Must See – The Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival #CherryFest17

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On Saturday, March 25th, my family and I attended our first ever Cherry Blossom Festival in Brookhaven and I can’t even begin to tell  you how much fun we had! We were there for HOURS. There were so many activities and they kept myself and my girls, ages 5 and 8 busy for hours!

There was so much live music/entertainment, which we really enjoyed just hanging out on a big blanket in the field sitting back listening to music and munching on food from the TONS of food trucks they had there.

Don’t even get me started on all the fun booths for shopping. I bought so much cool items from local vendors, one in particular was a sweet man selling handmade bead bracelets and other jewelry.

He was so proud in his work and he should have been, he had great items. I told him I was going to give him a shout out on here with his products.

There were just so many great vendors, you had to have been there to check them out, and I know I will be going again next year for sure!

There were so many fun things for kids too! We even stopped by a playground to have a little down time for myself after so much walking and my girls really enjoyed that too!

Children’s Village – Face painting, balloon twisting, bounce houses, rock wall climbing, games, and much more.
Pet World – Bring your furry friends along with you to enjoy all of the family fun. There are plenty of fun activities for your furbabies – dog shows, pet parade, costume contest, adoption area, games, and prizes.

Next year, I think I might even join their 5K run or 1K walk!!! It’s such a beautiful area for it and it’s a popular event! Bring your kids and pets, everyone is welcome to participate. This is an awesome family friendly 5K/1K event to give your kids a positive outlet to let out their energy.

I wanted to give a shout out to all of the wonderful sponsors too. Everyone we encountered was great, awesome customer service and were all just so very helpful!

I was really looking forward to this event and I’m so happy to be able to share with you everything I encountered. If you live in the Atlanta area or even in GA or within driving distance, I highly recommend you come out next year to enjoy the kick off for Spring at the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival!

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As you can see my family really enjoyed the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival!!!

Have you ever attended the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival or anything like it?

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds like so much fun. It is something I would really enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. It looks like there is a good many sponsors which is always nice.

  3. This looks like so much fun! There are no cherry blossoms in sight around here, I’m looking out at freezing rain.

  4. That would be a really nice outing for the family. Can’t wait to go to some festivals this year.

  5. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    This sounds like ya’ll had a great time. I love festival season!

  6. Brandy Trover says:

    Our family loves to attend local festivals. Every town has their own spin on them but they are a great springtime experience. The kids love all the games and activities. Mama’s love to shop. Poor Dad he gets to carry! Lol.

  7. Lovely to look at and visit for the whole family.

  8. laurie damrose says:

    That looks awesome,I love cherries!

  9. This just seems so fun. My niece is just at the age where little girls love that kind of festival.

  10. How fun–I love festivals and cherries. I don’t think of Georgia and cherries, though–I think of peaches! You learn something new every day!

  11. Margaret Appel says:

    It sounds like you and your kids had a great time at the Cherry Blossom Festival. I didn’t know it was here in Georgia, so thanks for the update! I’ll definitely have to get the family together & head out there next time it runs.

  12. Hannah C says:

    This looks like a lot of fun. I feel like I would really enjoy it. I love cherry blossoms.

  13. LAURIE ARNHEIM says:

    This sounds like it would be really fun! We have a Lakeside Festival here in my area (Crystal Lake, IL). That’s probably as close to your Cherry Blossom Festival as we get. We have some others, but those are more like a big Beer Fest LOL (more for adults). Lots of entertainment, and great food, and I’m in!!! I do like my beer too!!!

  14. Looks so fun. Wish I could attend. Have fun!

  15. Traverse City, Michigan has a Cherry Festival everywhere, I recently found out after moving to Michigan. Hope to go one year. This looks like a great outing for the family.

  16. This sounds like a lot of fun! The handmade beaded bracelets look really cute! What fun!

  17. This looks so fun! I love town festivals, we try to go to one every year. I like that this is during the cherry blossoms blooming so you can enjoy flowers and activities at the same time. I love seeing new vendors and products and the kids can have fun getting face painting and bounce house time.

  18. denise low says:

    This would of been fun to have went to. Thank you for sharing.

