Concordia University Wisconsin is Perfect for Moms! #CUWinspire

(This is a sponsored post on behalf of Concordia University WI and Markerly. All opinions are those of our own.)

Hey moms, are you looking to head back to school to further your education? Did you become a mom before you were able to finish your degree or even start your degree? Did you not decide what you wanted to do before you became a mom, or did you change your mind on what you wanted to do once you became a mom? Look no further as you can now sign up for Concordia University Wisconsin Online and you can finish what you started, or start your education now.

There’s nothing better than attending college at home to work around your child(ren)’s busy schedule along with your own schedule. I know how inconvenient it can be to have to find a sitter if my husband works late and I have something to attend, so now you don’t have to worry about running into that problem if you have a class, you can do it on your own time, from home.

Designed with you in mind. Concordia University Wisconsin offers online programs specifically designed for people (moms) juggling family, career, and a busy personal life. I know this definitely sounds like me, and as I’ve got to know a lot of my followers, I know this describes a good percentage of you as well. Concordia University WI has online programs that are made specifically for busy adults. They believe that you do not need to sacrifice your roles of mother, sister, wife, friend, neighbor, etc… to pursue something you feel called to study. Along with that, they have tailor made their offerings to help you keep life in balance.

Concordia University WI has educational experiences all over, ranging from free MOOCs or email courses, to low price Academies where you earn digital badges, to full degrees ranging from bachelors to doctorate. The idea of being able to earn a bachelors or even a doctorate degree right from your home office or your couch, sounds really appealing! I know I would be more inclined to obtain my degree if I could do everything from home. Even if you need to get away for some peace and quiet, you can work around your spouse’s schedule and head to your local coffee shop or even library.

Concordia University WI also has world-class support that works with you every step of the way on your educational journey. They realize that “life happens” and have Student Support Advisers that aid you as you progress. You can go through your program and your own pace which is another great thing about Concordia University WI. Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, well what about credits I’ve obtained elsewhere, as this was my number one question for myself. They accept up to 90 undergraduate credits from a 4 year school and up to 70 from a 2 year school. Military and work related credits are accepted as well. Which is great news!

I was looking through the programs they offer and they have a large variety of degrees and certificates in a lot of different areas. Business, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Education, Counseling, Health Services, Occupational Therapy, Information Technology, Theology, and even High School Dual Credits are offered through Concordia University WI.

Find out more information and sign up here for Concordia University WI. I’d love to hear your experience!

Are you a mom looking to educate yourself further and obtain a degree? If so, what are your plans?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Concordia University WI and Markerly. All opinions are those of our own. Everything Mommyhood was compensated for this posting. If you’d like to see your service/product featured here on Everything Mommyhood, please contact us at


  1. Great info. Thank you. So glad for places that helping moms.

  2. I’m from Wisconsin and haven’t heard of this online university but it sounds great and promising!

  3. I am Not from Wisconsin but I Would Absolutely Love to Be Able to Go Back to School! I Had a Pretty Good Job in My Twenties but I Had Intended on Further My Education and Going Back to School but I Got in a Bad Motorcycle Accident and I Had to Put All Those Plans Behind Me! I am Doing a Lot Better Now But I Have Horrible Back & Neck Pain Now So it’s Still Hard to See Me Going Back to School Right Now, Plus I Couldn’t Afford it but Somewhere in the Next 5-10 Years I Would Love to Be Able to Go Back to School! The Problem is I Keep Going Back & Forth Between What Career I Want and What Classes to Take but I’m Probably Not Alone in that One! Great Post! Have a Terrific Tuesday! – Jana

  4. clojo9372 says:

    I think this is an awesome program! I know a few people I went to high school with who didn’t get to go to college or had to stop college because they were having a baby. Having online courses like this would have been such a helping hand to them!!

  5. I want to study something creative

  6. I think that it is so wonderful that these programs are out there that are designed for parents to be able to succeed and train for the future.

  7. Dotty J Boucher says:

    I think this is wonderful that for parents like me or like my daughter who want to continue school without having to spend more time away from there loved ones, It just makes sence to me..

  8. This sounds great. Alot us people have kids young and put off their education.

  9. This is great for moms.So many moms aren’t able to go to college.This brings college to them.Saves on sitter fees or child care fees.

  10. This sounds like a great idea. So much better than having to find a baby sitter or having to miss classes when something comes up. Thank you so much for sharing

  11. This sounds like a great program. I will look into this.

  12. Amber Ludwig says:

    I will have to look into this!! I am a sahm but would love a degree ready for when I re-enter the workforce!!

  13. Oh wow this would make it a lot easier to get an education. I started school when I was pregnant and then stopped once I went into labor and didn’t go back due to not wanting to ask my mother-in-law to babysit all the time.

  14. On line education?I would much prefer real classes with real teachers!

  15. Wish this was available where i live.

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