$200 PayPal or Cash Giveaway – ends July 8th

Everything Mommyhood has teamed up with 20 of your favorite bloggers to bring to you this unique giveaway! All you have to do is leave blog comments on your favorite blogs, just follow the instructions in the entry form!!! You can earn DAILY entries, so make sure you come back and do this DAILY!

We are giving away $200 Cash or $200 PayPal to one lucky winner!!

200PayPal Cash Giveaway

Now for the giveaway!
One lucky winner will receive $200 Cash or $200 PayPal!
If you are a winner outside of the US, you will receive $200 USD via PayPal
18 and up, Void where prohibited. Not valid in Quebec.
One winner per IP address/household
Giveaway begins June 23 11:59pm Eastern and ends July 8th 11:59pm Eastern

Disclosure: This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Everything Mommyhood is responsible for prize fulfillment. Any social media outlet is not affiliated in this giveaway. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this event, please contact Darci at EverythingMommyhood@gmail.com.


  1. I’m moving into a new apartment so I would spend the money on things for that (like a rug.)

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  2. Lisa Williams says:

    I would buy a special birthday present for my older sister that is coming up. She has always been there for me and has been like a mom to me at times,and she deserves something nice to show her how much I appreciate her.

  3. Michelle Castagne says:

    I would buy food, clothes and sneakers.

  4. firsttimetravel says:

    I recently celebrated my birthday and I love to travel so I hope to see a new place through this prize. I also look forward to contributing to the local community if given the opportunity. -Claire Algarme

  5. I would save it for back to school shopping with my children. This would help a lot.

  6. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    I would buy stuff for the house pots and pans are a much needed thing

  7. Janet W. says:

    I would be delighted if I won this giveaway! I would probably use this money towards my grandsons for back to school clothing and school supplies.

  8. I’m honestly not sure what I’d do with the money when I win. I’d probably put it in my savings and account and start a vacation fund. I could really use a getaway!

  9. Maureen says:

    I would love some exercise shoes. I would also love to put some towards a vacation which has been a long time since I have been a way.

  10. Probably books! Or music! Or movies! 🙂

  11. I would buy something fun for the whole family. Maybe a fun trip out of town!

  12. With the giftcard I would put it towards a new gaming PC I am building! It would be so helpful to win this! 🙂

  13. thx!

  14. Well I would be so happy to immediately slap it down towards a new Computer. Mine is over 15 years old so luggish and draggy. Locks up & freezes multiple of times per day. So it would be so great to win!

  15. I visited their website and it all looks fantastic. I have tried so many bbq sauces over the years. I have not tried Stubb’s before but would like to very soon. I noticed they have a Honey Pecan Sauce! No one is doing that and those are 2 of my favorite things. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  16. wilson king says:

    A new camera. And maybe a new telephoto lens as well.

  17. scott macmillan says:

    A new key board and mouse would help me a lot.I don’t know how many clicks a mouse or board are built for but they don’t last long for me.Expensive habit to be sure. .

  18. belinda bell says:

    I would use it to help take the kids on a little trip

  19. Thanks for such a great chance to win some extra cash. There are so many things I would like to buy right now it would be hard to choose.

  20. Carrie Demas says:

    If I won $200, I would use it to buy back to school stuff for my kiddos! They need new backpacks, lunch boxes, clothes, shoes, and of course school supplies! This would help out so much with all of their back to school shopping I have to do! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!! It would be a major blessing to win!! 🙂

  21. Jessica miller says:

    My sisters wedding is in July and out of state. I would use this money towards gas and hotel

  22. A few clothes we need, for my daughter , me and my husband. Then, maybe things we need for the house. I would appreciate anything I win.

  23. Stephanie H. says:

    I would use it to do some summer fun with my husband and daughter. We haven’t been able to go on any family trips in a long time, so I would use the money to take a night away at a fun water park hotel. Or I would use it to go to some local fun museums in our area.

  24. Helen W. says:

    Buy some new clothes. Go out to dinner with my husband of 43 years. Take all my grandchildren to a movie. Buy new shrubs for the front of our house. Buy some books.

  25. Scarlet says:

    I would put 200 on getting my daughters car out of repair shop

  26. Erwin Carrington says:

    $200 I’ll use it for my son’s college fund. wait no… I want a dinosaur

  27. Peggy Damon says:

    If I won I would give it to my daughter as this would help her on her first year of college. She is in need of all her dorm essentials and this would help a lot!

  28. Amy Smeltzer says:

    I would put it in the bank. Then either try to save it or put it towards bills and groceries. Exciting stuff, lol.