  19. But where were the cherry blossoms? I saw them in Washington, D.C. one year.

    slehan at juno dot com

  20. Amber Ludwig says:

    How super fun!! I love and adore little events full of local vendors and music!! We have tons in Wisconsin when the weather gets nicer!! I haven’t been to this one though 😉

  21. Terry Poage says:

    This sounds like so much fun. i love going to different festivals.

  22. margaret porter says:

    Sounds like fun! We saw them once in Washington DC. beautiful

  23. Looks like you had a lot of fun ,i also love taking my kids to different festivals !

  24. Tamra Phelps says:

    I love Cherry blossom trees! I bet this was a fun way to spend the day–I’d love to see it. Someday, I’d love to see the Cherry Blossoms blooming in Washington, D.C., too.

  25. I’d love the go to this, I’m sure it’s beautiful

  26. Natalie says:

    Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful! I love it when they are in full bloom.

  27. Looks like fun!

  28. I love these kinds of festivals. We have a few around here in the Spring and Summer. They’re always so much fun.

  29. Michelle S says:

    I just read about another cherry blossom festival in Canada. I don’t remember the city but apparently Japan gave them cherry trees years ago and they celebrate with a festival.

  30. This looks like a fun spring family outing! wish I lived closer.

  31. Rachael DeBates says:

    looks like fun!

  32. Lauren Patton says:

    I would love to go see the cherry blossoms one day! I’ve never seen them since I live in Texas

  33. Jasmine P says:

    Looks like fun! Would love to go!!

  34. No I have not attended one of these festivals, but I am adding it to my bucket list!! Even without the festival, I would love to visit this spectacular display of God’s beauty!! This is breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing!

  35. This is right up my alley. I love finding activities like this for the family.

  36. I love festivals myself but haven’t been to a cherry blossom festival. I’m sure they are so pretty. I too love the booths, food and jewelry and all in between.

  37. This looks like such an awesome event! I’d love browsing the vendors and just being outside.the weather looks amazing!

  38. April Gupton says:

    That looks so fun! Ant the cherry blossoms are beautiful!

  39. Jen Dantuma says:

    We have a cherry festival here in Michigan, too (in Traverse City). Don’t the cherry blossoms just smell amazing? It looks like you have a great event.

  40. Emily rodriguez says:

    How fun

  41. rochelle haynes says:

    Looking good like to go here

  42. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful. One of the best parts of spring!

  43. Beautiful

  44. Bryan Vice says:

    Looks like a good place for family time

  45. gloria patterson says:

    I love to go to things like this…………. FOOD, people, FOOD, fun, crafts,

  46. I would like to visit this place one day.

  47. I simply love festivals like this. Too bad this one is too far for me. In another month, there’s the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI, which I’m hoping to attend. My favorite of all annual festivals has to be the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County, IN (centered in Rockville, IN). It runs 9 or 10 days and if I could only attend one every year, that would be the one. Unfortunately, our flowering cherry tree went down during a snow storm a little over a year ago. I miss the blossoms!

  48. Regina Elliott says:

    This festival is so much fun !!! And it also smells heavenly the people and crafts are really nice so please visit if you can you won’t regret it

  49. Looks like a lot of fun. Cherry blossoms are very pretty.

  50. Jessica Rouse says:

    This looks like so much fun! They have something similar here in the northwest down by the lake with tons of food venders! Favorite time of year.

  51. Betsy Barnes says:

    So much fun! Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful!

  52. tannawings says:

    The cherry blossoms are just beautiful and I bet the air smells so sweet. It looks like there are a lot of things to do and see. It looks like fun and a nice way to spend a day.

  53. ncjeepster says:

    It was a beautiful day, love all the smiles and the trees are beautiful. Ours was a little late this year but we live somewhat in the mountains so it’s cooler up here longer. I just love God’s creation of these beautiful trees. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  54. This would have been cool to attend, it’s been a while since I’ve been to one.

  55. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Cherry blossoms are so beautiful. I love to see them.

  56. Jennifer H. says:

    That’s so great! We have an Apple Butter Festival.

  57. Karen Jaras says:

    I wish I had the physical stamina to do festivals again. I really enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown Denver.

  58. molli taylor says:

    i have been to this, it was so super fun!

  59. Margot C says:

    How marvelous, fun and beautiful!

  60. This sounds like so much fun. I didn’t even realize they did one there. We tried to make it to washington dc for theirs one year, but the weather was cold and they had all died by the time we went.

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