Recipe: Sunshine Sweet Corn with BBQ Butter #IC #SunshineSweetCorn

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I don’t know about y’all, but growing up in Florida I’ve always known you could get sweet corn around this time of year. Most people think that you have to wait to get farm fresh sweet corn later in the year, but that’s not the case! Florida has some of the best sweet corn all around, after all it is the Sunshine State! Head to your local store now, as Sunshine Sweet Corn is on sale now and Sunshine Sweet Corn is your best guarantee for a delicious, sweet tasting corn in April and May, so now is the time to purchase!

Sunshine Sweet Corn is available in stores now, and I made a super yummy recipe straight from their website which you can see here – Sweet Corn with BBQ Butter. This is my first time making it and I had no complaints from my kids. In fact, they both ate their ears or corn and split the third one, and I had the fourth. I highly recommend doubling the recipe, or even tripling it if you’re having a dinner party. You could also always cut the ears of corn in half to have smaller sides.

4 Ears of Fresh Sunshine Sweet Corn
1/4 cup of butter
1/4 cup of your favorite BBQ Sauce (I used my personal favorite, Sonny’s Sweet BBQ Sauce)
Salt and Pepper
Optional – Cilantro for garnish

1. Husk your ears of corn and clean them thoroughly.

2. In a small sauce pan melt your butter and heat with your BBQ sauce until all is melted through.
3. Heat your oven to a low broil.
4. Place your corn into a shallow baking dish and salt and pepper all sides of your corn.

5. Baste each side of your corn with the BBQ Butter mixture. Reserve just a little bit to baste a bit half way through broiling.

6. Place your dish in the oven. Broil for 5 minutes, turn, baste, turn again, broil for 5 minutes, baste, and turn again.
7. Remove from oven and transfer to a pretty serving plate and garnish with cilantro (garnishing is optional) as I believe it gives it great flavor and a beautiful look to a super easy and delicious side dish.

If you’re looking for another great recipe to make with Sunshine Sweet Corn, I highly recommend you check out our recipe for Farm Fresh Corn Salsa, it’s always a hit with everyone when I make it.

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Have you ever made this recipe? What is your favorite Sunshine Sweet Corn recipe?

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  1. Julie Wood says:

    This corn on the cob looks so delicious and bbq corn is a great recipe to try for Summer. I will be making this recipe!

  2. Cathy French says:

    I absolutely love corn on the cob but after boiling it I usually cut it off the cob and fry it in some butter in a saute pan. this recipe tho has me wanting to eat it the old fashioned way but with this seasoning/bbq

  3. Love this recipe, looks awesome, back home my family shares a similar recipe, this looks delicious, I definitely need to try this one, thanks for sharing.

  4. Melissa Storms says:

    This sounds delicious. We love corn on the cob but I have never tried stepping it up like this.

  5. Darla Peduzzi says:

    This looks so good! Our family loves corn on the cob. Would definitely be good for grilling season too.

  6. tat2gurlzrock says:

    That looks so good! Reminds me of Candy Cane Corn I used to get when I lived in Florida. Yum!

  7. Cynthia C says:

    Looks like a delicious way to serve corn for summer cookouts. I must try it.

  8. Bryan Vice says:

    WOW!! This looks absolutely amazing! never tried adding BBQ sauce its a must try now!

  9. oh wow, this corn is enough to make me want to move to Florida so I can have corn like this year round! It looks that good!

  10. This looks amazing! I love having corn on the cob especially in the summer.

  11. This recipe look delicious, ad will have to try it. I’ve never made corn with BBQ sauce.

  12. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds so good and easy to make. We love corn on the cob and Sonny’s BBQ sauce. I will be giving this a try soon

  13. rochelle haynes says:

    I love corn and this looks good
    love to try this ,never herd of using bbq sauce befoer

  14. Jennifer H. says:

    This recipe looks great for a summer bbq.

  15. Heather B says:

    I cannot wait until sweet corn is here!! I have never tried it this way, usually just butter and salt, this will be different to try!

  16. I love corn on the cob but have never seem it like this..It looks amazing and I will surely be trying this soon..

  17. Minta Boggs says:

    This actually looks really good!! I have never thought of doing anything different with my corn on the cob but I may have to try this recipe. Maybe this summer for the fourth of July! Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. ncjeepster says:

    This looks delicious. I never thought of putting BBQ Sauce on corn, but it sounds good now that I think about it. Thanks for sharing this would be perfect for our BBQ gatherings. Can’t wait to try it.

  19. Love the BBQ sauce for corn. Perfect for Hawaii summer BBQ days

  20. laura588 says:

    This looks so delicious. I like making corn on the grill but I love the fact that I can make this in my oven. I never would have thought of BBQ sauce on corn but after seeing your end result, I know I have to make it!
    Laurie Emerson

  21. jalapenomamamn says:

    This corn looks so appetizing.
    Want to make this for our next bbq.
    Thanks for the recipe.
    Barbara Montag

  22. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    THis looks like a great corn recipe and I am glad that fresh corn is in the markets right now.

  23. Michele says:

    I usually just use melted butter and seasoned salt on my corn on the cob. Never did I think of using a BBQ sauce or seasoning.. I must try this…

  24. floridagld says:

    Wow..not sure..but we southenerns love BBQ..ill have to try this unique recipe.

  25. I love this idea! we grill our corn all the time but never thought of this.

  26. Margot C says:

    A sinple idea but I bet taht is fantastic. It would be nice with a potato salad I bet!

  27. rhonda miotke says:

    What a yummy to make corn on the cob. I will be trying this.