  29. Tammy Iler says:

    I would buy a shark vacuum

  30. I want to start my back to school shopping for my son. And this would be a terrific start. Thanks for the chance…

  31. Dunstan Yin says:

    If i win this, i would probably save it. I’m going to save enough money to buy myself a pro film camera. Or maybe i’ll just buy some food.

  32. Glenn Stone says:

    Out of work would pay bills

  33. Both of my Granddaughter’s Birthdays are in August. I would use the money for their Birthdays!

  34. Latonia Thompson-Mack says:


  35. Rebecca b says:

    Now that it’s summer, we would pay for swimming lessons. We would also get our pass for the pool.

  36. Corey S. says:

    I would use it to by some games. Maybe I would also buy some books for Uni.

  37. Kenya Lassiter says:

    If I win $200 I plan to use it towards the purchase of new tires. My poor car needs 4 new tires and $200 would be a big help.

  38. doreen lamoureux says:

    I think I would purchase a new summer dress

  39. I would use it to buy food for my house as im disabled and i dont work thank you so much for the chance.

  40. If I won, I’d share the wealth. I’d buy my husband a hand tool, my kids a toy and me some caviar! Thanks for the chance.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  41. Karli nagy says:

    If I won I’d use the money towards medical bills. I had to have emergency back surgery right after my honeymoon. My chiropractor caused spinal stenosis on my wedding day. Praise God I made it through wedding w no pain & am doing better now.

  42. Holly Thomas says:

    I would buy household and pet supplies for myself and the shelter that I volunteer at.they are always in need and would love it.

  43. I would pay my cable bill – had to have HBO for Game of Thrones…..

  44. I would purchase new school clothes for my Granddaughter. She is starting Kindergarten this year.

  45. That’s a tough one. I might save it for a vacation or maybe I might use it to buy some items I’ve been wanting.

  46. Lordy, if I won two hundred dollars it would go straight to bills but that would be a huge burden off of living check to check at this point.

  47. Theresa Lichauco says:

    I would like to plant some flowers in my yard. I want to make the yard more drought resistant. I am tired of mowing the yard in intense heat.

  48. Re: WOW, I need the prize to buy much needed grocery & supplement to get well soon. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me.

  49. Alexandru Rusu says:

    I would use it to go to the beach in my country with my friends for fun and adventure!

  50. I am saving for a car so I would save it.

  51. My family and I are planning to go to a trip to Palawan, Philippines to visit the Underground River – 1 of the 7 wonders of the world. This would pay for at least 1 night hotel accommodation 😀 Great giveaway! Thanks!

  52. I would buy my daughter’s school supplies and other things that need to be bought for our room. It would mean alot if I will win.

  53. Debbie F says:

    I would buy some new running gear!
    Running can get expensive with always having to buy new shoes so you don’t injure yourself and running shoes are ridiculously expensive.

  54. I would buy college textbooks for my daughter

  55. intensev5 says:

    I would really like to buy some clothes for summer.
    Entry form name Marlene V.

  56. We are looking to go on a vacation this summer. The money would help with the hotel costs. We might also use it for the food. Always love to go to the beach for vacation!

  57. If I were to get lucky and win this money it would go towards school clothes. It seems like my children grew another 2 sizes this year and money is tight so this would help a lot.

  58. Thanks for the chance to win some cash. I could really use some right now. These giveaways take a lot of time to enter and I am trying to pack to be ready to move for Thursday.

  59. Paul Gardner says:

    I would take my family to austin, tx. We would eat barbeque and then find a place to eat dessert.

  60. I would use the money to buy textbooks for college. It would really help a lot.

  61. Cynthia says:

    I would buy my sons some shorts and shoes

  62. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! I would love to use the $200 towards online groceries. As well, I could start my Christmas shopping early on Amazon.

  63. The water bills be over due for a few months, so I’d pay that up to date …I had to have emergency surgery in May (WE basically live paychq to paychq) and so far I’ve gotten about $14.40 per day to live off of from EI..so , yeah, food first, bills later

  64. Florence Cochrane says:

    I need some new small kitchen applainces. I would use the money to get a new blender and a 4 slice toaster. This would be nice to win.

  65. I would buy some summer clothes & save some for gifts to family members.Thanks for the chance.

  66. Tiffany S says:

    If I won I would probably use it towards bills.

  67. Tiffany S says:

    This is great, thanks for the chance. If I won I would probably use it towards bills. Have a wonderful week.

  68. Diana Corlett says:

    I can always use cash for garden supplies. What a wonderful opportunity!

