You Can’t Have Christmas without Bingo

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As a mom, I love coming up with new Christmas traditions to have with my kids. We have quite a few like going out in our pajamas to see Christmas lights all across town, sending out Christmas cards, giving our neighbors Christmas treats, baking Christmas cookies, and opening up a gift of pajamas and a book on Christmas Eve. There is one new thing that we have added into our Christmas tradition too. Christmas is incomplete without a game of bingo. Yes bingo!


This year is drawing close with Christmas backed by the reign of new year. It’s time to celebrate the past and to cherish and welcome the future. Fill the hours between presents and turkey with a game of bingo and make this Christmas a memorable one.

Why bingo?

Easy-peasy game

Bingo, as we all know, is a game of cards that is loved by all. Bingo is an easy and hassle free game. This is one such game that can be easily understood even by a nomad. Bingo is a luck based game, which is what makes it an exciting game as you are always curious of what’s going to be the next call.

Give it a taste of twist

Back up the game by giving it a taste of twist to make it more exciting. For example, exchanging tickets in the mid-game. This has to be discussed before beginning the game and can be proceeded with the majority or all agreeing to it. Next, the time or number of calls after which the tickets are to be exchanged must be decided. The wins before and after exchanging the tickets will solely have the rights of the player who held the ticket during that particular time, the exchanging of tickets won’t affect the wins of the players at any point of time.

Accessible even online

Any person who plays bingo, always ends up getting hooked up to the game. But it is not possible to play the game everyday with your family, therefore, you can indulge yourself into online bingo with other players playing alongside you. Online bingo is one such place where you not only enjoy the game but can also get spawned with big rewards. You can check out sites like Rehab bingo, that offer many variation of bingo for you to choose from. Read to find more about Rehab bingo.

Make this big Christmas day a grand one by playing this happiness filled game of bingo with your family.

We wish you all a merry Christmas!

Tell me about some traditions you have for Christmas!


  1. Wow.. Such a great idea. This is something that I need to do this year. It will be fun changing things up instead of doing the same ole same ole every year. Thanks so much..

  2. Fun game!

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