  28. This would be perfect on the grill! I’m going to try this at our 4th of July BBQ..thanks for the recipe!

  29. Corn and Broccoli are my favorite veggies!! I have never had corn on the cob like this! I had to pin this recipe! It is easy to make. Sounds absolutely yummy!! I love BBQed food and yummy BBQ sauce!!
    The only other way I have had corn on the cob, besides with butter and salt, was with mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese (some like a squirt of lime and/or butter on the corn before adding the other ingredients). Our family love corn like this!

  30. I love corn on the cob, and now I can combine it with my love for BBQ sauce? Win/Win!

  31. Lisa Queen says:

    This recipe for corn on the cob looks delicious! I live in SC so we get early corn and late corn! Thank you for sharing.

  32. Cheryl Everitt says:

    Thank you for sharing the delicious recipe. i can see it becoming a regular at our get togethers!

  33. Kelly Kimmell says:

    I love corn on the cob but had never thought of adding bbq sauce. Thanks for the recipe.

  34. Nidhi Chauhan says:

    This looks super yummy. I will try this. my family would love this for sure.

  35. Malesa C says:

    This looks delicious! I’m always looking for new ways to cook or flavor corn on the cob. I can’t wait to try this next time we fire up our grill!

  36. Margaret Appel says:

    We’ve always boiled our corn, I never thought about broiling it! This recipe looks really good with the barbecue sauce / butter combo on it. This will make a nice change to the usual corn on the cob we have during the summer barbecues.

  37. Karen Jaras says:

    This looks great but I may cut the corn off the cob first for the little ones. Less mess means they may actually try it.

  38. Deborah Caudill says:

    I love corn on the cob and have the cutest little dishes that used to belong to my grandmother. I have never seen it prepared with BBQ butter. I want some now. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  39. Jennifer Alford says:

    wow this looks and sounds amazing , i love corn on the cob but i have never seen it done like this , i will be doing it like this the next time i have it though 🙂 thanks so much for this find <3

  40. vickiecouturier says:

    I love corn on the cob grilled,,but haven’t put BBQ sauce on it yet but that looks and sounds good

  41. This looks soooo good!!! I love corn on the cob! This sounds like a great recipe. I can’t wait to try it!

  42. Lauryn R says:

    Yummy! I love corn on the cob and this recipe sounds amazing! It is so perfect for summertime. 🙂 I definitely can’t wait to try it, thanks for sharing!

  43. This recipe looks amazing. i would love to try this out on my family.

  44. That looks so darn good! Can’t wait to make it!

  45. sheila ressel says:

    Yum! I would never have thought to put barbecue sauce on my corn but after looking at this I definitely have to try it.

  46. Sarah Oswald says:

    I definitely must try this recipe I would’ve never thought of putting barbecue sauce on corn on the cob but it sounds different and I can’t wait to try it out next time we get corn. Thanks for sharing it.

  47. annette fisher says:


  48. kelly light says:

    gonna file this away! We have lots of cook outs in the summer and this would be a great change!

  49. Oh this is so simple but looks delicious! I want to make this for the cookout we are having this week. Thank you for sharing!

  50. Pam Shepherd says:

    This Corn Looks Delicious. We All Love Corn So I Cant Wait To Try This Out..

  51. Margot C says:

    Simple and oh so good. The stuff memories are made of!

  52. Looks like a yummy way to serve corn for summer cookouts. I’d love to try this

  53. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This is so good. Probably my favorite way to eat corn now. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  54. Armando Rincon says:

    they look so good, I only just boiled them but form now on I’m gonna to apply your recipe, thanks

  55. Dwayne Reis says:

    Love this!

  56. Such an easy recipe…why didn’t I think of it…lol
    Can’t wait to give it a try…thanks!

  57. Armando Rincon says:

    done and they are amazing.

  58. Holly Thomas says:

    These look amazing, I have to try it!

  59. Amber Ludwig says:

    Oooh BBQ butter?!?! Super fun!! My hubby and son are BBQ freaks so I bet they would LOVE it!! How perfect for summer BBQ sides!

  60. This looks so good. Being from Iowa, sweet corn season means lots of corn in so many ways . This looks delicious. I like grilled corn.
    ellen beck

  61. I’ve never tried to flavor corn on the cob with anything. I’ll have to spring this on my family.

  62. Corn is definitely one of my favorite sides. Ive never done anything like this before. Im definitely going to try it.

  63. Oh this looks so delicious, I’ve just got to try it!!

  64. Angela Hendricks says:

    Looks delicious! I have never thought about trying bbq sauce on corn on the cob but after reading this post I’ll definitely give it a try!

  65. I live in Florida and you are correct; we grow some of the best tasting corn in this state. This recipe looks delicious. I have never considered making BBQ corn, but I am now inspired to try it.

  66. Emily Smith says:

    I Love corn on the cob. This recipe is a must try for sure.

  67. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    Just when I think there is nothing else to do with corn on the cob, I run into this! Amazing!

  68. Keyana Mitchell says:

    Keyana i have to be honest this recipe looks tasty but before I saw the recipe for Sunshine sweet corn with BBQ butter i was not a fan of corn but this recipe makes me change my mind.

  69. weeziestoy says:

    I do love corn, this is a new recipe

  70. nurselinda101 says:

    This recipe is so good. My family love it. Thank you for sharing this great recipe. God Bless

  71. Eileen Boyce says:

    This looks and sounds yummy. I am gong to try this!

  72. I most definitely would definitely would love to try the Sunshine Sweet Corn with BBQ Butter. I think it is a great plate, of which it’s on my menu later in the week.

  73. Dana Matthew says:

    Wow, how simple and awesome. My family loves fresh corn. We have an abundance of it in the summertime. I will be trying this very soon!

  74. ellen beck says:

    This looks so good how I wish it were warm and time for sweet corn again. I would imagine you could use frozen on the cob, and it would be pretty close and grill . My husband will grill in a a blizzard.

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