  69. Valencia says:

    I would pay my car tag and phone bill and with the leftover I would buy a little gift for myself.

    • Valencia says:

      I forgot to make it 3 sentences so let me add another 2. The gift I want for myself is a small assortment of essential oils. I saw a few I really want to try.

  70. bebbesrii says:

    I would put the $200 towards the very large medical bills I incurred after 8 days in the hospital. We are still waiting for the insurance company to figure out what they are paying. So far, the total is over $100,000.

  71. I would get some maintenance done on my car. New fan belt. New motor mounts.

  72. I would use it to make my son’s birthday even more special!

  73. My children have been asking for a trampoline, so I would use it towards that

  74. Cassandra KAZLOVSKIS says:

    My little one’s toes are hanging over the edge of his car seat. So, I would put the money towards a Clek car seat. They look so comfy and stylish. Thanks for your consideration!


  76. i think i would buy some home decor and some new items for summer

  77. Arielle says:

    I’m getting married soon (December!!), so this would go towards some of the wedding expenses.

  78. Jessica Rouse says:

    I would buy food for my family! We have been struggling really bad lately. And it would be nice to have the cupboards stocked with yummy food:)!

  79. I’d go on a Jo Ann Fabrics spree. I’m on a sewing kick this Summer.

  80. I just love having a pay pal account. I use it for so much. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  81. Wendy Davis says:

    I would do something special for my girls(daughters).

  82. Jack D. says:

    I would use the $200 to help pay for rent because rent is getting expensive at the moment

  83. mackenzie b says:

    I would give my mom the mother’s day she deserves.

  84. stephanie scales cambpell says:

    If i won i would save it for Christmas gifts for my children

  85. Si ganar Me gustaría Regalarle algo a mi madre 😀

  86. Si me lo gano me gustaría regalarle algo a mi madre 😀 *

  87. I would buy tires for my car, or pay a years car insurance.

  88. Cathy Oppedisano says:

    If I won this giveaway, I would buy groceries and pet food, my usual purchases. It will help with basic expenses such as gas for when I borrow the car. Having some extra cash at hand helps things feel a little less like I’m always on a budget.

  89. Steve Weber says:

    I would use it on concert tickets for next month

  90. Melissa Bailliez says:

    I would use this to purchase back to school clothing or supplies for my grandkids. I love shopping for them and winning a $200.00 Amazon GC wouldcertainly help a lot.

  91. Very interesting GA. Would use it for catching up on bills, much needed!

  92. Iliana Garza says:

    Well we all know how much kids birthday parties can be, even if its a small party. So if I won, I would use it towards my son’s birthday party coming up in September. It would go either towards food/cake for the party or clothes/shoes as my gift to him.

  93. Birdie Skolfield says:

    I would use the 200.00 towards new brakes for my car. They are really starting to squeel, that means its time is due.

  94. With $200 i would pay my rent and pay my bills
    I live in a poor country so $200 are big help
    $200 is my salary i live in Macedonia thank you in advance

  95. sharpLess says:

    Cash is good!

  96. sharpLess says:

    I would buy to pay off some of my student loans!

  97. New web hosting for my website 🙂

  98. Would stash it away. Never know when some unexpected may come up.

  99. k agate says:

    I would pay bills & save a bit to travel to see grand kids!

  100. if i wonn this competiton i would pay some money off my bills and buy a few new summer outfits for my child

  101. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    I would put it towards a Pigeon Forge trip with my kids! Enjoy some mini golf together!

  102. CaroleAnne says:

    This would really help with paying bills.

  103. Trillina Palemi says:

    I would buy a new phone for me 🙂

  104. Krista Miller says:

    School is out, the summer is now here, and it’s time to go camping!! Our family could really use a new, larger tent for our trips. That would be fun to buy with the prize money!

  105. Wanda Bergman says:

    I would use it to buy books. I can never have too many books. They make me happy!!!

  106. jeccica simpson says:

    I would use money towards my hubby 50th brthday bash

  107. It’s summertime so I might spend it on festivals and fun. Or possibly some new summer clothes!

  108. Theodora Polentas says:

    I would buy my son some new sneakers, fingers crossed!

  109. brian daniel says:

    i would buy some food for a big bbq, then some clothes for me and the kids. and then take the family out to dinner

  110. thea lennox says:

    would be so awesome. Could be so great

  111. Megan Parker says:

    Would be so awesome to win

  112. Mariza Benrkia says:

    Pay my daughter’s school fees.

  113. I would love to win the $200! Money for summer vaca

  114. I would buy groceries from Trader Joes haha. I have a weakness for organic food. Gotta buy that tofu!

  115. sheri anderson says:

    I would spoil my two sweet grandsons for sure, thanks!

