczema. I stay indoors until it clears up. I would be willing to try this and see if it’d help.

  14. someluckydog says:

    My sweet husband suffers from rosacea across his nose and cheeks. Thanks for the review and giveaway! I’ll look for this for him to try. I don’t have any tips cause he hasn’t found a thing that helps!

  15. A couple tips are to avoid harsh chemicals — this tends to cause flare ups. Also, as with everyone, it is best to use sunscreen.

  16. Mallory D says:

    I’ve never used any kind of medication, and keep telling myself I’m going to go see a dermatologist about it. But I have found that using a simple face wash without harsh chemicals helps some.

  17. I have a mild case of rosacea and for me avoiding the triggers that I find make it worse such as sunlight, heat, alcohol and stress are a big help for me. I have been prescribed a med for it but it is expensive and leaves my face all dried out and I have dry skin to begin with so I’d much rather try to avoid triggers to keep it under control.

  18. Lily Wolfe says:

    I just accept the fact that I have it & try to eat healthy and avoid chocolate at all costs!

  19. It would be for one of my kids. I’m always looking for something that will help.

  20. I use Roseseed Hip Oil as a moisturizer & it helps mine a lot!

  21. Lily Kwan says:

    My tip is to use sunscreen.

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