  116. We would use towards buying stuff for the baby! I am due in January!

  117. Gee Jones says:

    I would spend it on groceries.

  118. tracy k says:

    i’d buy dog supplies

  119. I’d enjoy taking our grandson on a camping trip to the mountains to a KOA and enjoy swimming fishing and cookouts for great Summer memories. Thank you enjoy your Summer too.

  120. I would use it to buy some summer clothes for our 2 grandsons

  121. mary ballerin says:

    I would buy dog harnesses, toys, food and treats. I have a new pug puppy and a 9 month old pup who needs a harness for the car. Then I’d put the rest towards a robotic vacuum for all the shedding fur!

  122. Personal necessities to pull through the day.

  123. It’s my 50th birthday the day after so I would like to buy myself something special but I will probably really put it towards my younger daughter’s birthday gift/party at the end of the month

  124. I would use it to buy a bitcoin.

  125. I would buy a winter coat especially since they are on sale.

  126. random stuff-new boppy cover, few DVDs to replace VHS copies we have, some baby stuff, etc.

  127. Dying Phone says:

    A new phone to replace my dying one.

  128. I’d love to buy a new camera and a lens for my iphone! I’ve been trying to take more pics lately. My kids are growing so fast and I want to remember all of these little moments that make up our life. A new camera would be just the thing for upping my photo game!

  129. Darlene Wright says:

    I would use it for my beach trip

  130. Susan Christy says:

    I would get my front porch painted.

  131. I would get some Amazon gift cards as gifts.

  132. Nikki D. says:

    I would buy flight tickets! I really need to do some travelling but in the summer tickets are so overpriced, it’s crazy!

  133. Joined in this Giveaway

  134. I would put it toward grocery.

  135. I would like to buy Lightroom

  136. i would use it to put towards gas and groceries most likely, and also some clothing

  137. Patti D says:

    I’m planning on buying a house so it would help with moving and other costs

  138. Tara Gauthier says:

    I would set it aside as vacation money for upcoming trip!

  139. Laurie W. says:

    I would use it for new linens for the bathroom we are currently renovating.

  140. Honestly, I would probably buy groceries or save it towards school clothes. I try to be very practical.

  141. Michael Howell says:

    I’d buy a new screen for my phone. I’m walking around with a broken phone and it needs a new screen. Touching it sucks 🙁

  142. Laura B. says:

    I would buy some gifts for my big sister and her boyfriend who are coming to visit me!

  143. Sheila Vives says:

    We need a new desktop PC and I would put the money towards that.

  144. Carol S says:

    If I won this I would hurry and pay the balance of my father’s hospital bills. He was in a car accident not too long ago and I would love to be able to help him as much as possible while he recovers.

  145. I would pay my ebay store fees for one month.

  146. Wendy McBride says:

    I would pay my electric bill! I am really struggling this month….. so it would sure be a blessing.

  147. ssullon22 says:

    I definitely am going on a shopping spree with my mother for much needed summer clothes

  148. MichelleS says:

    I would like to say I’d be responsible and spend the money on monthly bills, but let’s face it I never get anything new. I would buy myself a new pair of shoes, and a few new books, and buy my little one more books.

  149. Bryan James Alarcon says:


  150. wbailey113 says:

    I actually wouldn’t buy anything at this time. I would deposit it into our emergency fund account.

  151. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would buy a new desk if I won this one is not functional at all!

  152. I love my paypal account. It makes it so convenient to shop. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  153. Karen D says:

    I would pay bills with it. My daughter is away at college and things are pretty squeaky. 🙂

  154. Sarah Mayer says:

    I would buy some trees for my front yard.

  155. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I am now having a remodeling project done at my house, so the giveaway would really help with getting some new furniture.

  156. Jaque R. says:

    I would buy a Hoover Floormate hard floor cleaner, and extra brushes for it….My entire house is ceramic and saltillo tile. 🙂 Thank you.

  157. I’d use it to pay on a new laptop.

  158. Scarlet says:

    I have two cars that are in the repair shop that I working 16 hour shifts to try to get out and I would use money to help get car out of shop.

  159. I would put it away for Christmas. December is coming up fast, as usual.

  160. I would buy a new camera

  161. Leanne Godfrey says:

    I would buy some new bed linens for my guest room!

  162. Teresa Moore says:

    I would buy items we need for our Disney trip in August.!

  163. I would use it to get the kids’ school clothes. They go back in August and that’ll be here before we know it.

  164. If I won I’d use it to buy a baby monitor.

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